Chapter 122 – The Last of the Mohicans + The Condor Passes

A very quiet kiss.

Hill’s heart calmed down with the kiss. The negative emotions just now seemed to have been dissolved.

After the kiss, Hill did not ask the reason, nor did Monroe explain. They sat in the room in silence for a while. Hill waved his hand to make the light go out, so the silent darkness filled the room.

The wind blew, and the curtains scattered the moonlight, making it shimmer in the room finely. The darkness was torn to reveal a little diamond-like shine, and then disappeared. The light blinked like a breathing lamp.

Hill was the first to speak to break the silence, but it was about business: “What are your plans for tomorrow?”

“Go to the Plague Islands with Rod,” Monroe replied.

“Build the material transfer array, I have to go to the Plague Islands, too. How about Jacob’s side?” Hill asked thoughtfully.

“He invested a lot of money in it.”

“Well, bring him money from the Church, there is no need to put him in front.”

“You can’t trust him?”

“He may give birth to a different mind, you also stare at him.”


“Outsiders, you can’t help but be wary,” Hill continued.

The two talked for a while in the dark, the tone was plain, but the world’s major events were involved.

After three or five sentences, the recent policy of the Dark Church was established.

It was late at night, after the business talks, Monroe got up and said goodbye. Hill sent him to the door, “Wait,” he said.

Monroe stopped, the moonlight illuminating his profile. ‘Is there something to look forward to?’ he asked himself.

“A new album will be released in a few days, dedicated to the natives of the Plague Islands, which can come in handy,” Hill said.

“Good,” Monroe nodded.

“Also,” Hill said.

By now the night had lightened up, the moonlight floating on the silent night, everything seemed like the deep sea.

The appearance of the death knight standing in the night breeze is like a still from a fantasy movie with a literary atmosphere.

Hill walked up to him, touched his lips, and rubbed it lightly, but it made his eyes warm.

“All the best, Monroe.”

Hill said.

The stars burned in the cold night sky.

Dawn is coming.


Originally planned to start filming immediately, but because of the plan of the Dark Church, Hill adjusted his policy. He let the Fallen Angels quickly produce two new songs, namely “The Last of the Mohicans” and “The Condor Passes”.

These two pieces of music are dedicated to the once persecuted indigenous people of the Plague Islands.

They belong to Indian music. “The Last of the Mohicans” tells the history of the rise and fall of a civilization, and the mysterious atmosphere reveals desolation. It is said that the song was made for the Mohicans, a tribe of Indians who lived on the west bank of the Hudson River with only three people left, a nation that was almost extinct. In this song, you can even hear the last cry of a nation’s sadness. Some people say they made this song with the destruction of a nation.

“The Condor Passes” is a South American Peruvian folk song about the rebellion against the Spanish colonialists. This song was also selected as a United Nations World Cultural Heritage site. Its original version tells the story of the Peruvian freedom fighter Tupac Amaru, who died heroically in leading the uprising and then become a free mountain eagle, soaring forever on the Andes Mountains. This music is quiet and profound, lofty and elegant, and quite melodious.

Hill intends to sell the story of these two songs directly with the album, saying that this is a true story that happened in the Demon Realm.

It’s good to have a realm of your own, you can just make things up (……).

This time, Hill didn’t shoot the MV because he was in a hurry. Instead, he shot some ruins in the Demon Realm. The fallen angels dragging their black wings to play music in the ruins, which seemed to have a desolate beauty.

In addition to these two pieces of music, the album also includes the soundtracks of recent movies and anime, including the memorable “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme song “He’s a Pirate”.


Editor-in-Chief’s Notes.

“Spring is already deep and there are more shades of early summer in the air. When I was practicing swords by the ice lake this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that we are different in appearance and race, and we can see different colors of moonlight when we look up, but at least we can have a common summer.

Many new ideas have been born these days. I feel more hopeful about my future life because of a certain thing that I can’t tell everyone about.”

Here, Hill is actually referring to the two kisses with Monroe. Although neither of them said anything about it, there was a new tacit understanding between the two.

That feeling is subtle and beautiful.

