Chapter 136.1 – A Miracle in Famagusta

Hill and the skeleton construction team stayed in the dark elf territory for another day. During this day and a half, they finalized most of the construction work on the territory. The next few details are left to the skeletons and dark elves to communicate on their own.

Before leaving, the dark elves gave away a bunch of rare things. Hill said, “you shouldn’t have bothered, ah” but he unambiguously stuffed the things into his pocket. Cough, he quite likes these weird little things. But it’s still too weird. For example, the black dwarf gave him a hellhound p*nis… Speaking of which, many religions do have reproductive worship.

Hill: …

Hill returned to the Blackrock Tower with these things, sorted them out, and decorated some of them in the study.

Speaking of which, I can make a photo wall in the bedroom. Hill thought.

It was already night, and the rain outside was pattering. The Blackrock Tower has been wet for several days now. Hill likes the humid air and the rainy days.

He took out the magic camera and snapped two photos. The dark night, the railway in the rain, the lights on both sides of the railway were dim, and the night and rain made everything blurred, as if falling into a deep dream.

The first photo on the photo wall was available.

Then Hill went to the study. He took the first four sheets of paper about the construction of the Dark Elf territory off the wall. Irvine immediately took the paper and put it in the archives for safekeeping.

What was on those four sheets of paper was already implemented.

The papers stapled to the wall are unfinished tasks, which are collected by Irvine when they are completed. Hill felt it was like playing a computer game, clearing the tasks one by one. This organized feeling made him very comfortable. Of course, sometimes unexpected events can be quite pleasant… Ah, I miss Monroe a little bit again. As the saying goes, ‘when you are full and warm, you become lustful…’

Hill searched for a while on the paper on the wall and found a mission where he could “stop by and meet Monroe”: charity.

The charity work currently underway is mainly divided into two aspects. One is the investment of Old Jackson and Hill himself, which was carried out by Princess Delia of the Magnolia Empire, and is aimed at the poor people of the Magnolia Empire; the other is the Dark Church’s charity relief activities for residents around Famagusta.

Hill thought for a while, closed his eyes, and recalled what happened during this period of time.

He hasn’t asked about charity matters for a while, and in theory, should have gone to see it.

Tomorrow, leave the rest to Death Knight Goldnia, and then take a few dark elves and a few succubi to the human world. The former has a very strong concealment ability and can sneak into some places for eavesdropping; the latter’s spying process for intelligence is: walk over, ask, and get answers.

When he arrived in the human world, Hill released the dark elves and succubi to let them ask about Princess Delia’s charity affairs. He first went to Famagusta where the Dark Church was located.

Now that the summer solstice has passed, everything is abundant.

The scenery in Famagusta is completely different from last year. Hill strolls along the path, with the orchard on the left and the golden wheat field on the right. The forests in the distance are verdant and lush, and the villages nearby look peaceful and serene.

He still remembers the dirty town last year, and the starving people. And he still clearly remembers the face of the crazy woman who ate her own child…

Oh, that’s a hell of a thing to see.

Hill thought. It would be hard to believe that a place has changed so much if you didn’t see it with your own eyes.

He turned a corner and two priests in black robes on horses stopped in front of him.

Hill was dressed as a human noble at this time, he had no desire of revealing his identity and had the intention of testing, so he tilted his head and took the initiative to greet the two priests: “Two gentlemen, good day.”

“Good day, Your Excellency,” said one of the priests: “Where are you from?”

“I came from where I should be,” Hill said cleverly.

“Then you came from where you shouldn’t be,” said the priest.

Hill smiled. He didn’t answer the priest’s question. “It was a mess when I came here last time. It looks really good now.”

“Yes, in order to continue to maintain this good situation, we need to strictly control outsiders like you. I hope you can understand,” said the priest.

Hill feels that the attitude is not bad.

“What if I don’t understand?” Hill continued to provoke.

“We are very good at persuading people,” said the priest who has not spoken. “He uses the tongue, I use the sword.”

“That’s a little unfriendly.” Hill said, “I was hoping for a friendly exchange with you, my friend.”

“It is up to you, son, whether or not you communicate in a friendly manner.” The priest said, “We treat all outsiders the same, but outsiders don’t treat us the same.”

Gee, the priests of the Dark Church are also weirdly cute.

