Chapter 135.2 – Dark Elves Territory

Today’s breakfast was eaten with Monroe, and no one else was called. After eating breakfast, Monroe returned to Famagusta. Hill had a lot of things to do, and Monroe also had a lot of things to do, but he would still put everything down and come over when Hill looked for him.

After breakfast, Hill went to the territory of the tauren and the succubus. He went to see the girl group and found that the girl group was in good condition.

The three members of the women’s team were naturally very surprised when they saw him. Hill gave some encouragement and then asked them to devote themselves to studying even when they were not busy. The three succubi naturally agreed very seriously.

Then Hill went to the territory of the dark elves.

This distance is relatively long. Hill went there by train and got there at noon. Looking at the scenery of the demon realm on the train, this experience is quite good.

Hill had lunch at the dark elf territory, and naturally, Irvine had prepared it in advance.

Lamb soup with carrots, potatoes, and onions, fluffy and tasty bread served on the edge. Hill ate a piece of lamb with a fork. Because the preparation time was long enough, the meat has been stewed, and there is a kind of melt-in-your-mouth wonderful taste. The meat juices flow and the meat flavor follows to fill the mouth, which is really quite delicious. The potatoes in the soup are also delicious. The potatoes in the soup are also very tasty, the original softness of the potatoes soaked in the broth is mingled together to form a unique taste that makes people salivate.

There is also a grilled oyster with garlic sauce. This dish is not difficult to make. First, cut the oysters out, then chop the garlic into minced pieces, fry the garlic, add steamed fish soy sauce, and pour it on the oysters. Bake for ten minutes, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onions. Hill just made out steamed fish soy sauce (in fact, it’s a kind of soy sauce) some time ago, so this time, he has significantly more of this type of cuisine on his table.

The rich and unique garlic sauce is poured on the oysters and roasted in the right heat. The flavors of the two blend together. The scent of the oyster meat and the garlic sauce penetrate each other. Take a bite and all the flavors melt in your mouth, fresh and juicy, delicious and slippery, refreshing and not greasy.

There is a white peach juice this time, it is sweet and smooth, and the taste is also good. After drinking, even the tip of the tongue is wrapped with sweetness. It feels like the taste of spring.

Let’s go back and get some milk tea and juice drinks. It’s time to add this variety to the snack shop. After Hill decided to go back, he began to study the outer packaging, looking for cheap and harmless material.

Since this year, Hill has been teaching cooking to people of other races. Because of their different territories, their specialties must also be different. Hill improved the original dishes while giving them new recipes.

Previously, a major factor limiting the development of the diet is the seasoning problem. Hill’s promotion of cultivation of a variety of crops in the demon realm undoubtedly greatly alleviated it.

Those crops grow faster than in the human world, and their output is much larger than that of the human world. One is because the land of the demon realm is fertile, and the other is because the caretakers are very careful, and there is also Lich assistance, calling the wind and calling the rain, whether it is sunlight or rain, they calmly proceeded according to the requirements. Coupled with the fact that the magic element here is relatively strong, so this result naturally appeared.

Hill once again expanded the planting area of precious seasonings this year. He thinks that if this goes on, he will sell seasonings to humans in turn next year. You must know that peppers are very, very valuable.

The dark elf patriarch reported to Hill about his recent work, and then asked some questions. Hill thought for a while, but didn’t answer directly: “I’ll tell you a story, Darkmoon.”

“Okay, My King,” said the dark elf patriarch.

“A crow wanted to drink the water in the bottle. The water bottle was too high to drink. The crow ran to the river to pick up stones and threw them into the bottle. And the water level in the bottle rose,” Hill said.

The dark elf patriarch suddenly realized: “My King, do you want to tell me that every problem has a solution?”

Hill said, “No, when he drank the water, he suddenly thought, ‘Damn, didn’t I just go to the river?’”


Hill snapped his fingers to stop a table of people from spraying water in the air.

“Ah, I’m sorry, My King,” the dark elf patriarch hurriedly apologized.

“I didn’t take it to heart, otherwise, I would let them go back to your mouth… Forget it, I was disgusted by myself.” Hill let those things fall into the trash can next to him, and then said, “It means that if you encounter a problem and want to solve it, of course, there must be a solution, but the most important thing is to save trouble and adapt, be flexible. Times are changing, it’s right not to forget the original intention, but what is the original intention? Don’t get this wrong.”

