Chapter 127 – “Fairy Tale Hotel” x1

On the eve of the release of “Fairy Tale Hotel”.

Before the release of this time, Hill only made ordinary publicity. He explained to the public that this film is a horror-themed film, made a warning to people with low mental capacity not to enter, as well as a clear rule that children need to be accompanied by adults to watch.

Generally speaking, this kind of horror images will cause psychological shadows to children, but Hill feels that many children’s ability to withstand horror movies is actually greater than that of adults. Hill guessed it was because they could not understand some of the horror things in it, they won’t continue to think about it, and they will forget it after watching it. But adults are different. Adults will think more and be more afraid… Hill himself is like this. When he was a child, he watched horror movies at a level of “more scared”, after growing up watching horror films, the level became “scared to death”.

Despite this, Hill still wrote that children are not recommended to watch, because he knows that adults have always been “I don’t want you to think, I want me to think”.

Horror movies are an absolute new attempt, but if they don’t get it right, big problems will arise. Naturally, Hill has to put an end to the possibility of losing control in advance.

For example, it is stipulated that paladins should not enter.

After Hill promulgated this rule, what he thought was beautiful: Paladins are so arrogant, and I, as a demon, announced that this movie does not welcome them, so they would naturally disdain to watch them.

But he didn’t expect the paladins to be quite rebellious?

This is called self-defeating.


Magnolia Continent. Josh Kenny.

Horror movie!

Pirates who are full of adventurous spirit (at least think they are full of adventurous spirit) are looking forward to this horror movie! Pirates like to pursue thrills.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” almost changed the style of the entire Josh Kenny Pirates.

This statement is not an exaggeration.

The composition of Josh Kenny’s pirates is more complicated: some of them are natural villains, such as Captain Duncan of the Invincible, who likes to fight, kill, and torture people, but some time ago he was tortured by “Song of Neuropathy”. The other part is forced to follow this path – such as Captain Rod and his chief mate. They have a kind of hatred for the hierarchy, but what they actually did was murder and escape.

In the past, pirates didn’t have much pursuit. Many of them lived like this. They could only look at the things in front of them. If they took the money, they would spend it. If they had no money, they would earn it. And they can’t look at the longer-term future, they don’t have a future.

The wind and waves, the fight during the looting, disease, hunger, loneliness, negative emotions… all these can easily kill a person.

The successive deaths of peers can also easily destroy a faith.

But at this time the Demon Mall appeared. Demon’s animation and music allowed them to relax during the long voyage. The demon’s canned food greatly improved their quality of life and gave them the motivation to save money… Just imagine, even if you rob a merchant ship and get a lot of money, you still have to eat rotten food and fight against diseases after boarding the ship. With such a low quality of life for a long time, how can you still have a strong desire to live…

Then, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” craze swept the entire pirate community.

Even the pirate king went to see the pirate movie, what are you waiting for? –Jon Baker put this slogan out.

After the objective conditions were improved, the spiritual appeal was immediately followed.

The free spirit contained in that movie resonated deeply with the pirates.

“The significance of the ship is that it can take you wherever you want to go.”

“To the far side of freedom, set out.”

It is no exaggeration to say that the status of “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the hearts of pirates is similar to the believer’s “Church of Light Ceremony”.

…And the former is better than the latter. Eh heh.

The entire group of pirates regained their spirits, of course, the consequence of this was that some merchant ships were miserable. The Demon Mall, which built a teleportation array in the Plague Islands, also made a fortune—because there have not been many merchant ships running along the business route between the Magnolia Continent and the Plague Islands recently, and the pirates have been too active recently.

They heard that the merchants are organizing to prepare a sum of money to inform the imperial royal family of this matter and ask them to let the navy go to clean up the pirates.

Of course, this is something later.


Mulheim, the Empire of Ice. Winter City.

With the coming of the social month, many aristocratic ladies and young masters have come to Wintery City in advance, while their parents will step over to show their composure and respectability. But those noble ladies and young masters couldn’t hold themselves back, and couldn’t wait to come—their brothers and sisters bragged to them in the letter how interesting the Demon Mall is, and the food in the Demon Mall is better than the food in the south.

On the first day they arrived in Winter City, they were immediately pulled by their siblings who lived in Winter City to watch a movie.

Since the total number of movies is not that many, all the movies except the newly released ones are currently rotating in the cinema. This makes the young people who are exposed to these movies for the first time feel great.

