Chapter 42 – And he will grow older and older year after year

Wen Yu is still very concerned about the memory of the boy who looks just like him, especially the memory where Ying Chen said he was ugly, which made him very upset.

Now seeing his ‘ugly photos’ spread all over Ying Chen’s phone gave him a chill, and he seriously suspected that Ying Chen’s aesthetics had gone awry.

The teenager chose to delete without mercy, warning: “You are not allowed to take my pictures without my permission in the future.”

“Don’t delete it. It’s not easy to take a picture.”

Ying Chen stretched out his hand, and the steady mobile phone held by Wen Yu fell into Ying Chen’s hand as if being fished by an invisible line.

Ying Chen cherishly looked at the ugly photos on the phone, as if looking at the thing he missed the most in the world, and said: “You are often away from home, it makes me feel better to look at your pictures when I miss you.”

“Then you can’t look at these pictures, they’re too ugly! You can’t keep them!”

Wen Yu jumped over to grab it, his body agilely lunged. When he was about to grab the phone in Ying Chen’s hand, he saw Ying Chen smile at him and suddenly disappeared in place.

Wen Yu: “Ying Chen?”


Ying Chen’s voice with a pleasant smile sounded behind him, holding the phone in his hand and shaking it lightly.

Was tricked.

Wen Yu turned around to see Ying Chen’s appearance, and his heart was even more enraged. He rushed forward at a faster speed, and said: “Give it to me.”

However, Ying Chen’s body that was grasped by him was like a phantom, he could disappear in his hands and then appear with a smile behind him or elsewhere in the room.

No matter how agile Wen Yu shot, he couldn’t catch Ying Chen like this. He shouted angrily: “You stop! You just rely on your ability to bully me.”

Ying Chen was startled, and immediately appeared in front of Wen Yu: “No. Don’t be angry, I just want to play with you.”

Wen Yu took the opportunity to squeeze his shoulders with one hand, and quickly grabbed the phone from his elevated hand with the other.

This time, he finally caught it.

It’s just because he used too much force this time, his body pressed heavily towards Ying Chen. Ying Chen was afraid that he would fall, so he put one hand around his waist, and backed a few steps, cushioning him from the impact. When his body hit the edge of the bed behind him, he embraced the teenager’s lean waist and laid down towards the bed in a smooth manner.

As soon as Wen Yu grabbed the phone, before he could stand still, he fell onto the soft bed with Ying Chen, and lay on top of him.

Knowing that Ying Chen did it on purpose, he simply got up, sat on top of him, and did not leave, holding the phone and began selecting the photos to delete. He looked down at him fiercely: “Don’t move, wait for me to delete all these.”

Ying Chen clasped his hands on his waist and stroked slightly: “Don’t delete all of them, can you keep me a few photos?”


Wen Yu said with a cold face: “You are not allowed to take pictures without my consent in the future.”

Ying Chen hands went up: “Didn’t you say you’d listen to me tonight?”

“One thing is one thing.”

Wen Yu was just halfway talking when he found a picture with a nice sleeping face inside. It perfectly captured his facial features and facial curves.

He paused with his fingers: “Okay, leave this one, but the agreement tonight is gone.”

Ying Chen paused, the action of receiving the phone is a little hesitant.

Wen Yu: “Give you a picture of the two of us together.”


Ying Chen was suddenly pleasantly surprised. The hand clasped around his waist suddenly tightened, and then the world turned around for a while. Wen Yu changed positions with him and lay down on the bed.

“I have said it, not tonight!” Wen Yu pushed him.

Ying Chen asked while lying on top of him: “Aren’t we taking pictures?”

Wen Yu: “It’s impossible to shoot like this!”

“It’s good!”

Ying Chen grabbed the boy’s wrist and pressed it down, bowed his head, and kissed his flushed face.


Wen Yu quickly contacted Teacher Xia Mu through Rong Di. After several meetings, Wen Yu understood what a real artist is.

