Chapter 123 – On the eve of filming “Fairy Tale Hotel”

The things to be dealt with recently came to an end, so Hill devoted all his energy to the next movie.

He had planned this since a few days ago.

Hill first advertised in “Demon Realm Magazine” and magic phone. The ratings before and after the third part of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” were very, very high. In the advertisement, Hill first talked about the news that the next film is about to start. The movie is called “Fairy Tale Hotel” and the theme is a horror movie.

Horror film! Many people are curious about this. In the other world, people have been exposed to the horror of the old grandmother’s bedtime stories, and some of the words used to describe the demons in church books are also quite scary, which leads to people of the other world blank in horror movies.

“Fairy Tale Hotel”, is such a beautiful name actually a horror movie?

A movie title, a subject matter, and these two pieces of information have instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

This made Joan Baker a little bit emotional. He originally thought that the popularity of the film would definitely decrease if such a movie was filmed. It is sure that many people will still like it, but it will not be as fanatical as it is now.

It now appears that one year has passed, and the influence of the film has not decreased but increased.

That noble demon prince always has various ways to attract everyone’s attention.

Hill then explained the audition requirements in the propaganda. This time he set regulations on the appearance and age of the actors, and said that those who do not meet the requirements do not need to participate in the audition. There are no extras in this movie.

Unlike the previous movies with a large number of characters and scenes, the entire story of “Fairy Tale Hotel” almost took place in the hotel with the name of the fairy tale engraved on the door. There were neither rich scenes nor grand scenes and a bunch of piles of group actors.

Obviously, this will make the audition for this movie a lot easier. You don’t need to choose on a large scale like before. You can leave whatever you feel is right to a character – just choose the ten leading actors for the audition of this movie.

Hill had planned to devote himself to the movie, but Olivia brought news that it was the end of spring and the social month of the Ice Empire in Mulheim was approaching.

“Well, now it seems that I don’t have the conditions to devote myself to one thing. There are always various things that come out to interfere with me…” Hill complained, “Of course I can’t devote myself to one thing wholeheartedly because I already gave part of my heart to Monroe already, ah.”

Next to him, Irvine jealously exploded himself into a ball of sparks.

Hill stretched out his hand to retrieve the sparks and rubbed it for a while. Irvine was squeezed back and forth like a decompressed slime: “There’s still some work to be done…”

The social month is a custom unique to Mulheim, the Ice Empire.

The great nobles of the Magnolia Empire live in Magnolia City, while the great nobles of Mülheim live in their respective territories. These great nobles will come to Winter City with their serfs and special products to trade every year after they finish planting and farming at the end of spring, and they also take advantage of this to carry out some political activities. This is called the Great Socialization Month, which sometimes lasts for three to four months; there is also a small socialization month around the autumn harvest, which generally lasts one to two months. Many marriage contracts and business treaties are set during the social month.

At present, there is already a group of more idle noble ladies who are the first to arrive in Winter City, and then they quickly indulge in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.

Olivia saw a business opportunity.

At present, the Demon Mall in Winter City is gradually synchronizing with the Demon Mall in Magnolia City. The magic phone has been implemented. Hill plans to release the first three seasons of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” one by one. As for “Magical Girl Madoka”, this is a bit too exciting for the Mülheim people so it will be shown a bit later.

As for the magic signal transmitting magic array, with Teresa escorting, naturally, there is no problem.

Because of the particularity of the Ice Empire Mulheim, the Demon Mall was only popular in Winter City, and most people in other places had never heard of this name. Although some aristocratic ladies and masters who lived in Winter City also wrote to their families about the Demon Mall, the family did not take that particular to heart, and some even reminded them to “stay away from the demon things.”

Of course, these reminders were ignored by them.

Hill had known about the social month customs of the Ice Empire Mulheim, and he had planned to make the name of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall reverberate throughout Mulheim during this period.

Now, Olivia’s reminder reminded Hill of this matter.

Besides Olivia…

The personal relationship between Olivia and Ice Emperor Claude is getting better and better, but there is not much ambiguity between the two, and their way of getting along is closer to friends.

Now, Olivia has combined the rebelliousness and maturity of the past.

She has traveled to various places, met various people and various things, she has experienced a lot, and she has seen a lot, and her tolerance has surpassed many noblemen. In addition, she had already made two movies and had celebrity status, so she soon became one of the most popular noble ladies in Winter City.

This is also the difference between the North and the South. If it were in Magnolia City, there must be a group of people behind saying that the dignified aristocratic lady actually showed herself everywhere blah blah, and she must have had relationships with many men blah blah.

