Chapter 148 – …pay for it sooner or later

Outside of Magnolia City, a manor of the Royal Family Lewis is bustling with people tonight.

Princess Delia had offered the estate to the cast of Iron Man for a banquet.

It was dark, the walls of the manor were inlaid with stone lanterns, and the whole manor was illuminated with lights. Of course, this is the “brilliant lights” of this era, and there is still a big gap with the “brilliant lights” on Earth.

Hill came late because he had talked to Old Duke Jackson about something, and by this time, the manor was already bustling with activity. He and Old Jackson entered the courtyard with a servant carrying an oil lamp with a pale blue glass cover, who made a loud announcement.

Everyone stopped talking, dropped what they were doing, and rose to welcome Hill.

The actors, the families of the actors, some of the ‘Birds of Dawn’ charity members, the palace ministers, and Princess Delia herself, all of them stood up and bowed to Hill.

Old Duke Jackson beside Hill was a bit overwhelmed.

This is just a short year, the demons have gone from being feared and fought by everyone to being welcomed by many as they are now, so much so that they can even just casually walk down the street… This change is really too big.

Demon Dragon Gormund and Death Knight Goldnia, whenever these demons walk in the street, there will always be people coming over to ask for a photo.

Ghost Binns’ classes are always full – after his performance in “Fairy Tale Hotel”, there are even more people taking his class, and some students come after class to see “Fairy Tale Hotel” because it’s banned now. Ghost Binns would usually accommodate these students and lend out the projection stone.

But usually after watching “Fairy Tale Hotel”, the students would not come to his class for a while – because they would see his face and it would cast a shadow.

After Ghost Binns found this, every time he felt that too many students came to his class, he would lend out a batch of projection stones on a large scale… then he could enjoy the beauty of teaching a small class (……).

The fire elemental spirit is undoubtedly the most popular existence. The principal of Magnolia School of Magic looked at a small ball of fire elemental spirit in his crystal bottle and lamented, when can you grow up? When can you cook for me?

As for Hill himself… Hill’s appearances in front of the public include that “Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, followed by some magazine covers, every time the cover doesn’t have a subject, Hill will put his own photo. But those covers are more artistic and post-processed, so not too many people will be able to recognize him when walking down the street, unless they are the kind of die-hard fans.

However, the name Grindelwald has now resounded throughout the Magnolia Empire.

He became a successful businessman, all merchants want to cooperate with him; he became a popular idol, loved by many teenagers and young girls; he became a politically significant figure, through the last incident, he took control of almost the entire empire with the help of Princess Delia; and now he also has a certain power in the Ice Empire of Mulheim and the Plague Islands…

Such a terrifying existence, he is a demon, he is a demon king. Old Jackson chanted so in his heart.

And now so many people saluted and paid tribute to him from their hearts.

Old Jackson let out a slight sigh and stepped back, leaving Hill alone to receive these honors.


In addition to the cast and crew, there are special guests, of course, Princess Delia, Theodore, and Super Girl these acquaintances, in addition to the cast and crew, each person can also bring their families over.

The rock band ‘Hell’s Frontline’ also came, the tauren lead singer was slightly shy, but the skeleton drummer was excited to ka-ka-ka and accosted the humans, his appearance was definitely a bit creepy and made the humans present a bit uncomfortable, but he quickly blended in with his enthusiasm among the group of bold lads. The two guitarists, Dark Elf and Fallen Angel, were drinking in the corner, and they exuded an aura of being unapproachable, so everyone knew better than to bother them.

The courtyard is lined with sculptures, fountains, and beautiful stone columns, and there are many flowers in the flowerbeds, marigolds, begonias, winter cherry blossoms, geraniums… are the most traditional flowers of the local area. Of course, naturally, there is no shortage of magnolia flowers.

The air was filled with the smell of roasted meat, spices and flowers mixed together, which to be honest wasn’t very pleasant.

The first thing Hill saw was Monroe over there, a minister was talking to him. He raised his head slightly in a listening gesture, but his handsome face was expressionless, as if he was simply listening out of politeness – and that was all. The feeling made Hill feel he was handsome as hell.

Theoretically, Hill should greet the others first and then talk to Monroe last, because the former is public and the latter is private. But Hill lifted his leg and went straight to Monroe.

Theoretically, he should do more than that, he’s the Demon King, he wants to talk to Monroe first then he’ll talk to him first.

“Hey, brother.” Hill walked over and greeted Monroe casually.

Theodore next to Monroe froze for a moment, then smiled and said, “Hey, brother.”

Hill rolled his eyes, “Not to you Theodore, hey my ass. I had the romantic idea that I would first say hello to Monroe at this party, such a good plan was ruined by you.”

Theodore scratched his head and laughed: “I thought you were so cordial to greet me all of a sudden, sir.”