Hill wrote this in the editor’s notes, and did not specifically remind Monroe to read it. The reminder was too deliberate.

“The Magnolia Festival is coming soon. I wish you all a happy Magnolia Festival in advance. You will get a free magnolia steamed cake and magnolia tea when you dine in the Demon Mall. Of course, all kinds of magnolia snacks will also be available online in the Demon Mall. “Love and Demons” will also usher in the Magnolia Festival event, in which you can participate to get virtual magnolia flowers, which can then be exchanged for unique Magnolia Festival plot cards.”

The Magnolia Festival is the second large-scale festival in the Magnolia continent every year. The first large-scale festival is the Fireworks Festival. After the Magnolia Festival is over, next is the Holy Day Festival, which is actually the summer solstice. In Mülheim, the Ice Empire, that day is known as the Midsummer Festival.

“Magnolia flower language has the meaning of noble, sincere, and expressing love. It has a short flowering period, but it is quite gorgeous when it opens. It carries a kind of indomitable loneliness, which reminds me of a paladin… Haha, although I am a demon, but I have always liked paladins.

In this issue, I hope everyone will actively contribute, and the manuscripts and drawings on the theme of Magnolia will be given priority.

The third season of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” is finished, and the animation played next in the magic phone is a work written by Master Gen Urobuchi based on the legends of humans and demons. I am here to ensure that not all of them die in the end, I promise~

In terms of short stories, this issue of “Traditional Eastern Mythology Stories” tells the story of Pan Gu opening up the sky, Nuwa mending the sky, and Hou Yi shooting the sun. In the future, this section will be fixed so that everyone can appreciate the charm of other national cultures different from the Magnolia continent.”

Hill intends to organize these myths and stories back into a book, so as to gradually permeate, and then make a “Journey to the West” and so on, and let the Great Sage & Nezha & Jiang Ziya & Jin Chanzi shout “My destiny is governed by me not God”, isn’t it wonderful?

“In terms of novels, the serialization of “Lord of Mysteries” will end within this month, and then a separate book will be released every two months, and will be advertised on magic phones and magazines. The newly registered magazine series “The Godfather” is set in the end of the era, the content of the underground organization of mankind is very exciting. I’ll use Dragon Armand’s moral guarantee that this work is no less than “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

In addition, the latest record will also hit the shelves at Demon Mall next week, with two very moving pieces of music in addition to the original soundtrack of the movie and anime you’ve been waiting for. The background story of the music has been published in the “Music Box” column, and I was overwhelmed with emotions when I did this column. A warning, I hope our civilization will not die out like this, but also a warning that we should treat other civilizations rationally. “

Hill’s Editor-in-Chief’s Notes is not always witty and funny, but sometimes more serious and genuine like this. 一At least it seems to be very genuine.

The following content is a brief introduction to the other columns, and at the end, Hill wrote:

“That’s the end of today’s Editor-in-Chief’s Notes. Recently, I have a lot of emotions. Now I want to say I am thankful for meeting you guys, no matter where the future goes, I will do my best to fight for peace, as the demons used to do.”

When Hill wrote the last sentence, he felt that his face was really thick.

But the most recent war was indeed started by humans, which is a strong testimony.

——read at

Many people did not buy the new record immediately because they were scared by Hill last time. What if it is “Song of Neuropathy” No. 2,3,4? Although the magazine said that it was amazing, the last time the Demon Mall released the record, they also said it was amazing! Saying that it is like magical music that can make you forget all your worries… Oh yes, listening to those ghastly music does make your head empty, so it is not a lie…

Many people went there for the original soundtrack of the movie and anime. After they bought it, they were pleasantly surprised to find that those two new tracks were too good, right?!

This time, His Royal Highness Grindelwald did not deceive anyone! These two songs are really nice! —— A lot of people told others this.

But not many people believed it.

The reason is simple. Someone thought after being poisoned by the ghastly music, they can’t just let themselves be embarrassed alone, they have to share it to make everyone embarrassed. So they tried to promote it MLM-style to other people with hidden intentions, and other people listened with confidence after buying it… Then, cough, cough, cough…

After Hill noticed this phenomenon, he was not in a hurry, but found it interesting. He also told the Demon Mall not to rush to publicly release “The Last of the Mohicans” and “The Condor Passes”, but let it ferment naturally.

