Sacrifice to the Devil 40

Chapter 40 – “When will I have an upright identity?”

The sound of running water in the bathroom kept running for a long time without stopping.

The scent emitted by a dragon in heat is the most natural and pure stimulant. Wen Yu will not be able to resist just a little bit of it.

He leaned on the cold and wet sink, gave up thinking, closed his eyes, and did not look at his posture in the mirror, automatically blocking his voice echoing in the bathroom. He gave all of himself to Ying Chen.

The night is slightly cool.

The young man, with eyes half-closed, lying loosely on the bed, his head resting on Ying Chen’s broad shoulder, asked in a hoarse voice: “Are you still suffering from the backlash?”

Ying Chen asked him in return, “Did Rong Di tell you this? Or did you remember it yourself?”

“Still uncomfortable?”

Whenever Wen Yu didn’t want to answer, he always answered with a question.

Ying Chen lowered his head and kissed his wet hair, and sighed, “Those are nothing compared to your absence. If you can’t remember the past, don’t think about it. You and I are already together, right?”

Wen Yu pulled away his black nightgown and bit his shoulder.

Ying Chen smoothly stroked the hair on his head, “Rong Di only told you this? I thought he would talk about my weakness.”

Wen Yu: “Do you have weaknesses too?”

Ying Chen: “Once I fall in love with someone, I become that person’s thing, just like your phone can only be opened by you when your fingerprints are recorded.

“That person is my heart’s demon and my catastrophe. So don’t leave me again, okay?”

The last sentence was spoken in a whispered plea.

Wen Yu lay on his shoulder and bit down, until the cold white skin was covered with dark red teeth marks.

Every time he is with Ying Chen, it stirs up memories of his previous life. Especially if he is eager to know something during the process, afterwards, the sleeping time is the time to recover the memory.

Wen Yu saw Ying Chen who was lying in the deep dark hall.

Ink hair like a waterfall, pale muscles with obvious ill complexion but beautiful enough to make the heart tremble.

While he was crying, he asked, “Ying Chen, do you still want to hear me tell a story?”


For a long time, Ying Chen’s low voice came out, but soon fell into a new round of ‘slumber’.

The young man knew that Ying Chen would stop talking and moving like he was asleep, but he was actually suffering from the pain of backlash.

Each time he wakes up, his state will be much weaker.

Despite knowing that Ying Chen could not hear, the teenager still kept talking, confused and anxious that he did not know how to do.

The hall, which was heavily sealed by Ying Chen, was suddenly barged in by a man.

It was Rong Di.

Rong Di’s face was gloomy, he approached them and said in a cold voice: “Telling stories cannot save him.”

Young man: “How can I save him?”

Rong Di sneered: “Leave him, he cannot die anyway. Knowing that taking lives will break the rules, he still killed so many people for you, a useless human being. He deserves this punishment!”

After Wen Yu knew that Ying Chen would save him when he was in danger, he ran again and again to mess with those who had harmed the Wen family, deliberately putting himself in deep danger to lure Ying Chen to save him again, thus killing more of his enemies.

He used Ying Chen with this method to avenge his family.

Only now did he know that such a powerful god and demon was forbidden to commit killing. He will suffer from the backlash and will feel unbearable pain.

Ying Chen knew this would happen, but he still helped him kill so many people.

The young man sat down before the bed, wiping the cold sweat on Ying Chen’s forehead, and asked, “There must be a way to save him, right?”

Rong Di looked at him meaningfully: “A way? It’s not like there is none. Would you like to do it for him?”

The young man’s drooping eyes suddenly lifted up: “How?”

Rong Di: “Have you heard of Snow Spirit Grass?”

The young man nodded in contemplation, “Can it save Ying Chen?”

He had heard people talk about the Snow Spirit Grass as a divine herb that dissolves all sins, but always thought it was just a legend.