“Can’t I just be cordial and say hello to Monroe?” Hill asked.

“Mostly it was the fact that His Holiness Monroe’s eyes plainly said ‘I’m not your brother,’ so I just took that liberty,” Theodore said.

Hill rolled his eyes again, “Monroe can you not be so serious…”

Monroe raised the corner of his lips, “Oh? Then how would you like me to be?” He was standing in the shadows at first, and then stepped out into the firelight.

The large lantern over there held a piece of fire coals, as if it were a huge glowing eye watching them. This smile of his tickled Hill’s heart. Then he thought, he must be too close to the coals of fire, otherwise, how come he feels hot?

Monroe seemed to read his thoughts, “…calm down, My Lord.”

“I don’t want to,” Hill said.

Monroe was helpless: “You are the Demon King.”

Hill laughed, “So what?”

“The result is here,” Monroe said.

The stars soaked in the watery night sky, and the manor glittered under the stars. Hill took off his hat and handed it to the servant over there, then spoke, saying in a sighing voice, “I am angry.” He took a step forward and said, “Angry at the current state of the demons and humans.”

Monroe looked at Hill and waited for his next comment.

Theodore on the other side said, “Indeed… it’s sad when you think about those things carefully.”

“Prideful,” Hill continued, “disrespectful to the gods and vicious to others.”

“It’s natural for you to be like that,” Monroe said. His eyes seemed to be poured with ink, and his black eyes looked darker, wordlessly swallowing up all the light.

“Envious.” Hill said, “envious of everything others have, I want to take it over and clutch it in my hands.”

“En… the king’s desire to conquer?” Theodore commented tentatively.

“Greed.” Hill continued, “Like other rotten sins, greed extends endlessly, with no satisfaction. I want many things, far more than what would have been needed.”

“The seven deadly sins,” Theodore responded at that moment.

“Gluttony.” Hill continued, “Addiction to all sorts of things, abuse, hoarding, indulgence, craving for comfort.”

“Even humans think about hedonism,” Monroe said.

“Laziness.” Hill suddenly laughed, “The doctrine says that failure to be a brand-new god of love is laziness, is that right, Monroe?”

As a former paladin, Monroe naturally knows this, “Yes.”

“Next, there is one sin left.” Hill said, “What is it? Tell me, Monroe.”

Monroe looked straight at him and said, “Lust.”

“Hmm.” Hill stepped forward, he tugged on the brooch tied to Monroe’s chest cloak, and said, “My lust, that is, you.”

By now, they had torn away all pretense of amiability to reveal the nakedness of eyes belonging to the demon race.

The slender five fingers scratched the folds out of his flat clothes, and their glances at each other gave the impression of being both hot and cold.

Next to them, Theodore almost scattered his soul in fear.

This, this, this… what was going on with this development? Wasn’t he a bit of an eye-sore now? Shouldn’t he roll away immediately?

The noise of the party was far away. It seemed that only the two of them were left around.

And that look in their eyes now is too scary ahhhh…

Thankfully, their terrible stare-down didn’t last long, Hill first let go of Monroe’s shirt, then laughed softly and resumed his original handsome appearance, then he looked over at the dumbfounded Theodore and raised his eyebrows, “Why are you still here, do you want to be part of my lust too?”

“No, no, no, no, sir, you are too flattering…” Theodore said and then hurriedly slipped away. Can’t afford to be part of it. He was afraid.

This time there were just the two of them on this side, Hill looked at Monroe and continued the conversation he had just had: “I am the Demon King, so it is natural for me to enjoy the pleasures of the Seven Deadly Sins with abandon, do you agree?”

“Should I show my approval of you with my actions?” Monroe asked rhetorically.

“That would be more than fine.” Hill extended his hand to Monroe, but his wrist was held by Monroe. Hill cocked his head and said, “There’s plenty of room at this estate.”

“Would it be appropriate for you to leave with me at the beginning of the finale banquet?” Monroe continued to ask.

“Come back afterward,” Hill said.

“I’m afraid there’s no time to come back,” Monroe said, “I think.”

Hill took a cold breath, he scanned Monroe up and down with amazement, “I didn’t see it ah, you still have such a side.”

“Since you are the Demon King, you can enjoy the seven deadly sins unrestrained, then I, as the Dark Pope, the pleasure brought by blasphemy also makes it difficult for me to hold it.” Monroe raised the corners of his lips, showing a cold smile, “And you said, Hill, you once told me that the demon race is about equal substitution, in other words…” he continued in his ear, his voice lowered down with a seductive charm. “When you sin, you’ll have to pay for it sooner or later, My Lord.”

The fallen paladin, the pope who inhabits the darkness.

Ah, can’t stand it anymore!

The lust is overwhelming.

Off to find a room and leave it all behind. So happy.

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Ka-ka-ka – the sound of skeleton talking lol

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