Chapter 137 – “I didn’t come here to kill, I came to solve the problem.”

Randolph’s Estate.

Randolph Borel was the hottest figure in Magnolia City five minutes ago.

Of course, he is incomparable with the real powerful men—Old Jackson, Lord Borel, and even Joan Baker. Although Randolph doesn’t want to admit it, it’s true that Joan Baker has reached a height that people like them can hardly hope to reach.

But in the eyes of the small and medium nobles, Randolph Borel is already an absolute big man.

His new estate is the most popular style in Magnolia, with lakes glistening in the sunlight and stone paths that echo through the verdant greenery. The house’s projecting window sills are beautifully carved with floral motifs, and the main gate is decorated with the family crest of the Borel family. The estate is surrounded by moonflowers, campanulas, gypsophila, geraniums, valerian, and at the front door are large magnolias.

The invited guests began to admire, admired the beauty of the manor, and admired Randolph’s aesthetics when they walked into the manor. Most of these guests are people related to Randolph’s interests. In other words, the people attending the banquet today are more or less mixed in the charity organization. ——Monroe naturally investigated this matter clearly.

These guests also have several socialites, but the grades of these socialites are incomparable to Eri Dale and Helen Lestat. The former need to pay the price of the body to get men, while the latter only need to hook their fingers and someone will naturally come to the door.

But despite this, Randolph still feels proud and is quite satisfied with this kind of life.

The whitening cream mixed with lead, arsenic, and carbonate—the arsenic beauty—the faint smell of rose perfume, intoxicating, but mixed with the bloody smell of the poor.

Outside the banquet, the flowers were in full bloom, and the magnolia took the lead, but buried under the grass and trees were the bones and flesh of the impoverished.

Five minutes ago, Randolph Borel was still the hottest figure in Magnolia City.

Five minutes ago, this banquet was still lively, and the bard was jumping and singing nasty ballads, causing the noble ladies to hide their faces and chuckle.

But now everything has changed.

Randolph Borel is still sitting in the first seat, not because he has courage, but because he can’t stand up anymore.

The banquet fell into deathly silence, and the people who had just screamed had already been covered by the people next to them, for fear of catching the attention of Monroe, the big evil star.

Randolph looked at all this and understood that he was in great trouble, his teeth chattered, and he was unable to speak.

Randolph naturally understood what Monroe meant, and he also knew the source of the charity money. After all, it was such a large sum of money. If they could, the Borel family would even reach out to the Demon Mall. Of course, they wouldn’t go against the demon race, they didn’t dare. What they want is to tell the demons that Joan Baker is a small baron, and cooperation with him is not as good as cooperation with the Borels.

Magnolia City still has such a profitable thing, and it is actually controlled by a small baron who can be squeezed to death, which is incredible for the Borels.

This is not sleeping on the side of your bed and snoring, this is ‘others not only sleep next to your pillow but also have sex with your lover’. ——For Tuttle Borel, the problem is this serious.

Yes, the merchants of Magnolia City have been oppressed by the Borel family for too long.

This is also one of the reasons why Joan Baker directly agreed to cooperate with the demons.

“You… the Dark Church…” Randolph stammered.

Monroe didn’t look at him, but politely said to the bard who was holding the lute next to him, “Please continue.”

“I, I…” The bard showed a look of fear.

Leona Bell walked over and gave him a sweet smile, “My Lord told you to continue.” She used some charm when she said this.

The bard felt a little dizzy at once, so he started playing the lute again. The last reason made him not play the dirty songs, but played the light music of the Fallen Angels, which was melodious and nice.

“Thank you.” Monroe nodded at Leona, even joking, “It looks like you are more effective than me.”

Leona smiled back, “The art has its place, My Lord.”

The relaxed chat between the two did not calm down the other people, but they were even more frightened – this man had just killed an individual and there was no fluctuation, and he was still chatting very casually! This is really terrible!

But in fact, many nobles can chat freely after killing a person, the difference is that many of them can’t bear to do it themselves…

Monroe took two steps forward, he was still wearing the noble attire of the Fussen Empire. That country is a country with a strong culture and art, and their clothes have many elements of bards. Therefore, despite the noble costume, it was not heavy, but appeared light, even unrestrained and windy. He just walked forward simply, and the other people at the banquet immediately gave him a way. They desperately squeezed against the wall so that Randolph, who was sitting at the top, and Monroe were directly facing each other.

Monroe was smiling, “I don’t want to disturb this lively banquet, I just came to find someone to settle the accounts.”

He was very polite, but after he directly killed someone, his behavior caused even greater psychological pressure.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Randolph cried out because of this psychological pressure.

“Maybe I can remind you, do you know where the money you took from the charity organization came from?” Monroe asked.

“I, I can give you money, I can give it back!” Randolph said.

“All the money must be returned,” Monroe said.

“I, I don’t have that much money…” Randolph stammered, most of which had been given to the Borel family.

“That’s your problem,” Monroe said.


“In addition, those who participated in the persecution of the victims must die,” Monroe continued.

“Some of them are not my people.” Randolph said, “I have no power to kill them…”

Monroe interrupted him: “That is also your problem.”

