Chapter 128 – “Fairy Tale Hotel” x2

After the opening of the film, the movie began to play officially.

In the beginning, the Magnolia Academy of Magic appeared. A girl in a white school uniform walked to the library with a stack of books. A young man dressed in a luxurious long runner caught up with her from behind.

“Hey Elena, are you also participating in this extracurricular activity?”

“Yes, I got a place from Professor Derek. Are you going too, Royce?” Elena didn’t stop but continued walking forward with the book.

Royce walked with her and kept talking: “Yes, and I heard that Gray guy is also going, oh, it’s really shameful. I have to get along with a commoner day and night. Elena, what do you think of him?”

Elena glanced at him, “I think it would be more embarrassing to lose your magic to a commoner.” Then she entered the library.

Royce took a step forward, and the librarian stopped him: “Please show your credentials.”

Royce looked just in time to see Elena talking affectionately with a person in the library, and that person is the male protagonist Gray played by Theodore.

“Damn it.” Royce blurted out.

The librarian who was looking down at the sheepskin book raised his head and took off his monocle: “What did you say?”

“No, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sir.” Royce, knowing he had made a slip, gave the two people a fierce look, then turned and left.

In fact, this is just a simple introduction to the background relationship and the task relationship, but the action of taking off the monocle made some readers of “Lord of Mysteries” inexplicably horrified.

Hill used a fast-paced introduction here, with several shots of each of the nine students involved in the extracurricular activity being introduced clearly. There’s a crossover between he likes her and she likes him, followed by some yearning for extracurricular activity.

“I don’t know what interesting things can be encountered during this trip?”

“Maybe we can meet robbers or demons! I’ll use my magic to show them how great I am!”

“Maybe I can meet a princess in distress…”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m a Magnolia boy, I’ll guard the Magnolia girls!”

“Sister don’t be afraid, sister will cover you.”

Then, in the remaining two shots, they boasted about how powerful their team Professor Derek was.

Then, the extracurricular practice officially began, starting from Magnolia City and walking to another city. During the period, Royce was constantly looking for trouble with Gray, and Gray easily exposed them, and the two formed a sharp contrast, which made the other people in the team unconsciously have some dissatisfaction with Royce.

Under such circumstances, the fairy tale hotel appeared on the side of the road.

The crowd who saw the opening credits felt a little creeped out, but the students walked happily toward that hotel, which kept the audience on their toes.

“Finally, there is a place to live.”

“Elena, I want to live with you!”

Everyone was very relaxed. Professor Derek led the group to push open the door of the hotel and walk in. The light is very bright at this time, without any eerie feeling.

Elena gave a sudden “ah” and everyone looked at her. She shook her wrist and said, “My bracelet broke for some reason.”

The beads were scattered all over the floor, they were all precious materials. Professor Derek glanced at it and said, “You guys help her pick up the bracelet. I’ll go to the hotel owner to open the rooms.”

So, a few girls began to squat on the ground to help pick up the beads.

Then came a very strange shot, as if someone was spying on them from somewhere, looking down at these students squatting on the ground at this angle. Theoretically this is not scary, but somehow it gives the viewer the creeps.

Then there is a red bead rolling under the partition. The lens is close to the bead, and the whole world seen through it is bloody.

Then a hand took the bead away, it was a girl named Linda.

The creepiness was relieved somewhat by this ordinary, common shot, but the next second a hand suddenly reached out from the partition and directly gripped on Linda’s hand!


Before Linda screamed, the audience screamed first.

Hill shuddered.

Of course, he knew what the next shot was. He was mentally prepared, so he wouldn’t feel scared after seeing this scene. But he was not prepared for sudden screams… In fact, the scariest thing in watching horror movies is actually the screams of other viewers.

After the audience screamed, Linda only belatedly screamed. Then came the sound of laughter from the partition. It was Royce. Royce retracted his hand and said triumphantly: “You are so timid, actually scared by a hand like this.”

Being so frightened, Linda’s eyes were already brimming with tears.

Elena walked over to appease Linda. She frowned and said to Royce, “Have you made enough trouble? Can’t you see that everyone hates you now?”

Royce was startled, “Does it include you?”

“Of course,” Elena said categorically.

Royce showed a somewhat bewildered expression.

The audience below talked a lot.

“This Royce is so annoying.”

“Hopefully, one of the dead ones is him.”