Rong Di affirmed, “Although it grows on the West Spirit Mountain, neither the gods nor the demons can go near there, only humans who have not committed sins and killed living creatures can.

“Ying Chen killed those people for you and took all the sins, but your soul is clean.”

Seeing a glimmer of life, the boy hurriedly asked: “Where? I will go now.”

“I’ll take you there.”

Rong Di’s smile had a hint of triumph, but the young man still had no hesitation.

However, after Rong Di took him to West Spirit Mountain, he couldn’t get close to it just like Rong Di.

Rong Di’s face changed drastically: “Have you also killed someone?”

Young man: “No.”

“Then…” He came close to the young man and sniffed: “There’s still something from that dragon inside your body.”

Rong Di sneered again: “Go back and wait until you’ve absorbed Ying Chen’s stuff.”

After the teenager understood what he meant, his originally stony face instantly reddened.

He had to follow Rong Di back to the hall again. Ying Chen woke up from a new round of tribulations, looked at the dusty him and asked: “Little devil, where have you been?”

The voice was weak but tinged with worry.


Rong Di had instructed that he could not tell Ying Chen about the snow spirit grass he could pick. The young man paused for a moment, tried to hold up a smile and said, “I was bored and went to the market.”

Ying Chen saw that he was lying, and after a moment of silence, he said, “What if you go out alone and encounter danger again while I’m sick?”

As Ying Chen said this, he opened his clothes and stroked his chest with a finger: “I will give you a mark. In this way, even if I am not by your side, the mark can protect you when you are in danger.”

Wen Yu’s body hurriedly shrank back: “A mark? Will it hurt?”

To get close to the place where the snow spirit grass grows, he can’t have any of Ying Chen’s breath on him. At this time, he categorically could not let Ying Chen put his mark on him.

He knew that if he said it hurt, Ying Chen would go along with him.

Ying Chen: “The mark will be carved into your soul, it will probably hurt. But it will protect you. With my mark, in the future, you can run wild in the Three Realms, and no one will dare to bully you.”

“But I’m afraid of pain, can you not?”


Wen Yu was awakened by Ying Chen’s soft call and soft kisses.

In the dream, the memory of his previous life was interrupted. He opened his eyes and looked at Ying Chen who was kissing his forehead, then closed his eyes and said in a low voice: “Don’t make trouble, I want to sleep a little longer.”

It turned out that he didn’t want his mark in order to save Ying Chen.

In their previous lives, each paid a great price in mutual redemption.

Ying Chen continued to kiss his forehead: “It’s just that your friends called you three times, and it looks like they are waiting for you outside the gate of the community.”

Wen Yu: “Which friend?”

He took the mobile phone handed by Ying Chen and found that it was three calls from Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang, and there were several unread messages. The last message was:

[Xiaoyu, we are outside your community, we are waiting for you, please reply soon!]

Wen Yu just remembered that Xu Cheng and the others said that they would come to his house to make an appointment for barbecue.

It’s just that when he thought about Xu Cheng and the others coming over, he had to find a way to hide Ying Chen and found it troublesome so he chose to set aside the matter for a while.

He quickly called back: “Aren’t you guys too early? I’ll let the security guard open the door for you. Do you know how to get to my house?”

The voice carries the drowsiness of just waking up.

Xu Cheng: “You just got up, no wonder we waited so long. It’s almost 3PM, you stayed up late last night to paint?”

Wen Yu muddled with him and gave a hmm.

He did it with Ying Chen last night until dawn, after which he slept through the night.

Hanging up the phone, he looked at a calm Ying Chen and discussed, “My friends are coming to play at home, can you hide for a while?”

Ying Chen: …

Wen Yu said again: “I can compensate you when they leave.”

As for what the compensation is, it goes without saying.

Ying Chen squeezed his face: “When will I have an upright identity?”

Wen Yu: “Suddenly talking to them now will scare my friends, and besides you’re a man.”

