Sacrifice to the Devil 37

Chapter 37 – The best tonic

Wen Yu knew for the first time that Ying Chen’s body could also be hot. The hot temperature can be felt across the clothes of the two people, and even the breath is hot.

He felt something was wrong and wanted to ask Ying Chen what’s wrong?

But heavy kisses robbed him of breath and words. He searched through the cracks in his lips and tongue for oxygen for him to breathe without his lungs holding his breath until they exploded.

It wasn’t until his brain was dizzy from lack of oxygen that he remembered he should have pushed Ying Chen away.

His hands were already soft and numb because of lack of oxygen, and they seemed weak when pushed against a strong chest. But it can make the frenzied Ying Chen stop.

“Ying Chen.”

The boy breathed, knowing that Ying Chen was still eating Lin An’s vinegar, but he didn’t know what to say.

He thought about it in turn, if Ying Chen went to bathe other men, he couldn’t seem to accept it either.

He has the same possessiveness as Ying Chen.

“Little devil, are you afraid?”

Ying Chen embraced him in his arms and raised his hand to wipe off the sweat from his forehead.

He asked in a low voice, followed by tight breathing, and the intense emotion in his staring eyes seemed to look into his heart, into the blood and bones.

Wen Yu gave him all his body weight: “Are you still angry?”

Ying Chen lightly kissed him between the eyebrows: “Tonight, I want your thank you gift.”

The conversation between the two people is completely out of tune.

But Wen Yu understood the cause of Ying Chen’s body heat. He also understood that tonight’s thank-you gift would not be as simple as a kiss.

Wen Yu is very contradictory, he has seen the whole process with Ying Chen in his dream. He also knows that Ying Chen still wants to continue doing things like that with him in this life. But isn’t it so fast?

He calmed his rapid breathing, and raised the back of his hand to attach his bitten hot lip, feeling nervous.

If you don’t speak, you don’t refuse.

Ying Chen knows him well on this point.

The kisses became softer, and the hands were not just holding him. Loose fitting short-sleeved T-shirts and shorts make it easy to uncover the hidden and vulnerable areas. Wen Yu leaned against the wall and closed his eyes as if to escape.

In the dark, the five senses are more sensitive. Like Ying Chen tasted his taste, he also tasted Ying Chen’s taste, with a slight coolness spreading between the two people’s lips and teeth.

Ying Chen’s hand does not always stop in one place, nor is it always using the same force. He made a sound that made him blush with shame, and was even more afraid to open his eyes.

Very familiar taste, extremely familiar feeling.

With every step further, Ying Chen will whisper in his ear and ask whether he is afraid or not?

Wen Yu bit his lip and couldn’t answer. His brain is confused, his memory overlaps with reality, and he can’t distinguish whether the voice is the Ying Chen now or the Ying Chen in the memory, and he doesn’t even know whether it is the reality or the memory of the past.

He doesn’t know when he was taken to the bed, or how it started, let alone how it ended.

He was groggy, and the chaotic memories in his brain rushed back and forth between reality and the past, leaving him exhausted physically and mentally.

The same tired body, looking for a comfortable posture, curled up in a black robe printed with gold silk curls.

The owner of the robe wiped his sweat on his forehead and asked him in a low voice: “Little devil, do you want to live forever with me?”

He grabbed a corner of the robe in his hand and played with it lazily: “Can I be a mortal?”

There was a chuckle from the top of his head: “You can live three hundred years longer by riding me once. You can ride me a few more times.”

The pleasure that just ended made it easy for him to misunderstand this sentence. The teenager angrily pulled over the sleeve over his back, and opened his mouth to bite the cold white wrist under the sleeves: “I’m like this, and you’re still thinking!”

“What are you thinking about?”

Ying Chen squeezed his face, and the bitten tooth marks on his raised wrist still carried the moistness in the boy’s mouth: “I mean, really ride me.”

As soon as the voice fell, it suddenly changed. Ying Chen in a black robe disappeared, and a huge ancient auspicious beast appeared in front of the boy’s eyes.

A white… dragon, coiled in the wide and sacred hall, the cold white scales flashed with dazzling colorful halo. The beauty is amazing and awe-inspiring.

The young man was stunned, no wonder this temple was so magnificent and wide, it turned out to be for Ying Chen’s original form.

And the place where he was lying on the dragon was only the size of a scale.

“Little devil, sit firmly.” Ying Chen’s mellow voice echoed in the temple. After that, the dragon leaped and rose into the air.

“Ah—” the young man exclaimed, lying tightly on the dragon and grasping the scales tightly: “Ying, Ying Chen, I, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be afraid.”

A very penetrating voice echoed in the air, with a soft smile: “I won’t let you fall.”

He really does not fall, whether Ying Chen is flying up and down or swinging left and right. There seemed to be an invisible barrier around the boy, protecting him firmly.

After gradually adapting to the speed and height, the boy excitedly looked at the street scenery, mountains and rivers that were getting further and further away from him below. In transcending the worldly horizon, dancing in the vast air is so invigorating.

In an instant, he forgot the gloomy past, and the troubles of the human world.

The sea is wide and the sky is at their disposal to soar.

The crisp laughter of the teenager reverberated in the world.

“Like it?”


“Do you still want to ride?”


After speaking, the teenager felt wrong, isn’t he already riding?

