Chapter 147 – Filming is over

The bandits put Tony Stark in the cave, and Stark found another captive – a black dwarf.

Jacob said in a loud voice, “What? What kind of joke is this? How dare you put me, Tony Stark, and a demon together?”

The black dwarf looked at him and mocked, “For a human, you’re noisier than a gnome.” (This line is later protested by the gnomes, and it feels like there’s racism involved here in this movie.)

“Are you a demon? A black dwarf? Do you eat people?” Jacob asked.

The black dwarf gave a stifled laugh, obviously feeling very annoyed with the question, “Don’t worry, you’re so thin, all ribs, no demons are interested in your body.”

“No, no, no, my friend, you don’t know, ribs are the most delicious,” Jacob said, shaking his fingers.

The black dwarf was speechless: “…Which side are you on?”

Hill raised his hand, marking the end of the filming of this scene. He opened the four projection stones, and four pictures appeared in front of him. He looked at these pictures at the same time, simulating movie clips in his mind, and then said: “Do it all over again, this time the fire in the cave will be bright and dark. Irvine, take care to control it. Please relax and do it again. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.”

“Okay, Mr. Grindelwald,” Jacob said.

The projection stone floated again, and Hill said, “Start.”

“What? Are you kidding?” Jacob said.

Hill raised his eyebrows: “Why, do you have any comments on filming the scene again?”

“Um.” Jacob said awkwardly, “This is a line…”

“Oh.” Hill patted his forehead. “I just lost my attention. Sorry, let’s do it again.”


Jacob cleared his throat and sorted out his emotions. After Hill announced the start, he raised his voice: “What? Are you kidding? You actually locked me, Tony Stark, and a demon together?”

This time, it went very smoothly.

Sure enough, it’s better to add the flickering and dimming feeling of the fire. Hill nodded.

The Marvel series of movies have to be madly modified, and only the most important characters are retained. This series of films is of great political significance to the demon realm, so while making it exciting, Hill injects as many other elements as possible. I can only say sorry to the original characters. Hill thought.


The filming mission of the demon realm was completed shortly afterwards, and Hill took the crew to the dark elves’ territory to participate in a dinner party.

After stepping into the dark elves’ territory, the humans were full of praise.

The first thing that appeared before them was the beautiful forest. The trees were not very tall, but the crowns of the trees were extremely large, like a single cloud. Through the gaps between the canopies, you can see the dazzling starry sky. The starry sky here is really beautiful, the dark blue and the navy blue are intertwined, and the densely-starred area is merged into a starry sky, and the background color of the night sky there is much lighter.

There is a road in the woods. The gravel fills the bottom and the road is paved. There are also some wooden railings every once in a while. There are wind lanterns made of black iron hanging on the railings. The orange lights emit a warm light. In this darkness, passers-by are given correct guidance. There is wind in the forest, so those wind lanterns are swaying slightly. The road is full of fragrance released by magical plants when they burn.

The scenery is so beautiful that people are fascinated by it.

Hill also felt fascinated in his heart, not to mention these humans.

During the construction of the dark elf territory, Hill had only visited once, so he didn’t know the result.

When Hill was a student, Kagaya Rang’s CG illustrations were very popular. His name may be a bit unfamiliar, but when it comes to Kagaya and the twelve constellations, many people know it. Later, there were more and more digital paintings, and the game CG became more and more beautiful and dreamy, but Hill will not forget the first time he saw Kagaya illustrations. The clear sky, the stars soaked in clear water, the dreamy petals and the fireflies… Hill wanted to design the territory of the dark elf in this style, and it seemed very successful right now.

The banquet was held in a glass palace, with magic attached to the glass, and misty haze splashed with moonlight on it. The ceiling above the head is transparent, and there is a mutated cherry blossom tree next to the palace. When the wind blows, the petals fly, and the beautiful scenery can be directly seen through the transparent glass.

The palace is full of flowers, all the stamens are shining, and the wind blows again, and the shimmering pollen scattered, which can directly float into people’s hearts and enter people’s dreams.

There is almost no meat tonight. Most of them are vegetarian dishes and fruits. They are light in taste, but they are also very delicious.

Pears, grapes, quinces, raspberries, blueberries… all kinds of fruits are piled up on the table, and you can take them at will.

Custard pie, honey cake, ice cream with blackberry juice, apple and raisin pie, soft banana bread… A variety of pastries and snacks are constantly being served, and those who like sweets will feel like they are in heaven.

In addition to all kinds of fresh vegetables and beans, the main course also includes delicious steamed jade mussels, delicious and tender grouse jelly, caramel balls made with magnolia petals, and fudge-like dried roses.