Life always has to have some twists and turns to be interesting.

It is a good thing for people to be obsessed with their own right, but it is not a good thing to be too obsessed. For example, Hill once saw the news that a female customer was arguing with a convenience store clerk. She said that the coffee was as bad as urine. The clerk asked back, “have you ever drank urine? Don’t talk nonsense if you haven’t drunk it!” So, the woman took off her pants and drank urine on the spot to prove herself. This is too over the top, and too committed…

The record sales in Josh Kenny are good, which shows that the pirates are very fun-loving—except for Duncan of the Invincible.

Soon afterward, the record became popular in Josh Kenny.

Josh Kenny is a multi-ethnic city. Some of them are residents of the Plague Islands. When they hear those two songs and see the background story, they naturally think of their own troubled people… but they always feel luckier than the dark-skinned Mortonians.

In addition to the background, the two songs themselves are also beautiful enough. After understanding the story, you can even feel the roar from the soul.

The “Demon Realm Magazine” distributor in Josh Kenny received a letter from an old person in Plague Island.

“This is not a simple note, this song carries the blood and tears of the Mohican tribe.

I easily associate this poor race with the Plague Islands; we are all bullied and weak, but the difference is that the Mohican tribe has been completely extinct (Hill declared in the magazine that this demon tribe has been extinct), and we are still in the Plague Islands, still lingering and living everywhere. But I know that one day we will disappear, and one day, different people will live on our land. They will tear down our houses and build their own houses; they will cut down our big trees and build their shops; they will destroy everything about us and build up everything about them.

As I recall our past, the dead relatives, friends, fellow tribesmen struggling in the plague. Plague Islands in the past was not called the Plague Islands, but Radfelidor, which in our language means Pearl of the Great Sea.

Our blood has been drained, our tears have dried up, we have lost everything, where did our people go, where did our land go, leaving only the blue sky, and the mountain eagle still circling overhead. Only I am left behind, in this empty world, the shell waiting to decay and die, while the soul wanders endlessly.”

Hill was very moved after reading this manuscript, and he decided to set up a column in the next magazine to publish such manuscripts.

Then he passed several similar manuscripts and records to Monroe, who had already arrived in the Plague Islands, with the teleportation array. Then Hill remembered something, “Irvine, open the teleportation array again.”

“My King, the teleportation was used just now, and ten magic crystals are needed to open the teleportation array again,” Irvine replied.

“Then use ten magic crystals, I have made so much money for the Demon Realm, and occasionally it is okay to be self-willed,” Hill said.

After getting the order, Irvine opened the teleportation array again, and Hill put a bunch of magnolia flowers that he had picked when he went to Magnolia City this morning. The light appeared, and the magnolia flowers in the teleportation array disappeared.

Ten magic crystals to send a flower, what a luxury.

On the other side of the teleportation array, Monroe felt heavy when reading these manuscripts. At this time, the teleportation array radiated light again. Monroe was stunned for a moment. Are there more? It didn’t come together with the transmission just now? It must be a very important thing to transmit twice in a row.

The result, the light dissipated, and a bouquet of magnolia flowers appeared in the center of the teleportation array. The petals were delicate and dripping, still covered with dew.

Monroe bent down and picked up the magnolia flower, ah, tomorrow is the Magnolia Festival.

The Magnolia Festival is one of the grandest festivals in the Magnolia mainland.

The editor of the magazine wrote in the notes that the flower language of magnolia has the meaning of expressing love.

The editor’s notes also said that he likes paladins.

Monroe naturally read every article written by Hill carefully. He knew Hill much better than he thought.

Monroe couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips and whisper: “Happy Magnolia Festival, I understand what you mean, Hill.”

Monroe’s mood, which had been low because of the manuscript, was now much better.

The people of the Plague Islands will not be the same as the Mohicans, Monroe made the decision. Since their clan is rejected by humans, the demons will accept them.

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