Sacrifice to the Devil 39

Chapter 39 – Look in the bathroom mirror tonight

The unresolved ending of the previous life, a thousand years of searching, Ying Chen has an almost morbid obsession with him.

That night, Ying Chen tore his clothes to kiss him when they first met. And he had only fear for Chen, he only wanted to escape.

But he didn’t expect such a terrible Ying Chen to restrain himself, just holding his clothes behind his back and kissing it to ease the repressed love for a thousand years.

Thinking about Ying Chen who is pestering him almost every night now, Wen Yu’s face is slightly hot. The dragon’s nature is so lustful, it seems to be true.

He told Lin An: “In the future, if you think of anything about Ying Chen, you quietly tell me. Also, don’t let Ying Chen know this.”

The two played for a whole day. Wen Yu looked at the sunset and remembered what Ying Chen would say every time he went out: Remember to go home.

Yes, it’s time to go home.

What is Ying Chen doing, waiting for himself again, right?

When he sees him go home, he doesn’t know how he would beg and pester him again.

Wen Yu couldn’t help but smile, “Lin An, go, it’s time to go home.”


The sky is slightly dark.

Two bottles of wine were empty on the rattan table in the garden of the villa. An accompanying sketchbook is rolled up to an unfinished sketch of a landscape.

Next to him, Ying Chen leaned slantingly on the rattan chair, looking at the gate of the villa’s courtyard.

Rong Di talked endlessly beside him, “Looking at the way you are now. If you want someone to go home, just call and ask. Why keep waiting here like this?”

Ying Chen: “Almost here.”

Rong Di: “What’s almost here?”

Ying Chen remained silent, his calm and indifferent expression gradually raised a gentle smile.

Under his gaze, the gate opposite the garden opened. A handsome young man with a slender figure appeared in their field of vision.

The evening’s heat made the teenager’s face red, sweat wet the short strands of hair, sticking to the cheeks and ears, the slightly raised chin, and the tough side face curve carried the vitality and rebelliousness that this age should have.

Rong Di patted Ying Chen on the shoulder: “It’s not easy, the kid who you had been sitting and waiting for a day finally came back.”

He also shouted and beckoned to Wen Yu to come over: “Yo, human child, long time no see.”

Wen Yu was startled: Ying Chen’s friend? He knows him?

A man who can drink with Ying Chen should be a good friend, right?


Wen Yu approached in a moderate manner and greeted the man.

“He is Rong Di, an old acquaintance, you don’t need to care about him.” Ying Chen stood up from the wicker chair and greeted the young man who just returned home.

He held the young man’s hand and asked in a low voice, “Did you have fun?”

With an outsider there, Wen Yu appeared reserved. He hid and wanted to withdraw his hand. He glanced at the wine bottle and glass on the table and said, “You continue, I will take Lin An back to the house first.”

“We are waiting for you to come back, Rong Di said he wanted to introduce you to some teachers.”

Ying Chen held his hand tightly and said, “Come and see if it works for you.”

Introduce some teachers?

Wen Yu told Lin An to go back to rest first, and sat between the two in confusion.

Rong Di surveyed him with a somewhat complicated look and asked, “Human child, you really don’t remember me?”

Sitting closer, Wen Yu could clearly feel Rong Di’s breath. It was the same cool breath that blew on his face when he was on the street today.

This person met himself before coming to Ying Chen.

What does he mean?

Wen Yu pursed his lower lip and said calmly: “Sorry.”

Ying Chen rubbed his head: “It’s okay, there is no need to remember him.”

He also urged Rong Di: “Talk about business.”

“Tsk, ruthless.”

Rong Di snorted in response to Ying Chen, stretched out his hand and grabbed a document out of thin air: “I love to engage in literature and art in my spare time, so I naturally know some teachers in the oil painting art world.”

He pushed the document in front of the teenager, “Take a look, is there a teacher you are interested in meeting?”

Wen Yu was surprised when he saw the photo on the first page. He is a famous art master in China. Currently, he is also a teacher at the S University School of Art. When he participated in the early admissions of S University, this person was also one of the examiner teachers.

Turning back, the pages inside are full of photos and brief introductions of works by famous artists in modern art circles at home and abroad.

There are also several artists he admired for a long time, and he ran to see their exhibitions. When he saw the unique works that are famous at home and abroad, it made him amazed from the bottom of his heart.

Wen Yu was shocked: “Do you know them?”

“It’s not just a relationship of knowing each other oh.”

Rong Di smiled and said, “As long as I tell them you are my brother. I guarantee that they’ll be eager to teach you and take you.”

It was like a celebrity that you have liked for a long time suddenly had the opportunity to get an autograph or even a photo together.

Wen Yu’s heart moved, and he glanced at Ying Chen.

Rong Di looked at Ying Chen and laughed out loud: “See, I told you I just know what your little devil needs.”

“Come on, tell me which teacher you fancy and I’ll give him your number. He will take the initiative to contact you. Whether you want to learn painting with them, hold an art exhibition, or build a solid foundation in the art world, it’s all a matter of words.”

Ying Chen was still gently rubbing his hair and said softly, “It’s okay, you choose, his people are my people.”

Wen Yu nodded his head.

Between suspicion of Rong Di’s purpose and interest, Wen Yu chose the latter: “If possible, I would like to meet Teacher Xia Mu.”

Rong Di looked at him and glanced at that page: “Tch, really know how to pick. This person was once known as a prodigy painter and became famous as a teenager. He is currently the youngest and most powerful and famous artist in the art world. Mr. Xia is best at painting people, and especially loves to paint teenagers between the ages of 17 and 20.”

Rong Di looked at Ying Chen meaningfully: “Your little devil looks so handsome, and he will be drawn by Teacher Xia, it is estimated that the painting will be handed down for generations.”

