Chapter 125 – Filming Continues + Delicious Meals

The shooting of “Fairy Tale Hotel” continued.

“First of all, as actors, you now understand the context of this movie? There are three horror points. One is the strangeness of the hotel itself, but the strangeness of the hotel is just scary and will not cause physical harm to people. For example, Linda saw a hairy black leg sticking out of her bedsheet, but when she opened the quilt, she found that there was nothing. The official explanation was: it’s the remnant illusion left by a person who was previously cursed and died. Um… this hairy black leg is played by our black dwarf friend.

Then the second point of horror is the curse itself, the harm attached to each person.

The third horror is that removing the curse is likely to hurt the people around you, so you don’t know whether your companion will do anything to you. “

There are some horror visions inside… the legs of the black dwarf, the tentacles of the tentacle monster, and Dark Elf Albrecht’s bloodshot eyes immediately after seeing Hill take off his coat.

Oh yes, that horrible bloodshot eye seen through the small hole in the door was the dark elf’s eye~ Hill was wise enough to come up with that. This made the Lich Aligeli almost fall over laughing, My King is really too powerful.

But fortunately, the dark elf Albrecht’s bloodshot eyes are only his eyes. It would be a bit scary if the other parts were bloodshot. Cough.

“The horror and the exploration of human nature are integrated,” said Theodore, who plays the male protagonist, Gray.

Hill nodded, “Pure horror doesn’t explore much substance.” Hill does not really like pure horror, and he does not really like the kind of blood and flesh horror.

As a result, there were many strange things in the cast and crew list after the movie ended, such as Bronzebeard (dwarf) as ‘Hairy Black Legs’, Moro (skeleton) played as ‘Severed Hand’… In the actors’ meet and greet, many audience members excitedly expect them to show, so the Dwarf Bronzebeard lifted the trouser leg directly, and the audience let out wow sounds one after another.

Hill was stunned, feeling embarrassed, what’s going on here? This doesn’t feel right, huh?


According to historical books, Albrecht Darkmoon, one of the five elders, is a dark elf who respects the Lord Demon King and is conservative.

His eyes turned red when he saw the Demon King taking off his clothes, which shows his character.

When Hill later flipped through the history books, he sprayed water directly. He turned to look at the writer’s name. Well, the patriarch of the dark elves, Albrecht’s father, was listed.

Okay, history is indeed a little girl who can be dressed up. Dark elves, whatever makes you happy.

That said, there are many things that have been misinterpreted, taken out of context, and even taken into completely opposite meanings. For example, Ji Gong has a “Wine and meat pass through the intestines, while Buddha remains in the heart.” Everyone thinks that this is the official authoritative certificate that you can drink and eat meat wantonly, but there is another sentence next to it: “If the world learns from me, it is like entering the demon’s path.” Ahaha! This instantly went from heaven to hell. Hill laughed stupidly when he saw it.

After finishing today’s filming, they each said “good job”, and then they became the first human passengers of the Snow Plume Bird and were sent to the Dark Elves’ territory by the tauren who flew the Snow Plume Bird. Because the building on the Floating Island of the fallen angels is not yet completed, Hill arranged the actors to live on the dark elves side.

The construction of the Demon World has not yet been completed, so the itinerary of the actors was strictly planned by Hill, so be sure to leave them with a very good impression of the Demon World. The conscientious Hill is like a township leader doing a face project to deal with the inspection by the leader.

The snow plume bird is one of the means of transportation that Hill has the taurens trained. Needless to say, this provides great convenience to some demons who don’t have teleportation skills.

In fact, it’s not difficult for taurens to domesticate animals, but before that, there were very few demon cross-racial collaborations in the demon realm. So, snow plume birds and blood skeleton birds (the previous beautiful birds tamed by taurens according to their own aesthetics) were used for transportation which made some demons very excited.

Hill intends to let the taurens domesticate flying birds on a large scale, and then set up a flying point in each city, and just pay coins… Oh yes, Hill remembered the games played on Earth. But this is practical, isn’t it?

It would be great if this could be done in the human realm. Hill had such thoughts in his mind. He plans to go back and talk to King Magnolia. …No, not King Magnolia, he should talk to the Ice Empire, Mulheim, where the separation between their noble territories and Winter City provides a convenient condition for the implementation of this transport.

Then Hill can add a taxi service in the magic phone.

The human beings who took the Snow Plume Bird for the first time were naturally very excited. Three passengers can sit on one bird, which is very crowded, but everyone won’t mind this kind of thing at this time. The tauren driver propped up the windproof barrier, otherwise, the passengers would be messed up in the wind.

Along the way, the screams of “Wow” and “Cool~” came and went one after another.

The tauren who was communicating with the snow plume bird couldn’t help but feel a special feeling, ah, are these human beings happy because of what was doing? The tauren race is a kinder race, which can be seen from the fact that they tolerated Hill’s large-scale cattle breeding (?). But looking at how they later ate yogurt and dairy products, it does not rule out the law of good taste… Let’s go back to the topic of being kind, so seeing human beings feel happy because of what he did, the tauren himself couldn’t help but feel better.

