Chapter 130.2 – Lord Demon King’s words are still sharp

At this moment, the Demon Realm Shopping Mall of Winter City is in chaos.

Someone died inside the movie, and someone fainted and died outside the movie. Doesn’t this make other people watching the movie scared to death?

The staff soon arrived and announced that the audience had just fainted. This allows the crowd to put down their hearts, after all, they just finished watching a horror movie next to the dead, which is too frightening.

As the bishop of Winter City, Teresa received the news immediately, and he sent someone to bring the five paladins back. Three of them were seriously injured, one was slightly injured, and the other one was in a coma. There was no physical injury. Teresa notified the Demon Realm through the teleportation array, but Hill was eating spicy food in Magnolia City, so he didn’t receive it immediately.

The news that the fainted audience are paladins has been blocked by Teresa, this matter cannot be known to others until it is properly handled.

The news that “that horror movie actually scared people to pass out” is circulating in Winter City. This makes some timid people give up the idea of watching it, but this arouses the interest of the daring ones.

In the middle of the night, Irvine delivered Teresa’s information to Hill. Hill was a little helpless after reading it. Okay, I told you not to go, you guys still want to go, and now you guys got into an accident. Why do you guys love to die so much?

Forget it, think carefully about how to deal with it, and how to profit from it…

The magazine has received an unprecedented number of letters from viewers who have seen the film in the past, most of which were about their love for the characters and discussion of the plot. Some people are still more subtle, and won’t specifically write to say they like XX. But this time, all the audience, whether subtle or not, want to wail “it’s scary to death” twice at the director Mr. Grindelwald.

This has led to an unprecedented number of letters this time.

In addition to the wailing “it’s scary to death”, there are some interesting letters.

“I lied to my cousin, I didn’t dare to watch it a second time, so I played with the magic phone the whole time, and my cousin was so scared that he almost fell over the seat hahaha…”

Watching movies and playing on mobile phones are okay. Speaking of which female-oriented games have come out, shouldn’t it be time to engage in male-oriented games?

“F**k, I took our boss to the movies. Our boss slapped me flying after being frightened! I was also scolded by a bunch of audience members!”

…Pfft, all right.

“Oh, this is a disaster. A mage broke the big screen with a magic technique. In the end, he was subdued by everyone and paid 500 gold coins.”

Hill guessed this must have happened in Josh Kenny.

He read the letter. It was indeed from Josh Kenny. At present, only Josh Baker can do such an exploitative thing.

The price of screens in movie theaters on Earth is very high, but the effect of the movie in another world mainly depends on the quality of the projection stone and the intensity of the magic input, so the cost of the screen is very low.

Hill had weak confidence before the official release of the horror movie, but after reading the feedback, he gained confidence. It seems that his decision is indeed correct.

Soon afterward, the paladins woke up. The lightly wounded can still use the Holy Light. The three severely wounded have lost their ability to use the Holy Light. They are now just ordinary knights, and they don’t seem to trust the God of Light anymore, while the unconscious one woke up with a stronger faith in the God of Light.

Hill pondered for a long time after receiving the news. It is now known that people who are not strong in their beliefs will not be injured, or will only be slightly injured. The stronger the faith, the heavier the injuries, plus the loss of the paladin’s abilities. However, there is another situation in which people with firm beliefs survive, and then their beliefs will become stronger.

The last case happens less often.

The small town on the edge of Famagusta is full of people, foot traders walking with their horses, horses’ hooves on the sticky ground, and except for big cities like Magnolia City, where public hygiene is maintained, the hygiene in most towns in the human world looks very bad. But thank goodness it’s at least not like the Middle Ages of Earth where everyone defecates and urinates at will.

Monroe and Hill were walking in the street, they looked inconspicuous because of the use of magic.

Monroe said: “Then let Teresa tell the Pope that this movie can be used to screen out true believers.”

The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched: “This trick is really ruthless.” Because objectively, it is indeed possible to screen out stalwarts, but it can also misjudge a bunch of stubborn people as stalwart people. “Then, if the Pope lets the upper echelons watch it, don’t we just rely on the horror movie…”

“People on the upper echelon dare not watch it,” Monroe shook his head.

This sentence is even more terrifying.

Hill felt cold after listening.

“The food can be eaten indiscriminately, but this can’t be said indiscriminately, Monroe.”

“What do you think a true believer should be?” Monroe asked rhetorically.