Ying Chen suddenly recovered his human form and hugged the young man’s body in midair. The two of them landed steadily and quickly in a secluded and quiet valley.


The boy exclaimed because of his weightlessness before landing, but soon changed his voice.

The streams tinkled, birds and butterflies fluttered, and mountain flowers swayed. Occasionally, one or two small animals passed by in the thick grass, and fled in panic because of the whimper of the teenager.

“No more, no more.” Whether it was dream or reality, the teenager could no longer bear it. He whispered in a sobbing voice: “Ying Chen.”

“Little devil, don’t be afraid, it’s okay.”

The gentle, worried voice woke up the teenager. He opened his eyes and saw Ying Chen who was sitting next to him in a black shirt, gently stroking his back to comfort him.

It was reality.

He came back to reality.

So, was everything just now a dream?

Wen Yu just luckily thought he had just had a dream. But just as he moved his fingers, he moved his whole body as exhausted and sore as if he had just run five kilometers.

That happened just now. It’s just that under his unprecedented strong stimulation, the memory carved into the depths of his soul was awakened, so that he could not distinguish between reality and the past, and he passed out because of extreme exhaustion.

The boy raised his arms and covered his eyes again. It turned out that he really did a lot of that kind of thing with Ying Chen.

“Little devil, don’t be afraid. It’s over, I’m not doing anything, don’t be afraid” Ying Chen’s low and soft voice kept ringing in his ears, and his cool palm wiped his sweat-soaked back.

At some point, he fell asleep deeply again—

The summer noon sunlight shines through the thick curtain cracks into the dark room. The teenager, who had just woken up, squinted his drowsy eyes at the blinding rays of light.

Ying Chen raised his hand and waved lightly, and the gap between the curtains was automatically tightened.

The room was shrouded in darkness and coolness. The young man stretched out comfortably and asked in a slightly dumb voice, “What time is it? Where is Lin An?”

Ying Chen faintly asked in return: “Wake up and only think about finding him?”

Jealous again.

Wen Yu sat up on the bed with both hands.

Ying Chen handed a new set of T-shirts and trousers to the teenager who was just about to get up, “How about it, are there any discomforts?”


Wen Yu told the truth, he remembered that when he woke up in the middle of the night, his body was so exhausted that his breathing was trembling. But now he was relaxed and full of vigor.

“Did you do something to me while I was asleep?”

The teenager asked, standing on the carpet in front of the bed, frowning and scowling as if displeased.

The face was handsome and cold, but because of the fluffy hair and sleepy eyes, it let people become soft, and want to coax him.

Ying Chen hugged him and started to unbutton his pajamas: “I didn’t do anything, I just hugged you to sleep. What’s the matter? Are you feeling energetic?”

Dragon’s essence is the best tonic for the teenager.

After Wen Yu understood, he wanted to push Ying Chen away: “I’ll do it myself.”

Ying Chen continued to unbutton him and laughed, “You forgot that I still put on this set of clothes for you.”

He passed out last night and forgot everything after that. Now that he thinks about it, Ying Chen should have taken care of him for a long time afterwards last night.

After the cotton soft pajamas were taken off, it exposed the marks on the teenager’s body.

Ying Chen looked at the red marks on the front of the teenager’s thin chest, and the hand holding the shirt tightened: “Does it still hurt?”

“It’s nothing. Quickly give me clothes.” The boy was a little confused when he looked at him like this.

Especially when Ying Chen’s clothes were neat and his breath was cold and heavy, he himself exposed the marks of shame all over his body.

Ying Chen attached his body and lowered his head, kissing lightly in the two red traces of the deepest place. The soft lips exude a cool, moist breath. It’s like the feeling of being directly exposed to the sun, then suddenly a layer of icy shade is suddenly attached, which is very comfortable.

Wen Yu’s breath caught and he couldn’t help but let out a soft hum. The sound was strange enough to make his own face immediately blush.

“Don’t touch it!”

Annoyed, he snatched his clothes and quickly put them on, then turned and left: “I’m hungry, can I eat?”

Ying Chen followed behind, “Yes. Would you like breakfast or lunch?”

Wen Yu didn’t know. “Where’s Lin An, is he going to have lunch too? I will eat with him.”

“It’s him again.” Ying Chen was helpless, and when he was about to say something, he saw the teenager’s slightly red face with a chilly coldness.

He chose to shut up.

Downstairs, Lin An, who was watching TV, saw Wen Yu coming downstairs, and stood up in surprise as if he had waited for a long time to finally see someone: “Brother, Brother-in-law, good morning.”

Wen Yu would only be gentle and patient in front of Lin An and reminded: “Lin An, you can call me brother. But you don’t need to call him brother-in-law.”

Lin An’s confused eyes looked back and forth between Wen Yu and Ying Chen, and asked doubtfully: “Then, should I call him sister-in-law?”

Wen Yu: …

This time, Uncle Zhao also did not carry the pot: “I did not teach this word. Young Master Lin watched the drama in the morning and learned a lot of words in it.”

“It’s just a title, let him call whatever he wants.”

Ying Chen is very generous and doesn’t mind being called a sister-in-law by Lin An.

He walked up to Lin An and taught him with a light expression, “It’s just that you have to remember that I am your brother’s husband and that he and I are family. Do you understand?”

Lin An, however, as if he could hear a different kind of force in these words, nodded innocently, “Yes, yes.”

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Carry the pot – take the blame

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