The feeling of indulging in the movie world for a whole day is really great! To be able to forget all the things that bother you! I can’t extricate myself from being immersed in the illusory world!

The Demon King is so handsome! Captain Jack is so handsome! Arman is so handsome! The prince is hot!

Wow there is also a picture book of a paladin and a dragon, too handsome… Wait, why is this paladin a bit like the trash prince of Siren Princess? Uh, I read it wrong, right?

Wow, this music is so good, right? It sounds better than the sacred music in the church. Ah, this song… why suddenly I want to cry…

In the evening, they had dinner at the Demon Mall Restaurant. It was so delicious that they could swallow their tongue. …This sentence is actually very horrible when you delve into it, and very JOJO.

The noble ladies and young masters who had been playing wild for a day, returned to the mansion at night, thinking that they could rest, but their siblings took out a magic device and told them that this is a magic phone with games on it. There are also anime… Oh and these chicken feet, duck neck, chicken wings, kelp buckle, these snacks are also delicious, suitable for eating while playing on the phone.

Dazed and confused. House otaku mode activated.

Half a month later, the social month officially began. The noble lords also all arrived in Winter City. The first thing they had to do was to inspect whether their sons and daughters had done their socializing work well in advance, and what they saw was their pimply faces in their bedrooms clutching their magic phones.

The noble lords and ladies: ???

They are naturally very angry.

This happened many, many times, such as the Justin family from Lakeburg.

Mrs. Justin looked at her daughter angrily: “What have you been doing these days? How did you make yourself like this? You look like a savage woman living in the woods! Why don’t you speak? Talk to the old lady, Natasha!”

Earl Justin wiped his sweat with a silk handkerchief next to her, and winked at his daughter.

Receiving her father’s expression, Natasha said as humbly as she could, “I’m sorry, mother, I was too disgraceful.” Then she spat inwardly, but apparently you are more undignified now.

“Do you still know? You know and you are still like this?” Mrs. Justin continued to growl.

“I’m sorry,” Natasha continued, and at the same time continued to complain in her heart: Isn’t this what you wanted me to say…

“That, Madam, take it easy.” Earl Justin finally had a chance to interrupt. He persuaded his wife with good words, and successfully calmed her down.

“Which families have you met with in the past few days?” Lady Justin’s tone was still tinged with irritation, thinking that she hadn’t done a good job of socializing by looking at Natasha like this.

“Richard of Hill Fort, Andrew of Star Fort, Black of Winterburg, White of Limburg…” Natasha counted them one by one, “basically met with all of them, actually.”

This surprised Mrs. Justin, and then she asked: “Did someone hold a big banquet in advance?”

“No.” Natasha hesitated, and answered honestly: “We met in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall and watched the movie together.”

“Demon Realm Shopping Mall?”

Star Fort’s Andrew Family.

“Demon Realm Shopping Mall?” Duke Andrew repeated.

Limburg’s White Family.

“Demon Realm Shopping Mall…it’s the one opened by Black’s niece.” Earl White nodded, “Let’s take a look with tomorrow, Hurley.”

“Okay, Timothée,” Mrs. White replied.

With this day as the dividing line, the Demon Realm Shopping Mall officially entered the sight of all the upper-class nobles in Mülheim.

And then, it began its journey of conquering in Mülheim.

Many parents were dissatisfied with their children’s addiction to pleasure, so they rolled up their sleeves and went to the Demon Mall, intending to see what was haunting their children. They were ready to make trouble.

The result… uh…

Then indulge in enjoyment, anyway, everyone likes the Demon Mall, just treat it as socializing.

The parents comforted themselves so much.

Then they turned on the magic phone, alas, what kind of takeaway should I have today… The Demon Mall is really convenient.


The day of the premiere of “Fairy Tale Hotel”.

Because everyone in Winter City is watching movies every day, they’re not excited about the new movie – they’ve been watching all the new movies lately. But the flow of people was tremendous these days, so a full house was a sure thing.

By the way, a group of paladins also secretly took off their armor and dressed up as ordinary people and sat in the cinema.

Someone reported their whereabouts to Bishop Teresa of Winter City. Teresa knew that there was a paladin who almost exploded after watching the movie. He hesitated for a while, whether to stop these damned paladins. Finally, he made a decision. He asked one of his subordinates to rush to the cinema and tell them that the Bishop knew they were watching the movie. The Bishop hated the demons, so he was very dissatisfied with their behavior and let them judge for themselves.

