Sacrifice to the Devil 41

Chapter 41 – Photos


Xu Cheng, who was making kebabs, was puzzled: “You said boyfriend?”

Lin An looked at everyone’s reaction, and then at Wen Yu’s slightly flustered expression, and asked confusedly and carefully, “Brother, did I say the wrong thing?”

“No, you didn’t say anything wrong.”

Wen Yu took a deep breath and answered his friends: “There is such a person.” He was about to reveal the unknown relationship between him and Ying Chen, instead, he felt relieved.

Xu Cheng’s question was changed to astonishment: “Is it really a boyfriend?”

In order to verify the truth, the word “boy” in their questioning was bitten hard and stretched very long.

“Yes, boyfriend.”

Wen Yu brushed aside their eyes and began to light the charcoal fire in the grill stand, asking as if nothing had happened, “Is it strange?”

Xu Cheng was his big brother next door from childhood, and Zhao Xiaoliang was his friend for six years. He often eats with them, plays jokes, and plays games. Sometimes he gets home too late and squeezes a bed in their house.

What do they think of him now that they know his sexuality?

Wen Yu pursed his lips, looked down, and fiddled with the burning charcoal fire, the gray smoke rising from the grill stand hit his face and made him cough gently.

“Holy shit! You’re hiding deep enough, brother.”

Xu Cheng’s eyes widened incredulously: “When did it start? What kind of person is the other party, how did you two meet?”

Zhao Xiaoliang was dumbfounded for a while, and suddenly realized: “No wonder you don’t accept so many girls who confessed to you, it turned out to be like this. When did you know that you like boys? It’s deep enough to hide from me for so long.”

“Let me see how handsome your boyfriend is, is there a better-looking school girl than the one you confessed to.”

Wen Yu: “I didn’t want to hide it from you guys, just recently met, and just let nature take its course.”

He stumbled to explain the words and have not finished yet when the two girls also began to ask questions.

Liu Jiajia laughed: “Song Xiaoya knew I was coming to your house today, and asked me to take a few pictures of you, but it seems that I didn’t need to.”

Song Xiaoya was the school flower when they were in high school, and confessed her love for Wen Yu.

Liu Pei is a social person in the end, and she asked seriously like a sister: “Xiaoyu, would you mind telling me which position you are in? I have friends who are the same. They are older and have more experience. I can introduce you to each other. If you have something you don’t understand, you can ask them.”

Xu Cheng smiled ‘pfft’: “It is not necessary to ask, Xiaoyu, this attacker aura, must be a rare 1, ah. Do you have a picture? Quickly let me see how handsome my little sister-in-law looks.”

“Yes, yes, take out the photos.”

Wen Yu: …

He was still nervous about what these people thought of him, but he didn’t expect things to develop in this direction. Moreover, he is not 1.

He was a little embarrassed: “We haven’t taken photos yet. I’ll have the opportunity to bring him to you later.”

Xu Cheng: “Then you quickly tell brother, what does your boyfriend do and how old is he?”

“Almost 26, I think, I don’t think I’ve seen him work.”

Wen Yu said while feeling a little guilty. Ying Chen’s actual age must be several thousand years old, and he did nothing all day. He either waited for him at home or walked around him every day.

Eight years older than Xiaoyu? A social person who has nothing to do?

Xu Cheng heard this, suspicious: “Where did you meet? What does his family do, do you know anything?”

“I know how powerful you are in middle school and high school, but in the end, your contacts are all inexperienced students. With a few years of experience in the community, your mind is still a little worse. It’s not that brother thought more, it’s just in case you met a liar.”

Like Xu Cheng, the others put aside their joking attitude and looked at him seriously.

Wen Yu knew that they cared about him. He doesn’t know how to explain it to make them feel relieved, so he smiled to persuade them: “Don’t worry, Ying Chen is not that kind of person. You will know when you meet him in the future.”

Xu Cheng and the others know Wen Yu’s character, no matter how they ask, if he doesn’t want to answer, then he won’t answer.

So, he stopped asking more, but while he went to the kitchen to get the fruit drink, he quietly said from Xiao Lin An, “What kind of person is your brother’s boyfriend?”

Because Wen Yu ordered him to entertain guests, Lin An answered their questions politely and conscientiously: “His name is Ying Chen, he is tall and handsome.”

“How handsome?”

Lin An described the real Ying Chen in his eyes: “He looks more handsome than the male stars on TV, and he’s very cool and very stylish.”

The two girls became interested when they heard the handsome guy, and asked, “Really, how is he treating your brother?”

