Chapter 129 – “Fairy Tale Hotel” is over

The death of Professor Derek caused the students to collapse, and the inability to open the door made everyone even more frightened.

The girls burst into tears, the boys screamed, and they were at a loss, all of which were very real reactions. It took a while before they calmed down under the comfort of the male protagonist Gray and the female protagonist Elena. The boys dragged the professor’s body into a utility room, and then sat together to discuss countermeasures. First, they tried to leave the hotel. They used various methods, from the window, from the door, using physical strength, using magic, but they never work.

Then Elena said: “If we wait here forever, someone will find out that we are missing in a few days, and they will definitely come along this road to find us, and we will be saved.”

Many people present are nobles, and they carry enough dry food with them, so this method is completely feasible. But the premise is that everyone can survive these few days. The day passed on the next day, and that night they decided to squeeze in a room for the night.

Winter City. The audience in the cinema was frightened to death.

Because Winter City has only been in contact with the movie for a short time, they have not understood that this is just a movie like the audience in the Magnolia Empire. They are more involved in the movie. At this moment, some people have been scared to tears.

The paladins sat there stupidly. They were able to discuss at first, for example, the broken bracelet was a sign of God, for example, the pale hands that appeared suddenly should be purified with holy light. At night, they were the first who found that the weather in the three rooms is different. How should this be explained, other world space? So, they are no longer in the human world? And the knock on the door, they were keenly aware from the beginning, it was different from the usual knock on the door.

Oh yes, of course, it was different from the usual knock on the door, it was really the sound made by the skeleton hitting the bar with its head. During the filming period, Hill thought about tapping on the bar casually, but then he thought about it, since there are convenient conditions, why not use it? So, he let the skeleton use his head to hit the bar.

So, the skeleton contributed too much to the sound effects, really hard work.

And this sound fell into the ears of knowledgeable people, naturally, it was extremely terrifying to think carefully.

There are many similar clips in this movie, and those paladins experience more fear than ordinary people.

When the students decided to live together at night, many viewers were a little relaxed.

“Phew… I feel safer…”

“If we are together, even if a monster runs in, it won’t be particularly scary.”

It was decided that the boys took turns to watch the night, but soon after night fell, everyone fell asleep, including the watchman.

The next day, everyone found themselves back in the room they had stayed in the first night. Then the professor’s body went back to the bar.

An audience next to the paladin directly screamed “Ah—”, and then he roared angrily: “I don’t want to die, I can’t stand it!” He stood up and prepared to leave the cinema, probably too frightened. The audience watched him run to the back door, and as soon as he walked out, he came back inside again, “Outside, it’s so dark outside…”

That audience did speak the mind of the crowd, damn, why is it scary… This is the third day of staying in the hotel. After being repeatedly frightened, the students were already a little weak. They spent the night together like last night, but magically appeared in the original room the next morning. Then there was an emotional drama and conflict. In the face of death, everyone exposed their true sides, contradictions, insults, fights… Of course, there were also more positive ones. For example, Gray decided to confess to Elena, but when he was about to open his mouth, there was a scream from outside.

They rushed to the room “The Princess and the Pea” and saw Jane kneeling on the ground with her head hanging down, screaming constantly.

“Jane, what’s wrong with you Jane, are you okay?” Elena asked, walking towards Jane step by step, and when her hand was about to touch Jane, Jane suddenly raised her head.

They saw that the skin on her face was falling off in large quantities, and she was still screaming, which made her skin fall off faster.


“What is this?!”

“How can it be like this when you just let go of your breath!”

Those paladins were stiff and unable to stand it. With their eyesight, they could naturally see how real this scene was.

“Blessed be my Lord,” a paladin whispered.

They were starting to be somewhat overwhelmed.

If Hill was in the Demon Mall in Winter City, he would feel like this scene with the paladins seemed familiar.

On the big screen, Jane crawled to Elena with tears on her face: “I don’t want to die, Elena, I don’t want to die… My skin started to fall yesterday, I thought it was a common skin disease… I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die, it hurts, it hurts—”

She firmly grasped the corner of Elena’s clothes, and Elena looked at her with tears.

Then the skin on her hands fell off, and she couldn’t grasp the corners of her clothes. After a few seconds, she was completely dead.

Jane’s words also revealed a message: her curse did not start today, it started yesterday, and it got worse.

“Speaking of which.” Bren’s face was a little pale, “I’ve had a little foot pain since this morning.”

Adeline turned her head abruptly, her voice hoarse: “Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you talk to me?!”

She looked completely devastated.

