Chapter 149 – Premiere of “Iron Man”

A week before the premiere of “Iron Man,” Hill launched the Weibo app on his magic phone.

But the app is not yet available to the public and is only a very rudimentary version.

The public can only leave comments on the official Weibo page.

After all, if the registration is also open to the public, then the amount of information stored in the magic crystals will increase, and the magic arrays also need to be modified. At present, Hill has not had time to study this, so he first released the rudimentary version of Weibo online. He plans to add more features slowly later.

The current official Weibo accounts are: Demon Mall, Super Girl, Demon Realm Magazine, Fallen Angels Orchestra, Arman the Demon Dragon (Gormund), Death Knight Gold, plus the ‘Hell’s Frontline’ rock band, and Hill himself, who at the moment have only posted a self-introduction on Weibo and haven’t uploaded any other content.

After the Weibo app was launched, there were thousands of comments under their self-introduction post in just one hour.

The people of the other world are really enthusiastic. Hill thought.

On second thought, if he was from the other world and heard that he could leave a message to the demon prince and that the demon prince could see it, he would have tried it too.

Hill looked at the interface of the magic mobile phone for a while and wrote a new Weibo post.

“Iron Man” premiere in a week, we’ll see you there.

Take a picture and upload it to the bottom of the post, and the top 10 with the most likes will get a special gift. It’s now or never.”

This ordinary tweet from Hill made the already sought-after Iron Man premiere even more difficult to get a ticket.

Under such circumstances, the premiere of “Iron Man” has finally started.

The cinema was completely full on this day, and before waiting for the premiere to begin, many people could be seen taking pictures of each other with their magic cameras. Jefferson Jackson looked at these people and thought, Mr. Grindelwald’s magic camera really changed everyone’s habits completely.

In the past, when old friends reunited, they first had to exchange pleasantries, then eat together, and then talk about everything, but now when old friends reunite, the first thing they do is take out the magic camera and take a picture.

Not only that, now many rich ladies look for every opportunity to take a picture first, do not let others move fork before eating, take a picture of themselves first, drinking the afternoon tea, let the servants help take a picture first, social dance, take a picture, do this and that, take a picture. And a lot of people also wrote articles about photos in the demon realm magazine, using photos to record the beauty of life little by little…

But this can only be played by rich people, after all, the film is still a bit expensive. The general public cannot afford it.

This is not a record of the good bits and pieces of life ah, this is a record of spilling money bits and pieces ah, some people think sourly.

In fact, Jefferson is one of them.

Old Jackson is very strict with his son, but has always been more tolerant of Olivia, Olivia can just spend money, but not Jefferson. But Jefferson also expressed understanding, sometimes just a symbolic envy of his sister, and will not really have emotions.

“Hall 1, check-in for the 7pm release of Iron Man!”

“Hall 2…”

Four movie halls started checking tickets at the same time, and the audience sitting in the waiting area immediately all stood up.

The movie was about to start!


“Finally, we can see Iron Man, I wonder if it’s the same movie as The Evil Monarch.”

“Probably about the same, after all, one is a lich helper, the other seems to be a black dwarf helper.”

“The Evil Monarch is also good, a lot of places are quite classic, but always feel as if there is not enough substance.”

“Actually, it’s okay, I think that one is pretty hot! It’s okay to watch another one of the same!”

“But I’m still looking forward to seeing a different movie…”

The audience lined up and took their seats in turn.

Previously, the audience was able to enter the hall beforehand, but Hill found that this is not conducive to maintaining order, because after sitting in the hall, everyone began to chat boredly, as a result, the film began to play and some people still want to talk. Later he changed to immediately starting the movie after entering the theater, so they will just sit down and start watching the movie, and will not purposely continue to talk.

Many things are gradually improving just like this.

Identifying problems, solving them, and eventually approaching perfection.

Hill also enjoys this feeling. He is not a perfect person, and naturally not the kind of overly powerful Demon King, but he has the right concept, and follows such a concept step by step to arrive at today’s point.

The film began, the big screen first showed a chibi skeleton, the logo of the Demon King Studios.

What appeared next was a vast land of yellow sand, intense sunlight, steeds, and soldiers.

“Wow, this is a great view, is this the demon realm?” someone whispered to the person next to them.