“Ow, ow, My King… Please be lighter…” Irvine cried strugglingly.

“Oh sorry, I’m lost in thinking about things.” Hill let go of Irvine, and the crumpled Irvine re-burned into flames, and then turned into a teenager.

“My King, is there anything I can do to help you with your worries?”

“Becoming what you were just now is quite helping…” said Hill.

Irvine’s expression stiffened for a second, “If this is your order, My King…”

“Just kidding. It sounds too terrible to squeeze your men just to relieve your worries.” Hill snapped his fingers, “Pen.”

Irvine immediately put the pen into Hill’s hands, and Hill’s hand began to dance on the paper.

“Want to go back to your territory and still enjoy the delicacies of the Demon Mall? Come and try the premium canned food from the Demon Mall!”

“This is a full year of Demon Realm Magazine from last year, you can get a 10% discount for buying them all at once.”

“Demon Mall needs meat and vegetables on a large scale. We can use demon paper to barter, one piece of paper for one piece of meat, very economical, right? Of course, we can also reluctantly accept ores…”

People are money, people are resources.

Not to mention these nobles who have their own territories.

Okay, you can start stocking now.

The first is the large-scale production of canned goods in the demon realm and

This type of stuff was exclusively available at sea during the past few months, and occasionally some minor nobles would buy a bucket to go back and eat slowly. They do not have the ability to eat every meal in the Demon Mall Restaurant, but their tastes have been changed, so they choose ordinary canned food that is quite a bit cheaper than the food in the Demon Mall Restaurant.

Even ordinary canned food is much better than ordinary food.

In addition, Hill is ready to start developing hot and sour noodles, snail noodles, self-heating small hot pot, turkey noodles… this kind of stuff.

Throw a bunch of materials to the people under his hands to let them study on their own first. The auditions for the movie actors started just in time.

Many of the outstanding people who came to the audition this time are people who have starred in movies before, but of course, they played mostly supporting roles.

Josh Kenny’s audition was hosted by Joan Baker and Captain Rod, the audition on Winter City was hosted by Olivia, and Magnolia City was hosted by Hill and Theodore.

The casting of Winter City was almost a total failure, but Olivia finally picked one that was relatively not so bad in accordance with Hill’s request for the taller one.

The reason Hill did this was simple. He wanted actors from all corners of the world and from all races. When the movie shows the list of actors, Hill intends to use parentheses directly marked with the nationality and city of actors. This is the political correctness of the demon race today.


“I asked you to make a horrible cry, not a duck quack.”

“Show a horrified expression… well you can go out now, your expression horrifies me.”

“Suppose you’re about to kill the love of your life and you’re grieving… Wait, why are you laughing? What? You say this is desperate laughter? I think this is the laughter of a man who is about to kill his wife to get insurance money …Oh, you don’t know about insurance? It’s a demon race thing, don’t mind it.”

“Try to show a light smile… Brother, your smile is not light, it’s a bit perverted.”

Hill carried out auditions one by one, Theodore next to him has been trying hard to hold back his laughter.

Hill glared at him, “Laugh if you want.”

Suddenly, Theodore let out a burst of earth-shattering laughter.

He laughed for a while before he said: “Your Royal Highness, I think I can write an article about this.”

“Oh.” Hill said, “Then please write me in a more handsome way.”

“Hahaha, good, good.” Theodore couldn’t stop laughing again.

At the end of the audition, there were ten people in total, one in Winter City, three from Josh Kenny, and five from Magnolia City. Among them, Theodore was added to make up the number. In the demon realm side, Ghost Binns played as the leading teacher.

In fact, before that, Hill sent someone to ask Princess Delia if she was interested in acting as the heroine, and then he learned that Princess Delia was arguing with King Magnolia recently.

King Magnolia wants Princess Delia to participate in the social month of the Ice Empire, Mulheim. He wants to achieve a marriage between the Magnolia Empire and the Ice Empire – the marriage partner is of course the Ice Emperor Claude.

Princess Delia was of course reluctant, not to mention that she had also learned from Theodore that Olivia’s current relationship with Ice Emperor Claude was a bit too good.

“What’s the matter with that? My daughter,” regarding this, King Magnolia is unmoved: “You must be tolerant if you become a Queen. Every king hates to manage too many queens, although we have the same custom of marrying only one queen. Mulheim is a martial nation, and if we can join with the Ice Emperor, their army will be very useful.”

Princess Delia sarcastically said: “Then why don’t you marry me to the Dijon tribe? The Dijon tribe is the number one martial nation.”

