Chapter 140.2 – The night is rampant

Leona Bell and Spike Elektra’s experience in the Dark Church is actually more typical, it needs to be clear that the Dark Church is indeed a mixed bag of people, there are murderers and degenerates, pirates and thieves, but it is, after all, a church, there are certain rules and regulations. After Hill and Monroe came to power, the internal atmosphere of the Dark Church is much better, not so cold, but to let these people immediately change is, of course, not possible.

Monroe’s policy is: we do not ask about the past, we welcome anyone to join, but we will ask about the future, you can’t be in the Dark Church and still be “any man”.

Monroe made the rules quite a bit stricter than before, but he implemented them in a very clever way, so there wasn’t much resistance. The results of his new policy are also obvious, look at the dramatic changes in Famagusta, look around the attitude of the people to the Dark Church, which allows him to win more respect in the Dark Church.

The Dark Church’s reputation around Famagusta is growing, and priests in black robes walking around town can reap the reverence – before that, it was just fear, not respect. Monroe let these priests really feel the existence of “glory”, and the individual glory gradually turned into a collective glory thereafter. Spike couldn’t help but feel a hint of sorrow, if Hercules were still alive, he would have felt very relieved.


After this issue of “Demon Realm Magazine” went on sale, followers have been submitting articles. Hill has the intention of pushing a new original author out, he also added a character test and so on, after all, he is to shape the idol. Hill does not believe that the novel is like the person, throughout the ages, there are many people who have literary talent but not good character. For example, Song Zhiwen, the poet who wrote “I lose my nerve as I get closer to hometown, so much so I dare not ask where travelers are from.” He is Liu Xiyi’s uncle, it is said that he wanted to take over Liu Xiyi’s “The flowers are similar every year, but people are different from year to year”, so he killed him brutally…. Oh, by the way, it is said that Song Zhiwen proposed himself to be Wu Zetian’s male pet, but Wu Zetian refused him because of his bad breath, the history books recorded Song Zhiwen’s “lifelong shame”.

Ok, a thousand years later, people who have paid attention to you now know that you have a bad breath.


At present, what everyone discusses the most, first is Super Girl, and the second is “Godfather”.

The serialized content is the history of the Godfather’s fortune from scratch, know how he chose his own fate, embark on such a path, start with murder, how people gathered around him, why he became the “most respected” man in town, and then help people who asked for help to solve their problems, in a polite and courteous approach, and “reasonable” way.

Tessio shook his head: “I’m afraid you don’t have that kind of luck, Fanucci never gives in.”

“I will reason with him,” Vito Corleone said, a phrase that later became his famous phrase, a final warning before a fatal attack. Later, he became Don, the Godfather, and every time he asked his opponent to sit down and reason with him, his opponent understood that this was the last chance to settle the dispute without spilling blood and killing people.

Vito Corleone pulled a wad of bills from his side pocket, moving slowly and attentively, “Here, I’ll give you the money.” He looked at the two men with a smile. At the time, Vito Corleone didn’t know the power of that smile. He gave people the creepy feeling… His eyes were devoid of emotion. His outward personality was usually so reasonable and reticent, so suddenly taking off the mask and reveal his true self was so frightening.

These sentences make “The Godfather” fans swoon. Before, some people do not have much real sense of the world shaped by “The Godfather” – after all, it is too ‘otherworldly’ for people in the other world, but after this paragraph, that sense of distance has subsided a lot. A thousand words into one sentence: The Godfather is really great! Really too charming! Damn, he really is quite attractive ah!

Hill smiled very kindly after hearing such remarks.

It’s good that the aesthetics of the people in the other world are changing step by step. Or rather, Hill has expanded their aesthetic range.


The night before Josh Kenny’s Beer Festival, Hill spent time with a few friends.

“This meal is on your dime today, Old Jackson, so you go first,” Hill said.

“To f*cking Magnolia, cheers,” Old Jackson said.

“Oh,” said Captain Rod, “what an elegant toast.”

“Sounds like Magnolia has done something to upset you again?” Hill asked.

“The Birds of Dawn thing.” Old Jackson was brief and concise.

“I don’t care, I’m just spreading my hands anyway,” Hill shrugged his shoulders.

“You’re good at passing the buck,” Old Jackson said.

“Are you sure you want me to take charge? I’ll have to manage it the demon way if I manage it again.” Hill still smiled the same smile as before, but somehow several people here felt a little cold on their bodies.

“Well.” Monroe over there said, “Don’t just put cold air to scare people.”

“…alright then,” Hill felt awkward, “To the supreme majesty of His Holiness the Pope, cheers.”

