Chapter 126 – A Paladin Whose Faith Has Collapsed

The dinner was held in a stone palace, with white stone pillars entwined with green vines and dotted with flowers. The palace was decorated with many works of art, all looking exquisite and beautiful – these are the work of the elves. The top of the palace was dark blue with some luminous gems inlaid on it.

“This is a symbol of our race’s faith in the night.” A dark elf explained to the humans next to him, “The gems represent the stars.”

Hill pricked up his ears and eavesdropped, something he didn’t know either.

“Do you believe in dark night?” the human asked with interest.

“Yes, but our clan used to believe in daylight. After being almost driven to extinction by humans, we came from the human realm to the demon realm. At that time, the human realm was actually not called the human realm, but after the humans gradually expelled and exterminated other races, they called that realm the human realm. After we arrived in the demon realm, we gave up our original beliefs and created new ones instead,” said the dark elf.

In fact, the dark elves used to be white-skinned, similar to the good-looking elves mentioned in fairy tales. There used to be elves and humans intermarriage, and they were generally liked by the female elves. Because the elves have a very long life span, after their husbands die, they will continue to marry the young generation in the clan, and then marry the second and third generation, using this method to protect their first-generation husband’s family.

Hill looked at this period of history and he was uncomfortable at the time. This is not the same as the love story between elves and humans he imagined. Hill’s first reaction was: I have an ancestral elf. The second reaction was: Elves are eternal, and one is passed down forever.

…Pfft cough, cough, cough.

Hearing that, the humans in the presence of the dark elves suddenly became uncomfortable. Theodore was also exposed to a lot of such things, plus his special status, so he was not particularly uncomfortable, but continued to ask: “Why do humans want to expel you?”

Theodore gets along more with the demons. He understands that the demons don’t pay attention to etiquette in this regard. You can ask directly, and the other party will answer if they want to answer. If they don’t want to answer, they won’t answer. You won’t be blamed for being improper. Of course, this is on the basis of equality between the two parties.

“Because of the different looks, and many of our organs are good potion materials,” the dark elf said concisely.

The human beings present are speechless. Many people think of humans hunting magical beasts for drugs. In the eyes of those who killed the dark elves, they may be the same as those magical beasts… “I don’t understand,” the actress named Annie angrily said: “Why are some people so vicious? You, you look a lot like humans anyway.”

“Because of this, humans will hunt them even more.” Theodore said in a deep voice, “Humans are such a race.”

The human actors who were dining suddenly felt that the food in their hands was not delicious. Yes, if you think about it from another angle, it really is.

Theodore was a little emotional, and he continued to ask: “Then do you hate humans?”

“Hate?” the dark elf repeated, “The humans who slaughtered us in the first place were long dead, that race of people was almost exterminated by another race of people, and then a third race of people was almost wiped out by the now white-skinned humans of the Magnolia Continent. Who should we hate?” He asked.

Theodore hesitated. As a human being, he couldn’t say “You can hate all mankind”.

The dark elf continued: “It is not hatred that supports our clan, hatred will only lead to destruction, not continuation. We understand that we migrated to the demon realm not for revenge, but for the survival of the race. His Holiness the Pope also said that it may be hatred that makes one die unwillingly, but what keeps one alive is love, faith, and hope.”

“Uh, well, did His Holiness the Pope say that?” a human actor asked.

Theodore suddenly felt that the conversation was a bit weird, and he explained: “It’s the Pope of the Dark Church.”

“Ah, so that’s it.” The actor was a little embarrassed, “Because I’m used to the word pope, I subconsciously think of the Pope of the Church of Light.”

“This is really a wise motto.” Another human actor said, “I want to make it my motto.”

Hill listened to their conversation while crunching on his fruit salad.

He understood that the dark elves made this judgment not because they were kind, but because they were sensible.

The dark elves have always been a very smart race, they are smart enough to control their emotions. The reason why Albrecht would be so demented, he naturally also knew from the Demon Realm Book Collections.


The shooting was not very smooth, but various problems were overcome in the end. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief after the shooting. Two actors were involved in the shooting for the first time. They thought it was fun, but they didn’t expect to be so tired later… but it was really interesting.

After the shooting Hill gave them some souvenirs and let them go back to the human realm, and then he began to work intensively on post-production.

Then post-production ran into problems.

Hill was frightened by some clips…

The main reason is that during this production, there was a need to zoom in on the screen, and some of the ghosts and monsters in it were too realistic that it was almost real, so Hill naturally felt creeped out.