Ying Chen: “Are you finished? You can go now.”

Rong Di: “Oh, look at you, throwing me away after using me. You ruthless man. Why are you driving me away when it’s so late?”

He turned his target to Wen Yu, his eyes squinted: “I will introduce you to a teacher. Don’t you want to thank me, don’t you want invite me to stay for one night?”

Wen Yu thoughtfully: “It’s really late. If Mr. Rong doesn’t mind, stay for the night?”

“I don’t mind, of course, I don’t mind.”

Rong Di shook his head happily: “Human child, can you arrange me a room? I’ve been here for so long, but I haven’t even entered your house.”

Wen Yu stood up and brought him into the house: “The hospitality is bad, Mr. Rong, please.”

He also said to Ying Chen, who was about to get up and come into the house with him: “I will take Mr. Rong to rest, you go to the room first.”

Ying Chen: …

Rong Di laughed again: “Sure enough, only you, a human child, can subdue that demon dragon.”

He walked behind the young man, slightly turned his head to face Ying Chen’s cold warning gaze behind him, and put out a happy peace sign.

Wen Yu arranged Rong Di on the third floor. Usually, Lin An and Uncle Zhao live on the first floor, and he and Ying Chen live on the second floor.

Almost no one has been on the third floor, spacious and quiet.

“What does Mr. Rong want from me today?”

After entering the room and closing the door, Wen Yu couldn’t detect Ying Chen’s breath, and asked him bluntly.

“Send a meeting gift to Ying Chen’s little devil.”

Rong Di smiled faintly: “That ruthless person Ying Chen, if I didn’t know what you want most, I wouldn’t even be able to enter this door today. Where can I get the chance to see you, human child?”

Wen Yu: “Mr. Rong is joking. If you want to see me, you can do it in the street.”

Rong Di was stunned: “Oh, you found this out?”

He looked at Wen Yu, and finally fell on the young man’s left hand with a braided bracelet: “So that’s how it is, that dragon Ying Chen really doesn’t even want his life for you.”

Wen Yu put his hand on the bracelet: “What do you mean?”

The voice was slightly anxious, he had long felt that this bracelet was not easy.

Rong Di lightly tapped his lower jaw: “There is Ying Chen’s spiritual power collection inside, no matter where you go, it is equivalent to him protecting you.”

“With this spiritual energy protecting your body. For anything that a human can’t see, you an ordinary human can see it. This is also the reason why you can perceive me today.”

Wen Yu: “Then why did you say he didn’t even want his life?”

Rong Di: “Because doing that is equivalent to stripping half of his own spiritual energy and giving it to you. Extremely life consuming. However—”

Rong Di shook his head and smiled bitterly: “He shouldn’t care anymore. He was as good as dead when he couldn’t find you, and now a day with you is worth it to him.”

You know, the origin of the bracelet is not simple.

Wen Yu’s hand touched the bracelet, and the cool touch passed between his fingers, as if Ying Chen was wrapped around him, making him feel at ease and faintly distressed.

He asked: “Do you hate me too?”

Rong Di snorted speechlessly: “You kid, really! Can’t be more subtle.”

Wen Yu continued to ask: “You hate me, why would you come to introduce me to the teachers? What exactly is your purpose?”

Wen Yu’s voice turned cold: “You want to kill me too?”

“Kill you? Ying Chen would flay me alive.”

Rong Di raised his hand and nodded on his forehead: “However, in the past, when Ying Chen was severely backfired for your killing and saw him suffering in pain, I really wanted to kill you. And now…”

Rong Di took a deep breath and looked at Wen Yu and said slowly and seriously: “Fortunately, you are reincarnated as a human again. Fortunately, he found you so that he can live.”

“What do you mean by backlash?”

Wen Yu’s eyes widened slightly, and he suddenly felt that there were very few things he could remember right now.

But the most important thing was completely forgotten by him.

Rong Di didn’t tell him, and sighed: “Forget it, forget it. Some things, it is better not to remember. It’s not easy for both of you, so cherish the moment.”

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Ying Chen stood at the door of the room, quietly waiting for the teenager to come back. After seeing the young man pushing the door in a low mood, he immediately embraced him.

“What did Rong Di tell you?”

Wen Yu’s forehead rested on his shoulder: “How do you know what he would say to me?”

“He deliberately hooked you just now, and you were curious enough to follow him. Had I known you would be so unhappy, I should not have let him in today.”

Ying Chen rubbed the strands of hair on the back of the boy’s head, and whispered, “No matter what he tells you, don’t listen to him. I’m fine.”

“You also know what he will tell me, so why don’t you tell me?”

Wen Yu pushed him away, raised the bracelet, and said, “Whatever you’re going to do in the future, you can’t let me be the last one to know.”

The voice was low and deep, with slight anger in his eyes.

Ying Chen held up his face and coaxed in a low voice: “Little devil, don’t be angry. There won’t be such a thing in the future.”

Of course, there won’t be.

Half-life has been stripped away, where there is still something that can make Ying Chen mess up.

“I’m not angry.”

Cherish the moment. He is still willing to spend such a hard-earned time getting angry.

He feels distressed.

He still didn’t know how much Ying Chen had paid for him.

Wen Yu wrapped his arms around Ying Chen’s neck, stood on tiptoe, and kissed his lips: “Didn’t you say you want to look in the mirror in the bathroom tonight?”

Ying Chen’s breathing tightened, but he still managed to restrain: “You’ve been running all day, aren’t you tired?”

Wen Yu asked in a low voice, “Are you the one who’s tired?”

The faint provocation was in the raised eyebrows.

Ying Chen lowered his head and bit on the teenager’s light-colored upturned lips.

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