“…” Hill was silent, what should a true believer be like? It should be like the paladin he likes, noble, powerful, and of good morals, able to achieve the virtues mentioned in the church ceremony. That being the case, if this is the case, then how can the Church of Light come to this point? Hill thought of the churches on Earth. The believers below might think that God really exists and that the Pope can talk to God. What about the Pope himself? Do they really believe in the existence of God? There are also priests who exploit and oppress and maim human beings, they can’t be doing that out of God’s will.

For example, the bishop who ordered the Mortonians to be killed.

Hill didn’t expect that a horror movie could involve so many things.

Hill’s expression became serious, “Then let Teresa report like this, say that those who do not have strong faith will be seriously wounded, and those who have strong faith can overcome and become even stronger.” But do not make any suggestions.

“I think so too,” Monroe said.

Hill’s foot stepped on a piece of mud, the ground turned into a small whirlpool, and when he lifted his foot again, it became chaotic.

He raised his head and looked at the blue sky: “It’s the summer solstice, Monroe.”

Summer Solstice Festival. On this day, everyone in Winter City will spend the night on the edge of the forest. There are rivers and black trees that seem to have been burned by fire. They will pray here until the moon rises.

“After that, the sun will be farther and farther away from us,” Monroe said.

They walked to the forest on the edge of the town. The old trees were covered with dark green vines and dark red flowers bloomed on them.

Those flowers are like eyes, staring at them.


Ordinary people don’t know about the paladins, everyone is currently immersed in the atmosphere of a horror movie.

When King Magnolia heard about it, he also wanted to watch the horror movie, but every time he wanted to make additional requests to the Demon Realm Mall, Hill slipped away in advance and handed the matter to Old Jackson. Old Jackson cursed in his heart, but on the surface, he still had to deal with King Magnolia.

This time, King Magnolia said he wanted to watch the movie from a clear view. Old Jackson had no choice but to run, and later learned that the movie tickets had been sold to the nobles recently. He returned to tell King Magnolia and he was dissatisfied, but he knew that he could not take advantage of those nobles just because he wanted to watch a movie. Finally, Old Jackson arranged a seat for him nearby.

The result, not far from the beginning of the movie, a noble lady not far from him was scared by the title and screamed out. King Magnolia was also taken aback. He walked out and went back with Old Jackson, saying that he still wanted to watch it alone. Watching it next to someone was too annoying, he is the king!

Old Jackson had no choice but to notify Hill, let Hill send over a projection stone.

Hill touched his chin. Did he have to watch it alone to show his dignity? The magnificent king is making a death wish.

Then… give it to him.

King Magnolia opened the projection stone at night. This time, he finished watching the title and saw that when Professor Derek died the next day, he almost died himself. He called the succubus and wrapped his arms around the succubus and trembled. The succubus looked at him with pale orchid eyes, her lips were red as blood, and her voice was low and mute: “Your Majesty, what’s the matter?” There seemed to be a black shadow behind her.

Only then did King Magnolia remember that the other party was also a demon, he screamed, pushed away the succubus, rolled on the bed, and ran away.

The succubus stretched out lazily on the bed, and slowly pulled up the clothes that had slipped down, with ridicule on the corners of her lips.

How laughable.

In addition, the actors who played in “Fairy Tale Hotel” returned home with gold coins, and every time they appeared in public, it caused a commotion.

There was also Professor Binns, who played Professor Derek.

Professor Binns used the original appearance, and he was indeed a professor at the Magnolia School of Magic. After the movie was released, he was always watched by the students while walking in the school. At the end of the course this week, he asked: “There will be extracurricular activities tomorrow. Does anyone want to sign up for it?”

There was no sound…no one answered…

Many teachers have extracurricular activities, but since the film was broadcasted, Ghost Binns has not successfully held it once…

This is embarrassing.

Binns didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he was also happy with the time off.

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The influence of the film develops, peaks, climaxes, and then gradually diminishes. This is in line with Marx’s law of development.

It’s almost at its peak at the moment.

After the audience was fed, Hill took care of the work that had been delayed during the movie, and then took a short break to review the manuscript for Eric by the way.

Under his proposal, Eric decided to write a story about aliens invading the world, and humans and demons working together to defeat the aliens.

Hill began to prepare for the Marvel Universe.

“He saw the way she was crying, and somewhere in his heart, there was a moment of weakness.”

Hill read this again, feeling a little sore in his teeth.

“But fortunately, it wasn’t a hard-on somewhere all of a sudden.”

Hill muttered to himself.

Death Knight Goldnia, who came in to report the latest situation, almost hit the door frame.

Lord Demon King’s words are still sharp.

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