Chapter 140 – To him who died for his faith

Editor-in-Chief’s Notes:

“Hi everyone, haven’t seen me in a month, did you miss me?

A lot of things have happened during this period of time, and all kinds of things have taken up my time, so the editor-in-chief’s notes of the last issue of the magazine was written by Theodore. Tch, how can a little human being match the charm of this honorable me, I believe you are all waiting for my return. What? The editor-in-chief’s notes from the last issue were well received? Damn. Well, that’s a bit embarrassing, pretend I didn’t say anything.

Haha, well, just kidding.

Yesterday I went to Josh Kenny and found that there was a warm atmosphere in the streets and alleys. I went to meet Captain Rod and learned from him that the Beer Festival in Josh Kenny was coming soon!

I heard that the Josh Kenny Beer Festival, the Mülheim Social Month, and the Art Carnival of the Fussen Empire are the three most lively events in the Magnolia continent. What? What do you say about the four major events? The Holy Ordination Day of the church is naturally out of our consideration. I am just careful, hey (* ̄︶ ̄). Speaking of it, you humans really have all kinds of interesting festivals.

To catch up with such an interesting festival, I let Super Girl perform public performances during the Josh Kenny Beer Festival. I wonder if they can get the crown of the God of Wine and the Queen of Beauty, if so, then they would be the first demons ever to win this honor at Beer Festival. In addition, the Demon Realm Shopping Mall will also put on a batch of the latest beers, there are also a number of fruit wines, carefully brewed from selected ingredients, in a variety of flavors: rose, mint, and peach… Here’s a strong recommendation for brown sugar flavored yogurt wine, Joan, that guy likes lemon flavored yogurt wine, and I suspect he likes the green color. No need to suspect the car without evidence, I’m just driving, let me cross my arms for a while.

The next issue of the magazine prioritizes submissions to the Beer Festival. “Love and Demons” will also launch Beer Festival-related activities. You can collect beers in the game to get the male characters drunk, and trigger different events according to their drunk level. Please look forward to it~

At present, “The Godfather” has been serialized to the plot of how Don Corleone made his fortune. This story is very exciting. It made me excited. I even wanted to abandon my work and run to become a mafia. Then I was mercilessly dragged back by Xiao Hui (Little Fire), and he told me how much work I had accumulated… Pounding the floor in agony.

That’s all for this issue of the magazine. Let me wish you a Happy Beer Festival in advance!

Cheers! For the Magnolia Continent! For the friendship between humans and demons! “

Hill wrote the last stroke in a polite manner, and then handed the manuscript to the magazine.

Yesterday, he did go to Josh Kenny, and Captain Rod himself had joined the Dark Church, and the Deathbird received a free unlimited supply of canned food.

Hill went to Josh Kenny to discuss the sequel of “Pirates of the Caribbean” with Captain Rod. Hill intends to shoot both the second and third films at once. The two plots are very closely related and suitable for continuous release.

Hill also noticed that the atmosphere between Captain Rod and Leona Bell was a bit strange. He didn’t ask about it, each had its own way of fate. It was not like he had no interest in understanding other people’s lives and knowing all kinds of stories, but he had no interest in having to participate in other people’s lives and change the stories.

This world ruined Leona’s young heart.

Leona became a disciple of a necromancer when she joined the Dark Church with her life on her back. The necromancer had many disciples. He treated the disciples as tools, and the disciples did things for him, and even became the material for his research. He imparted knowledge to them according to his own preferences, and then secretly killed the more powerful disciples who could threaten his life.

The Dark Church is unaware of what’s going on behind the scenes. The Dark Church allows teachers to treat their disciples badly, and it’s okay to accidentally kill them, but deliberate murder is not allowed. …It sounds really dark enough.

Leona saw through the truth about the necromancer’s treatment of his disciple by virtue of his intelligence, and her warmed-up heart turned a little bit cold again. At that time, she did not directly report to the Dark Church, because she did not trust the Dark Church. She secretly accumulated strength, killed the teacher with her own strength, destroyed the corpse, and made his ashes into a magic weapon.

The death of a great necromancer was a great loss to the Dark Church, and it was Hercules, one of the Five Emissaries, who was in charge of investigating this matter. The other party glanced at Leona and said, “I know you killed your teacher, your eyes told me this.”

Leona didn’t try to argue, she confessed bluntly, “I killed the teacher, otherwise, he would have killed me, he would kill all the best students every few years.”

Hercules asked: “Then why don’t you report to the Dark Church?”

“Why didn’t the Dark Church take the initiative to take care of this all these years?” Leona Bell asked back.

Hercules called Spike Elektra, another one of the five emissaries at the time, “You are responsible for the affairs of the necromancer, haven’t you noticed it these years?”

“Oh, you mean the matter of him quietly killing his own disciple?” Spike asked.

Hercules frowned: “If you know, why…”

“Because he is a fool, he will die in the hands of his apprentice sooner or later anyway.” Spike said casually, “And so we can harvest a more courageous and resourceful necromancer to replace him. See, isn’t there one here? As for those disciples who were killed by him, they can lose in this child’s play-like situation, so it’s okay to end their lives early. Is it a joke to believe in the Dark God? The Dark God doesn’t need wastes.” Then he looked at Leona Bell with a smile: “It’s a pretty little girl, quite nice.”

“You don’t have the right to make such a decision for the Dark Church, Emissary Elektra,” Hercules said.

Spike’s voice became colder, “Hercules, are you trying to educate me?”