“Elena is really amazing, she just said it straightforwardly.”

“Ugh they’re all in the hotel and still arguing, I wonder what will happen after that…”

Hill pricked his ears and listened to the whispers of the audience.

Eric, next to him, trembled: “When I wrote this, I didn’t think it was so scary here. Why, why is it so scary when watching a movie?”

“Because the movie is visually stimulating,” Hill said.

The professor who had just entered the hotel came back again, “It was so noisy here just now, what happened?”

“It’s okay,” Linda said, obviously didn’t want to tell that she was nearly scared to tears.

“There is no one in the hotel, but the facilities in the room are all complete. I don’t know where the boss is.” The professor shook his head, “You guys go ahead and split the room, I’ll keep watch tonight. If you have any problems, just open the door and call me.”

These students either have distinguished status or outstanding talents and need to be well protected.

Although the hotel looked like everything was normal except for the fact that no one was there, Professor Derek did not take it lightly.

When they walked into the hotel, the camera turned to the partition again, and a pale hand slowly stretched out, fumbled for a while, and then retracted.

Sweat. This, this is not a prank!

Goosebumps also appeared instantly!

But the movie didn’t give them time to be afraid, that’s all it was, one shot, after which it became the students again. They also found the name of the fairy tale written above the door, and everyone was quite interested in it, “The owner must be a fairy tale fan,” someone said.

They quickly divided the rooms. Elena and Linda live in ‘Snow White’; Bren and Adeline live in ‘Daughter of the Sea’, which is a couple; Gray and Poole live in ‘Red Shoes’, everyone doesn’t want to live in it because this fairy tale is too weird, so Gray very kindly pulled another good guy to live in it; Royce and Anderson live in ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. In addition, there is one who doesn’t like being with others, the noble lady Jane lives alone in the ‘Princess Pea’.

Professor Derek will keep watch at the bar tonight. Room distribution finished. He looks strong and reliable.

The horror of horror films is progressive. Generally speaking, no major events will happen on the first night, only small things that make people feel uneasy.

After Elena and Linda lay down, they heard the crackling outside and then it started to rain, Elena complained: “It’s raining so hard, it won’t be easy to rush again the next day with so much rain.”

“Yeah.” Linda wasn’t too happy either.

At this moment, there was a banging on the door. It seemed that someone was knocking on the hotel door.

Elena just remembered to take a look, then she remembered that Professor Derek was outside. Sure enough, the knock on the door stopped after a while.

But by this time the audience was already scared.

Then the screen turned around, and it arrived at the “Little Red Riding Hood” room, bright moonlight shot in through the window. Royce lay on the bed looking at the ceiling and asked dully, “Am I really annoying, Anderson?”

“A little, yes,” Anderson replied on the bed over there.

“Oh.” Royce sighed. “Ah, someone is knocking on the door.”

“The professor will go to see it.”

“Why knock for a long time?”

“I guess the professor is judging the identity of the visitor… The sound of this door knock is really strange.”

It’s a normal conversation, but I always feel something is wrong… what is wrong?

In the silent movie theater, a trembling male voice rang: “Why, why is there moonlight? Isn’t it raining?”

Finally, some viewers found something wrong.

The third room also has an ordinary conversation. But from that room you could see the weather outside was gloomy and windy, and the sand was crackling on the glass. They also heard a knock on the door.

The audience in the cinema is already trembling.

The students on the big screen didn’t notice anything, which is the most terrifying.

“It should be better to have Professor Derek…”

“After all, this is a professor at the Academy of Magic!”

“I guess this is a story of a professor leading the students to defeat those weird things and escape from the hotel!”

“I also think, after all, all movies have a happy ending.”

Eric thought pityingly, you are too naive…

The next day, early morning.

The screams cut through the hotel.

Professor Derek is dead.

Professor Derek, who just received high hopes from the audience, died just like that!

The most frightening thing was that his lower body seemed to have been corroded and only bones were left, and his head was full of blood, which he knocked out himself.

This means that what they heard last night was not a knock on the door! Rather, it was the sound of Professor Derek’s dying attempt to inform his students by banging his head on the bar!

And the door of the hotel was tightly blocked and could not be opened no matter what.

The students in the film were in chaos. Their pillar was gone!

The audience in the cinema was also in chaos. The role that can give them a sense of support and security is gone.

The horror movie has just officially begun – all of them were just a prelude before.

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