Chapter 138 – The Second Mobile Game

Today is destined to be a long day.

It was cloudy over Magnolia City.

When Princess Delia came out of the magazine, the sky was already lightly raining, the servant at the door immediately stepped forward to give her an umbrella. She shook her head and said, “You go back first, I will walk alone.”

She recalled the contents of the information, the shocking facts. She suddenly realized that she had been living too easily.

The rain poured on her, and quickly washed away her tears. Her eyes became more and more determined. After stepping into the royal court, her expression had returned to its previous appearance.

She did not go to bathe and change clothes, but went straight to King Magnolia and began to cry and cry to him with this appearance.

Her assistance to the commoners was known to King Magnolia – after all, the matter was widely publicized at the time. King Magnolia did not realize what political leverage there might be behind this, and he certainly did not know how much Princess Delia had spent, he just thought it was a girl’s good heart, and she could have fun if she wanted to, which was better than getting involved with the demons.

Although King Magnolia himself is now entangled with the demons, he is an adult and can control himself, but Princess Delia cannot. King Magnolia thought so with his arms around the succubus.

Now Princess Delia is crying and telling him that a Borel side branch has bullied her and stole her money. “I clearly told him that father is paying attention to this matter, but he still stole my money and the royal family’s money. He didn’t put us in his eyes at all,” Princess Delia said angrily.

She did it deliberately. She knew that King Magnolia paid special attention to “Royal Dignity” and “King’s Majesty” -even though she felt that Magnolia, who was addicted to succubus, had no majesty anymore.

It must be said that although Princess Delia is relatively immature in many places, she is far more mature than a girl of this age in terms of court struggles and political sensitivity.

“Borel, hmph, a side branch of the Borel…” Magnolia said with a cold face.

So, Princess Delia took the opportunity to say: “Leave this to me, father, I want to punish that damn guy myself.”

King Magnolia naturally agreed.

Princess Delia did not drag, her clothes were already half dry at the moment, and she just led a group of soldiers directly to Randolph’s estate without regard to her image. At this moment, Monroe and Spike had already left, only Leona who was flirting with the bard.

Leona gave Princess Delia a list of people involved in the corruption incident, followed by incriminating evidence.

Then Leona said meaningfully: “The next step is up to you, my Lord is watching you.”

“Okay. I won’t let His Royal Highness Grindelwald down for the second time,” Princess Delia said appreciatively.

“Don’t speak too soon, my lovely little princess.” Leona’s fingers traced Princess Delia’s cheeks, “You look good in your current outfit.”

Princess Delia took a look at her somewhat dirty appearance and asked, “Are you laughing at me?”

“No, I was being sincere, your eyes are good.” Leona walked outside the manor after she finished, and the fascinated bard quickly followed.

Princess Delia stared at Leona’s back for a while, then she looked at the names of the people on the list and took a deep breath.

So far, this matter has come to an end.

Of course, this move by Princess Delia must have offended the Borel family.


Hill went to give a word to Old Jackson, who was silent at the time.

It was already night, and the rain outside was a bit heavier than in the afternoon. The entire Magnolia City was soaked in the rain of the summer night, and the streetlights were foggy in the night. Old Jackson stood at the window looking out, while Hill sat behind the table thinking about other things.

“…I thought I was used to this kind of thing,” Old Jackson said.

“Have you been through something like this a million times before?” Hill asked, and then he answered himself, “Yeah, it’s hard enough for you when you’re stuck with a guy like King Magnolia.”

“Well. Magnolia himself would just take the money that was given to the poor, without even hiding it,” Old Jackson said.

“I’m curious, in your eyes, slaves and commoners should not be considered talents, right? That seems to be the most popular view?” Hill asked.

“I’m also very curious. In the eyes of you demons, the more humans die, the better, right?” Old Jackson asked.

“Now I’m the one asking.” Hill said, “Old Jackson.”

“His Royal Highness Grindelwald.” Old Jackson said suddenly: “When are you going to take over the position of the Demon King?”

“Attention, sir, you have already asked two questions,” Hill said.

“If you owe too much debt, it doesn’t matter.”

“Hmm… Take over the position of the Demon King, huh.” Hill thought for a while, “When I am ready to have King Magnolia step down, I will announce to the public that I am the Demon King.”

“…So, you really are the Demon King himself?” Old Jackson turned around and looked at Hill.

Hill smiled, “Do you think the Demon King will be as approachable as me?”

Old Jackson pondered for a while, and finally shook his head, “The charity organization needs to be reorganized, let’s put out someone from my side.”

It seems that the other party already knows his mind, Hill just skimmed past those questions, “Then I will send a demon and a paladin, the charity organization will be directly linked to the Demon Mall.”

Old Jackson looked over: “It’s too much.”

“It’s not yet attached to the Dark Church, ah,” Hill said.

Old Jackson: “…”

Old Jackson: “Okay, let’s go to the Demon Mall.”

His Royal Highness Grindelwald can really talk about morality.

“In addition, Princess Delia can be excluded.” Old Jackson said, “It gets tainted when she gets involved.”

Hill: “Oh.”

