Chapter 134 – With Monroe in the Basement

Hill planned the development process of this girl group as follows: First, directly release an album, then participate in variety shows, guest films, interviews, and after the popularity is almost accumulated, the concert can be held.

The long-prepared rock band can also be launched, Hill named them after a poem by the famous poet Celan -Death Fugue.

Coupled with the Fallen Angel Orchestra, these three will be able to produce a talent show, and they can serve as judges. The contestants are naturally both humans and demons. It will be fun to compete on the same stage. Then this is a virtuous circle.

The general plan is like this, there are a lot of specific details. Hill wrote this in a few pages of paper torn from his notebook. Then he directly raised the paper in the air, then flipped his hand, and threw a dart to secure the paper on the wall over there. The movements are neat, precise, and handsome, which signifies that Hill’s subtle manipulation of magic has reached the point of extraordinary.

Hill was in his study at this time.

He set up a study by himself next to the bedroom. Anyway, the entire Blackrock Tower belongs to him, so he can do whatever he wants.

He was sitting on a brown leather sofa, and the table in front of him was decorated with some very interesting knick-knacks. There were darts inserted in bamboo tubes, and a necklace of boar tusks hanging from the darts, there were various ethnic artifacts, masks decorated with palm leaves, flutes made of ground bone, small drums, headdresses made of brightly colored feathers. Hill went to the territory of some races, their children would sometimes offer him their own handmade gifts, and Hill brought them all back.

One wall of the study room is full of paper filled with words. Hill reads these notes every night to make sure he doesn’t forget important things. After all, he has too many things to manage now.

Hill looked at the sticky note in the upper left corner.

The building on the Floating Island of the fallen angels was officially completed, and many races were envious and jealous.

Hill plans to tidy up the dark elves’ territory next. The habitat of the dark elves remains roughly the same, and there are too many other areas that can be improved. In addition to the fire elemental spirit cooks, the dark elves were the first race to start producing goods in the Demon Mall, so it’s only right that Hill do so.

After arranging the dark elves, the black dwarves should be next, and then the skeleton clan… Hill mulled it over in his mind, then wrote the details that came to mind on a piece of paper, then pulled the dart out of the top left corner, placed the newest piece of paper on top of the original stack, and re-stapled the dart to the wall again.

Hill’s eyes slid to another piece of paper.

The railroads between the major racial habitats have been built, and Hill intends to openly recruit a group of railroad staff, and the railroad company will be left to the Black Dwarves to manage, oh, and insert a paladin into it. Hill likes to put paladins into the management of these departments at random, they do play a big role.

Well, thinking about it, Hill thought of something dirty inside his head.

Likes to put paladins in various departments.

Likes to put the paladin in the body (…).

Cough, what is he thinking… do the right thing, do the right thing.

That said, Monroe is also doing the right thing.

Hill fell into a deep thought, after a few seconds, he convinced himself that he was too busy lately, he needed to relax and unwind, well, let’s do that for today, allow him to rest for a day. Well… by the way, call Dark Pope Monroe back, he needs to know some updates about the Dark Church.

But he has indeed been very busy lately.

After “Fairy Tale Hotel” was shot, he was swamped with work that he had previously delayed while making the movie, but soon “Fairy Tale Hotel” was sealed again, and although it seemed on the surface that Hill just came out with an announcement statement, he actually did a lot of things also did a lot of thinking, and these were very tiring. The next thing that happened was that the “Fairy Tale Hotel” was blocked, so the girl group plan was moved up, and it was really hard to shoot those music videos, and the post-editing was just exhausting.

As for cultural differences, take your time.

The cultural differences between humans and humans can scare individuals to death, not to mention humans and demons. Once, an ancient Egyptian woman wanted to dedicate her first time to a golden bull, it was actually a black bull with a special pattern on its body. The main activity of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs during the sacrifice was to run in circles around the pyramids, running clockwise and counterclockwise, and another method of sacrifice was to have him jerk off… Hill guessed that this is to highlight the Pharaoh’s physical fitness.

Hill was overwhelmed after reading it. This is really terrible.

In short… He was really busy these days, and now there is no particular emergency, let him take a day off, ah.

So, Hill slipped back to the bedroom and went to bed early, took out his mobile phone to scan the web for a while, and watched the male protagonist crossing into another world and took a bite of himself and spit out the blood directly. Then he said: It hurts. This is not a dream, this is true.

It’s this kind of plot again. Hill thought, it seemed that every male novel transmigrator had to bite himself after crossing… Forget it, there is a certain truth, it is normal to realize after a bite. Next time, he’ll write that the protagonist bites himself, and then… how about not falling into cliche? Oh, after the protagonist bit himself, the protagonist thought he was delicious, hehehe, the book is over.

——Turned into a ghost story in a second.