Gray tried to persuade: “Calm down Adeline, it might not be a curse…”

Adeline fell to the ground in despair, “My feet hurt too…”

The room they live in is the ‘Daughter of the Sea’.

This time, everyone understood what they were about to face. Everyone went back to their room in a daze, and didn’t even care about Jane’s pile of broken corpses. They all stared in disbelief and went to sleep by the end of the night.

Early the next morning, from Anderson’s perspective, Anderson first saw Royce’s head swell up and grow a big red sarcoma. The sarcoma grew bigger and bigger and almost wrapped his head, as if it were a little Red Riding Hood. Anderson pointed to Royce and made a frightened sound. He didn’t realize that Royce’s gaze was also very frightened.

Then Anderson screamed and ran out of the room, trying to ask Gray for help, but when he knocked on the room, he found that Gray was dancing in a twisted posture, and then Elana and Linda, who were vomiting in another room, and Bren and Adeline sitting on the ground… The curses broke out almost at the same time, the shocking scenes one after another brought the most intuitive visual fear.

The previous horror points were relatively obscure and creepy, but now, what is presented is the most direct horror!

The paladins only felt the coldness coming directly from the tail bones to the top of their heads.

Those are not from the show, they are real, they must be real. For example, the young magician named Gray is indeed being manipulated, and others must be curses that really exist in the world… The God of Light is here. On… Can the Holy Light dispel these terrifying things? Can it?

Despair broke out among the students, and there was chaos.

Next, Adeline in the “Daughter of the Sea” room lost control and killed her lover Bren, and then Adeline’s curse was lifted. Nothing more terrifying happened next, because the demon was already stationed in their hearts…

In fact, after everyone here is in chaos, the feeling of horror has decreased a lot – this is for ordinary audiences.

But for the paladins, these scenes are more stimulating than before.

Some horror scenes are special effects, and some are real. For example, Gray, who is dancing and controlled by a weird force, one may think that this actor’s acting skills are really good, but when filming, it is indeed Hill who is using magical power to control Gray, the body was pulled by an unknown force and the shot is quite real.

The paladins can naturally see this.

Gray began to analyze. Now there are two possibilities. One is that the curse can be lifted by killing someone in one of his own rooms. The second is that Ariel, the protagonist of “Daughter of the Sea”, is involved in the ‘kill your lover’ plot’ so Adeline, who killed her boyfriend, lifted the curse.

The solution to “The Red Shoes” is also found in fairy tales, that is – cut off your feet!

Gray’s skin had begun to seep blood and he understood that he would not last long, so he had to make a decision. Then he called Royce, and the two people in the “Little Red Riding Hood” room who had no discomfort except for two huge sarcomas on their heads. Gray danced and told Royce his thoughts, and finally, he said with a pale face, “Haha Royce, haven’t you always hated me? I now give you this opportunity to cut off my feet. If the curse is not lifted after cutting it off, then kill me, let Poole survive.”

Gray thought well. If it is the first case, he can survive by cutting off his foot. If it is the second case, if his roommate needs to die to solve the curse, then he can just die after cutting off his foot.

Royce turned pale, and after a while, he said, “I’m not as good as you.”

Gray shook his head, “I’m sorry for letting you do this kind of thing.”

Finally, Royce did it. He used ice magic to conjure an ice knife and chopped off one of Gray’s feet. Blood gushed out, and then Gray found that the power to control his dancing had disappeared. Royce scrambled to stop the bleeding for Gray. After all, it was the pain of a broken foot so Gray also screamed.

After that, they gathered the crowd and announced the discovery to them.

The other viewers were slightly relieved after seeing this, the next step is to decrypt it, everyone can find a way to remove the curse… But the paladins are even more shaky.

The unknown curse, the conditional release, the reversal of death… This is a violation of the domain of God, right? From the beginning to the end of this movie, there are no demons, only the terrible curses… You have no other choice but to obediently… Their minds blanked, something seemed to shatter… The power of the holy light ran across the body, destroying the body wantonly. A paladin wanted to make a sound, but found that he couldn’t make any sound.

My Lord… Lord…

Of course, the other audiences didn’t notice them. Everyone was watching the movie attentively.

After all, it turned into a stage of deciphering and humanity struggle. Poole, who is also in “The Red Shoes”, said that he had to make psychological preparations. After all, it was really terrifying to chop off a foot.

Elena and Linda vomit wildly. In “Snow White”, the Queen gave a poisonous apple to Snow White because she was jealous of her beauty. Gray speculated that it was the need for disfigurement, and he told Elena and Linda his speculation with some hesitation. Linda shook her head desperately: “No, I don’t want to be disfigured. What if your judgment is wrong?”