The Dijon tribe on the western prairie is polygamous, and can share wives or husbands.

“I will be ridiculed by the East in that case.” King Magnolia shook his head, “Otherwise, a marriage with the Dijon tribe would be a good choice.”

Princess Delia didn’t even know what to say, “Father, do you love me?” she asked.

“Of course, I love you.” King Magnolia said, “I gave you the best, so you should fulfill your duty.”

Princess Delia lowered her head and said nothing.


The location of the filming was in the demon realm, Hill had asked the skeleton construction team to build the hotel in the script.

The specific design drawing is of course the downloaded web photo.

After all, the power of a race is used to make a movie. If it is on Earth, they can just use an already set up studio in the Film City, but Hill directly swiped his pen to build a real place, the requirements are very exquisite, the kind that you can live in after shooting.

Hill did this because first, he had the ability to do so; second, to show a better effect in the movie; and third, because the demon realm was already engaged in construction, so more construction would also be of great benefit to the future development of the tourism industry.

This is a bit like the director Chen Kaige. For the filming of “Temptress Moon”, he built the Shanghai Chedun Film and Television Base; for the filming of “Sacrifice”, he built the “Zhao Orphan’s City”; and for the filming of “The Emperor and the Assassin”, it took four years to build the Qin Palace; in order to shoot “The Legend of the Demon Cat”, it took 1.6 billion to build the city of Chang’an in five years. Therefore, he is called “the real estate developer in the film and television industry.”

The film’s audition made many people itchy, including Ice Emperor Claude, but he is the king of a country after all, and coupled with the constraints of the Church, he can only bear his own thoughts. As a matter of concern, he could not wait to see the film the next day.

Olivia talked to Hill about this and asked for advice. Hill responded that the novel version of the movie is now out, and if the Ice Emperor is interested, he can read the novel version first.

Although Eric was scared to death at the time, he finally finished the script revision with a shiver. After his revision, the script became smoother and cleaner. After that, Eric wrote the novel “The Fairy Tale Hotel” under Hill’s instruction.

The Ice Emperor was naturally very happy when he got the draft of the novel that night. He thought in his heart that he could sleep in peace after reading it, and he wouldn’t be itching anymore.

These people entered a hotel while traveling, and each room door in the hotel had the name of a fairy tale written on it.

The person who stayed in the room of “Daughter of the Sea” got severe pain in her feet every step she took as if she had been cut by a knife. She tried to stay on the bed, but in the afternoon, she would feel that excruciating pain even without touching her feet on the ground. And then she found that her lower body was becoming sick, and fish scales were growing, as if it was about to become a fishtail.

The person who stayed in the “Red Shoes” room couldn’t stop dancing for a moment. She couldn’t eat or sleep. She was dancing all the time. The blood leaked from her pores and dyed her shoes red.

People who live in the room of “Snow White” vomit every time, vomit what they ate yesterday, vomit water, and later vomit blood and pieces of internal organs.

The first to collapse was the teacher in “The Princess and the Pea”. His skin peeled off in a large area. He smashed the door and wanted to leave, but he was directly bounced back to the ground and turned into a corpse. Then many people collapsed. A girl in the room of “Daughter of the Sea” killed her boyfriend in madness. Her boyfriend’s blood was splashed on her, and her body was strangely healed.

The hero thinks that there is always a solution, and the way to solve the curse is hidden in the fairy tale.

For example… In “Daughter of the Sea”, the sisters of the Siren Princess gave Ariel a knife and told her to kill her prince and let the prince’s blood flow to her legs, and she would be able to return to her original state. She will not be turned into bubbles and die.

This just verified that the girl who killed her boyfriend returned to normal.

As a result, the atmosphere in the hotel became more and more terrifying…

Ice Emperor Claude closed the book tremblingly, not daring to read it for the time being.

Sleep in peace?!

……Why is this so terrible?!

…Why destroy fairy tales?! Why ruin childhood?!

……Sure enough, demons are really terrible, huh?!

Ice Emperor Claude roared in his heart.

Then there was a distorted emotion coming to him, he cleared his throat and called the servant, and asked the servant to invite the Grand Chancellor overnight… Oh yes, he hated this Grand Chancellor, but he used him to govern the country.

After the Grand Chancellor arrived, Ice Emperor Clause smiled and handed him the draft of the “Fairy Tale Hotel”.

“Very interesting stuff, I hope you like it.” Ice Emperor Claude said kindly, “My dear, Grand Chancellor.”

It feels so good to pit others (…).

Claude thought in his heart.

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