Chapter 124 – The Frightened Grand Chancellor

“Fairy Tale Hotel.”

What kind of novel is this?

The Grand Chancellor’s interest in fairy tales is not much. He admits that some of those fairy tales are really interesting and can dig out a lot of connotations, but he is still not very interested in fairy tales. He has lost the ability to indulge in fairy tale fantasies as he gets older. Of course, like other political people, he prefers “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Therefore, after seeing the name of this novel, the first reaction of the academician was that it should be a novel full of fairy tales… He did not have the motivation to read it, but after all, it was the order of the Ice Emperor, so he reluctantly went to see it.

He didn’t look very good at this moment. He had fallen asleep half an hour ago, but the Ice Emperor’s people came over and said that the Ice Emperor had invited him, and dragged him from the bed. He missed the soft mattress and goose feather pillows.

The soft and comfortable pillows were put on the shelves by Hill some time ago in the Demon Mall, and they were welcomed by the public once they were launched.

Speaking of this goose feather pillow, Hill thought of a very strange cold knowledge. The Western aristocracy once invented a way of wiping the buttocks – using the neck of a live goose, and also praised that you will feel unparalleled enjoyment.

…This is really too miserable, presumably the goose will feel strangled by fate.

By the way, Roman nobles used fungus to clean their buttocks. They said fungus was soft and moist, which made people feel very comfortable to dry.

The quest is horrifying enough. In fact, there are still dogs that clean up their butts by licking them. Hill was full of question marks when he read it. He didn’t know what magical things these noblemen were thinking.

Let’s go back to the Grand Chancellor.

In short, the Grand Chancellor’s face did not look good at first, being forced out of bed, if it was an important matter, so be it, but the result, he was told to read a novel?!

The Grand Chancellor had the urge to let himself go and make a Grand Chancellor-like roar at the Ice Emperor Claude.

But he understood that he could roar at the court not only because of his hard work, but also because the Ice Emperor needed to create an image of tolerance to his subjects, so at present, they actually formed a subtle tacit understanding. He gained the awe of other people by roaring at the court, and Ice Emperor created the feeling of being a courteous corporal by accepting the scolding.

But privately, if the Grand Chancellor dared to roar, Ice Emperor would definitely dare to do something to him.

The Grand Chancellor knew that one day, the Ice Emperor would definitely lash out, and when the time comes, he is prepared to push the Ice Emperor directly and put himself in a particularly humble position to help the Ice Emperor establish his majesty.

In this case, it can be considered as the best use.

At this time, the Grand Chancellor was still thinking about his bed, and under the Ice Emperor’s order, he unhappily opened the novel.

Reading novels with unhappy emotions will definitely make you nitpicky unconsciously.

The language and writing are so boring, the conversations of these students are not good, and there are several couples… Tsk tsk… This slimy love will sooner or later be hit by reality.

The Grand Chancellor thinks so, this is really a boring novel. This beginning is full of youth and love, and this Fairy Tale Hotel should be a bunch of love stories of students in this hotel.

Ah. What did His Majesty show him this thing for? Does His Majesty like this thing?


The Grand Chancellor’s face twitched.

What is this this?

What’s with the black hairy legs sticking out under the mattress? Did the student see it wrong?

After a few minutes, the Grand Chancellor felt a little cold all over.

Where is the promised stupid love story? He wanted stupid love stories!

“He heard someone singing next door, it was Linda singing, but she was pinching her voice, her voice was quite strange, as if she was imitating a child, it sounded particularly horrible.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he got up and left his room and knocked on the door next door. The singing inside stopped, but Linda didn’t come to open the door.

He said irritably: ‘What a rude fellow…’ At this time, he noticed that there was also a small hole in the door of this room, so he curiously leaned over to take a look.

Opposite the small hole was a bloodshot eye.

Someone is looking out from this small hole!

That eye was so wide open that the eyeball was bulging out!”

What the f*ck!

The Grand Chancellor almost threw the book.

He felt his heart beating wildly.

He turned his head to look at Ice Emperor Claude in shock, who was looking straight at him.

Looking straight at him.

Looking at him.


The Grand Chancellor let out a miserable scream and dropped his book directly from his chair to the floor.

Ice Emperor Claude was obviously taken aback by the Grand Chancellor’s reaction: “What happened you?”

“I… I’m fine.” The Grand Chancellor was a little embarrassed, but he is a dignified Grand Chancellor, how could he be scared by a novel! Isn’t it just an eye seen through a small hole in the door? What’s so scary about it… Well, it’s a bit scary indeed.

But it’s just a little scary! The novel that the Ice Emperor gave him shows that the Ice Emperor himself has read it. The Ice Emperor is sitting here so calmly now, as the Ice Emperor’s chancellor, he should be calm as well!

In order to cover up his embarrassment, the Grand Chancellor began to look for the monocle that he had just dropped on the floor. He squinted for a few seconds and then saw that the monocle had fallen right over the couch, and underneath it was a darkness that had a seductive and frightening feel to it.

The Grand Chancellor began to think: I’ll take a look, just a look, there must be nothing under the sofa.

I’ll just have a look…

Then he picked up the monocle and looked under the sofa with a sense of anxiety.

Then he saw something moving.

…something moving.

The Grand Chancellor screamed and fell to the ground again.

Ice Emperor Claude was frightened for the second time: “What the hell are you screaming!” He was frightened twice by the Grand Chancellor, and at the moment he was a little bit intolerable.

Then the maid came over with tea and snacks. What the Grand Chancellor had just seen was her moving feet.

The Grand Chancellor felt that his heart was about to jump out. He breathed for a while on the ground before saying: “Ah, I’m sorry, Your Majesty, I was scared just now.”