He had an unusual talent in painting, winning prizes in various painting art competitions since he was a child, and was admitted to the S City Academy of Fine Arts in advance. He thought that his natural talent combined with polished painting skills could make him famous in the circle soon.

After chatting with Teacher Xia Mu, he learned that there are many more talented and more diligent painters in the world. After recognizing the reality, Wen Yu’s young and frivolous psychology was pressed down, and he began to ask for advice more humbly and work hard to polish his painting skills.

In these days, he was so busy that he could hardly come out of the studio except for eating and sleeping.

Even Lin An was left out by him, not to mention Ying Chen.

Fortunately, Ying Chen wouldn’t pester him. He sat next to him and watched silently when he was painting. He also occasionally released some cold air like a smart air conditioner, so that the studio was covered with a layer of coolness in the hot August day.

“I have an appointment to meet with Teacher Xia tonight. I will not eat dinner at home today.” Wen Yu made the last stroke on the oil painting and said to Ying Chen, who was sitting on the sofa next to him and looking at him boredly.

“Go to see Xia Mu again?” Ying Chen was rather dissatisfied.

“Yes, school will start soon. Taking advantage of this period of time, Teacher Xia said that he would take me to meet some oil painting teachers. By the way, I would like to find time to thank your friend Rong Di for introducing me to Teacher Xia. During this time, I really benefited a lot.”

Ying Chen didn’t say anything, and walked over to hug him: “What time will you go home? Don’t let me wait too long.”

There was some begging in his voice.

This god and demon who has lived for thousands of years is acting like a child.

Wen Yu laughed: “It’s only a few hours. There will be half a month of military training after school starts. During that period, I can only live in school every day. What will you do?”

Ying Chen: “I will go to your school to sleep with you at night.”


Wen Yu refused as he changed his clothes: “Four roommates in one dormitory room, even the slightest movement can be heard clearly. It’s only half a month, honestly wait for me at home.”

If Ying Chen didn’t speak, he knew that this man would definitely not stay at home honestly.

Forget it, as long as he doesn’t make too much trouble and arouses the suspicion of his classmates and teachers, let him do it.

Wen Yu thought, the corners of his mouth bending uncontrollably.

After a while, Ying Chen stood on the balcony on the second floor and watched the neatly-dressed teenager leave home. After the thin and slender figure gradually walked out of sight, the soft light in his eyes dissipated and gradually became cold.

He picked up his cell phone and dialed Rong Di’s phone, his voice low and cold, “What is your purpose?”

Rong Di smiled on the other end: “I thought you called to thank me. What do you mean by asking this again?”

Ying Chen: “You’d better not let me know what tricks you have, otherwise, I won’t show mercy even if it’s you.”

Xia Mu is Rong Di’s person, and his attitude towards Wen Yu represents Rong Di’s attitude. Rong Di’s character is clear to him, cold-blooded and more ruthless than himself. Being so good to Wen Yu for no reason is not Rong Di’s style at all.

Unless there is something else going on.

Rong Di snickered: “So cautious? Are you afraid of what I might do to your little sweetheart? Do I have such a great ability to harm him under your nose! You are so wary of your old friend, you are not afraid of breaking his heart.”

Ying Chen is not moved, he has waited for a thousand years to have today, he must be cautious.

Before hanging up the phone, he still warned in a cold voice: “Don’t forget that you also have that human Xia Mu. If anything happens to my Wen Yu, you will only suffer twice as much.”


At seven o’clock in the evening, downtown bar.

When Wen Yu arrived, there were already a few people sitting in the bar, drinking and laughing together.

The one in the middle is Xia Mu. He was in his thirties, dressed casually, and had disheveled hair. As soon as he got closer, he could smell the ink radiating from his body.

Those who don’t know him think this man is unpolished, but those who know him can all be attracted by his kind of reckless attitude and talent.

Wen Yu hurriedly walked over, nodded slightly to the people around you, and apologized: “I’m sorry, Teacher Xia, for keeping you waiting.”

Xia Mu was holding a tall glass of wine, when he saw him, he waved his hand: “You are not late, we came early and had a drink first. How about a drink too?”

