Chapter 136.2 – Field of Fire

After spending a day at the Dark Church, the people under Hill’s hand were so efficient that they had pretty much scouted out the specifics of the charity over at the Magnolia Empire.

Princess Delia’s charity organization did some things in the beginning, and it was also published in “Demon Realm Magazine”, after which it was reduced to superficial works, or even worse.

Hill felt deeply unhappy: “Old Jackson’s money and our supplies have been supplied, but the poor people are not getting what they need.”

Monroe said: “It’s Borel’s side branch who’s in charge.”

“What is Borel?”

“The original surname of the deceased queen.”

“Oh. I understand.” Hill said, “The princess thinks her mother’s family can be trusted, so she left it to them.”

“They could have been reliable,” Monroe said.

“Even if they embezzled the charity’s money?” Hill asked back.

“Yes. For the princess, the Borel family would definitely be more willing to support her politically. Embezzlement of money does not matter. At least objectively speaking, it is true,” Monroe said.

Hill stared at Monroe for a while, his heart went cold a little bit, “Ah, you are right.”

“There is a feeling of being betrayed?” Monroe asked.

“A little, indeed,” Hill answered truthfully.

“In fact, you don’t have to be like this, because the princess is likely to be kept in the dark. Even though she’s good, being excluded from politics for over a decade is not something that can be fixed in a few months.” Monroe said, “And you’ve only fueled her ambition, it’s not like you’ve given her the ability to harness it directly.”

“Oh…” Hill nodded.

“Then leave this to me. I’ll take care of it for you,” Monroe said.

“Well… it’s very troublesome,” Hill said.

“I know, and I can see that you are very upset about it, so I am willing to share your worries with you. You can do what you like to do, and then wait for my good news,” Monroe said.

Hill did get annoyed hearing this embezzlement of money from charity organizations, he wanted to kill someone, a lot of them.

“The princess is up to you.” Monroe said, “My suggestion is to beat and beat.”

“She’ll probably fight back.” Hill said, “I’ve given her enough ambition for now.”

“King Magnolia has more than one child,” Monroe said, his eyes seemed to have ice thorns swept by a blizzard, all emotionless and sharp.

Damn. Monroe is so cold. Hill murmured in his heart. “I know…” he replied in a long drawn-out voice.

Monroe seemed a little helpless, “The way you look makes me feel as if I’m bullying you.”

“Then take the ‘as if’ away and forget it,” Hill said. He walked up to Monroe and wanted to say a few words, but in the end, it was not easy to say anything, so he just kissed him lightly on the lips, and then whispered, “I’ll wait for your news.”

“En.” Monroe nodded, and a little scarlet flower burned in his black eyes. “I’ll ask you for more when I come back.”

“Such treachery,” Hill mumbled.

“I believe in you. I gave you everything, including my body. Even if you are a god, you have to give something back.” The scarlet flowers are even more beautiful.

“Gods and goddesses… Then are you not blaspheming the gods?”

Unexpectedly, Monroe glanced at Hill and said calmly: “It was the god who took the initiative to blaspheme the paladin.”

… Ah, it seems to be so.

But he actually dared to talk back!

“Wow.” Hill rolled up his sleeves. “If I don’t have something to do later, you will see how I can clean you up.”

The courtyard was still gloomy with black mist.

But the atmosphere is no different from the charming and peaceful feeling of sunshine in the illusion.

Therefore, the splendor and warmth do not lie in the outside world, but in the heart.


The Borel family is a family that is good at making money. The current owner, Prince Tuttle Borel, is the younger brother of the former queen. When the Demon Realm Shopping Mall was just noticed by the royal family last year, he was the one who proposed to arrest Joan Baker and kill him, and then confiscate the property. But it was stopped by Old Jackson at the time, otherwise, Baron Baker would be in big trouble.

The Borel family, two-thirds of the merchants in Magnolia City hated them, and the remaining one-third hated them to death.

This time, it was the side branch of the Borel family who headed this charity organization, Randolph Borel.

Princess Delia initially approached him because of her cousin Kevin’s recommendation.

Kevin Borel—the eldest son of Tuttle Borel, grew up with the princess and prince. He was a good child, with a kind heart, but he couldn’t resist his father’s education. And so, he grew up with the family glory pressed on his body, and everything is fine. What’s the use of being kind? Look at all the things he did. The world wants results, no one cares how you are inside, not to mention, whatever bad things you did.

