Chapter 130.1 – Movie Follow Up

After the screening of “Fairy Tale Hotel”, the terrifying Fairy Tale Town tightened the audience’s slightly relaxed mood again.

When ending credits appeared on the big screen, almost everyone was complaining and cursing.

“The last one scared me to death.”

“I thought it was over!”

This is the first time ever: there was a lot of scolding right after the movie ended.

But then, the behind-the-scenes played on screen.

“Come on, black dwarf, get under the sheet later and stretch out your legs.” Grindelwald said: “Yes, move your body a little bit inside…”

This is the scene where Adeline saw a black hairy leg in her quilt before, and then after a closer look, she found that the leg disappeared, so she thought she saw it wrong.

The black dwarf went in and stretched out his leg.

Grindelwald shook his head, “No, let your elders give me a black dwarf with thinner legs. This is too thick and reminds me of the legs of a black wild boar. This can only arouse appetite, not fear.”

Then a thinner black dwarf came over immediately and successfully shot this scene.

Then the original footage of the movie was played again on the big screen. This time no one felt it was scary, and the audience laughed.

Hahaha the shot turned out to be this way…

The second clip is the sound effects of the skeleton rubbing hands. The big screen is divided into two halves. The upper part is the original clip and the lower part is the dubbing clip. This made everyone in the cinema burst into laughter again. Audiences with advanced positions waited outside, wondering what the situation is, are the people inside scared crazy? Why have you been laughing since the beginning?

Then a skeleton rubbed too much and dropped a finger, and then Mr. Grindelwald said “F**k, your sound effect clip is more horrible than the original clip. Pick it up and put it back.”

The audience suddenly laughed again, which is really black humor.

The third clip is that of the giant wolf. When the clip ends, the extremely ferocious giant wolf immediately stopped its attack. It ran to Mr. Grindelwald briskly and shook its head for affection and caress. Mr. Grindelwald touched its head. Then it played with the actors, and the actors rode on his back one by one. The overtone was Mr. Grindelwald’s voice: “This giant wolf is a partner of a tauren, and it likes humans very much.” Because humans smell very good. This is what he didn’t say in the end.

There are funny parts and warm parts in the tidbits. In the end, of course, everyone toasted to celebrate the end of the shooting.

Finally, thank you for watching, announcing the complete end of the whole movie.

The audience was reluctant to give up.

The clips calmed their anxiety very much.

In fact, Hill also planned to put a ‘Demon Mall’ sign into a clip of ‘Fairy Tale Town’ after the official end, but thinking that this will probably scare away a lot of people, so let’s forget it…

The audience discussed the behind-the-scenes and plot, and then exited one after another.

There are more people discussing the clips because they dare not recall the plot for the time being.

Many people still have excited expressions on their faces, and they have already begun to figure out how to trick others into watching.

“Well, let’s say that this is a story of a couple facing difficulties and finding true love, and Royce’s painful and heroic sacrifice… ah, how touching!”

“Yes, yes, we must let that fellow Mars come and see.”

“Hey, hasn’t he been guarding the frontier, and bragging to us about how he fought the evil monsters.”

“Huh, that Elena is really good.”

“Let’s discuss it rationally. Is Elena good or is Elizabeth better?”

“Both are better than you.”

“…All right.”

“That Jane scared me to death when her skin fell all over and died!”

“Hahaha, are you so timid? Didn’t you say that you were on the Invincible?”

“Of course, I was on the Invincible. A few years ago, when we were exploring a certain sea area, there was a hot breeze. I saw that the skins of several companions around me were blown away. Oh shit, I had already forced myself to forget about that experience!”

“F*ck, this is too scary!”

“When I saw the eyes in the keyhole, it was really scary there.”

“Well… I wanted to leave halfway several times, but I didn’t know why I sat down and watched it all anyway.”

“Royce is still dead.”

“Oh… I really thought he was found alive.”

“That ending…”

“Don’t say it, it’s horrible.”

Hill arranged for reporters to wait at the entrance of the cinema to conduct random interviews with the audience.

A reporter here greeted a noble young master: “May I interview you?”

“Yes, will the content of my words be published?” the noble young master said.

“Yes,” the reporter replied.

