Sacrifice to the Devil 38

Chapter 38 – You can forget about this

Although Lin An’s soul is still small, his brain is an adult. Coupled with the reason that Ying Chen has injected various human souls into him for more than a thousand years, it has accumulated knowledge that ordinary people don’t have.

In the process of learning with Wen Yu, the knowledge he had was awakened little by little. After dozens of days, he has been able to read books, do arithmetic, and understand the basic physics and geography of the world.

It’s just that the mind is only equivalent to a human boy over 7 years old. In order to give him more stimulation from the outside world, Wen Yu began to bring him into contact with the people and things of the outside world.

Two eighteen and nineteen-year-old boys wearing loose T-shirts and trousers are walking on the street, looking like good friends and brothers playing from a distance.

“Brother, when we came out, why didn’t you promise to take Ying Chen with you? He seems to be eager to follow you,” Lin An asked the doubt in his mind.

If he brings Ying Chen out, can they still go shopping normally? That person’s appearance was too conspicuous in every aspect, and he was always jealous of Lin An.

Wen Yu asked back: “Do you want to take him out?”

Lin An was very honest: “Not really.”


“Ying Chen doesn’t seem to like me very much.”

Lin An frowned innocently as he said this, not knowing what he had done to piss off that god Ying Chen.

Wen Yu laughed: “His personality is like that, don’t be afraid of him.”

Lin An nodded: “He is only good to you. He is also fierce to Uncle Zhao, and Uncle Zhao is also afraid of him.”

Wen Yu: “He is fierce to you?”

“Not really.”

Lin An thought, yes, Ying Chen hadn’t been fierce to him, so why was he so afraid of him.

Actually, Ying Chen is not that scary?

He thought of Ying Chen’s cold eyes again, and there was a shiver: Forget it, my brother is the best.

Wen Yu saw his reaction and knew what Ying Chen had done to him, he circled Lin An’s shoulders with one hand and advised him: “Don’t be afraid of him. I’m here, he won’t dare to do anything to you. If he dares to scare you, you tell me, I will help you beat him up.”

Wen Yu took the mobile phone in his other hand and clicked on the traffic route map of City S to show Lin An, and asked him: “We are going to the Forest Park now, you see how we should take the car?”


Lin An listened to him very well, holding the phone and studying it carefully: “First take the bus to the Beikou subway station, get on the No.3 towards the western suburbs, get off at the Huayuan Road station, and then transfer.”


“Just take the bus as you said. If we get to the Forest Park smoothly, I will reward you with ice cream.”

Wen Yu was very pleased, and took Lin An to the station with ease.

Suddenly, a cool wind blew across his face, blowing away the hair around his forehead and ears. Taking away a layer of dry sweat from the temperature in the hot summer.

Ying Chen?


The young man paused in his footsteps and looked around, the streets were hurried and busy. There are no traces of evil spirits or non-human beings.

“Brother, what’s the matter with you?” Lin An asked curiously when he stopped.

Wen Yu pondered and waited for a while: “It’s okay, let’s go.”

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In the villa, Ying Chen sat on a wicker chair outside with a folder of paintings drawn by Wen Yu in his hand, flipping through the pages.

Zhao Boyang suddenly appeared, standing beside him with his hands hanging down: “Master, someone is trying to break in.”

Ying Chen didn’t lift his eyelids: “It’s Rong Di, don’t bother.”


A short while later, the phone lying quietly on the black rattan table also rang. The caller is a series of numbers.

Ying Chen did not press to answer, the phone automatically began to talk. A man’s voice came from inside:

“You protect the house so well, if I didn’t know you, I would think you were raising someone secretly.”

Impatience flashed in Ying Chen’s eyes, “What are you doing here?”

Rong Di: “To celebrate with you. You have been looking for someone for more than a thousand years, and you have finally caught up, and you do not invite me to a wedding wine?”

Ying Chen: “No time, go back.”

“The wine is ready, and you tell me to get lost? I came here today to help you chase that kid.”

Ying Chen’s eyelids twitched: “What do you mean?”

Rong Di: “You said you didn’t know what to do to chase people. What does your kid like, painting?”

“I know some internationally renowned oil painting artists, and I can help your little devil to connect with people by just moving around. In the future, it will be easier for him to make a name for himself in the painting world.”

Ying Chen’s expression turned cold: “Are you investigating him?”

There was a severe warning in the cold voice.

“Do you still need me to investigate?”

Rong Di sneered: “You soaked in hell to gather dissipated souls to extract their memories, who doesn’t know about your crazy move? Who is not curious about that kid?”

“Wen Yu, what that human being does, has long been clear in our circles.”

Ying Chen reached out and prepared to turn off the phone.