One of the actors said to him, “Are you controlling this bird, sir?”

“I am communicating with her, not controlling,” the tauren replied.

“It turned out to be like this, you are really amazing!” Another actress said with a high spirit: “I swear to the God of Light, I will remember this day forever!”

The tauren was a little dazed. In the past, he had never thought that he could be liked so much by humans… He scratched his head and said embarrassedly: “This is something that every tauren can do. And there is no need to swear to the God of Light, we are enemies.”

“Ah, sorry.” The actress stuck her tongue out, “I made a slip of the tongue.”

The tauren was even more surprised. What, human beings actually apologized to him for their beliefs?

The tauren felt dizzy, this, this,…well, it can only be said that Lord Demon King is really amazing…


The place for dinner is in the territory of the dark elves. The participants are all the crew, plus the director’s family, and some dark elves who are curious about humans.

During this time, Monroe basically stayed in the Demon Realm, of course not to accompany Hill, but to deal with affairs here.

The total formation of the teleportation array is very complicated. In the Dark Church, there is only an ordinary teleportation array, so it is impossible to contact the Plague Islands. So, Monroe is currently staying in the Demon Realm.

Of course, Hill was very happy about it, but he was very busy and didn’t have time to be alone with Monroe. And Monroe is also very busy.

Both of them are not sticky people. In the busy work, occasionally taking some time out for a walk together feels good. In addition to this, the two of them have a daily morning sword practice that is unfailing.

‘This kind of faint feeling is good,’ Hill thought.

The crew dinner officially begins.

The first thing that came up was a variety of soups. This time, the soup didn’t have much innovation, but it was still richer and more delicious than in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. Especially the ganoderma lucidum beef soup. The original aroma of the beef is mixed with the faint herbal fragrance of ganoderma lucidum. The soup is clear and translucent, and the oil flowers floating on it are gleaming. The beef in it has absorbed the soup and is very enjoyable when bitten into.

Then there are all kinds of meat. The first thing that came up was the sliced pork with scallions, which is a new taste. First steam the meat slices, then use scallions, soy sauce, and salt to make a special scented scallion juice. Pour it on the meat slices while it is hot, and the meat slices immediately make a heart-warming sizzling sound. The burst of the aroma also flowed out, making people cannot keep their souls.

The meat is slightly crispy on the outside, but not particularly crispy, just in a subtle texture, so people’s eyes cannot help but sparkle. Of course, the taste is also first-rate. The taste is full of flavors, and it feels very smooth when you bite it down. The meat slices are full of gravy, and the mouth is full of delicious flavor, bringing unparalleled enjoyment.

In addition, there is Orleans Chicken Steak Rice Ball as a staple food with the Orleans Sauce Hill has prepared. Hill is still used to eating pasta or rice with other dishes. Rice is a new thing for most humans, but they don’t eat it after eating one or two rice balls. Hill was a little surprised. Is it not delicious? He tasted one by himself. The onigiri wrapped in seaweed has a good taste. The chicken is crispy on the outside, and the rich Orleans flavor itself is also very exciting. The chicken itself is also very tender, plus the radish and vegetables in the onigiri.

Why don’t you eat another one? Is it unpalatable? Hill thought it was delicious. However, as the person in charge of the Demon Mall, he still asked: “Linda, do you think this is delicious?”

“It’s delicious,” actress Linda replied.

“Then why don’t you continue eating?” Hill asked.

“Um,” Linda said embarrassedly, “Because this food is heavy. I think if I eat one more, I will be full. I want to enjoy more food…”

Hill was stunned, well, this reason is also valid. But it made him laugh.

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The next day, the shooting continued.

Elena knocked on the door and entered the room of “Daughter of the Sea”: “Adeline, are you feeling okay?”

Adeline was lying on the bed, her face pale, “It hurts so much, Elena, it hurts so much, I’m in pain…”

Elena said sadly, “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Adeline’s eyes rolled up violently, and after a few seconds, she said in a calm and hoarse voice: “I feel as if there is something under the bed, you can help me look at it.”

Elena did not doubt it, she slowly kneeled down, and then…

She saw another Adeline under the bed!

Adeline under the bed was pale and horrified. She said to Elena, “Elena, my bed, I don’t know what’s on my bed!”

After speaking, Adeline under the bed rolled up her eyes, her mouth filled with foam, and her whole body trembled.

Elena screamed in horror and sat on the ground.


Hill called to stop.

“Very good, this scene is well done,” Hill said. “Then Adeline, climb back into the bed and we can continue to the next shot.”

Although it was a seemingly coherent scene, the movie was paused before Elena went down. The actress who played Adeline crawled from the bed to hide under the bed, and then chewed an herb that could make foam.

The actress who plays Adeline in this scene has to go back and forth from the bed, under the bed, then back on the bed.

People on the sidelines naturally find it a bit funny, but from the perspective of the audience, it feels real and scary.

After shooting this scene, Hill tapped his head and thought that he could have finished the bed shot right from the start… Forget it, just pretend to forget about it, anyway, the actor would not protest with him. Cough, cough, cough…

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