Chapter 133 – Girl Group Debut!

Before “Fairy Tale Hotel” was officially banned, Hill sold a large number of projection stones at a low price.

Now is not the time to make money, and Hill understands that the most important thing now is to expand the influence of this matter.

As for the positive wave with the church… At present, Hill has no such plans. The last time the Demon Mall was sealed off was settled by multiple forces. This time, even if the “Fairy Tale Hotel” is forced to continue to be released, the loss outweighs the gain, it will cause the church to be vigilant to the demon race.

Now, the church looks silly, but it’s like Li Yuanba in storytelling. Although he is a fool, he is very powerful, you will be half-dead if you get hit by his hammer—it’s like this.

Therefore, let the influence expand, let the fire burn, and then suppress the fire – the Pope said, “Fairy Tale Hotel” is not allowed.

Let this fire form an evil fire in people’s hearts.

This kind of thing can be done twice, but too much is not good, it will make people think that the film is banned as it should be, so it is better to be bullied on all fronts…

Things are still going relatively smoothly regarding the aftermath of “Fairy Tale Hotel”.

Teresa gave a report to the Pope, saying that under his own warning, all the Demon Realm Shopping Malls, including the one in Magnolia Empire, “Fairy Tale Hotel” was taken off the shelves. The Pope naturally praised Teresa for his good service, but whispered in his heart, he actually didn’t plan to control the Magnolia Empire, but since Teresa did so, let’s take care of it too.

The Magnolia Empire itself has relatively few believers, so after understanding the causes and consequences of this incident, they hate the Church of Light even more.

In fact, some of them have not seen “Fairy Tale Hotel”, and dare not watch it, but many of them were infected by the review and decided to stand up and speak out.

Of course, some people think that the closure is right.

Almost everyone was discussing the matter enthusiastically. Some discussions were published in the “Demon Realm Magazine”, but they did not publish too extreme remarks. After all, the magazine must not be banned, so it is still conservative. Hill deliberately published both the pros and cons, and it caused a wave of scolding.

“The influence of “The Fairy Tale Hotel” is not good. There are also some murderous scenes in it. They still kill their classmates. What if someone imitates? By: The Mahogany by the Lake.”

“I would like to ask The Mahogany. If I make a poop-eating movie, I will teach people to eat poop? Are you here to cheat and drink? By: The Axe that Cuts Down the Tree”

“Eating shit is a bad thing! By: The Mahogany by the Lake.”

“Everyone knows that killing is also a bad thing. By: The Axe that Cuts Down the Tree”

“Strong words, confusing logic, I guess you must be a commoner. By: The Mahogany by the Lake”

“My dad is a duke. By: The Axe that Cuts Down the Tree”

The magazine is published every half month, and the scolding war lasted for three months. After that, it has moved to a wonderful stage. The last sentence “My dad is a duke” deeply entertained Hill. The two of them really resemble the scolding of netizens in previous lives, and they have the essence.

The animation currently being played is “Cardcaptor Sakura”. Everyone waits for the death scene with fear every day, but they never die, which makes everyone feel very surprised. Unexpectedly everyone is more and more sure that the more heartwarming the front is, the more murderous the end must be.

It ended in a few months… Everyone was full of question marks, what about the dead? Why didn’t she die? How can the magical girl not die? Then everyone woke up, ah, this was originally a warm anime, and there is no rule that magical girls must die ah! Oh, I felt uneasy when I watched it. It affected the viewing experience too much. Buy the DVD projection stone, buy it, buy it!

Hill almost laughed when he heard the question of “Why isn’t the magical girl dead?” He thought to himself, should I release “BLOOD-C” for you to see? Fulfill your magical girl’s desire to die? The anime “BLOOD-C”, the first few episodes of the first episode were slow, monsters + ordinary and meaningless campus life, but the last few episodes suddenly went to blood and violence, monsters killed people wildly. Hill still remembers the giant rabbit. A bunch of people were spurting blood when they were put in the bag with a drill.

The ending is that everything is fake, the heroine’s father, the boys who like the heroine, the heroine’s friends… these people are all actors invited by the behind-the-scenes mastermind, that small town is a testing ground for the heroine. The owner of the coffee shop that the heroine likes is the mastermind behind the scenes, and he gives the heroine a drink every day with drugs in it. Everything is fake.

This ending is a bit like “The Truman Show”.

Hill was only in junior high school when he watched this anime, and was really shocked by the brutal plot.

Hmm… after the “Magical Girl I” is finished, let’s do that, and then the magical girl will come to an end, and we can do something else.


The animation just finished playing that day, and a new video appeared.

The deep blue night sky, the cold full moon.

The elegant prelude plays.

A lively banquet is being held in the castle, bard singers are singing, music is flowing in the castle, jugglers throw fire, clowns wear colorful clothes and tell jokes, and dwarves on stilts walk through the crowd.

Some of the guests coming and going were elegant and noble, some were vulgar and rude, and had their eyes focused on the three wonderful girls sitting at the head of the table.