What a sin… Hill was doing post-production while watching a maggot on a someone’s thigh.

Now he can’t wait to see how the human audience is frightened, which can ease the trauma he suffered.

After the final stage was finally finished, Hill thought about it, the premiere should be held in the Demon Realm.

After watching, the demons felt that the movie was quite scary, but they weren’t scared too much, after all, blood and other things couldn’t scare them. Some of them directly recognized which demons played which ghosts.

“After watching this movie, I felt that our demon race was really scary, and I felt that my confidence as a demon had been restored,” said the Skeleton Elder.

Hill cried laughing.

Well, use horror movies to boost his people’s self-confidence… This method is a bit funny, but according to the Skeleton Elder, it seems he can give it a try?

Then Hill thought for a while, and unkindly aimed at the paladins sent by Teresa.

Since they are glorious paladins, they shouldn’t be afraid of ghosts?

With such an idea in mind, he called the paladins over and let them read the collection of fairy tales first, and then showed them the movie the next day.

These paladins have not seen a movie yet, they felt novel and discussed among themselves.

“Use precious projection stones to shoot entertainment stage plays?”

“But if it were that Demon King, he could indeed do such a thing.”

“It’s quite interesting.”

Hill sits on the edge of the room and hides himself, eavesdropping on their discussion.

“Are the actors human? Oh, the door of each room is the name of the fairy tale I read yesterday.”

“It feels so romantic… F*ck!”

“Heller, as a paladin, you shouldn’t curse, WTF, what is this?”

The picture in the movie was already terrifying at this time.

Hill was almost laughed to death because of the two paladins.

Then the horror deepened level by level.

“It’s terrible… I am a paladin. I believe in my Lord. I shouldn’t be afraid of the demon.”

“Impossible, how can this be done? Impossible… Is there such a terrible thing in the world? Is the demon so terrible? Will the Holy Light bless us?”

“No… this is pure horror… God won’t bless us…”

Hey wait… It doesn’t seem right?

Hill felt that he was wrong. He thought that the paladins should not be so scared, but it seemed that he had made a mistake?

Then all of a sudden, one of the paladins inside let out a scream: “My Lord!” Then he spat out blood and fell to the ground.

Hill was dumbfounded on the spot.



The paladin almost died, and he survived after the demon clan’s careful treatment, but he could no longer use the power of the paladin.

Hill and Monroe discussed the matter. Monroe thought for a while and gave the answer: “The power of light the paladins have is bestowed by the God of Light. Therefore, they must maintain some qualities, such as firmness, such as unconditional trust in the light and contempt for darkness – they must believe that light can overcome darkness.”

“Oh, I get it.” Hill also understood at this time. The horror film gave them the feeling that the darkness could not be defeated. In addition, they were under great mental pressure in the demon realm during this period. After being stimulated by the horror film, some people just collapsed like this.

“I guess,” Monroe said, “the one who broke down was the one with the strongest faith among them. This kind of thing wouldn’t happen if the faith was not firm.”

“How did you know?” Hill was very curious. He asked the paladin who was friendly to him beforehand. The paladin who was frightened by the horror film and collapsed in faith was indeed the one with the strongest faith among them.

“It’s just personal experience,” Monroe said lightly.

Hill remembered Monroe’s past and said with emotion, “You have experienced a lot.”

“A lot of those experience was made by you,” Monroe said.

Hill smiled and said, “Yes, I did so many bad things to you.”

“So, it’s my turn to do bad things to you now?” Monroe asked rhetorically.

Hill smiled and took a step back, “Don’t make trouble, there is still business now.”

Monroe’s fingers ran across his hair, Monroe closed his five fingers, his expression was still faint, “I heard that the demons pay attention to equal substitutions, and debts must always be paid.”

“That latter line is from the Lannisters,” Hill said, then he continued to laugh as he took a step back, his hair flying in the orange sunset, “Since you’ve turned into a demon now, it looks like I can’t really escape. However, let me continue to squeeze you before the day comes when you completely collect the debt.”

He said this at this moment with a light tone and a little smile, looking relaxed.

The person on the other side only replied in a deep voice, “Good.”

The two looked at each other, and the wind blew past.

The wind in early summer is still very comfortable.

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“Fairy Tale Hotel” officially premiered in the Demon Mall a week later.

Paladins are prohibited from entering.

Some paladins in Mülheim were indignant: Why not let the paladins in? Why should we listen to the words of the demons? We want to go in and see!

Well… that’s not going to work.

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