Chapter 131 – The Godfather

Oitin Empire. The headquarters of the Church of Light.

For the first two months, the Pope has been working on the floating island. He handed this matter to a bishop of the Oitin Empire, who had certain privileges, and gathered many people to study the magic circle on the floating island. At the same time, labor from various countries has also arrived in the Oitin Empire and has begun to be sent to work. This is a big project, and no one knows how much benefit the bishop has gained from it.

Last year, because of the war, there was a shortage of food in the Oitin Empire. The bishop asked the empire to contribute enough supplies, and the puppet king of course did ask the nobles to do so, but the nobles all came up with a bunch of reasons, so there was not enough food to go around.

After a month or so, a lot of those laborers died of starvation, plus it was summer, the corpses were not well disposed of, so everywhere stank, like purgatory on earth.

Teresa’s father, Old Shelley, occasionally visited there and was shocked after seeing the sights there. Although he had retired, he couldn’t sit still anymore. Relying on the influence of the past, he ran around and finally obtained some food, which was handed over to the overseer.

But a few days later, he learned that the overseer had swallowed half of the food, and the laborers were still hungry—but at least they didn’t die.

Old Shelley was so angry that his nose crooked, but he really had no real power now, so he wrote to his son for help.

After receiving the letter, Teresa felt uncomfortable. The church itself owns a lot of lands. Teresa and Ice Emperor Claude talked, took some food from Mülheim, took away half of the food from the Church of Light of Winter City, and then personally led the team to Oitin Empire. He dropped off the grain to the bishop in charge, then went to the construction site in anger and beat up the overseer.

His reasons were rather peculiar: one, you embezzled grain; two, you made the place of the future miracle so stinky, are you an undercover agent sent by the devils to insult our faith! Did you kill so many laborers so that our miracle would not be completed successfully?

If it is just the reason “embezzling grain”, this is the norm in the church.

But the second reason, the hat is big enough, and also highlights the persona of Teresa hating the demons, he was so happy to beat the overseer, and finally, the bishop pulled him… The overseer is a relative of that bishop.

Before Teresa returned to the headquarters of the Church of Light, his story passed on.

This can also be said to hear the sound of the person before seeing him. Teresa Shelley is currently known to be a hater of demons in the Church of Light. Such a commotion makes everyone even afraid to provoke their family.

Some impure priests thought: Can’t this Teresa be less loyal? Couldn’t he be a little more lively?

When Teresa came back this time, on the one hand, he went back to the headquarters to look at the recent situation. Although he had great power in the place, he could not grasp the turbulence at the core of power. There are advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. After all, he lay dormant for many years and finally became the party leader. In the past, he thought this was the end, but now he, haha, is very ambitious.

He had reported to the Pope before coming back this time, and this time, he also personally reported on Mulheim’s situation in the past three months—he has been a bishop for three months.

The true and false words were clearly spoken by him at the meeting. Compared with a year ago, Teresa’s growth is obvious.

“Ice Emperor Claude is ready to move and has been trying to regain more power. We have less and less influence on the court in Mülheim. I think we need to further strengthen the authority of the church…

The social month has come, and our believers have begun to actively preach in Winter City, but it is not looking good. Young children have other interests. If things go on like this, the future of the church will be worrying…

I think we should pressure the king to come to the church every weekend, and the church should do something substantial…”

The pope in the first seat listened to Teresa’s words and nodded slightly. This is indeed a very good man. If he can continue to grow, he seems to have a chance to approach his position in a few decades. But that’s decades from now, so he seems to be too good now, and that’s not good.  Such thoughts flashed in the Pope’s mind. Currently, Teresa is showing loyalty, but is that really the case? Maybe he should find an opportunity to try it out.

“In addition, the new horror film “Fairy Tale Hotel” has been released in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall.” Teresa said, “Five paladins went to watch it secretly, and then three were seriously injured. After waking up, they lost the ability to use the Holy Light. The fourth one, nothing happened, while the fifth one, his faith has since become stronger.”

This news made everyone serious.

When Teresa reported the situation earlier, some priests were distracted.