“You’re driving me to death!” Randolph, with his emotions out of control, roared as he stood up in anger.

“I didn’t come here to kill, I came to solve the problem.” Monroe’s voice was bland, “Of course, I don’t mind killing people either.”

His indifferent voice formed a sharp contrast with Randolph’s fierce emotions.

Randolph breathed violently, and his legs began to tremble.

“The money you took is from three parties, one from Duke Jackson, one from Princess Delia’s own small treasury, and the last one, from my Lord.” Monroe revealed a very typical villain smile: “You Borels like to use the royal family’s money, that’s fine. But if you dare to use the money of the demon race, it means you are seeking death.”

When he said this, the aura on his body had changed. His eyes changed from blue to a dark and terrifying abyss. His eyeballs seemed to be the bearers of countless desires and negative emotions, the essence of the dirt of the soul. He just looked at Randolph, causing Randolph’s body to lose control again, and fell into the seat.

Randolph was now dying of regret, why did he have to do this? How did he end up in such a situation?

But what he regretted was not doing something bad, not letting the poor people suffer, what he regretted was taking too much money. If I had taken less money, they would not have found out, and everything would have been fine — Randolph thought.

This person is already rotten.


When Monroe and his party went to the banquet, Hill went to Magnolia City. He first found Theodore and asked Theodore to find Princess Delia.

Theodore kept in touch with Princess Delia through Delia’s former maid, Linda, who was very efficient. In half an hour, Hill met Princess Delia at the magazine.

Theodore was preparing to serve tea and snacks, but Hill stopped him: “I’m not here for that, and I’m sure Her Highness isn’t either, so let’s get straight to business.”

Hill behaved rather rudely. But others had to accept this.

“His Royal Highness Grindelwald.” Princess Delia gave him a noble curtsy.

Hill just nodded faintly, raised his hand, “Sit down.”

This still rude performance made Delia’s brows pass light marks, but she still sat down.

“I have something to talked to you about,” Hill said straight to the point, and then slowed down, “It’s about the charity.”

He slowed down, intending to let Princess Delia psychologically prepared, such as for telling the truth.

Theodore here apparently misunderstood this detail that Hill showed: “Do you need me to excuse myself?” Theodore asked, thinking that Hill had slowed down his speech for him to hear.

“No.” Hill said. “Feel free.”

“Okay.” Theodore’s voice was cheerful.

“So, is there anything you want to say to me about the charity?” Hill turned to Princess Delia.

Princess Delia thought for a while, and said, “Uh, thank you Mr. Grindelwald?”

Hill looked at Princess Delia’s expression carefully, trying to find traces of lying in it, but he found none of it. “Haha. What do you do every day?”

This repeated rude behavior finally made Princess Delia unable to bear it: “Mr. Grindelwald, this question of yours is a little too presumptuous.”

“Really.” Hill said indifferently: “Then let me put it another way, how much time do you spend on charity?”

“I pay attention to the latest developments every few days.” Princess Delia said confidently: “More diligently than I have been learning equestrianism.”

Oh, comparing philanthropy to equestrianism, this is really… in the eyes of the princess, this is just a “fun hobby”. Hill couldn’t help shaking his head, didn’t the tears she shed from the things she saw flowed into her heart?

Theodore frowned over there. Although he was restricted by the times, he also felt wrong.

Hill glanced at Theodore and said, “Theodore, you can ask next.”

Theodore nodded, he thought for a while, and first asked: “Delia, who did you give this matter to?”

Their reaction made Delia a little at a loss. Unlike Olivia, Delia really belongs to the kind raised in a boudoir. “It’s my uncle’s family,” she said softly.

Theodore didn’t react a little.

“Borel,” Hill prompted.

Theodore understood this surname as soon as he heard it. He frowned, with a reproach in his voice: “Have you ever inquired about the reputation of the Borels?”

Princess Delia was a little aggrieved: “I know some, but the commoners dare to scold even the royal family, let alone the Borel family…”

Theodore didn’t know what to say for a moment, there were some things he could say, and some things were really inconvenient to say.

So, Hill asked on his behalf: “So, do you think the royal family should be scolded?”

Delia stood up.

The words really struck.

She and Hill looked at each other for a few seconds, and then Princess Delia sat down slowly. “I will visit and give lectures every once in a while… they should have done a good job.” She explained aggrievedly. This posture of lowering her body is very rare for her, after all, she is a princess loved by all.

“I got some information.” Hill said. He glanced at the oil lamp on the table, then he put his fingers in and pulled out a stack of papers. Monroe asked Irvine to send it. “This is the specific information sent by the Dark Church. I haven’t read it yet. I am afraid I will lose control and kill people.”

Hill handed the stack of papers to Princess Delia, and Princess Delia turned pale after reading a page: “This, is this true?”

Hill did not answer the question. There was no need.


Randolph Estate.

“You, how dare you?!” Randolph Borel stood up, his pupils trembling violently, “I am a Borel! You can’t kill me!”

“Yes.” Monroe said, “I can’t kill you.”