Now, when people see the beautiful scenery, the first reaction is it must be the demon realm… Right now, many people really have the feeling of “the moon is extra round in the demon realm”.

“This music is really good.” There are also many people who have noticed the music inside.

“Have not heard this style of music, I feel a strong sense of rhythm, it’s very exciting,” someone commented.

“It seems to be the music of that ‘Hell’s Frontline’ rock band,” the person who said this obviously read the Demon Realm Magazine seriously.

The movie then goes on to show Tony Stark lying in the cargo and talking to the soldiers.

Tony: “I hate riding, it makes my butt uncomfortable, and that’s not what my well-maintained butt is for.”

Soldier: “Er, excuse me, sir, that seems like a bit… of a statement you’re making.”

Tony: “Please don’t get me wrong, I like women. I mean every piece of flesh on my entire body is well taken care of and I rub my body with oils and spices every night before I go to bed. And then…”

Soldier: “And then?”

Tony: “Are you guys that concerned about my personal life, soldier?”

Another soldier said: “Excuse me, Lord Stark, I have a question.”

“Go ahead, feel free to ask,” Stark said.

The soldier said, “Is it true that rumors say you have slept with the five Queen of Beauty at the Josh Kenny Beer Festival for the past five years?”

Tony Stark put his hat on his chest and said seriously: “That’s a good question, yes, and no. Because the third year Queen of Beauty was collected by an old duke in advance, as a young man, I had to give way. But the second year Queen of Beauty is a pair of twins, so the total number of people is five, yes. So, do the others have any questions?”

Many viewers pfft out laughing.

This, this is the main character? How can there be such a protagonist?

Some noble ladies felt a little bashful, this Baron Stark, how can he say such things in a dignified manner. But why does it feel like he still has a unique charm?

Of course, some men are thinking, wow, so envious… This is Queen of Beauty of the Beer Festival…

The movie continues.

“That, Lord Stark, can I take a picture with you?” a soldier raised his hand and said.

After getting an affirmative answer he immediately pulled out the magic camera.

Many viewers will smile after seeing this scene, isn’t this the same as them? After seeing a celebrity, they wanted to come over for a photo. This is still the first time the magic camera appeared in the movie.

Then the soldier controlled the horse to go near the cargo, a little excited: “What is a better pose for me? I’m going to take a picture with the famous Lord Stark…”

“Pose anything, but don’t pose as a believer praying, that’s terrible, the church took too much of my money.” Tony Stark said, “Oh supposedly it’s for peace, well I love peace. If there was peace, I wouldn’t have a business to run.”

So in just three minutes, the image of Tony Stark has been basically been sketched out.

This is completely different from the previous movie protagonist!

Just as everyone was expecting Tony Stark to continue his rant, a change occurred. They were attacked by magic weapons, magic crystal guns and magic cannons. The soldiers that were just talking and laughing with the protagonist were instantly killed. Tony Stark wretchedly climbed down from the cargo, and then a magic bomb appeared next to him.

All the audience clearly saw that the bomb had a line written on it: “Stark Industries.”

At that moment, Tony Stark’s eyes became very complicated.

The audience’s eyes also followed and became complicated.

The bomb exploded. The screen turned black.

The title of the movie “Iron Man” was typed on the screen with a metallic texture.

Hill adjusted this title a bit to let everyone recall that meaningful shot.

Stark, who made the weapon, almost died under the weapon he made.

This movie is with anti-war awareness propaganda.

In the box, Old Jackson couldn’t help but slap the table and startled Jefferson next to him: “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

“This movie,” Old Jackson said, “is really good.”

“Indeed…” Jefferson thought about it and said, “That ‘Stark Industries’ shot is pretty shocking and thought-provoking. “

“The first three minutes are not very different from “The Evil Monarch”, both belong to the ‘cool’ concept proposed by Grindelwald, but this shot in the next minute instantly makes the tone of this movie go up,” Old Jackson commented.

Jefferson whispered, “I thought the first three minutes were great too…”

“The Queen of Beauty? Hmm?” Old Jackson squinted at his son.


Then Old Jackson remembered the protagonist said that “the third year Queen of Beauty was collected by an old duke in advance”… This is Greenwald’s joke again. Grindelwald, from time to time, likes to use them as jokes in very serious films, this Demon King… It’s not really easy to comment in a sentence or two.

The movie has just begun.

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