Gray was a little irritated, but couldn’t say anything.

Elena gave a pale smile, “When are you going to confess to me?”

Gray froze for a moment, “Elena…”

“Say it.” Elena said, “I’ll wait.”

Gray took a deep breath: “Elena, I like you.”

Elena: “Blrgh…”

Gray: “…Huh?”

Elena wiped her mouth with the handkerchief, “Sorry, the curse came up just now and it made me feel like vomiting.” She smiled after she finished speaking.

The audience laughed too. It was really a rare moment of humor and tenderness.

“I like you too, Gray.” Elena said, “Will you still like me if I am disfigured?”

“Yes,” Gray said without hesitation.

Elena smiled, “Then what can I be afraid of?” She lifted the stool over there and directly smashed the mirror in the room, picked up a piece of glass in the middle, and slashed down her face.

Huh. This couple of protagonists are really cruel to themselves.

Linda refused to disfigure her face and vomited a pile of viscera fragments that night and died.

After Linda’s death, Gray forced one of Poole’s feet to be cut off, holding Poole for dear life, but Poole’s expression was one of resentment, clearly not appreciative.

At this time, the only people alive were Adeline who killed her boyfriend, Elena who was disfigured, Gray and Poole who lost one foot, Royce and Anderson who had sarcoma on their heads. At this time, everyone was hiding from Adeline a little, after all, she was the only one of them who had killed someone, and Adeline seemed to be dismissive of them.

After breaking the curse, everyone won’t wake up and return to their rooms, so the remaining few people live together—except for the two of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

“How the hell do you break this curse?” Royce and Gray also made various attempts, and almost cut off the sarcoma. The audience was also thinking about this question one after another, but the movie did not let the audience wait too long. Soon the first monster appeared in the movie, a giant wolf.

Everyone fought with the giant wolf together. In the middle, Poole wanted to kill Gray as a payback to Gray’s cutting off his foot. As a result, Poole’s small movements were discovered by Royce. Royce directly pushed Poole to the giant wolf. Then everyone worked together to kill it when the wolf ate Poole. Anderson was seriously injured in the process and died. But the red sarcoma on his head disappeared.

This time, everyone also understood what the curse of “Little Red Riding Hood” was, they would summon a giant wolf.

Now, everyone is injured very badly, and I’m afraid that if another wolf comes, they won’t be able to resist.

Royce understands this.

That night, everyone stayed together in the “Little Red Riding Hood” room. There were only four living people left at this time.

Royce stood up suddenly and said with a very natural expression: “I’m out for a walk.”

In such a hotel, everyone knows what it means to go for a walk at such a time.

Royce is about to sacrifice himself. If he died, he would not summon a second wolf.

Elena has already shed tears.

Gray hugged her and comforted her softly.

One night passed, and there was no Royce’s body outside, or rather, no bones.

And the door of the hotel was wide open.

The three of them ran out of the hotel ecstatically. The sky outside was blue and the air was good. They survived! They are still alive! The three stumbled and ran out very far, and there was a voice not far away.

“Why haven’t we seen them after so many days?”

“Miss Bruce, where did they go?”

Elena said in surprise: “It’s our family knight, I remember his voice!” But her voice came to an abrupt stop as Adeline’s sword was already against her neck.

“What are you doing, Adeline?!” Gray roared.

“You saw it, you saw that I killed someone, I can’t let you go back alive, no!”

The self-imposed death after getting out of the horror. The last to die was of course Adeline, but the two were exhausted and held out until the knight came over and then fainted.

After more than a day, they woke up in Elena’s family mansion. The servant told them that they had also rescued Master Royce who had fainted in a wasteland, which surprised them both.

But in the next room, Royce opened his eyes, and there was no white in his eyes, they were an eerie pure black. In fact, Royce really died, he was not saved.

Then, there is a gradually zoomed-out scene. The whole town is very prosperous, with traders, hawkers, and noblemen and ladies… The gate of the town says “Sunset Town”, and then it quietly becomes “Fairy Tale Town”.

The camera dimmed suddenly.

The movie ends.

The audience sucked in a cold breath. This, this, this what horrible ending?

Is this going to be hell on earth?!

That’s it? That’s it? I want to keep watching!

——They almost forgot how scared they were just now.

The movie ended and the lights turned on.

Someone screamed in the movie theater of Winter City: “Dead! The movie scared people to death!”

Several paladins there, with their eyes squeezed shut and blood seeping from their lips, fainted in their seats.

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