Ying Chen won’t make him embarrassed, so he opened his arms and hugged him vigorously, feeling aggrieved: “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

There is also Rong Di who needs to hide with Ying Chen, who is playing with Lin An in the yard.

When Rong Di heard the whole story, he laughed mercilessly: “So Ying Chen is the hidden little mistress? Hahaha, you can also have a day like this too, you can’t be shown to others. Does your little devil think it is embarrassing to have you in front of his friends?”

Before the words fell, he was forcibly taken away by Ying Chen. The two big men standing in front of Wen Yu disappeared instantly.

As Wen Yu’s cousin, Lin An went to the warehouse with him to move charcoal fires and set up barbecue racks.

After Wen Yu’s doorbell rang, he went to open the door, he was surprised to find that there were four people standing at the door.

In addition to Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang, there were two other girls.

“Brother, are you surprised or surprised?”

Xu Cheng smiled, took the hand of the girl next to him, and said, “She is my girlfriend Liu Pei. You will call her sister-in-law in the future.”

Wen Yu: “Sister-in-law, hello sister-in-law.”

Liu Pei gave him the gifts and ingredients she had brought, and smiled: “Wen Yu, hello.”

Before he had time to wonder why Xu Cheng suddenly had a girlfriend, Zhao Xiaoliang also said with a naive smile:

“Liu Jiajia, our high school classmate, is now my girlfriend. We just confessed yesterday.”

After that, Zhao Xiaoliang and Liu Jiajia blushed at the same time.

Wen Yu: …

Xu Cheng as a social person, having a girlfriend is not strange, but Zhao Xiaoliang and Xu Jiajia used to be in the same class, but he did not see any hints, how come they started dating after less than a month?

Xu Cheng: “Little brother, are you shocked? We are now people who have girlfriends.”

Fortunately, he didn’t take out Ying Chen, or it would be more shocking.

“Congratulations.” Wen Yu smiled calmly, and introduced Lin An to the two girls after greeting them: “This is the cousin I told you before, Lin An.”

Lin An stood in front of a few people obediently and said, “Brothers, sisters hello.”

Lin An is not very thin, he is beautiful and fair-skinned, and he looks pleasing to the eyes when he called them brothers and sisters with a smile.

Two girls couldn’t help but go over and talk to him: “Wow, so cute. How old are you?”

Lin An thought about what Wen Yu taught him, and said: “I’m fifteen years old, and I will go to high school this year.”

Liu Jiajia: “Which high school? If it’s our high school, I’ll be your senior sister.”

Lin An thought about what Wen Yu taught him, and said: “I didn’t get admitted to my brother’s high school, it was too difficult. My brother said that I should go to a private high school first.”

Liu Pei quickly comforted him: “It’s okay, it’s okay, the city’s key high school is really not easy. Even though Xu Cheng and I came from ordinary high schools, finding work was never a problem.”

Liu Jiajia: “If you have anything you can’t understand, you can find me, I will teach you.”

Lin An politely thanked: “Thank you sister, my brother will teach me usually.”

Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang watched as their girlfriends were hooked away by the handsome boy, and shook their heads: “Your family’s genes are too good, any relative can look so handsome.”

Zhao Xiaoliang: “The most handsome among us is still a single dog. Wen Yu, you can do it. Now you’re the only adult who is a single dog.”

Wen Yu smiled and took them to the villa’s yard, ready to start the barbecue.

However, when these words entered Lin An’s ears, he thought Wen Yu had been scolded, and asked quietly unhappily, “Brother, why did they say that you are a single dog?”

Wen Yu: “It means still single, no girlfriend.”

Just because of this he was called a dog?

Lin An was very dissatisfied. So, he stood up straight and said, “My brother is not a single dog, he has a boyfriend, and he is very handsome.”

When Wen Yu went to cover his mouth, Xu Cheng and the others were so shocked their eyes went round, their mouths were open enough to swallow an egg: “Boyfriend?!”

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