However, Princess Delia asked Kevin if there was any recommendation from someone who would do things practically, and she wanted to do something on her own. Kevin didn’t think so much at the time, he recommended Randolph to her, and Randolph Borel was indeed a very capable person.

Princess Delia summoned him and was very pleased with him, and then talked to him about the charity.

He said that he could go back and report to Prince Borel, Princess Delia was a little impatient, “Uncle will agree, and I am a princess, don’t I even have this power?”

Kevin agreed at the time. The princess said this and he could definitely not contradict her. After he returned, he truthfully told Lord Borel. Lord Borel thought it was just a little girl playing, so he didn’t take it seriously.

As a result, Kevin looked at the huge amount and was moved. He took the liberty of diverting a sum of money to pay tribute to Lord Borel, who was somewhat surprised and learned after careful questioning that the money was originally used to buy things for the commoners. After asking carefully, he learned that the money was originally used to buy things for commoners. So, Lord Borel thought that his niece was really wasting a lot of money. Instead of throwing the money out, it was better to give it to her uncle.

So, from embezzling part of the money to embezzling most of it, so the poor have received almost nothing…

Of course, Princess Delia was inspecting regularly. In order to fool her, Randolph had someone act as a commoner in advance to tell Princess Delia how well they did charity and how they supported the princess. Princess Delia didn’t have much eyesight, she couldn’t see that those people were acting.

Princess Delia will also speak in public in some villages, and the commoners who participated in the lecture have been educated in advance: if they talk nonsense, they will kill them – in fact, many people have died because of it.

Once, when Princess Delia spoke in the official language, the next civilian man couldn’t help but cursed. Because the other party’s local accent was too heavy, Princess Delia did not understand. She asked the village chief next to him: “What did he say?” The village chief glanced at the man, took note of his face, and then smiled: “He was saying long live the princess.”

Princess Delia believed it too.

Of course, that man and his family died afterwards.

His wife was stripped, passed on, and thrown into the river. His infant child was thrown to death to feed the dog. He was tied to a tree. He roared for three days and nights, and then died of hunger and thirst. The other people in the village were silent, and they were even more afraid to speak in the future.

This information is now on Monroe’s desk.

Monroe looked at it carefully, his expression calm.

He got up and left the temporary wooden hut, which instantly ignited a black flame, collapsed and destroyed.

Behind him, Leona’s body trembled.

His Holiness the Dark Pope is angry.


This day, Randolph was having a banquet in his own manor. His manor is located outside Magnolia City, on a small plain, which he recently built relying on charity.

At the banquet, there were some people from the Borel family, some people from charitable organizations, and some little nobles who flattered Randolph. Randolph was very proud, he lived lavishly during this period, he was familiar with the princess and brought so much income to the Borel family. Patriarch Borel was kind to him. It seems that his status in the family is going to rise up.

The banquet was very lively. The food at the banquet was all high-quality canned food provided by the Demon Realm Shopping Mall. The guests were full of praise.

Randolph was sitting in the first place, listening to the bard playing a tune, beside a courtesan, he was very happy.

At this moment, the servant’s voice sounded at the door: “This gentleman…you are not invited… Ahhhh!”

A scream suddenly rang out and then came to an abrupt end.

Then three uninvited guests appeared.

The man at the head of the group was dressed as a nobleman, and those with knowledge recognized it as the popular aristocratic attire of the Füssen Empire. On his left was a pale, petite young girl who looked somehow familiar, and on his right was a man with cold gray eyes dressed as a ranger. They were none other than Monroe and the two emissaries of the Dark Church.

“Who are you?” one of Randolph’s guards asked sharply.

Monroe looked at him and saw the iniquity wrapped around his body. Then, Monroe took off the brooch on his chest and gestured for the other man to come and get it.

Noble brooches are generally engraved with family crests. This display in this period is a bit like handing out business cards on the earth.

The guard walked over and stretched out his hand to pick up the brooch, but the moment his finger touched the brooch, it turned black. He screamed and quickly fell to the ground, his body turned into coke, and a black mist spread from his body, going up, and twisted into a sign carved by his brooch.

The sign of the Dark Church.

Someone screamed: “It’s the Dark Church!”

“The Dark Church!”


Such a horrible scene made everyone horrified, some noble ladies directly lost their minds and cried out, and the scene was in chaos.

Monroe said slowly, “Never touch the demons’ things.” Then he looked at Randolph who was sitting at the head, “What do you think, Mr. Randolph Borel?”

The lights in his eyes are like blades, with hot sparks pressed into them. After a sullen sentence fell to the ground, the sparks suddenly became full.

—Field of fire.

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