“As an [Inquisitor], it is my duty to judge such things,” Hercules said, and then he looked back at Leona, his voice softened, “Let’s end your matter for now, this time, count it as the Dark Church owes you a favor, you leave first, I have something to settle with Emissary Elektra.”

But Leona Bell did not move, she hesitated for a moment and said resolutely, “Emissary Hercules, I am willing to use this favor to offset the mistake that Emissary Elektra made this time.”

Hercules frowned slightly as he dissipated the aura of his body: “In that case, you should think it over.”

“I have thought it over,” Leona Bell said.

“Alright.” Hercules nodded, “You inherit everything from your teacher. I hope you can become stronger as soon as possible, and be careful to be eaten by the wolves around you.”

“I understand, thank you, Emissary Hercules,” Leona said.

After Hercules left, Spike said with a cynical smile, “Not bad, a very wise choice, little girl.”

“Yes.” Leona nodded, she didn’t hide from Spike, she directly said her own opinion: “I inferred two things after listening to your conversation, one, you will be my superior after I inherit my teacher’s position; two, I agree with you more than Emissary Hercules.”

“Oh, do you also think that wastes shouldn’t exist?” Spike asked.

Leona shook her head, “No, I think the weak will always pay more and heavier prices if they want to survive in this era. They can’t even see that. Even if they survive by luck, there will be more miserable things waiting in the future. They were very lucky to die at that time.”

The smile on Spike’s face disappeared a little, “It looks like you have been through a lot, girl.”

“I think each of us has experienced a lot, Emissary Elektra.” Leona replied, “Also, my name is Leona, Leona Bell.”

“Good, you’re good.” Spike said, “You have earned my blessing with your words.”

“Thank you very much, Lord Emissary,” Leona said with a curtsy.

This was the first meeting between Leona and Spike.

After officially joining the Dark Church, there was no such thing as finding a warm home. Hercules used to be a paladin, he was just habitually fair and strict. Spike Elektra is more of a typical person of the Dark Church. It seems that they are relying on the exchange of interests to maintain their relationship with each other. Maybe they have had a light friendship over the years, but that friendship will only make them toast two glasses of wine in front of the grave after each other’s death.

The Dark Church was just a shelter for them at that time. And although the world is big, it is not easy to find such a place.

Later, Leona became stronger and stronger, becoming one of the five emissaries, and she could stand shoulder to shoulder with Spike Elekra and Hercules. During that time, Leona was traveling around and met Captain Rod who was asking for help, so she offered to help. She did a lot of this kind of thing, but many people could not accomplish this cause and effect. Some people reported her to the Church of Light after Leona helped them. Some people were afraid of the power of the undead, and some died accidentally while learning the magic of the undead. So, although a lot of seeds have been sown over the years, the knowledge of flowering and bearing fruit is very little. Captain Rod is the most powerful of them.

Later, the humans and the demons began a war, and the Dark Church was the first to bear the brunt. A large number of people died, three of the five emissaries died, and Hercules also died, leaving only Leona and Spike.

After the war, the two drank under the moon, Hercules was their mutual friend. The wine was to commemorate Hercules, but the two did not mention Hercules’ name all night. They talked about the future direction of the Dark Church, talked about the current Dark Pope, and talked about the Demon Race.

Spike said, “Actually, I’ve always wanted to ask you a question, but never did.”

“Why didn’t you ask?” Leona said.

“Because asking it would have crossed the line,” Spike said, “and we could easily become friends or lovers, which would be terrible.”

“That’s really terrible,” Leona agreed, “Then it’s better not to ask.”

“But I wanted to ask today.” Spike said, “Look, we’ve had so much to drink, we’re drunk, so tomorrow we’ll forget everything about today. Then I’ll ask.”

“You’ve given yourself such a good excuse, it seems that I can’t stop your mouth,” Leona said.

Spike laughed. He said: “When I first saw you, I felt a certain kind of flame burning in your eyes, but I couldn’t tell what it was. After a long time in contact, I felt that there was a kind of flame in your soul. There was something very hard, and later I discovered that you have a special obsession with staying ‘alive’… why?”

“Is staying ‘alive’ bad?” Leona asked.

“No, because most of the Dark Church followers have their own pursuits, strength, honor, money, beliefs… everyone is not afraid of death, they are all ready to die at any time. It is not that they do not fear death, but they don’t have a thirst for survival like you. So, I’m curious, why do you want to live so much?” Spike asked.

“I’m alive…” Leona looked at the blood-colored wine in the goblet – in fact, it was indeed mixed with blood. “I feel unwilling, I don’t want to die, I feel like I can still do something and change some people. I want to leave my mark on this world, I don’t want to die, I’m not willing.” Leona smashed the wine glass, and the fragment scratched her finger. She said solemnly, “There’s nothing left, like Hercules, nothing left when you die.”

It was the first time she mentioned Hercules that night.

“He defended his faith and honor with his life. As much as I don’t like him, I have to give him credit,” Spike said.

“I also give him credit… but it’s not enough for me. I want to live, I want to explore, I am unwilling, I want to let my unwillingness be released.” Leona said her voice was hoarse at the end. He picked up the wine bottle over there, sprinkled the liquor on the ground, and said: “To our friend, Hercules, who died for his faith as he wished.”

Spike raised his glass, “And to you, too, for fulfilling your own wishes as you wished.”


The next day, the Demon Realm—then called the Lower Realm—sent news, asking the Dark Church to provide human actresses for filming.

Leona Bell was successfully selected.

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Suspected of driving but there is no evidence – suspected of saying something with a different meaning, mostly something nasty or dirty – In Hill’s case, I think he meant that Joan Baker liked to be green (get cheated on) because his favorite color was green?

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