Chapter 132.2 – The horror movie that had the most horrible ending—was banned

Then Teresa saluted again and said guiltily: “I’m sorry, Lord Demon King, I seem to have messed up.”

“Ah, are you talking about the Church’s ban on movies?” Hill asked.

Teresa nodded, “Because the letter is inconvenient to say more, I told you the result, but I actually screwed it up.” There was an annoyed expression on his face.

Hill thought for a moment, “Did you suggest to the Pope to show the movie to the upper echelons of the church?”

Teresa froze, “Lord Demon King, do you still have eyes in the upper echelons of the church?”

“Not really, I just speculated,” Hill said.

“Ah, you really…”

“This time, it’s Monroe’s credit. Don’t praise me,” Hill interrupted Teresa’s words. “He told me there was no way the upper echelons of the Church would watch this movie, though he didn’t tell me the Pope knew so much about the people below him and would actually speak out to cover it. But it’s only natural when you think about it the other way around.”

Teresa was silent for a while. He kind of missed Hill’s meaning, just generally understood some of it, then he apologized again as he thought, “It was me who acted without authority, sir.”

This time it was indeed Teresa overdoing it. Hill gave him the order to report the ‘speculative conclusion’, but Teresa took advantage of the issue, resulting in such a backlash.

“Objectively, it can also make us understand some things, but subjectively speaking, it’s because you didn’t think about it well,” Hill said.

“I’m sorry,” Teresa said again.

“Well, I accept.” Hill sat on the chair and thought for a moment. He tapped his fingers on the table and looked out the window. At this time, the fog outside basically disappeared, and the sun was shining down, but after all, it is Winter City, so even if it is the summer solstice, there will be no scorching sun. “Let me think about what this means… First of all, there are people in the upper echelons of the Church who are not devout believers. And the Pope knows about this and doesn’t care…. This is not good for your further development, Teresa,” He chuckled lightly and said teasingly.

Teresa was a little dazed, but he didn’t rush to ask questions. He thought for a while before he understood what Hill meant. “You mean that the character I show now makes me stop at the bishop position? Because of the Pope’s attitude…”

“Yes.” Hill nodded, “The Pope thinks that the existence of such people with poor faith is needed in the Church, in fact, this is also right.”

Everyone is in the box, and countless chains bind their bodies, beliefs, cultures, and experiences. These have become a transparent shell that traps their thinking. They think that they are free to think, free to fly across the world, but in essence, they are still in the box.

But Hill is different. He came from Earth from the beginning, and his thinking is not confined to anything in this era. After staying here for a long time, he found that traversing itself is the biggest plug-in.

When Hill broke this point, Teresa was shocked, “This…”

“The strong eat the weak, if you eat more, mine will be less. This is the way it is in this era. The church can’t be stripped of its secularism and it needs to be guarded by someone. However, it’s a pity.” Hill shook his head. According to modern people’s thinking, instead of killing each other and robbing each other of that piece of cake, it’s better to make the cake bigger.

Teresa stared at Hill in a daze, and Hill still looked at the fine sunlight penetrating the fog. The fog dissipated quickly, the sunlight tilted down like a rainstorm, and Winter City suddenly had a new look.

After a while, Hill said again: “So your behavior is objectively meaningful, at least let us understand the attitude of the Pope.” He said, “I have already figured out how to develop next, you don’t have to be too nervous.”

“…Yes, Lord Demon King,” Teresa said feeling relieved.

Before that, he was only angry that the Pope had directly banned the movie, and he was ignorant of the meaning behind it, but when Hill said that, he was suddenly drenched in a cold sweat.

After talking about the main things, the two did not chat anymore. Olivia didn’t come to bother when they talked about things. The Jackson family didn’t know the relationship between Teresa and the Demon Realm—theoretically, they didn’t know. The cautious Olivia discovered that Bishop Teresa hadn’t embarrassed the Demon Mall after he came to power, which seemed to be inconsistent with his reputation. She couldn’t figure out the reason, but it was a good thing in the end, so she didn’t think about it anymore. When Teresa was about to leave, Olivia went out and gave him a carriage as the host, after all, he was the archbishop.

Teresa’s coming and going in an upright manner is also out of his own considerations. Since he had been in Winter City, he has acted very righteously and honorable to the outside world. He went in and out of the mansion of the owner of the Demon Mall dignifiedly – this shows that he has a clear conscience about this. If you have to ask him what he is here for, he can answer that he personally came to inform the other party about the movie, and by the way, give the other party a warning not to make trouble.

After Teresa left, Olivia presented Hill with a cedar wood box. After Hill opened it, he saw a seedling on the soft cloth.

Olivia said that this is a kind of melon seeds, the taste is very good, she took a lot of effort to collect these.

Hill was very satisfied with this gift and was going to try various things when he went back.


On the summer solstice, everyone in Winter City was beaming.

According to the custom of Mülheim, they dressed up in the morning carefully, smearing their hair shiny with grease, their clothes were steamed with petal steam, and their bodies were cleaned up. At noon, the nobles collectively came to the edge of the forest in Winter City. The servants brought them blankets and food. They needed to stay here until the next morning.

Originally, the Mülheim Social Month was set at this time, on the one hand, because the planting was completed, and on the other hand, because they were coming to Winter City to follow this ancient custom.

In Hill’s view, if he were an enemy monarch, he would send troops to attack Mülheim on the summer solstice. But Monroe told him that no one would dare to do this, because it was disrespectful of customs and would be cast aside by everyone. Hill thought for a while and said, “Red Wedding.”

