Chapter 132.1 – Hill naturally chooses Monroe

The fog in the early morning was very heavy, and the streets of Winter City are lined with buildings in shadow.

Hill wore a black trench coat and walked across the empty street, with the corners of his clothes raised and the white fog churning around him.

He carried a wind lantern in his hand, the light was faint like a small firefly, and it was hard to see clearly in the fog. Because he rushed all the way, it consumed a lot of Irvine’s energy, he temporarily fell asleep in the wind lantern. Later, Dark Elf Albrecht heard that Irvine could be carried away by Lord Demon King, and he showed great envy. Everything has to be envied a little, Hill feels Albrecht lives so tiringly (…).

A black carriage passed by Hill, quickly disappearing into the white fog, with only the sound of horses’ hooves and ruts fading away. A bit like the ghost carriage in the movie. It makes the street seem even more empty. There is an inexplicable beauty to it.

Hill reached out a hand to fasten his hat, and then took out a small thousand paper crane from his coat pocket. The crane flapped its wings and flew off in the direction of the church. Hill stood in place for a few seconds before eventually walking towards Olivia’s residence.

There are so many people in the Demon Realm Shopping Mall that it is difficult to meet, so go to Olivia’s mansion.

The guard knew him, and knew that he was the boss behind the scenes of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. The servant hurriedly greeted him in, and rushed to inform Olivia.

Olivia is still sleeping. She attended the royal dinner last night, so she went to bed late.

Yesterday was the day before the summer solstice, and it was customary to have a big feast. There would be no feast on the day of the summer solstice, they would go to the edge of the woods outside of Winter City at noon, and they would spend the night under the trees. This is the custom of Mülheim, not the custom of the Magnolia Empire.

In the Magnolia Empire, the summer solstice was called the Holy Day Festival, a carnival where clowns, bands, and minstrels would take to the streets and people would build high platforms on which stories about the Sun God would be performed. A man playing the role of a demon who tried to defile the sun and was then burned to death. On this day, the nobles would generously set up a long table in front of their mansions, and everyone passing by would be able to enjoy fruits and food on it.

But this year’s performance was a hilarious accident. The clown in charge of playing the demon opened his arms and said: “Oh beautiful sun, let me embrace you.”

The dancer who played the sun giggled and threw herself into the chest of the “demon”: “Okay, Lord Demon, I like the demons the most.”

The people watching the show burst into laughter, everyone thought it was very interesting, and no one thought there was any problem.

The actor who played the warrior gave an exaggerated expression: “No, you can’t do this! Today, someone must be burned to death!”

Then “Sun” and “Demon” said in unison: “Then burn you to death!”

“I am a warrior! I am a noble, great, and dedicated warrior!” said the warrior, “you can’t do this to me!”

The clown who played the “demon” made funny faces and asked the crowd below: “Does anyone want to see the warrior burned to death?”

The audience below said in unison: “Yes!”

“Burn the warrior to death!”

“Burn the warrior to death!”

In the end, the “Warrior” was really tied up, the “Demon” pretended to light the fire, and the “Warrior” played the role of struggling in the flames, and finally “Died” with his tongue out.

“Demon” took the hand of “Sun” and said: “This is a great warrior. We can share our wedding in front of his body. He is equivalent to our witness.”

The audience burst into laughter again.

In the end, the wedding ceremony between the “Demon” and the “Sun” was over. The “Demon” kissed the “Sun”, and the emotions below were extremely excited. Everyone was applauding and cheering. They watched the previous performances too many times, but this time it was a rare change, so everyone was naturally excited.

There is no such carnival in Winter City. Although Olivia misses the Magnolia Empire very much, she still does her own way.

In addition, she realized that she had prepared enough supplies. She planned to let the staff of the Demon Mall push a cart to sell snacks and magazines when the nobles in the city were near the woods. However, there should be a lot of people sitting and lying next to the woods, and the cart may not be easy to move which is a problem.

Hill immediately became happy after hearing this idea. He immediately thought of the yelling on the train, the top line: beer and mineral water; bottom line: peanuts and melon seeds and chicken legs; horizontal banner: give it a try!

This sense of resemblance is a little too strong haha.


Olivia was sleeping soundly, and after the servant woke her up, she was still muttering in her mind what the hell was going on, even when Ice Emperor Claude came over, he was told to wait outside.

The servant said, “Mr. Grindelwald is here.”

So, Olivia suddenly woke up.

She quickly got up from the bed and let the maid serve her to clean up. Then another servant came in and said: “Mr. Grindelwald said he came this time to wait for the others, and that Miss could continue to rest.”

Ah, so that’s how it is.

Hill doesn’t pay much attention to etiquette to other collaborators, and many times, he often appears directly in their rooms. Joan Baker once said: “The one who suddenly appeared in my bedroom without being invited, except for the thief, is His Royal Highness Grindelwald.” Of course, this was of course spiteful and mockery, but Hill said with a calm smile, “Maybe I am also a thief, stealing your heart.”

Joan Baker: “…”

Joan Baker: “You’re really good at telling jokes that make people shiver all over.”


But this is generally limited to men.

Hill is still more of a gentleman to women and will not go in directly, but will take the formal route to visit.

After hearing this, Olivia was less flustered, but of course, she couldn’t really continue to rest. After all, she is the host here, so she still needs to entertain him.

Olivia asked the servant to ask Hill what kind of help he needed, and then the servant brought a simple breakfast from the Demon Mall. Teresa came over when the food was being placed on the table. He came here in an open manner, with the attendants and sedan chair kind of open manner.

Hill sat behind the dining room table and watched as Teresa pushed his way in, his face grim.

He was wearing a gray-green cloak that looked naturally elegant, and the front of the cloak was tied with a cross buckle. The whole man was graceful and elegant, a rather elegant and beautiful man. ——Later, Teresa liked to wear dark-colored clothes, because he was relatively young, and wearing this kind of clothes can make him appear more mature. But he didn’t need to worry about this, he was already notorious…oh no, his reputation is famous.

However, this absolute war-monger bishop who awe and frightens the hearts of others, at this time humbly bowed down to salute, “Lord Demon King, good day.”

Hill looked at Teresa in front of him and felt a little subtle for a while, “After all, you are the bishop now, in fact, you don’t need to continue to be so courteous to me.”

Teresa shook his head, “Because of this, I have to continue to maintain this etiquette to Lord Demon King, because usually, other people’s praise to me is enough. It’s good for me to put myself in the right position.”

“It’s okay.” This is someone who can make great things, Hill thought. In fact, objectively speaking, Hill felt that if he hadn’t intervened and Monroe was still in the Church of Light, Teresa would definitely surpass Monroe in the future. Teresa knows how to advance and retreat, and Monroe is more persistent. As a collaborator or subordinate, Teresa is more suitable, but as for… hehehe, Hill naturally chooses Monroe.

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