One of the paladins frowned and thought for a while and said, “Since Lord Bishop already knows about this, we will still be blamed for going back now anyway.”

“He can’t let us stay away from everything related to the demons just because the Lord Bishop hates the demons.” Another paladin said, “And the demons said something insulting like that, I think, we’ll just go in with our paladin armor on in a dignified manner next time!”

“Yes! That’s right! We paladins have a backbone!”

“I would like to enter the Demon Mall with knight armor! I, a paladin, must wear the holy light for ten miles, majestic and heroic! Otherwise, I would rather fall and die and never enter heaven forever!”

There was a burst of righteous indignation.

Teresa’s confidant went back and reported to Teresa. Teresa listened with some toothache, “…then let them be.” He started writing letters to the Pope, thinking about how to report that a few of his men had seen the movie and exploded. He tried to stop it anyway.


Time flies quickly, at seven o’clock exactly, the premiere officially began.

Hill changed his appearance and sat in the middle of the audience in the Magnolia City Cinema, ready to listen to real-time feedback. Eric, another participant in the script design, sat beside him.

The lights dimmed, and a relaxing music is played. What appears on the screen is the appearance of the hotel. It is a beautiful building with red walls and white roofs. There is also a lovely balcony on the second floor, surrounded by exquisitely carved black railings. If there are other people from Earth, they can tell at a glance that this is a beautiful country house that is very popular among the rich on Earth.

The relaxing music became a little lower.

A line of subtitles appeared on the blue sky, Director: Grindelwald

The hotel door opened automatically, and the camera began to pass through the corridor, and some exquisite facilities could be seen inside.

The second line of subtitles appears, Screenwriter: Grindelwald, Eric

The camera turned to the second floor.

The third line of subtitles appears, Soundtrack: Fallen Angels Light Music Orchestra, Skeleton Band

After introducing the introduction, everyone has a general impression of this beautiful hotel, and the opening of the film is over here.

“It doesn’t look that scary.” Hill heard a lady in the back right whisper.

“It’s a beautiful hotel! I never thought a hotel could be so beautiful, I really want to stay inside,” her companion said.

The hotels in this period were used by ordinary people, because most of the nobles lived in other nobles’ homes when they traveled.

Next to Hill, Eric thought in his heart, ah, lady, you will soon regret saying this.

At this time, the lens is slowly zooming out, the light outside is dimming a little bit, and the hotel seems to become weird…

Don’t know when, the soundtrack is no longer brisk, but has become low and hoarse, as if the sound of bones rubbing – it is actually the skeletons rubbing their hands.

The audience was a bit creeped out unconsciously.

But at this moment Hill remembered how the skeletons made those sounds, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The dubbing and soundtrack contributed by the skeletons in this movie are really cute and horrifying.

When everyone was uncomfortable, Hill’s laugh made the person next to him frown, and a noble lady on the left said, “Please be quiet, sir.”

“Okay.” Hill made an apologetic gesture, “I’m sorry.”

The camera has now retreated to the door of the hotel, and then the audience can clearly see red liquid flowing out of each room, it was blood.

Everyone held their breath, and some people cursed directly.

The camera jittered and rushed away, as if it were fleeing. The door closed with a “bang” sound. When the camera turned away after a long distance, I looked back and saw that the hotel was completely dark. It seemed that what had just happened was an illusion.

In the next second, a harsh ear-piercing sound rang, and at the same time, countless bloody handprints appeared on the hotel glass!

There was already someone screaming in the cinema.

Then the camera fell to the ground, rolled twice, and aimed at the sky. The sky was densely covered with black clouds, and the black clouds quickly formed the title of the movie:

“Fairy Tale Hotel.”

Creepy, this opening credits is really creepy.

The big screen went dark and a sentence appeared: If you feel unwell watching the credits, you are advised to leave now.

Hill has the best of intentions.

Hill glanced around at the movie theater and found that although many people turned pale, no one had left.

Horror movies also have the charm of horror movies.

When he was feeling smug, the other creator of the script, the troubadour Eric, grabbed his wrist and said shakily: “I feel that I am unwell, can I leave?”

Hill: “…”

…Hey! You are one of the screenwriters! What are you afraid of?!

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