“He’s good to my brother, just very fierce to me.” Lin An was distressed.

Don’t know where he offended Ying Chen.

Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang were surprised: “Why be fierce to you?”

Lin An thought for a while and sighed, “Maybe he thinks I am an electric light bulb, which is an eye-sore.”

After a second of silence, everyone laughed. It seems that Wen Yu gets along well with his boyfriend.

Xu Cheng asked again: “He really doesn’t have a job? Then how does he make a living?”

Can’t let Xiaoyu raise him, right?

Lin An also has some concepts about money: “He seems to be quite rich. A few days ago, my brother said he wanted to go swimming on the beach. Ying Chen called a plane and took him to the beach on an uninhabited island.

“My brother came back the next day and brought a box of live large lobsters. He said it was fished from the South Pacific.”

Lin An described it, “The lobster is so big, it tastes especially delicious when steamed.”

Wen Yu’s boyfriend has a private plane?

Several people got such a shocking message from Lin An.

“My brother likes oil painting. He opened the oil painting magazine and looked at it for a long time. The next day, Ying Chen bought the oil painting and gave it to my brother.

“In the end, my brother got angry and scolded Ying Chen. He said that it was a waste of tens of millions to buy an oil painting.”

Several people went from shock to stunned: If Lin An is telling the truth, Wen Yu had not found a rich man, but a top tycoon.


Here, as soon as Wen Yu walked into the kitchen, he noticed bursts of cool air surrounding him, and quickly swept away the heat he had basked in the setting sun in the yard.

There was also a noticeable cool air blowing on his face, and finally a heavy impression on his cheek.

Wen Yu shouted in a very low voice: “Ying Chen, don’t make trouble.”

“Are you willing to introduce me to your friends now?” A pleasant voice sounded in his ears, and Ying Chen suddenly appeared in front of him.

Suddenly, a tall man appeared in the originally empty kitchen, squeezing the young man to take a step back, and his body pressed against the cupboard behind him.

Wen Yu was afraid of being seen by Xu Cheng and he hurriedly looked around, and whispered in a low voice: “You eavesdropped on us again! I already said not to let them see you.”

Ying Chen was not in a hurry, his slender and cool fingers fiddled with the strands of hair on his forehead that was wet with sweat: “You told them that you have a boyfriend, why don’t you take me to see them?”

Wen Yu pushed his chest: “It’s not time yet. You suddenly came out of nowhere, you will scare them.”

“Big brother!”

Lin An’s voice was mixed with a sound of footsteps, and suddenly came from the hallway: “Brother Xu and the others said they wanted to see the oil painting that Ying Chen bought for you, so I brought them in.”

Wen Yu’s heart thumped, and his anxious sweat went out: “They’re coming in, hurry up, go away.”

Ying Chen: “Then you make up for me.”

Wen Yu anxiously forgot to think: “Night, at night, okay?”

Ying Chen ran his fingertips across his cheek and jaw, and said in a low voice, “Then you can only listen to me tonight.”

Wen Yu knew that he had fallen into Ying Chen’s trap, but when he heard the footsteps approaching, the only thing in his heart was the embarrassment of being seen by outsiders that Ying Chen was hiding at home, so he had to promise: “Okay, okay, you leave! “

“Wen Yu!”

The moment Xu Cheng and the others appeared at the door of the kitchen, the extremely eye-catching Ying Chen disappeared.

Only Wen Yu was left leaning on the kitchen cabinet with his back, with the anxiety and redness on his face that hadn’t faded away yet, he stammered and asked: “You, why did you come in?”

Fortunately, Xu Cheng’s focus is not here. “Your boyfriend really spent a hundred million to buy you oil paintings?”

Wen Yu looked at Lin An, who was causing him trouble again, and helplessly said, “It’s the one in the living room hallway.”

Xu Cheng and his girlfriend Liu Pei both had a background in art, and they also have a certain understanding of oil painting.

When they saw the oil painting hanging in the hallway of the living room, they immediately recognized the work of one of the most famous oil painting artists in modern times. Moreover, this work has also been exhibited in major art museums in the world, and its value is estimated at 50 million.

After repeatedly appraising the oil paintings, Xu Cheng pulled Wen Yu’s arm seriously: “You have to tell us now what kind of boyfriend you are dating! Otherwise, we are not at ease.”

Wen Yu knew that he couldn’t keep it, so he took out the drinks and fruits from the refrigerator and took them out: “Okay, let’s eat and talk.”