Old Jackson: “Oh what.”

Hill grinned: “I just agreed to let Princess Delia participate.”


“I promised to Theodore,” Hill explained.

Old Jackson stared at Hill for a while, and finally said, “Since you have decided…that’s fine. Sometimes, I can’t really guess what you are thinking.”

“You should be grateful that you can’t guess it.” Hill smiled, “The name of the organization is…” He remembered when he was chatting with Monroe, Monroe had said before that he dreamed of becoming the head of the paladins, and he wanted to call his knights… “Birds of Dawn, I think,” he said.

“It sounds like the name of the paladins,” Old Jackson said.

“No.” Hill smiled slightly. “This is a token of love for my lover.”

Old Jackson looked at Hill with blank eyes: “Lover.”

“Yeah, I’m a family man too.” Hill laughed lightly, and went on to plan: “Well… next you can make a promotional documentary and get the nobles to donate. Choose two image spokespersons, Demon Dragon Arman, um…oh, package the girl group as one.” He finalized the basic policy in a few words, “How about the documentary being filmed by your people?”

“Okay. I’ll send Jefferson over, he’s on a break.” Old Jackson said, “What about the original people from the charity?”

“Most of it is solved,” Hill said concisely.

Old Jackson glanced suspiciously at Hill: “You have abandoned the friendly atmosphere of the demons created by such a great effort…”

“Don’t worry, I am not a short-sighted person, my eyes are long, longer than that…”

“…I profoundly understand how long it is, so let’s end this topic here.”

“Old Jackson, you don’t know how to joke, I thought you were old and strong.”

“…” If such a person is a demon king, the demon realm will be extinct. Old Jackson thought blankly.

“Oh, by the way, I caused some trouble for your daughter.”


“I told Princess Delia that she is inferior to your daughter.”

“She was never as good as Olivia in the first place.” Old Jackson bristled, “Others think that Theodore relied on Princess Delia to climb to this position, rather than saying that Princess Delia is so valued by you because of Theodore.”

Hill laughed happily. “That’s all for now.” He clasped the hat on the table onto his head casually, “I’m busy, I’ll go first.”

Old Jackson got up to see him off, “You are always busy.”

“Yeah, after all, my ambition is not small.” Hill lowered the brim of his hat and smiled. “I suggest, Old Jackson, you also keep busy a little.”

Old Jackson raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Do more of what should be done. And then, do your best.”

Hill went out and his form drifted away in the rain.

The next day, Old Jackson got the news that Princess Delia had solved quite a few people from the charity organization.

Princess Delia… This must be Grindelwald’s hand, and then he let Princess Delia cover it up. Otherwise, Princess Delia wouldn’t kill anyone even if she knew it – it was a fact. Instead of forcing Princess Delia to kill someone, it’s better to kill first and then stimulate her, let her take the initiative to take care of it.

It’s no wonder that Grindelwald would agree to let Delia continue to stay in the charity organization, it seems that she also has a lot of merits.

Demon Realm.

Hill sent a message to Olivia: “I told Princess Delia that she is inferior to you, what do you think?”

Olivia replied: “It’s just facts.”

Hahaha okay, like father like daughter. This pair of father and daughter is really good.


Now that Old Jackson took over the charity business, Hill could free up his hands for other things.

On July 15, the first album of the girl group “Love Magic” arrived as scheduled.

The quality of Super Girl’s albums is definitely not less than that of the girl groups on Earth, but the succubi have magic bonuses, and their dancing is theoretically superior to humans.

In addition, this is the first time that mankind has seen such an art form, so it is conceivable what kind of repercussions it has caused in various places.

For a time, the three female members of the girl group became the dream girls of many people.

The album has a total of seven songs, four of which are written by Hill himself, the other three are directly adapted from the Korean group songs. The shooting of MV is more tiring than the movie, Hill felt his brain explode when he edited it. Of course, the effect of striving for perfection is naturally also very good. Gormund made a cameo appearance, and the Fallen Angel Orchestra also appeared on the scene.

This kind of linkage made the fans on both sides very excited.

Hill feels the rhythm is good.

The Super Girl members spend a few hours every day reading letters, and most of the remaining time is spent practicing. They also want to release their second album as soon as possible. Hill asked them to wait first, he doesn’t want to do editing anymore. It’s really exhausting.

In addition, the game “Love and Demons” has already been completed, it is estimated that in a month or so, there will be official clearers.

‘It seems that we have to start another game,’ Hill thought.

His first thought was the “Nuanuan” series, but the tentacle monster painters have not yet completed the illustrations. Hill thought that the last game was for women, so let’s make a mobile game for men.

Hmm… First, push the not-so-good games, then push better ones, and then push better ones, so that there is room. Otherwise, if the classic games are promoted at the beginning, the later games will not be fun for everyone.

What should I push?

Keywords, men, easy money, fast food mobile games.

Hill’s eyes lit up and with a wave of his pen, he wrote a large line on the paper:

“Hello, I am Zha Zhahui, welcome to Lan Yue. If you are a brother, come and slash me.”

This game is really perfect! Fits all the requirements he needs right now!

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