Monroe closed his mouth.

At the Red Wedding, Old Frey broke the rights of the guests – that is, during the stay as a guest, the two parties must not harm each other for any reason. This is the tradition that Westeros has maintained for thousands of years. The result? Robb and his mother Catherine were killed, and the King of the North fell. The family children scattered and fled. Losing is losing.

A Song of Ice and Fire is quite a vivid example. It’s so good.

“I wouldn’t pin my hopes on someone else’s sense of morality.” Hill said, he felt that his three views were wrong: “Many times, justice and good morals cannot protect people, but can only be used to hurt people.”

There have been too many classic cases throughout the ages. Hill didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

The forest outside the Winter City is at its most beautiful time, the river is clear, and the bright sunlight makes the sky quite clear. The shadows of the tall trees were cast on the ground, and the flowers were in full bloom with a charming fragrance.

At noon, the nobles are having a picnic under the trees. The sweet fruity aroma of summer red wine is in the air. It is worth mentioning that most of the nobles eat food from the Demon Mall. Olivia’s pre-arranged snack trolley sold out before even turning around, and is now rushing back to the mall for replenishment.

Olivia is with the Black family, including the old Black couple and cousin Augustus, as well as another cousin. She already knows that the church is going to ban “Fairy Tale Hotel”, so at this time, she is more or less distracted.

At this moment, someone said: “Look at the magic phone!”

“Magic phone!”


“Why is this?”

This voice quickly spread to the entire group, and all those with magic phones came out to see what was going on.

Olivia also took out the magic phone, opened it, and found a pop-up window on the screen.

“I regret to inform you all that the Church of Light has decided to ban the movie because they think “Fairy Tale Hotel” is too scary, and I have no choice.

by Grindelwald. “

Olivia understood that Mr. Grindelwald began to fight back.

Sure enough, the surrounding nobles began to talk:

“Too scary? They are too timid, right?”

“I think it’s wonderful.”

“Is it really good-looking? I heard it was scary, so I didn’t dare to watch it.”

“Scary is scary, but it’s really exciting! I recommend you to go and watch it!”

“Didn’t you say it was scary?”

“Hahaha didn’t scare people to death, that’s a rumor.”

“I am a little interested in what you said.”

“I’m also interested.”

“When will it be banned, can I see it tomorrow…”


Ice Emperor Claude, their Ice family are also under a tree. He frowned when he looked at the pop-up window on the magic phone. They informed the Demon Mall of this matter without actually notifying him? Does the Church really think it can do whatever it wants?

And he hasn’t watched this movie yet… Ice Emperor thought a little depressed.

The timing that Hill chose was quite good. It happened to be the time when the nobles of the whole city gathered together. So, for a while, “Fairy Tale Hotel” became the main topic of today’s chat, and the discussion of a lot of people are prone to extreme emotions, one by one can’t help feeling indignant for a while.

The staff of the Demon Mall who used small carts to sell snacks replenished the goods and came back, and then heard that almost everyone was talking about the “Fairy Tale Hotel”, which made him feel incredible. They were still talking about each other just before he left. Why did they start talking about the movie all of a sudden?

It can also be seen that the influence of “Fairy Tale Hotel” is great.

Public opinion directly exploded.

In the morning of the next day, some young people made an appointment to go directly to the church to ask questions. You said that you banned it because it was too scary, we don’t think it is scary. We have watched it more than once, so it cannot be banned?

The church was under some pressure for a while.

In the Royal Court Meeting where the bishop participated, Grand Chancellor also asked this question. He has not watched the movie, but wanted to watch… the bishop replied: “I will not hide it from you. There are a few paladins who watched this movie and got seriously injured, this must be the demons’ trick, so it must be banned.”

After hearing this, the Ice Emperor frowned. Is the water in it so deep?

Teresa said this at the Royal Court Meeting, which is equivalent to publicizing this statement.

For a while, there were new voices of opposition:

What the hell? Can paladins be seriously injured by fright? The people who fainted in the rumors were actually paladins? How did such cowards become paladins?

Is it the demons’ trick? But we are fine. You just don’t want us to see the demons’ stuff!

If it has a special effect on the paladins, the cinema people have said that it is forbidden for the paladins to watch, it is they who chose to watch it, deserved it.

In the end, public opinion was simply messed up.

Teresa directly declared to the outside world strongly: “This is the order of the Pope, this is the will of God.”

Everyone finally stopped a bit. It is very useful to use this move.

But… credibility will be consumed.

Of course, Hill understands this.

In this issue of Demon Realm Magazine, a film review was placed on an important page.

“What did I see in “Fairy Tale Hotel”?

I saw the sinful humanity, I saw the sincere love, I saw vanity, I saw fearlessness…hidden under that bizarre and terrifying scene is humanity.

The light and dark human nature.

But some people can only see the bloody violence, is this also a kind of human nature?

Sad, sigh.

The horror movie that had the most horrible ending—was banned. “

A few words, but far-reaching.

This is naturally from Hill’s handwriting.

All right. This film review and projection stone quickly released a batch.

Next, let “Fairy Tale Hotel” be removed from the shelves of all the Demon Realm Shopping Mall, including the Magnolia Empire.

Let the fire burn more vigorously.

Dare to mess with me? Are you playing with me, Your Holiness, the Pope?

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