“The three severely injured paladins themselves are not firm in their beliefs,” Teresa opened his eyes and said nonsense. “The remaining two are good guys who have strong beliefs. According to my investigation results, that movie can screen out priests who don’t have firm beliefs and can reveal their true colors.”

“This… how could there be such a thing? This is the trick of the demons!” said a priest.

“Many ordinary people are fine. The Demon Mall should know that this movie may have an additional effect on the paladins, so the paladins were forbidden to watch the movie.” Teresa looked at him and said coldly: “For the priest, in other words, as long as you are pious enough, you can overcome fear, and ungodly people will cause the Holy Light to riot. Isn’t this a well-understood thing?”

From this perspective, it can indeed make sense, and Bishop Teresa will not lie. He has a strong hatred for demons, he has a firm belief, wait, he mentions this here, could it be…

“I think this is a good opportunity for us to clean up.” Theresa said word for word, “I think the church is hiding dirt now.” Cold sweat appeared on the backs of some people after he said this. And then he looked sharply at the people in the room one by one, “I brought the projection stone here, I think it is necessary to show it now, I am very confident that I can pass this examination, and I hope you all do the same.”

If this is heard by Hill, Hill will probably say: Your shamelessness will catch up with me.

People in the church believed that Teresa’s words were very truthful. In the past lurking years, Teresa rarely made assertions, so at this moment his words hardly make people suspect that he has ulterior motives.

Some people in the conference room looked a little ugly.

The Pope was lost in thought.

The pope is not a fool. Is everyone in the church fanatics? Of course, it is impossible. Does he care? Don’t care. The church is an organization that is detached from the secular, and at the same time, it is rooted in the secular. Secular power needs to be mastered by secular people, otherwise, things will go wrong.

Does the Pope like people like Teresa? Yes. But he doesn’t want too many such people in the upper echelons, because he is more interested in secular power than theocracy.

So, the Pope said gently: “Bishop Shelley, I understand what you mean, but your idea is too simple.”

Teresa frowned slightly: “Your Holiness.”

“After all, this is something of the Demon Race. Although I trust your judgment, the Demon Race is very cunning. There may be other side effects. We can’t disappoint our believers. We need to be responsible for each believer,” the Pope said kindly.

Teresa nodded, and then turned directly to the bishop in charge of the floating island: “There are believers among those peasants, why did you take away their food? Why not take responsibility for them?”

Teresa’s sudden attack made the bishop panic. He quickly said: “I will severely punish the overseer, this matter is my negligence.”

Teresa nodded, “That would be better.”

These people sitting here understand that Teresa is using the power of the Pope.

For some lowly peasants, he actually offended a bishop… Teresa is really a good man, a great man. Many people thought with surprise and anger.

After completing this murder with a borrowed knife, Teresa turned to the Pope again: “Then, Your Holiness the Pope, about that movie…”

The Pope said casually: “Forbid it.”

Teresa frowned fiercely, and finally said unwillingly: “Yes.”

Damn it. Damn it. He seemed to have screwed it up.


At this moment, everyone does not know the news that “Fairy Tale Hotel” is about to be banned. If it is really banned, then the movie theaters will be empty for a while, because Hill can’t come up with a new movie in a short time. He still has so many things to do. This will directly disrupt Hill’s rhythm and plan.

Fortunately, in addition to movies, the Demon Realm has other colorful things that attract humans.

Josh Kenny. Tavern.

The two merchants were talking in full swing.

“Scared me last night!”

“Did you watch “Fairy Tale Hotel” last night?”

“No, no, it wasn’t “Fairy Tale Hotel” that scared me. It was the novel serialized recently in “Demon Realm Magazine.”


“The Godfather, the one about the dark organization of the future world.”

“That’s not terrible. I don’t think it is very interesting when I read the first chapter. The publicity said it’s a dark organization, but it’s not dark at all. The leader of that organization looks like a boring nobleman.”

“I’m telling you, the plot last night was alarming. Didn’t the godfather’s godson want to act in a movie, but the boss of the film company disagrees?”