The three of them have different styles. The one in the middle with blonde hair and blue eyes is wearing a gorgeous and elaborate rococo gown, her body is dotted with sparkling gems, pearls and shells. Her blonde hair is brilliant as gold, on which hangs a beautiful hair net woven with silver thread and jewels.

The one on the left has black hair and black eyes. She is wearing a light green dress without elaborate decoration. There is a small white flower in her hair, which makes her look very pure.

The one on the right has short burgundy hair. She is wearing a pirate-style dress directly with a silver cross hanging on her chest. She looks heroic, but has a different charm.

The audience in front of the magic phone almost all sucked in a breath after seeing the appearance of the three girls.

They’re really so beautiful, too beautiful…

There are also people with insight who frowned, they were succubi, and they were succubi that were releasing charm magic.

What is this?

Is this a trailer for the next movie?

Beautiful swashes appear: “Love Magic”, Super Girl.

The video on the screen continued, the blonde woman in the middle said something to the servant and left together with the two young girls beside her, their movements were impeccably elegant and the guests’ eyes drifted after them. The servant coughed to attract the attention of the crowd, and then said in a loud voice: “The three ladies are feeling unwell, so all the suitors should continue the banquet.”

Huh? Are all these people their suitors?

But when you think about how beautiful they are, it’s justifiable.

Then the scene shifted to a shot of the three young ladies walking through the corridors of the dark castle.

There was the sound of dripping water in the castle, and the corridors and rooms looked eerie – and they were. Crimson wall felts hung one after another, trimmed with patterns and motifs of all colors. Everywhere the three young girls went seemed to brighten up. The picture looked very comfortable.

The singing has begun.

“We passed through the fog

We walked through thorns and flowers

We are looking for the true meaning of happiness”

In fact, the lyrics of many girl and boy groups are similar to bubblegum pop music, they are catchy and the melody is bright. Hill didn’t deliberately try to make it more literary, and just pinched some lyrics in accordance with that style.

The three people took turns singing, the camera shifted around, and they went to their respective bedrooms.

“We reject indifference with fantasy

We use magic to create hope

Love is our magic”

They took off the cumbersome long skirts on their bodies and put on the magical girl battle outfits that resembled cosplay costumes, but they still uphold the style of their talents, one pure, one heroic, and one gorgeous.

Then they danced in the forest under the moon and on the terrace in the castle, the camera shifting back and forth. Their dance moves are quite beautiful. This is a fusion of another world dance + succubus dance + girl group dance on Earth.

At this moment, all viewers understand what this is. This is a music video, like the Fallen Angel Light Music Orchestra’s.

The background story is also very clear. The ladies who look elegant and noble are actually incarnations of magical girls who bring hope at night. Hill’s characteristic of making this song is to cater to the current trends and make a good advertisement.

Frequently switched camera shots, dynamic melody.

Beautiful eyes, red lips, the fingers that cross the corners of the lips, the charm of the succubi who released their charms in a big way…

The audience’s eyes were all staring straight.

Hill is immune to succubi charms, but despite this, he still thinks this MV is of high quality and the succubi are very beautiful. What more to the human beings who are not immune to charm spells? But after all, it was not a real person who appeared directly, so the influence was much smaller.

The music stopped suddenly when the song was about to reach its climax.

The full moon turned crimson, dark clouds obscured the starlight, and bats swept over the castle…

In the next second, the music played again, and their dancing became more enchanting and intense.

The bloody moonlight followed them, the corners of their clothes raised a beautiful arc with their dance steps.

At the same time, there are other images in the MV. Leopards crawling on the edge of the forest, red-eyed vipers, and all kinds of ferocious beasts… but they don’t make people feel scared, but feel they are full of dark beauty.

They are about to move, they are looking at the girls.

The music gradually came to the end, the wolves and beasts finally rushed out, and the three girls released a dazzling light.

The lyrics came right to the end of the song.

“Love, love, love…”

Everything became blurred in the light, but the three of them were framed in a pose, which was the end of the dance.

This is exactly the same as the opening line “Love is our magic”.

The crimson-colored full moon then returned to its original color, which can be interpreted as love dispersing all shadows. The lyrics were written by Hill, who said not to over-interpret them, but that’s roughly what happened. Speaking of it, Hill knew that there was a reading comprehension test that tested an article published by a high school top student, and the top student got only one-third of his points for answering his own questions. Many people laughed miserably after the news was sent.

In the next shot, the girls returned to the room and put on aristocratic clothes again. The old servant announced in front of the crowd: “The ladies said that there is no one among you who is to their liking.”

The crowd left dejectedly.

Then there is the distant view of the castle, the full moon, the bat, and the top of the tower.

Director: Grindelwald

Location: Castle of the Blood

Super Girl Productions

The MV officially ends, the screen goes dark, then a line of advertisement appears.

“Want to get them? July 15, Demon Mall, Super Girl’s debut album “Love Magic” is on sale for a limited time.”

The entire music video carries a barely-there advertising meaning haha.

The magic phone screen went dark.

Many viewers stood up in excitement.

This is really too, too…

Buy, buy, buy!

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