“Okay, please write ‘Belle, I will always love you’.” The noble young master said briskly: “Okay, you can ask.”

The reporter laughed, “Who in it is your favorite?”

“Is the black dwarf who played as the black hairy leg okay?” the noble young master asked.

“Uh, it’s okay.”

“Hahaha just kidding, I like Elena and Royce,” said the noble master.

“Okay, if there are similar movies, would you still go to the cinema to watch it?” the reporter asked.

“Of course, I would! Although I was scared when I was watching it, I feel very good now…well…without recalling the plot.”

“Do you think this movie is good? Is it exciting?”


“So, would you recommend this movie to your friends?”

“Of course, I would.” The noble young master blinked, “When you come across something interesting, of course, you should share it with your own friends.”

“Thank you.” The reporter gave this noble young master a souvenir, a cute wolf pillow. Then he went on to interview the next person.

The statistical results of the interview the next day came out. The audience’s favorite was Royce. I have to say that this role was really well portrayed. Next is Elena, and then the actor Gray. Gray is of course an excellent person, but he has no shortcomings and characteristics, so he is not very prominent.

In addition, regarding “whether the movie is wonderful and good-looking”, many people answered: “This is a wonderful movie, but not a good-looking movie.”

As for whether they would recommend it to a friend to watch, almost everyone gave a positive answer, and some people showed glowing and sly expression: “Of course I’d recommend it! I will definitely strongly recommend it to them to come and see!”

Human nature… Tsk tsk. This situation, it can be said that the heart is clearly revealed.

There was less horror in the second half of the movie, but at the end, the movie suddenly shocked the audience again which aroused the excitement of people. Everyone went home in groups, and they were still chatting excitedly on the road. People in the road are also curious about this movie. So, there were a lot of conversations outside tonight, and they were happy to answer them, and have been encouraging passersby to go see it as well.

But some regret is that normally, after watching the movie, the audience will have a snack or buy something to pack back at the restaurant in the Demon Mall. But after this movie played, everyone had no appetite and no desire to eat, which resulted in a loss of income.

Hill sat sadly in the Demon Mall Restaurant. Opposite him were Old Jackson and Little Jackson who didn’t look so good, and on the other side was Eric with a dull-eyed look.

The barbecue grill in front of him rotated slowly, and the oil ticked down. The waiter next to the barbecue repeatedly sprinkled the sauce on it. Until the surface of the barbecue was golden and oily, he skillfully cut the barbecue with a knife and placed it on the plate in front of everyone. Hill ate a bite, feeling fragrant and crispy, the taste is very good.

“Why don’t you eat?” Hill asked.

“…I don’t want to see meat right now,” Eric said tremblingly.

“Old Jackson, how are you? You were on the battlefield a few years ago,” Hill said.

“There is no scary movie in the battlefield,” Old Jackson said.

“Well, it’s true.” Hill nodded. Why are these words so funny?

After all, it is still war in the age of cold weapons, which is different from the age of hot weapons. In addition, Old Jackson participated in the battle between humans. If it was a battle between humans and demons, it would be quite terrifying.

“If you guys don’t eat, then I won’t be polite.” Hill feasted, “I was a little hungry while watching the movie.”

Hill’s words immediately made the three humans present quite uncomfortable.

“I realized once again that you really are a demon.” Old Jackson said, “Can you kill a lot of humans with cruel methods without changing your face?”

“I don’t know.” Hill answered honestly, “I haven’t tried it.”

This body is the body of the Demon King, and there is no disgusting reaction when watching horror movies, but rather arouses some appetite. …Hill was a little embarrassed when he realized this. But there is no way, if you are hungry then you are hungry, you can’t make yourself stay hungry…

As for Old Jackson’s question, Hill is currently unable to answer it, but he feels that he can also do it, but it is unnecessary right now.

“You don’t have to worry about everything.” Hill continued, “If your son weren’t here, I’d criticize you for rambling like a pregnant girl.”


Didn’t you still say it?

“I don’t know if anyone will buy the projection stone for “Fairy Tale Hotel” if it’s sold directly…” Hill said.

“Definitely no,” Jefferson and Eric said in unison.

Well. Hill felt the same way.

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