“Yes, I saw that the Godfather’s godson still suffered, so I didn’t think it was interesting to read it.”

“I’ll tell you what,” the merchant said, “didn’t that businessman show off his wealth and his fine horse worth 60,000 gold coins to Hagen?”


“The businessman woke up in the morning and saw that the horse’s head was cut off and embedded in the center of a blood cake, with the thin white tendons exposed. And I clearly remember the novel describing that the horse’s eyes were blotchy because of internal bleeding, like rotten peaches… Then, the horse’s head was placed beside his bed.”

“My God!” the merchant yelled, “What did the movie businessman do? Did he faint?”

“He threw up, of course, and then lost his mind and cursed Hagen, but quickly and abjectly agreed to let the Godfather’s godson star in that movie.”

“How did the Godfather do it? Wasn’t there no magic in those days?”

“That’s what makes it so scary! First, he sneaks into that man’s stable, avoiding all the guards – maybe the guards were bought and paid for, and what a lot of strength it takes to cut a horse’s head off neatly! Just think, after he cut off the horse’s head, he also entered the businessman’s bedroom and quietly placed the bloody thing next to his bed…”

“This threat is really terrifying…” Recalling that the Godfather looked like an aristocrat when he first appeared on the scene, the image of the ‘Godfather’ stood up impressively.

In this issue of “Demon Realm Magazine”, there are comments about “The Godfather” horse head threat.

“The Godfather conveyed a clear message. One, the people around you can be bought by me, and the security release you thought you had will have no effect on me; two, I can kill you without you knowing it if I want to; three, you tell me, should I do it? In contrast, Waltz, the big movie businessman in turn scolded Hagen with a voice transmission device, but it was not a threat, just vomit, an admission of his weakness. Because tough words that don’t do the job are just funny words that hit you in the face.”

This comment has attracted widespread attention, because there are too many things worth paying attention to recently, so everyone is not particularly enthusiastic about this new serialized novel.

As long as it is noticed, then this book is bound to attract many people.

“Either your signature or your brain will fill that document in a minute.”

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

“Never hate your enemy, it affects your judgment.”

“If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it’s that you can kill anyone.”

These famous lines from ‘The Godfather’ are quite famous on Earth, and his brilliance is evident.

As the plot unfolds and the framework is constructed, the chilling temperament in the book also spreads.

This work is actually very meaningful to the Demon Realm.

The demons that Hill filmed before were all straightforward and positive, and the demons that appeared in it were good guys who were “honest and beautiful”. But is this the real demon race? Of course, not. The current level of human appreciation is still very orthodox, and Hill’s previous movies also cater to this point, so the image of illusion is constructed.

But “The Godfather” is not the case. This is a book with a very dark aesthetic. Everyone understands that the Godfather is not a good person, and everyone understands that he did illegal activities, but he is so wise, respected, and so charming.

He is not a good person in the traditional sense. But I still like him.

This is what Hill wants.

Hill attaches great importance to the three titles of “The Godfather”. A generation of godfathers is more acceptable, because he showed a kind and good side, which can take advantage of the situation, not too offensive to people, so that everyone was like frogs boiled in warm water.

The second-generation Godfather’s goal is to cleanse and whitewash the family, which can be said to be a very positive energy goal, but others are more decisive and cold. The second-generation Godfather tore through all the warmth, and almost only the bloody naked gang interest is left. He was betrayed by various people one after another, and he was lonely all his life. In the movie, he says to the corpse of his old godfather friend in the movie: “Why are you loved all your life while I am feared by others?” These words reveal the loneliness and tragedy of the second-generation Godfather. By this time, the frog is almost cooked, so those who have been chasing the novel can accept this and be moved by it.

After reading the “The Godfather” trilogy, many people’s thinking and aesthetics will be changed a lot.

“Fairy Tale Hotel” is still hot, and “The Godfather” finally shows its energy.

Hill was very happy when he heard the news in the Demon Realm. At the same time, he was ready to launch the girl group while the iron was hot.

However, news came from Teresa that the Pope wanted to ban “Fairy Tale Hotel.”

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