Wen Yu was here to ask for advice, he was afraid of getting drunk, so he turned down with a smile, “No, I’ll drink something else.”

Wen Yu’s complexion is very pale, handsome, and sharp, with a polite smile on his face, which makes people feel good. He is even more eye-catching under the dim and charming lights of the bar.

The men and women sitting there looked at Wen Yu, and some people had an unidentified smile in their eyes: “Old Xia, is this your new student? Or is he your new model? It’s not easy to hire such a model, is it?”

Xia Mu tsked and warned them: “My friend’s child, don’t joke around.” And then smiled and said to Wen Yu, “I haven’t formally introduced you to them yet, don’t mind. Come and sit here.”

Wen Yu knows that these people are actually young teachers who are currently quite famous in the oil painting industry. He introduced himself after sitting next to Xia Mu, “My name is Wen Yu, I am a student of S University’s Art Department, majoring in oil painting. I would like to ask all the teachers for advice.”

“Really just a student?” A woman said with some regret in her eyes, “Would you like to be Mr. Xia’s model? Or come to my studio someday to be my model for a day. The pay is very high oh.”

A young man opposite him laughed and said, “Sister Wu, you are a master of landscape painting and now you are painting people, your purpose is not pure.”

Another person said, “Come on, don’t be so classless to embarrass yourselves, don’t you see the little handsome man’s face is red. Little brother, come to my studio in the future, I ensure you that your portraits will immediately spread to the world’s major art museums.”

“Hahahaha, brother Zhang, your purpose is even more damn impure.”

There was another bout of drunken banter.

Wen Yu: …

Xia Mu clapped his hands and signaled everyone to be quiet: “Sober up all of you. Let me tell you this, all of us sitting here together can’t afford to hire this kid. Don’t joke around anymore. My friend is not an ordinary person. If you offend him, it won’t be easy for you to live in the future.”

He was half-joking and half-righteous, but he was able to make his friends understand that Wen Yu’s origins were not simple, so the jokes ended here and they got down to business.

Wen Yu took out his works that had won awards and introduced himself to them in detail. He also took out the works that he had received Xia Mu’s guidance these days.

These people can joke in a frivolous tone, but they become serious when talking about professional business. They pointed out problems to Wen Yu, and after a chat, Wen Yu gained a lot of goodwill and channels to exhibit his works.

There are many talented and hard-working people in the art world, but not all of them are as easy as he is to get to know the top people and quickly enjoy the network of resources to take the first step to fame.

Wen Yu felt very lucky, and at the same time, grateful to Ying Chen, Rong Di, and Xia Mu for bringing this to him.

After more than an hour, everyone else left. Xia Mu was already drunk, holding up his tousled hair, and asked, “Have you seen my work?”

Wen Yu: “I’ve seen it. I went to see your work when it was exhibited.”

Xia Mu asked him: “Do you know the name of my famous work?”

Wen Yu: “I know.”

It is a work called “Youth”. The painting is in a creek on a summer afternoon. A teenager wearing a pair of swimming trunks is running in the stream. The clean ankles of the teenager dipped into the clear bottom of the water. The splashes all shine with the brilliant afternoon sunlight.

Both the curves of the body and the clear-cut bones are effects that no camera can reproduce no matter what. That artwork was auctioned and sold for two hundred million and is currently exhibited in a foreign art museum. The value also gradually increased with Xia Mu’s fame.

Later, Xia Mu also painted a lot of works called “Youth”. The boys in the painting are all between 18 and 19 years old. Although they have different faces, each one is full of youth and vitality.

“Painting can freeze age, but in reality, the life span of human beings is only more than a dozen years, and they become old in a blink of an eye. The most beautiful age passes by in a flash, and you can’t go back to it even if you want to.” Xia Mu said quietly with a cigarette in his hand, looking at the light on the bar. Behind the rising dazzle of smoke is his look full of melancholy.

From his words, Wen Yu thought of something he had never thought of, Ying Chen had maintained his current appearance for thousands of years.

And he will grow older and older year after year.

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