The dark elf patriarch nodded: “I have been taught, My King.”

Rather than telling them what to do, what Hill prefers is to tell them the way to think and then let them think for themselves.

Those who can get to this position are smart people, they just haven’t jumped out of the shackles of some thinking.

After eating, Hill, the patriarch, and elders took a walk through the Dark Elf territory. A dark-skinned elder described to Hill, in a mellifluous and pleasant voice, the history of every blade of grass and tree, and the history of the buildings here. His words were very poetic, and his voice blended together with the wind. Hill looked at him a few times and thought he would be able to host a documentary.

Before Hill came, he had searched a lot of game CG images of elves, so there was a general idea, and the idea was gradually filled in during the walk. So, he started to discuss with these elves.

“I think we can build a town hall here.” Hill gestured, then he realized that he could not gesture with his hands, so he snapped his fingers, and flames floated out from the lantern hanging in the tree, and quickly changed its appearance under the control of Hill’s magic: “The shape is a towering ancient tree, and the inside is hollow. There are three layers.” The flame was pulled into shining red lines under Hill’s command to outline the general outline. “At that time, it can be named the Eternal Tree. The main leaders of your clan, academicians, and the like can live in it. You can hold your meetings here and you can also receive visitors in it.”

The dark elves originally didn’t have such a fixed place, the patriarch’s eyes lit up when he heard it, “Good idea, My King.”

The largest lake in the Dark Elf territory was slightly polluted. Hill threw the Research Department over to see how they could solve the pollution problem, and at the same time, ordered a ban on the discharge of magic waste into the lake.

Except for the slight pollution, the lake is still very beautiful. The elder said that if you come at night, you will see the star-lit lake. Hill thought about this scene and felt that it was so beautiful. Then he said that he could build a few pavilions by the lake, a very delicate one, with white pillars inlaid with shimmering light blue magic candelabra, and a purple veil dangles above the pillars, drifting with the wind.

Hill fell into a romantic imagination.

And an elder asked honestly: “What should we do if it rains?”

Hill froze, slowly turning back to look at the elder, just looking at him and continue looking at him.

After a few seconds, the elder said, “Ah, it’s not a problem, My King. Your idea is really beautiful! Other things are trivial matters, it’s our business.”

“Very well,” Hill said. “Come on, let’s move on to the next topic.”

The dark elves around let out a sigh of relief.

The two skeleton architects also followed them, ka-ka-ka-ka from time to time to make their own suggestions. Some of the original places can be remodeled, and some places the dark elves don’t want to move, so they won’t move. After all, Hill built it mainly for them.

They passed by a ruin with crumbling walls, fallen beams, broken fences, and barren grass growing in the middle of these ruins, but they could also see that the place used to be glorious. One of the elders said that fireflies would fly here at night and the children loved it.

Hill asked, “Does this type of place need to be rebuilt?”

“I think it’s okay,” the dark elf patriarch said.

Hill thought for a while, “No, just build new ones elsewhere. Most of the other buildings, just leave them alone. After all, this represents your history and has a special commemorative significance for some people.” He said with a smile, “And the children love it here, don’t they?”

The dark elf patriarch was startled, and then bowed: “Thank you, My King.”

Hill nodded and then continued: “Actually, I think that since you like night and moonlight, you can make the roof transparent. You can cover it during the day and put it out at night and sleep with the moonlight. If it rains, it will feel even better.”

It’s really good when you think about it. Those dark elves seem to be interested.

“Does this… use gems?” one of the elders asked.

“Crystal and glass are fine,” Hill said.

It looks like the demon realm will have to mass-produce glass, so let’s hurry this up and put it on the agenda as well.

At present, there are a lot of crystals in the demon realm, so it is not too wasteful to be used for these, but Hill is still a little reluctant. What he plans is to make half part crystal and half part glass, the result, the elders want glass more. At the time, high-quality glass in this world was much more expensive than crystal.

Hill rolled his eyes in his heart, and then said, “I want a crystal one.” He used his authority to get himself a big crystal, hehehe. Living in a room with a crystal roof has almost fulfilled a childhood dream, ah.

Unexpectedly, the patriarch burst into tears: “My King, you are really a simple and frugal demon king. In order to follow your example, we’ll also use crystals.”

“…you don’t have to.” The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched.

“It’s necessary, My King. We also want to be as simple as you,” the elders said one after another.

“…Okay,” Hill said, stupefied.

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