Rong Di yelled anxiously, “Hey, don’t turn it off, I’m really here to help you.”

“You have finally got him back. You can’t just raise him with delicious food. You don’t want to find a way to keep him, if he gets tired of you, he will definitely run.”

“You have to know what he really needs.”

Ying Chen’s hand stopped in the air, and he pursed his lips for a while before he said softly, “I know what he wants better than you do.”

Even so, he let Rong Di into the house.

He is also a tall, handsome man whom you can’t help but look back when he walks in the crowd.

Unlike Ying Chen’s gloomy coldness, he was wearing a dark red shirt with an open smile on his face, sitting openly opposite Ying Chen.

Ying Chen: “What painter are you talking about?”

“If I introduce them to you, you will definitely kick me out again.”

Rong Di put two bottles of wine on the wicker chair, opened the bottle by himself, poured it into the glass he brought with him, and handed a cup to Ying Chen:

“Let’s drink first, and when the kid comes back, I will tell him personally.”

Ying Chen took the wine glass: “You better not play any tricks.”

“In front of you, do I dare?” Rong Di ran into him with his own glass, “Come on, drink first.”

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Originally, he went to the Forest Park to teach Lin An how to take the city transportation and how to read the map. After really arriving here, Lin An looked at all kinds of novel amusement equipment in the forest themed amusement park, his eyes brightened.

Wen Yu looked at his face and couldn’t bear to refuse. So, he accompanied him in the amusement park ride one after another, not long after, he also followed into the joyful atmosphere, and played happily.

The two ate ice cream and sat on the Ferris wheel, lined up several roller coasters, and finally went to the more famous haunted house in this amusement park.

In the haunted house, the light effect of darkness and fear was artificially created, and the simple and crude skeletons and ghosts were made, which was naive in Wen Yu’s eyes.

But he was afraid to scare Lin An, and took his arm to calm down, saying: “Don’t be afraid, these are all fake.”

The result, Lin An was calmer than him. He looked around and said, “Brother, I seem to have been to this kind of place before. However, those ghosts can move everything. These are not real ghosts.”

Wen Yu was surprised.

After Lin An’s infant soul entered this body, it was the first time he went out today, but he said that he had been to a place like this.

Is it from the memory of a previous life?

He thought again, Lin An in his previous life died in a dungeon, so how could he ever come into contact with ghosts?

Wen Yu pretended to be calm and asked him, “Who did you go to such a place with?”

Lin An frowned and thought hard, and finally said strangely himself, “There seems to be Ying Chen, but why do I call him master?”

“Master?” Wen Yu asked again, “Then what were you doing with him in such a place?”

Lin An thought and suddenly shivered, “It seems to be looking for something. Ying Chen is so scary.”

This is obviously not Lin An’s memory.

Wen Yu speculated: It should be the soul’s memory that Ying Chen injected into this body. It just stayed in Lin An’s brain.

Just as he casts spells to dissipate the soul, it can evoke memories in the previous life, Lin An sees the same things that the soul has seen before, and it can also stimulate him to remember the things that this body has seen and experienced in the past.

However, Lin An’s mind was not yet fully mature, and he couldn’t understand all the things he had experienced at once.

Wen Yu tried his best to explain in terms that children can understand: “You used to go to many fun places and encountered many interesting things. It’s just that you forgot. If you think of something, don’t be afraid, come and tell me.”

Lin An: “Okay.”

After leaving the haunted house, Lin An looked at the small go-karts on the track and became interested. His eyes were longing, but he didn’t dare to ask for it directly.

Wen Yu: “Want to ride?”

Lin An was pleasantly surprised: “Can I?! I want to drive. I really want to drive this kind of car. I can also drive a car bigger than this.”

Just after getting in the car and putting his hands on the simple joystick, Lin An thought of something and said, “Brother, I drove you with me before.”

 Unexpectedly, coming out would remind Lin An of so many things, even recent events.

“That’s not you.”

Wen Yu didn’t know how to explain: “Yes, it’s the person who lived in your body before. He has already left.”

“What else do you remember?”

Lin An thought for a while, his body couldn’t but shake: “Ying Chen is so fierce, so terrible.”

“How fierce?” Wen Yu asked urgently.

“Ying Chen picked up a piece of clothing on the floor at home, it seems to be still a torn shirt. Ying Chen hugged the shirt like holding a baby, put the shirt on his face, and then kissed it?!”

Lin An did not understand what he remembered and felt speechless and angry: “I just saw him like that, but he turned his head and knocked me straight out! It hurts so much!”

“Huh? By the way brother, I’ve seen that shirt in your closet.”

Wen Yu: …

“You can forget about this.”

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