Chapter 135.1 – “You lost.”

Demon Realm. The territory of the succubus and tauren clan.

In a certain cave, Abby, Sam, and Winona sat on chairs and looked at the pile of letters opened on the stone table in front of them, in a daze.

Since super girls were directly assigned to work by Lord Demon King, the Succubus clan has specially arranged a cave for them. This seems to be regarded as “buying a house by a unit”?

Today is a rainy day, since early in the morning it began to rain outside, rain soaked the dark red land, making the land’s color a little darker. The few hills were blurred into one in the rain and mist. The tauren mages gave the livestock a magic barrier to keep the rain off, lest they get sick.

The cave was also very humid, the air was full of moisture, which made the succubus with the attributes of darkness and fire feel very uncomfortable.

But Abby, Sam, and Winona are very excited at the moment.

Because those letters on the table are sent to them by humans.

Some people were curious about their identities, some asked about the content of the album, and asked whether they were married or not, and many praised them for their beauty, and some even wrote poems to praise them.

It’s incredible, it’s really incredible!

If they are allowed to fascinate men according to the traditional method of succubus, plus rest in between, one succubus will be able to fascinate more than a hundred people without rest for a whole year.

The letters on the table in front of them have already exceeded a hundred – and that’s just from the three major cities, the letters from other smaller cities have not yet been delivered.

And now, they just shot a few MVs without using words or giving their bodies, and they’ve managed to get so many people interested in them!

They know that there is only one decent MV being shown at the moment. This is only one MV, and the whole album hasn’t been released yet… Compared with the whole plan, this is not even the beginning. Thinking about it this way, how happy the days to come will be.

Hill told them about the general plan, releasing albums, doing variety shows – but they didn’t really understand what variety shows are, but they knew that they should just do as they were told – and then there was a concert. It is said that nearly a thousand people will come over to attend, all of them will come to see them singing and dancing!

Wow, they can charm thousands of people at once! What a passionate thing this is for a succubus.

The other succubus sisters were so envious after seeing these letters. They all came up with the idea that they can also do the same, and then they all ran to beg the succubus elder, begging her to talk to the Lord Demon King. The result, the succubus elder pulled down her face and said, “This is the arrangement of the Lord Demon King. The Lord Demon King will naturally say when he needs us, rashly put forward a request is to overstep!”

When these words were said, the succubi could only suppress their temperament, and left one after another in frustration.

And the succubus elder murmured: “…If possible, this old lady will also join, it is not you little guys’ turn.”

Well, this is the truth.

The succubus elder had really asked Hill before if she could go, and Hill looked at the succubus elder’s appearance a bit bitterly, “This, let’s make arrangements later…”

The succubus clan is very beautiful, but of course, they also age. The succubus elder is 140 years old. Although she is still beautiful, she looks like that kind of beautiful married woman. It doesn’t seem to be right to let a beautiful married woman enter the little girl group.

However, it is worth mentioning that although the Matriarch of the Succubus clan is not young, her appearance is indeed a thirteen or fourteen-year-old loli.

Hill once asked Death Knight Goldnia: “Let me ask you, why does the succubus matriarch look so small?”

Goldnia replied: “She got all her mother’s inheritance at that age, so her appearance changes much more slowly than ordinary people.”

“Her mother will die after giving the inheritance.” Both demons and human mages can do this, and Hill still knows this kind of common sense.

“Yes,” Goldnia nodded.

“Why did she still do it?” Hill was curious.

“Because her mother, the matriarch of the previous generation, didn’t want to live anymore,” Goldnia said.

“Reason?” Hill really wanted to buy a subordinate who could finish everything in one breath when he became rich.

Goldnia replied calmly: “You didn’t want to marry her.”

Hill: “…”

…Cough, this is awkward.

Why be curious about yourself?

Fortunately, Monroe had already gone back then.

Hill was embarrassed here for a while, and Goldnia asked: “Are you going to ask me why you’re asking me this?”

Every time Hill asks the “things he should know”, he will follow it with “do you know why I asked you this”? At first, it was to cover up, but now he wants to listen to the wonderful brain fillings of the people under his hands. Sometimes, it is quite interesting to be forced to blow rainbow farts (praise excessively).

Goldnia asked this, and Hill said, “So, just tell me your answer directly.”

He didn’t believe that the other party could still blow a rainbow fart in this situation.

Goldnia thought for a while, and asked tentatively: “So you are suggesting that you like loli more than mature women?”


Looking at Hill’s expression, Goldnia felt that he was wrong. How could the Great Demon King hint at such boring things? He thought about it carefully and said, “What you mean is that, when faced with a subordinate you dislike who holds power, you can first seduce them to make them fall in love with you, and then ignore them to make them pass the inheritance to their children, so that you can get a new subordinate with less power compared to the original one. And this method will be bloodless… is this what you mean?”

“…” Hill looked at Goldnia in silence for a while, and finally only forced one sentence: “I’ll give you a pen, you can write the story later…”


It has been raining this day, but the original plan was not cancelled. Hill and Monroe practiced swords together early in the morning. Speaking of them, they practiced swords in a different situation last night. They didn’t wear armor, only thin clothes. It’s more like relaxing the body at will than using a trick, and the actual strength may not be as great as last night. …Wait, why is my brain full of dirty thoughts, but this kind of thing is really a bit like wanting to eat it again after tasting it.

Think of the sweaty chest, the feeling of stroking the muscle texture in the dark, the rising body temperature, and the eyes full of predatory breath.


“Why are you distracted?” Monroe’s sword pointed at Hill’s throat and said.

Hill squeezed the tip of the sword with his hand, the sharp blade embedded in his skin but couldn’t hurt the slightest, “I won’t be distracted from now on.”


Hill flicked the blade with his fingers, buzzed, and then the surrounding stones cracked. If it were an ordinary paladin, he might not be able to hold the sword in his hand. But Monroe only retracted the sword calmly. Hill took this opportunity to step forward and lightly flick the tip of the sword. His voice was tinged with laughter between the lights of the swords: “The real living person is in front of me, there is no reason for me to not want it.”

When the swords rubbed against each other, they made a crisp sound, and sparks splashed on the back of Monroe’s hand, branding a black mark on it.

“After all, I can just go ahead and do whatever I want with him.” Hill raised his hand to throw Monroe’s sword, and then lifted Monroe’s jaw with the sword: “You lost.”

Monroe also grasped Hill’s blade, but instead of forcing him to stop like Hill did, he just pulled Hill over.

The two closed the distance until they reached a very dangerous distance before Monroe released the force. The skin on his palm was somewhat broken, and black mist drifted out from the wound.

The two men looked at each other, their eyes gradually becoming hot.

Hill’s hand loosened and the sword fell to the ground with a crisp clang. Teasing the nerves.

On the icy lake, the reflections of the two had become completely entwined.

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Blowing rainbow farts – praising someone excessively to the point where their farts can also be praised / internet slang commonly used for fans praising their fav celebs

Oh wow~ From the dark basement now out in the open. Ahahaha! This development… XD

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