Chapter 139 – I am like a cloud wandering in the distance

After making preparations for the development of “Blue Moon”, Hill didn’t dawdle and immediately went into the game design.

“Blue Moon” will become the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in another world, and Hill must be very careful to set it up. Let’s make the job setting simpler. Warrior, mage, bard, three professions, warrior melee, mage long-range, bard support. The two camps, naturally, are the human race and the demon race.

The protagonist initially descended in the Novice Village, slaying chickens and deer, upgrading, acquiring equipment, running around to help the people in the village, and then going to the town to scan the map one by one. At the same time, the dialogue between the NPCs was accompanied by the main storyline. The main storyline of human beings is to defeat the demons, and the main storyline of the demons is to drive the humans out of the demon realm. At a certain level, you can join a guild, which can also engage in battles with each other.

Oh, by the way, there are also fashion and shopping malls, as well as real-time update rankings, battle power rankings, glamour rankings, fashion rankings, and etc., which are essentially useless, but will make your name be seen by the whole server. It will give you a shiny and bright title, that kind of refreshment will make people spend money like crazy.

…probably. Hill looked up at the sky and thought.

Although he has not done that before, he can roughly understand the psychology of those people.

There are also spokespersons? There are three spokespersons for three professions, the warrior is naturally Demon Dragon Gormund, let him sell meat! Let him sell meat! The mage, let the girl group do it, and the bard, let the fallen angel come up. Perfect.

There is also the ad slogan… In the end, what is the meaning of “If you are a brother, come and slash me”…

“Hello everyone, welcome to play Blue Moon, this is a brand-new game you haven’t played before. Just experience it for three minutes and you will love this game as much as I do. Tonight’s Magnolia Continent, tonight’s Demon Realm, I am your brother.”

“Anything can be achieved as long as you can think about it. The Blue Moon game is officially launched. The first charge, as long as there is one Demon Coin, a good game can be played. What are you waiting for, a cut of 999 is not a dream.

“Formidable warrior, terrifying mage, mysterious bard, look, what are you waiting for, do you want to conquer the demon realm with me? Do you want to walk through the human world with me? As long as you come, we can do it! Come and play Blue Moon if you are a brother!”

Hill wrote three advertising slogans with a swipe of his pen, planning to take three hapless guys to shoot the advertisement tomorrow.

Last year, when he was writing “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, he often lost his pen in embarrassment, but in just one year, he has begun to write about this kind of stuff without changing his face, and he feels that he has matured a lot. Hmm… or more shameless perhaps.

The fighting method of this game is the same as the fighting method of web games on Earth. It is an automatic monster-fighting type. It has no technical content and relies purely on krypton gold and luck. This is also relatively easy for the game maker, Hill.

He spent the whole morning finishing up the overall framework of the game, and then it was time for step-by-step writing. Hill arranged the next mission schedule in the study, and then suddenly he slapped the table, his spirits flying.

“Blue Moon” can be renamed to “Red Moon”, after all, the Demon Realm has a red moon. That’s it for this game, positioning is fast food.

And large games like “World of Warcraft” can also be on the agenda.

Set up a dedicated game department, and carefully write a grand game similar to “World of Warcraft”. There are two camps of demons and humans. Players can choose different races and different professions. Each race has its own story. For example, the dark elves were slaughtered by humans and finally came to the Demon Realm… These histories can also be shown in games.


The afternoon sky was overcast, with a southwesterly wind blowing, a weather not suitable for traveling, but Hill hated being disrupted, so he took Irvine, the dark elf Albrecht, and the bard that was sent as a tribute (?) by the Dark Church emissary, Leona, and together, they all went out.

The bard’s name was Grant, he didn’t feel fear after being released from Leona’s magic control, but was very excited instead. He was a lover of the demon culture, and he was full of desire to explore the demon realm and the demon race. He was eager for adventure and new things. In addition, he was able to speak well, and his lips were very slippery, so he became Hill’s favorite (?) for a while.

Hill had some ideas about his talents, so he gave him a lot of personal freedom. In other words, it was as if Bard Grant had been invited to the Demon Realm as a guest.

The four of them walked along the river in the dwarf forest. At the end of the river was the orc’s territory. Bard Grant was saying all kinds of messy things along the way: “The red bird that just flew past is really beautiful. The most beautiful bird I have ever seen—oh, of course, it’s not as good-looking as my bird.” Oh, the dirty jokes that bards have always been good at.