The maid glanced at the current scene. The Grand Chancellor was sitting on the ground in messy clothes, his cheeks were reddish, and he was panting.

The Ice Emperor, on the other hand, was looking at him from a high position, looking rather well-dressed.

The maid who was full of rotten thoughts recently from reading the BL novel of “Demon Realm Magazine” almost overturned the tea.

She slid away quickly after putting down the things.

It seems that His Majesty has just had a very fierce incident with the Grand Chancellor…

It seems that because of the demon things, some people have become victims of rumors.

The Grand Chancellor finally calmed down, and the Ice Emperor felt that he couldn’t let him continue to read the book when he saw this shocked look. Old people are prone to accidents.

“This is the novel version of the next movie,” Ice Emperor Claude said.

“I don’t think anyone would like this kind of stuff.” The Grand Chancellor shook his head.

“I think young people will like it.” Ice Emperor Claude said, “and they will be keen to recommend it to friends around after seeing it.”

“It’s true… you may want to scare others after being scared.” The Grand Chancellor nodded, “Wait, Your Majesty, so the reason why you showed me this…”

Ice Emperor Claude suddenly felt a guilty conscience: “That, because you are an important Grand Chancellor, I think I have to tell you about this kind of thing…”

“Your Majesty, you never say things like this in private before, and every time you make things up, you will mention the other party’s official position and how you should speak as a monarch…”

“That’s because I was too reserved before. I now think that as a monarch, it is necessary to tell the true thoughts in my heart…” Ice Emperor Claude covered his mouth after saying half of it.

The Grand Chancellor looked at him with dead-fish eyes: “Your Majesty.”

Ice Emperor Cloud: “…well.”

It was really a rich night… Although it ended in an awkward end.

But this is not the end.

Because both of them only read halfway.

The innocent Ice Emperor Claude thought that he would not be afraid if he stopped reading after half of it.

The Grand Chancellor thinks so too, so he was determined not to read it after being frightened.

The two men went back to sleep in their own homes.

Then… can’t sleep.

It feels like there is something under the pillow. There is something under the bed. There is something outside. There is something everywhere! Did they break the curse later? Can the curse be broken? What happened later??? Really want to know!

—Actually, the scariest part of a horror movie is not watching it all, but stopping after half of it.

The Grand Chancellor verified this truth with a night of insomnia.

But the Ice Emperor Claude called a bunch of servants after insomnia in the middle of the night, and read the novel tremblingly through their company.


The culprit, Hill, of course, does not know what happened to the Ice Empire in Mulheim. He is currently letting several succubi give acting training to the actors.

Acting training lasts for half a month, which will bring significant improvement to these novices.

Hill will not be idle during this time. He set out to sort out the other aspects of the movie, and explained the various scenes with the Lich Aligeli, who is in charge of special effects. This movie will use a lot of special effects, such as rotting bodies, wriggling maggots…

Lich Aligeli innocently suggested: “It is more difficult to make such an illusion than to rot the actor’s body directly. In order to save costs, let’s make the actor’s body rot directly.”

Hill: “…”

Although it was not the first time he had come into contact with the terrifying Three Views of the demons, Hill was still shocked by Aligeli’s words.

It’s like, every time a lipstick is used, a dog will lose it’s tintin, and an actor will die behind every horror movie… What the hell?

Hill cleared out the words that suddenly entered his mind, “For the highest benefit, we should treat the actors well, let them return to the human realm and then brag about the demon realm to other humans, so that everyone wants to make a movie, let everyone want to come to the Demon Realm.”

“I apologize, My King. My eyes are too short-sighted,” Lich Aligeli apologized.

“Okay.” Hill said nonchalantly, “No next time.”

But he knew that Lich Aligeli would not say such things next time, but he would change his posture to make him feel choked.

“… Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll go to morning practice, then you and I will have breakfast together and we’ll continue this conversation over breakfast,” Hill said.

“Yes, My King,” said Lich Aligeli.

Hill said casually, “So wash up and be good and wait for me in my bedroom.” After saying that, he took the sword hanging on the wall, pulled the blade, and swung it. The sunlight shone on the tip of the sword, reflecting the brightness of Hill’s eyes.

Lich Aligeli was taken aback, he realized for the first time the other charm of their Lord Demon King.

And Irvine on the lamp next to it has melted into a lump of candle oil: “Ah… My King is so handsome.”

Today is a rainy day, pouring hazy rain.

When Hill arrived at the lakeside, he found that the paladin who taught him swordsmanship had not yet arrived. He said to himself: “Is he late or suddenly realizes that since ancient times there is no balance between good and evil, I take my leave and ask Your Excellency to get lost and fend for yourself?”

A clear voice came from behind, “Because your instructor today is me.”

Hill turned around with a light eek and saw the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Monroe walking toward him in snow-white armor.

Wow, disguised as a paladin.

Super! Level! Pleasure! Happiness!

Disguised as the thing he likes, he still likes, and the happiness of it being defiled is also happiness. Hill is very generous in this regard.

“You’re back!” Hill said cheerfully.

“I just came back.” Monroe said, “I haven’t gone to the Dark Church yet, came to see you first.”

The rain in late spring is softer and warmer than summer, and it feels like a soft kiss on the cheek.

Hill smiled, “Okay.”

“Have you been feeling good lately?” Monroe asked.

“Very good,” Hill replied.

“Okay, then you are about to feel bad.” Monroe stepped forward and smashed the stone on the ground. The rising sun stretched his shadow. With his movements, the magical elements in the air began to riot. “Because for the next while, I will come to serve as your sword instructor.”

“Exactly what I’ve been waiting for.” Hill also smiled. The momentum from his body made the rain fly out, “Don’t deliberately lose to me, Master Monroe.”

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