Wen Yu first explained the set of words that Ying Chen had compiled, repay the saving grace in order to approach him. He also said that after seeing Ying Chen a few times later, he gradually developed feelings and let the flow go.

Several people laughed loudly as they listened: “Ying Chen is too interesting. In order to repay your parents for saving his life, not only did he send money and villa, but now he also sent himself to you.”

Xu Cheng: “I’m still worried that you can’t afford such a good villa, so I keep giving you a big order list and try my best to let you earn money. You’re so good, you abducted the billionaire who came back to repay the favor directly and made him your boyfriend.”

Zhao Xiaoliang even snorted, “I am afraid that I will burden you when I come to your house for a barbecue. I bought all the ingredients, and I almost emptied my refrigerator. As a result, you humiliated me with a 100 million oil painting. “

Wen Yu apologized to them, “Ying Chen and I really just started dating, I haven’t had time to tell you guys yet, I’ll tell you later even if I don’t tell you today. Tell you what, I’ll treat you guys to dinner next time.”

Liu Pei: “Bring your rich and handsome boyfriend!”

Wen Yu: “Good.”

The sun gradually sets, half of the sky is red, leaving the last golden afterglow. The fire in the grill stand on the soft green lawn of the villa were extinguished little by little.

After Wen Yu bid farewell to his friends, he cleaned up with Lin An and returned to the bedroom.

“Ying Chen,” he called out.

Surprisingly, no one responded, nor was there that familiar cold breath.

Where did he go?

Wen Yu frowned. The exhaustion of the whole night last night has not disappeared. Coupled with the hours of playing with Xu Cheng and the others, the teenager just wants to rest quietly.

He lay heavily on the bed. Looking at the crystal chandelier on the top of the bedroom, he suddenly thought: Is it weird that there is no picture of my boyfriend in the phone?

Today, when they were cooking in the yard, he helped Xu Cheng and Zhao Xiaoliang to take a lot of photos with their girlfriends.

The photos of the lovers smiling happily were frozen in the phone by him, as if their memories were kept forever.

Even if you forget it in the future, take out the photos and take a look, and you can remember the happy times at that time.

Would Ying Chen be willing to take pictures with him?

The two are not the same as ordinary couples. They have cold and clear personalities, and have misunderstandings from previous lives.

And Ying Chen is also not a human being.

Except for being extremely close when sleeping together, usually, they won’t be like Xu Cheng and the others, openly laughing and joking around, taking photos of each other to keep as a souvenir.

However, an ancient god and demon like Ying Chen would definitely disdain such things as humans taking pictures.

When he closed his eyes and was faintly lost, suddenly, the familiar cool breath appeared in the bedroom and gradually moved towards the bed.

Ying Chen is back. Wen Yu thought to instinctively close his eyes and pretend to sleep. Inwardly, I wondered, what Ying Chen would do to him while he was asleep?

In the midst of the tension, there is a hint of anticipation.

He noticed that Ying Chen stopped moving when he walked to the bed. He did not bow down and kiss him, nor did he stroke his forehead or fiddle with his broken hair.

It was like standing by the bed and watching him all the time.

Wen Yu waited for a long time and couldn’t hold it anymore. Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

He saw that Ying Chen was actually above him, looking at his mobile phone seriously. The way and the action, it seemed to be sneaking a picture of him sleeping.

Wen Yu: …

“You’re awake?”

Ying Chen still put the phone away with a cold expression, but the clumsy movement of stuffing the phone into his pocket exposed his horror.

Wen Yu: “Are you taking pictures of me secretly?”

Ying Chen gave a light cough, with an uncomfortable smile on his stern face as he made a mistake and was caught.

Ying Chen has always been impeccable, so Wen Yu’s mood was inexplicably high after seeing such a Ying Chen.

He leaped up from the bed agilely and reached out to grab Ying Chen’s phone: “Let me see what you took?”

But soon, the corners of the slightly raised lips began to fall down.

He saw that the phone was full of his photos.

There are the backs of him walking out of the villa with his schoolbag on his back, the side face when he is eating, and the appearance of him slumped on the table when he is painting and studying.

There were also many postures that he couldn’t bear to look at, when he was asleep, as well as close-ups of his face with his eyes closed and his mouth slightly opened, and even those with moist saliva on the corners of his mouth.

Wen Yu looked coldly at Ying Chen who was wearing a flattering smile on his face, like a perverted stalker.

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Attacker (gong) / 1 – means seme or top; Receiver (shou) / 0 means uke or bottom

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