There are also many drinks, such as sweet iced tea, yogurt wine, fruity yogurt, mint herbal tea, and so on.

Everyone has eaten a lot of big fish and meat before, and this meal is lighter and has a special flavor. And Hill always felt that it seemed too inelegant to eat barbecue in this fresh and romantic environment.

The host and guests enjoyed themselves this night.

After the banquet, the humans were placed in the guest rooms, and the beautiful and exquisite tree house amazed the humans.

The ceiling of the tree house is inlaid with a round glass or crystal. At night, the moonlight falls on the bed from there. Sleeping in the moonlight, it feels really wonderful!


The filming mission of the demon realm was quickly completed, and the human actors reluctantly left the demon realm. They will tell the people around them how beautiful the world is after they return.

In the past, this beauty was fabricated by Hill, and now Hill has really moved this beauty from the movie to reality.

Aside from the propaganda of the “Demon Realm Magazine”, movies, and animations, there are also verbal descriptions of these people who have really been to the demon realm… Heh heh, human beings in another world, accept the attack of this wave of cultural invasion!

But it seems that the food invasion is faster… Everyone seems to have surrendered. Sweat.

The shooting location was transferred to Magnolia City.

Hill borrowed Joan Baker’s mansion as Tony Stark’s house. In order to shoot the movie, Hill also modified it to make it more luxurious and magical.

However, some of the renovations seem to have failed. In order to create a magical effect, one room seemed to be a place of light pollution. Hill was about to start anew at the time, but he felt moved in his heart to shoot with the projection stone to try the effect. As a result, wow, that messy light, isn’t this cyberpunk?

As the saying goes, confusing and unclear, quantum mechanics. Jump in style, virtual world. Can’t explain it, time travel. Don’t understand the color scheme, cyberpunk.

Well, I choose you, cyberpunk.

Hill plans to expose Stark Industries to the outside world as a mixture of steam, steel, and magic.

Oh yes, in the movie, Stark Industries is far ahead because they use the most advanced steam engine in the demon realm! Of course, Hill has done a blurring in this respect, and just adopted that kind of aesthetic.

Joan Baker was not happy about his house being tossed into this state. At the beginning, he said ‘you can do whatever and I will cooperate fully’. He was a little upset after seeing the mess, and he showed a dull expression after seeing more mess… “Please feel free to use this mansion, I’m leaving this to you. I will buy another house to live in.”

So, Joan Baker’s house became the first small film city, haha.

Joan Baker has little interest in things outside of common sense, and has no fun spirit… Old Jackson actually wants to contribute the duke’s mansion, but Tony Stark is a baron, and the duke and the baron’s mansion have many details that are different. Hill chose Joan Baker’s house for convenience.


The next scene is the scene between Tony Stark and his own succubus assistant and female bodyguard. Hill’s lines to the succubus are only abbreviated, and the rest is left to the succubus, Sam, to play well.

The result of a succubus playing well is that she succeeded in making all the actors present uncomfortable.

Of course, it also includes Jacob, who played against her.

This is a bit embarrassing.

Some of the actors who can’t hold their strength are about to stand up (……).

Hill is of course unaffected, he is a demon king, his magic resistance is very strong. The higher the level of the race, the stronger the magic resistance, and the demon king is the strongest race—oh yes, the demon king is a race, and this race can only have one individual at the same time. As for how to pass on…

It is recorded in books that after the death of the previous Demon King, the cold wind swept the earth, the forest was uprooted, the grass was torn and destroyed by the wind, the sky turned into a suffocating dark red, the roar of the beast resounded in all directions. Black flames appeared in the desert, the sand was melted into a sculpture, and thirteen days later, the sculpture gained life, the Demon King broke out of the shell.

At that time, the heaven and the earth were divine, and everything falls down. Light and water descended together, and darkness and dust coexisted.

Everything is weathered, only the Demon King will live forever.

Hill’s first reaction: Damn! The sand melts into a sculpture! This demon king is a sand sculpture!

Then he felt himself struck by an arrow deeply.

Later, Hill went through various books, but the words describing the Demon King were too poetic for him to understand. The only conclusion he came to was that if he died, the Demon Realm would automatically produce a Demon King somewhere. This body was born in the desert, the last Demon King was born in the sea of ice, and the previous Demon King before that was born in the “sky fire and gravel”, it sounds like it was spewed out by a volcano.

If you can’t find anything about the inheritance, then you can’t find it. Anyway, he has more things to do now. Hill didn’t care about it either.


“Stop.” Hill made a gesture. “This paragraph doesn’t work, Jacob, you are too cautious.”