Hill laughed, he laughed softly at first, and then the laugh gradually became bigger, and finally caused thunder in the sky. The priests’ horses were frightened and threw them to the ground, and the two priests were also frightened. The power of the Demon King made them only lie on the ground and look up at Hill. They saw Hill’s body rise up, his hair turned white, and terrifying horns appeared on the top of his head. Then he spoke, his voice surrounded by thunder: “Faithful children, you have carried out the will of your Pope, and your God will bless you.”

The two priests were palpitating, their teeth chattering so much they couldn’t speak, they just stared at Hill with jaws agape.

After Hill finished speaking, a flame rose from the soles of his feet, and he disappeared into the flames, like the leg bones of bulls and goats melting in the sacrifice. The flame dissipated and everything disappeared like an illusion, but there were two things left on the ground, and they seemed to glow.

It took a long time for the two priests to stand up, and one of them walked over with shaky legs and found a cloak and a long sword lying quietly on the ground.

They immediately understood the meaning of the ‘God’ just now, the cloak was gifted to the defender and the sword to the warrior.

They looked at each other and saw the frenzy and excitement in their eyes.

This is a miracle! They are favored by God! Everything that just happened is a test of God!


The trees in the courtyard were verdant and the birds stayed above and sang happily.

Monroe was sitting under the tree in a plain white linen robe, and he was reading a roll of parchment.

The sun was shining, and there were large spots of light on his body. When the wind blew, the light and shadow on his body flickered, as if he lived between darkness and light.

“How elegant, Lord Pope,” a voice sounded.

Monroe raised his head and saw Hill lying on the roof over there with legs crossed, lazily basking in the sun.

Monroe closed the book and everything changed rapidly. The trees withered, the vibrant green extinguished, the sun fell in the haze, the wind became the whisper of ghosts, and the beautiful courtyard now became a typical dark and gloomy style. Even the small fountain in the courtyard is now filled with dark red liquid.

What Hill said about elegance refers to this illusion.

“Suddenly, there was a miracle in Famagusta, which were the ‘artifacts’ given to the priests. How good of you, Lord Demon King,” Monroe returned the compliment.

The illusion on the flat roof on which Hill originally lay disappeared, and turned into a row of spikes, and the pierced Hill was still alive and kicking. He went down the roof angrily, “How many eyes do you have in Famagusta? You found out so soon.”

“It’s not because of the informants. It was them who came back to the Dark Church yelling, so everyone in the Dark Church knew about it.” Monroe said, “Now, everyone is incredibly excited to go out and try their luck, see if they can also come across a ‘miracle’.”

“Oh, then allow me to bless the strangers who came to Famagusta during this time.” Hill drew a sign of the Dark God on his chest, and said with false emotion.

Famagusta is currently the only territory of the Dark Church in the human world. There is no harm in strengthening control. Besides, Hill has also seen Monroe’s achievements.

“Is this a blessing from the culprit?” Monroe asked.

“It seems like a debuff,” Hill commented.

“Sounds similar,” Monroe said.

“But what about the actual?” Hill asked rhetorically.

Monroe looked at Hill with a black cold flame in his eyes.


Hill immediately felt something clamoring in his chest, agitating, rolling over his sanity.

Hey. Really becoming threatening.

When Hill was about to say something, Monroe stroked the spine of the book, and a small wing appeared on the book immediately, and flew into the room with a flap, probably looking for his position on the bookshelf. Hill was attracted to it and craned his neck to look – his neck extended – and his head followed the book into the window, and finally saw that the book actually flew to the bookshelf by himself, squeezing into the gap between the two books.

Monroe silently looked at Hill’s neck, which was nearly a meter long.

Then Hill retracted his head, his eyes sparkling, “Wow it’s so amazing, teach me, teach me.”

“The way this magic works is like this…”

Hill quickly learned this magic, and after he was satisfied, he started talking about business: “I’m here this time to look at charity matters. You did unexpectedly well.”

“I just did what should be done,” Monroe replied.

“How is it over in the Plague Islands?” Hill asked.

“Not enough to make ends meet,” Monroe said. “Our dealings with the local indigenous people are all about giving them things.”

“That’s the way it is.” Hill nodded.

“But it doesn’t matter, we are not in the Plague Islands to make money.”

“Well, did you give them “The Condor Passes” and “The Last of the Mohicans”?”

“Not yet, I am still waiting for the perfect opportunity. I am collecting people from the Plague Islands, let them persuade the natives themselves.” Monroe said, “The natives of the Plague Islands are not living well.”

“Oh… I have an idea,” Hill said.


“Build them new houses,” Hill commented enthusiastically. He has recently become addicted to construction.

“…That’s also possible.” This is indeed a good idea.

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