Hill suddenly interrupted: “I don’t believe it.”

Irvine immediately followed: “I don’t believe it either.”

Hill was about to continue to say “no picture, no truth”, but Dark Elf Albrecht said, “Of course, how can you compare to My King’s, My King’s is the most beautiful!”

Hill: “…”

Grant continued: “Well, although I really want to discuss this, I always feel that this is very disrespectful to Lord Demon King… Speaking of which, you are actually the Lord Demon King, we always thought you were a prince.”

“It doesn’t matter what I am.” Hill said, “The important thing is that whether I am the demon king or the prince, I can easily pinch you to death.”

“Oh, you are right, so I will forget about it,” Grant said.

Hill nodded in satisfaction.

Then Grant started talking again: “Wow these  guinea fowls are so beautiful, I know them!”

“Is it pretty?” Hill looked at the guinea fowls. They had small heads, fat bodies, and gray feathers with white spots on them. The wattles on their beaks were red and blue, which were rather bright, but really not good looking.

“Their meat is delicious and tender,” Grant added.

“Oh, then their chubby bodies are really beautiful.” Hill snapped his fingers, “Irvine.”

Irvine rushed up immediately, and soon he brought three guinea fowls back. The dark elf bound their feet with tree vines and carried them away. These guinea fowls became the first food they found today. The group continued to walk forward, and then the forest opened up in front of them, disappearing as if disconnected, the mountains appeared, and the river that was flowing down from the peaks. Hill looked up and found that the river was the melting of the snow at the top of the mountains.

“If we go further south, we will reach the beach,” said the dark elf. “To the west is the orc tribe.”

“Let’s go to the beach,” Hill said with interest. “We will stay outside tonight.”

The demons naturally didn’t have any opinions, and Bard Grant looked very excited. He began to walk and play while holding the lute: “I walked through the forest and the swamp with my demon companions, through the black river that flowed, the wind passed by us, it was singing for me…”

They literally passed through a swamp, a black swamp that occupied a particularly large space, seemingly almost to the point of never-ending. The air above the swamp was cold and sticky, and if it was summer, it would be a forbidden place for all living things. There are shrubs soaked in it all year round, they rot, they are full of germs, and they pass them on to more creatures. The broken tree trunks were also sticky with all kinds of fungus, and Hill saw spiders crawling around, as well as a number of oligotrophic animals.

This made him a little goosebumps.

Speaking of it, the “goose pimples” in Chinese are goosebumps in English.

“I have an idea.” Hill said, “Bard, don’t sing for now.”

“Okay, My King.” Grant closed his mouth immediately, and performed an unconventional aristocratic courtesy toward Hill, “As you command.”

“Record a show that travels around the demon realm, explore different demon races, make friends with them, enjoy the scenery, and find food.” Hill said, “you and a demon partner will be broadcasted on magic phones every week. “

“Okay! Is the partner a beauty?” Grant said.

“Obviously not,” Hill said. “It should be a demon dragon or a dark elf. You know the two.”

“…In contrast, doesn’t that make me look more skinny and ugly?” Grant said.

“You have that mouth of yours.” Hill said, “I hope you can form a contrast. You are lively and the other party is taciturn, so that you can create a show effect.”

“Then I can usually make fun of the other party, but when pushed, the other person will beat me up… to add laughs to the audience?” Grant asked.

“I hope you don’t mind.” Hill spread his hands.

“Do I have a choice?” Grant asked hopefully.

Hill smiled, “Al.”

The dark elf’s knife was an inch out of its sheath, and grinned his teeth: “My King is compassionately assigning tasks to you. This is your glory. You actually pushed back and forth. Human, are you tired of living?”

“Um, I know the answer, yes, I accept,” Grant took a step back and said immediately.

“In the middle, we will randomly arrange some companions for you, such as the Dark Church emissary who brought you here,” Hill said.

“No problem!” Grant said loudly, “Please trust my tongue, Lord Demon King! I used to attract many Magnolia City nobles with this tongue!”

As they talked, the wind became stronger and the weather became more gloomy, and it seemed that it was about to rain. Several people speeded up and quickly reached the coast. A dozen kilometers away from here is the clam breeding base that the siren clan is in charge of, but Hill has no plans to go there.