“I have done my best, sir.” Jacob got up from his chair.

“You are the famous Tony Stark! The romantic and suave Tony Stark! The kind that cannot be touched by a single leaf when passing through thousands of flowers, be it a succubus or a human, a siren or an elf,” Hill said.

“But Tony Stark is a human being. He is not immune to the charm spells of the succubus.” Jacob felt a bit decadent. He had tried his best to control it, but this paragraph had been repeated several times.

“But he is Tony Stark, he can do things other humans can’t,” Hill said seriously.

Tony Stark. This name is enough to represent everything.

Captain America questioned Tony Stark once: Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you?

He seems to be right. After taking off the battle armor, Stark can be easily taken down by other people in the Avengers, but it was this he who played a major part in the decisive battle in the Avengers, in order to protect the city he loves, he rushed to the sky with a nuclear bomb, even if he knew that there was no return; it was this he who insisted on fighting Thanos when the armor was damaged in the third movie of the Avengers, which seems to echo the words of Captain America, and in the end, even Thanos said: You have my respect, Stark. When I’m done, half of humanity will still be alive. I hope they remember you.

Flesh and blood, full of human nature, but dare to confront the gods with a mortal body.

And the last snap of fingers, and the last sentence:

“I am… inevitable!”

“And I… am Iron Man.”

In the eleven years of the Marvel Universe, from “I am Iron Man” to “I am Iron Man”, countless people have entered the dream, countless people have laughed, countless people have shed tears, countless people have… been conquered.

All this is inseparable from Iron Man.

Of course, Hill could not tell Jacob directly the weight of the character of Tony Stark, but his sentence “He is Tony Stark, he can do things that other humans can’t do”, this rather weighty words make Jacob thoughtful.

“Do it hard,” Hill continued. “You will thank yourself later for today.”

“I see, I’ll try again.” Jacob nodded seriously.

Intermission. The other two members of Super Girl came over to express their support. They and Sam were smiling and chatting together. On the other side, Hill snapped a few photos, intending to let Theodore write a press release.

The topic is… well… the Super Girl sisters came to visit the prison with sisterly love. Bah, slip of the tongue, the set.

It is estimated that fans of Super Girl would be happy to see such news.

Jacob gave the results of his own thinking: “If Sam is Stark’s future wife, then it is only right that Stark should behave differently towards her.” Jacob said, “After all, although Stark is flirtatious, he still has a piece of pure land in his heart. In other words, he only flirts with those who should flirt.”

“It can be understood that way.” Hill nodded.

“Then I will adjust my thinking and act according to this feeling. ‘I don’t like you because you are a succubus. I like you because I like you. Other succubus is useless.’ Then other succubus appeared in the play. And then I acted indifferent – well, of course I suggest not to use real succubus to act, or cough, I will have trouble.” Jacob said, “Mr. Grindelwald, do you think this is okay?”

“Not bad.” Hill looked at Sam over there. “What do you think?”

Sam nodded thoughtfully: “Then it seems that I have to adjust my feelings… At first, I thought I was going to get Stark to bed, and then I was going to put…”

“Cough.” Hill interrupted her with a cough, his expression was a bit embarrassing, “I believe in your acting skills and ideas. After all, you must know more about succubus thinking than I do. You follow your own understanding and interpret this role on the spot.”

If you say more, the other actors will have their souls sucked away.

Hill felt that he could find the research department to study it, and make a magic tool to shield the succubus’ charm spell. Write this down on a small notebook… Forget it, do it now. Hill gave an order to a demon field staff and asked him to convey the matter to the Ghost Binns.

This magical device must be invented, because the succubus will definitely appear many times in future movies. Hill does not want to experience the non-stop NG scenes like today. It is too unpleasant.

After temporarily solving Jacob’s problem, the film restarted.

During this time, Hill basically stayed in Magnolia City, and Hill used many famous buildings and public places in Magnolia City in the movie. Emperor Magnolia said publicly that he liked movies, so he hoped that the nobles would cooperate with the shooting of “Iron Man”, which brought a lot of convenience to Hill. Of course, he knew that Princess Delia did it. Having someone on top is really comfortable. Hill thought.

Hmm…wait, this sentence seems to be a bit awkward and a bit dirty.

Oh, suddenly I missed Monroe a little bit.

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“Now, Baron Stark is going to give a speech on our Midsummer’s Eve carnival.”

“The truth is… I am Iron Man. “

Finished! Filming is over! Next comes post-production and…full release!

Tony Stark. This name will start to shine in another world!

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cannot be touched by a single leaf when passing through thousands of flowers – not tempted by thousands of beauties

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