While reading the novel, Hill murmured ‘what a mess’. After reading the novel for a while, he turned on station B and swiped the video screen, crunching and laughing for a long time under the covers.

Then… the phone ran out of battery.

A bolt from the blue.

When most people play with their mobile phones in bed, they will go to bed or get out of bed to charge them immediately after their mobile phones are out of power. But Hill’s power supply is in the basement of the Blackrock Tower, ah, what a sin… He may need to use his cell phone tomorrow, so it is best to charge it now, but he’s lazy, can he let Irvine go instead? But Irvine’s control of magic is not as good as Hill, and Hill is also worried that he will damage the phone.

Hill was depressed for a while, resigned himself to his fate, got up, and went to recharge…

This night, Hill is not the demon king, he has almost completely returned to his state on Earth.

He was sitting on the ground, channeling magic to the magic circle, while his mobile phone was placed in the middle of the magic circle. It takes about 20 minutes to charge. In fact, it can be faster in theory, but Hill is worried about damaging the battery, so slow it down.

He sat on the ground while staring at the flashing lights of the phone and thought, “Was I once this carefree?”

No, no, no matter where you are in any period, you have your own worries and sorrows. People have no long-term worries and must have near-term worries. The things that bothered him when he was a child, when he grew up, he felt that it was trivial matter, and there was no need to worry about them. But those things that bother you at that age, that sorrow is real. If you deny it, you will have no empathy, but also typical of not knowing how to think differently. It is the same reason that some parents feel that the troubles of adolescent children do not matter.

It is your heart that determines whether you are upset or not, not external factors—of course, the outside world also has an influence.

You don’t have to worry about your old nest being stabbed on Earth.

Well, what he meant was that the Church of Light is once again targeting the Demon Realm, that sentence is not dirty.

If it’s ghs, “the old nest is stabbed” is acceptable… Cough… what is he thinking? Gah.

Although the Earth is safe, it is impossible to come into contact with these magnificent landscapes, to know and communicate with so many powerful people, and—

There was the sound of footsteps behind him.

Hill turned around and saw Monroe coming down the steps.

He was dressed in all black, with black leather boots, black moleskin gloves, a hard leather armor jacket as well as a woolen sweater, and then a black locking armor on the outside, followed by a soft, fiery red cloak. Dressed as a typical knight, cold and sharp, his gaze looked as sharp as the long sword wrapped in black mist around his waist.

There are torches on the wall, and there is still plenty of light. But everything seemed a lot darker after he came down, and he came to him with the darkness. The torches went out one by one, and he stood still on the last step.

——It is also impossible to get acquainted with Monroe.

Hill smiled, “Wait.”

It will be fully charged in five minutes.

It’s best to concentrate when charging, so Hill didn’t talk to Monroe either. He heard a rustling sound behind him. He turned his head and looked around and saw that Monroe was waving his hand to disperse the darkness around him, and then he went back and lit the torches one by one.

Hill wanted to laugh a little.

Suddenly, it felt like Monroe was really cute.

The charge is complete.

Monroe approached the last extinguished torch with a burning torch, but a torch reached over early and set that one on fire. He turned his head and looked at Hill looking at him with a grin: “This is a trick called grabbing food.”

Monroe stepped back blankly, and then took away the torch in Hill’s hand. His fingers skimmed the back of Hill’s hand, and the touch made Hill narrow his eyes.

Monroe turned and walked over to the empty shelf, sticking the torch into it. After doing this, he said, “Since the food has been taken away from me, I am still hungry, what should I do?”

Hill walked behind Monroe, raised his hand to position the torch a little more correctly, his arm from the right side of Monroe’s shoulder, a little frivolously, “Hungry. I am the demon king, you can’t cross the line no matter what.”

But as he withdrew his hand, his fingers touched Monroe’s eyebrows, and then he traced his straight nose, slightly dry lips, sharp jaws… and then clasped his shoulders tightly.

“However, I am allowing you to,” Hill said.

In the next second, the magical elements in the air rioted, and the moisture seemed to be dried instantly, with a sense of aggression like a hot surging fire.

The throbbing appeared from the bottom of the heart, crawling all over the body.

Monroe gazed at him with surging heat, but also with restraint and tenderness.

After the party’s riot, the human’s clothes had shattered, and Hill could see a faint black mist wrapped around his torso, which increasingly set off the lines of his smooth, perfect skin and marvelous muscles, a sexual tension that the firelight carved deeper into the shadows beneath the bulging muscles. Ugh. Can’t hold it any longer. Then don’t hold it.

Breathing heavily.

And then the two kissed together.

The last thought before Hill’s brain fell into a messy erotic puddle was: If there is a flame, Irvine will be watching on the sidelines.

He moved his finger, and all the torches in the corridor went out at the same time.

Everything fell into deep darkness.

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