Joan Baker said succinctly, “Here’s to money.”

“Master Baker you are so vulgar,” Theodore said.

“Oh?” Joan Baker looked to Theodore, who raised his glass and said, “Here’s to beautiful women.”


Everyone laughed, well, this guy Theodore’s mouth can be as slippery the bard’s, the atmosphere continued to be lively.

After a round of drinks, Hill picked up his beer and began his speech, “We come from different origins, different races, but have similar experiences, so the red thread of fate brought us here… no, how come that sounds gay gay? Then, the red thread of fate tied me to Lord Pope, and then the other colored threads of fate brought you here, too.”

“…talking nonsense with a wise expression,” Old Jackson commented.

“Well, he always does,” Monroe said.

Hill glared at them and continued, “Anyway, we have a lot of gripes with the world…”

“I’d like to interject.” Joan Baker said, “I do feel that the world is okay, I just want to make more money.”

“Shut up, don’t interrupt the old me inciting,” Hill said.

“Well, you’re the boss, you call the shots.” Joan Baker shrugged his shoulders.

“Although we carry our own purposes, we are currently on the same side, and with us as the center, we have formed a huge force that cannot be ignored. I promise that this force will grow bigger and bigger, I promise that I will fulfill your wishes, and after all your wishes are fulfilled, I will also get closer to achieving my wish,” Hill said and smiled here a little, he looked around the table sitting several people, suddenly said: “the Bishop of Winterfell is our people.” Then he raised his glass as if nothing had just been said: “To our future, cheers.”

Everyone looked different after this explosive news was thrown out, even Monroe looked faintly at Hill.

Old Jackson said with a bitter smile, “This toast of yours is much more powerful than the one I just made.”

Hill just laughed and didn’t say much.


Late at night, the moonlight is like water.

Monroe stood at the window watching the night of Josh Kenny as Hill lay in bed with his legs crossed.

“Why don’t you ask about today when we were drinking? You looked at me for a long time with that eyes of yours.”

“It was your decision, after all,” Monroe said.

“Because I don’t have much patience left, it’s been a year.” Hill smashed his mouth, “How many years can there be in life.”

“The life of the demon race is long,” Monroe said.

“I’m impatient, so what? You want me to be like the dark elves? Watch the humans who killed their own people and perish from generation to generation, be exterminated by time, and then wipe out the hatred? What a joke.” Hill looked at the ceiling grunted a cold laugh for a while: “I trust a few of them because there is no reason not to trust, and now I give them the opportunity to betray me. I did act a little hasty in this, but I have plenty of alternate candidates for the dark elves to monitor, and I don’t mind really being a cold and ruthless overlord Demon King if they have a change of heart.”

Because it was the night before Beer Festival, the streets of Josh Kenny were quite busy. Every house was decorated with lights, and the lights outside were hazy in the night, with overlapping lights and shadows. But as time passed and the darkness deepened, the night gradually cooled the seaside city. It also painted the whole city, which had fallen silent, a ghostly blue color.

“The heart is unpredictable.” Monroe turned to him and called his name, “Hill.”

“Those who can strategize will use their brains to solve the problem, those who can’t use their brains will use violence.” Hill did not look at Monroe, he lay on the bed still looking at the ceiling: “The compensation money was earned back in the first few months, but what I’m saying to the church now is that we are still raising money. The next batch of money will be used to develop the army. I am the Demon King, I enjoy victory, I cannot afford to lose.”

Monroe walked over to him, he took Hill’s hand and kissed his fingers, “You’ve been impatient for a while.”

Hill closed his eyes. Yes, he is indeed impatient, this year, a lot of things happened. Although it seems that each piece is properly resolved, but the root cause is still there, who knows when a new thing will break out. Despite knowing that the soldiers will come, but the heart is still difficult to calm. This is also a common human feeling.

“And only you can see that.” Hill seemed to smile bitterly. He would only show such an expression in front of Monroe.

“Fortunately, only I can see it,” Monroe said, “Fortunately, I can see it.”

“That’s a bit of an interesting play on words.” Hill held Monroe’s hand back and pulled him up, raising his hand to extinguish the lights, the last thing he saw before the room went dark was his red eyes flashing with a different light: “Let’s just keep me impatient tonight.”

The beast is fierce in its desire.

Greed rages on.

The night is rampant.

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I replaced Oktoberfest with Beer Festival instead coz it’s too modern, I missed it. My brain is just so full of BL these days, I’ve been binge-watching Color Rush, Kieta Hatsukoi, Tricornered Window, and now Lovely Writer. My brain is paste.

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