Dark Elf Albrecht put away his twin swords and volunteered to find a suitable place to spend the night on the mountain. Irvine went to find more food. Hill stood on the beach and looked at the sea. The clouds spread quickly, from the sea to the sky. The connecting place spread all the way, and quickly converged with the dark clouds on the land, and became one piece.

The bard shivered, “It’s a little cold, Lord Demon King. This is the prelude to a storm.”

“It looks like we’re in for a treat tonight,” Hill said. He was in a good mood.

At this moment, a huge tentacle suddenly burst out of the sea and rolled towards the bard. Grant was taken aback, he hurried to hide behind Hill. The tentacles suddenly became stiff when they were about to touch Hill, and Hill smiled slightly and said, “It looks like our dinner tonight is more abundant.” Hill likes grilled squid very much.

Grant took a look and found that the tentacles had been sliced, and they were floating in the air controlled by magic.

Grant swallowed: “Awesome~!”

“Let’s go and see if the dark elf is finished,” Hill said casually.

There was no suitable cave on the mountain, so Albrecht dug one by himself. The bard volunteered to collect dry wood, but soon he came back wet, the rain had started, and he only found a few firewoods.

Irvine came back and immediately started a fire, the flames lit up the cave temporarily dug by the dark elf, and it was very warm. It was pouring rain outside, the storm was roaring, and the surging rain made the scenery outside blurry.

Irvine handles the guinea fowl well. The fat content of the guinea fowl is relatively low, and the meat is more delicious than ordinary chicken. The fowl was cut into pieces and skewered with branches, brushed with a layer of teriyaki sauce, and grilled on the fire. Soon, the meat skewers gave off an attractive burnt aroma, and the outside also showed an attractive golden yellow. Some parts were scorched and turned dark, which looked even more mouth-watering.

Then came the big tentacle.

Albrecht quickly sliced the tentacles with his twin swords. Those aquatic mollusks were rich in fat. When they were placed on a very high-temperature stone slab, they immediately made a mouth-watering hissing sound, grease emerged from the meat, and the rich aroma of the brownish-red sauce applied on top of it immediately spread out. In a moment, the cave was filled with the delicious aroma of grease and sauce mixed together.

The glistening, fragrant barbecue… Grant felt that his eyes were going to pop out, he walked all afternoon, he was already very hungry.

The problem is, this is what the demon king wants to eat, and generally speaking, it wouldn’t be given to him.

According to the habits of human nobles, it would be good if he could eat the leftovers.

Irvine took out several wooden cups and handed them to everyone in turn, including Grant. This surprised Grant a bit, can he be treated the same as the demons?

Dark Elf Albrecht saw his doubts, and it was rare to take the initiative to explain: “The demons are different from humans. You can be treated highly if you have value. Since My King said that you should host a program, then it means you have the same qualifications as us.”

“Value,” Grant repeated, his expression a bit complicated for a while.

The barbecue was done quickly, and Irvine poured a simple blend of coconut juice for everyone.

The quality of the guinea fowl is very tender and delicious, and it tastes quite wild and rich. And because the craftsmanship of the Irvine is top-notch, this grilled chicken skewer is simply amazing. The tentacle grill is slightly dehydrated after grilling, and it has a wonderful burnt aroma, but it still has the plump and tenderness that the grilled chicken skewers do not have. In addition, the taste of the oil and sauce mixed together makes everyone’s mouth unable to stop.

Drink a glass of coconut juice after the barbecue, refreshing and cozy.

“Come and sing a song,” Hill said, “something beautiful.”

“Good.” Grant wiped his greasy mouth and picked up the lute.

Hill walked on the edge of the cave.

The storm tonight was so fierce that the storm almost tore the mountains to pieces. Waves crashed down on the boulders and the tide rolled wildly across the channel.

It was truly a magnificent sight.

In the ears are the sound of the lute and the singing of the bard:

“I’m like a cloud wandering in the distance

But I never miss my hometown

The golden flowers of the meadow bloom against the sky

The reflection of the stars in the lake is like the Milky Way shining

Ten thousand waves are dancing in the middle of the sea

These are things that people in my hometown have never seen before


I’m like a cloud wandering in the distance

But I never miss my hometown”

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