Black mist surged over his skin, his eyes had turned an evil red, and a hellish aura hung over him. The mist condensed into a throne behind him, and he sat down gracefully, legs folded, scepter resting on his knees, with the contempt that could not be concealed in his eyes, “But they can.”

“You, what do you mean?” Randolph asked.

Monroe closed his eyes and slumbered, Leona tilted her head next to him, and a bunch of resentful spirits floated out of her. The bunch of resentful spirits were twisted together, making the environment in front of her even more terrifying like a nightmare.

Someone finally couldn’t control his emotions and screamed.

Leona said: “My Lord wants silence.”

The screaming person immediately made no sound as if he was stuck in his throat.

Leona continued briskly, “Well, that’s what we intend to do. And all of you here are not good people, so I have a proposal, you cleanse your sins by joining the Dark Church, my Lord will bless you.”

The situation is clear now.

Join the Dark Church, or die.


Magnolia City.

Delia’s tears fell on the paper with various information written on it.

Hill had already made up his mind.

At this time, the flame changed color, and a piece of paper came out of the shot. While Hill thought that it was really like the Goblet of Fire in the Triwizard Tournament, he caught the paper with his hand.

Above is Monroe’s handwriting.

He looked at it and then cupped the note and stuck it into the flame, which burned the note and tenderly licked Hill’s fingers. Hill blew the remaining black ashes off his fingers and said, “The latest information is that, the honorable man on my side who is very angry with Randolph, wants to kill him, and I kind of want to.”

Given Theodore’s knowledge of Hill, he planned to do so every time he said “kind of”…

Princess Delia: “But…”

“How about you solve this problem?” Hill interrupted her comfortably, and did not let her continue. “Your Royal Highness, how about a little value?”

Princess Delia was a little at a loss: “Do I need to take care of you killing Randolph Borel?”

“Yes.” Hill nodded, “I suggest that you should become better, at least not too far from Miss Jackson, you are a princess. Otherwise, I will be troubled.” He smiled after saying that and picked up the hat over there, flicked it twice, put it on his head, and left.

Theodore chased after Hill not far away, “Mr. Grindelwald!”

“Huh?” Hill stopped. “What?”

“How can I help you?” Theodore asked.

“Aren’t you going to comfort your princess?” Hill quipped

Theodore sternly said: “She is a princess, there are things she can bear.”

Hill asked with a smile, “Does it include losing you?”


“Just kidding.” Hill really seemed to be joking.

Theodore was a little confused, but he said, “Uh, just, can I help in any way?”

“Are you planning to enter a charity organization?” Hill asked.

“Yes.” Theodore nodded, “I think I can help, but the magazine…”

“The magazine needs you. You know what the magazine is like now. I suggest that you should start cultivating suitable talents. I will only consider letting you manage other departments when there are enough staff.” Hill said, ” I will go to Old Jackson and talk about the charity. I have to reorganize this matter, but you can rest assured that the charity will definitely continue.”

“Okay, sir.” Theodore listened attentively, and then he said, “I have a impertinent request…”

Hill said: “You want Princess Delia to continue to be part of the charity organization, right?”

“En.” After being pierced, Theodore was not embarrassed, nor did he squirmed, but expressed his thoughts generously: “After all, Princess Delia has not been in contact with the outside world too much, so she stood from her point of view, making this kind of mistake is…”

Hill admired Theodore’s attitude.

“But do you know the consequences of her mistake?” Hill asked.

“I am willing to bear it for her.” Theodore said, “Please give her another chance.”

Hill looked at Theodore for a while, “You are just a human being, there are some things you can’t afford.”

“It’s responsibility. As they say in the movie, don’t bully the young people. Because young people have infinite possibilities.” Theodore was not afraid at all, he said seriously: “I will work harder and be more demanding on myself.”

Theodore ah. Really a novel protagonist type of character.

Hill has a good opinion of him.

“Very well, then continue to do so. I promise that your future is immeasurable.” Then Hill said to the air: “You stay here in the future to protect his safety.”

The figure of a dark elf appeared and knelt on one knee, “Yes, My King.”

Theodore was stunned for a moment and also immediately responded, “Thank you, Mr. Grindelwald.”

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Randolph Estate.

The guests stepped forward one by one to sign a contract, and then drank the water of the River Styx that Leona gave them.

One of them tried to grab the door and was directly killed by Leona’s evil spirits. This made the guests even faster. At this time, the twenty-seven people at the banquet, except for the bard who was still playing the lute, drank the water of the River Styx.

“Breaking the oath will destroy your body and soul, so if any of you are foolish enough to try it, it’s just the right time to demonstrate it to the others.” Leona said, “I suggest you try it yourself, but it’s a bit painful,” she said this with a playful and cute smile.

…This is a demon.

The people present were silent.

“Then do the first task, go and kill Randolph together,” Leona licked her lips, her eyes released a fascinating light: “God is watching you.”

The bard was still immersed in Leona’s enchanting magic, with a vain smile, playing the lute intoxicated.

The tune was so melodious.

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Sleeping on the side of your bed and snoring – it’s like in business when you have a competitor, like you have a whole cake but suddenly someone cuts it in half and ate it in front of you

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