Chapter 150 – “…and now it’s my friend’s turn to watch me die.”

The movie continues to play.

36 hours ago, Magnolia City, at the dinner of the Royal Prime Minister.

“Tony Stark, son of Howard Stark, creator of the legendary weapon, devout believer, genius of magical theory, loyal bannerman of His Majesty the King, Imperial Baron.

Since his teenage years, his intelligence has attracted a lot of attention at Magnolia School of Magic. He was able to carve magic formations on magic crystals at the age of four, complete projection stones independently at the age of six, and defeat his mentor in magic theory at the age of fifteen. The following year, his father died of illness, and he officially inherited the position of the Baron, making numerous improvements to magical weapons. He supported the renewal of the Empire’s armaments, and maintained the security of the Empire and the interests of all mankind.

Today, on behalf of His Majesty the King, I am honored to award him the title and medal of ‘Guardian of the Empire’.”

“Wow.” The one whose first words were worries about ‘Iron Man’ and ‘The Evil Monarch’ being alike exclaimed, “So powerful right after the opening scene!”

“It’s completely impossible to tell that the Stark that Lord Prime Minister said is the same as the Stark who slept with the Queen of Beauty at the beginning!”

“This sense of contradiction… this is fantastic!”

“Reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow!”

In the other world, Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the most monumental characters, not to mention his characterization and on-screen performance of character and charm, the audience’s feelings alone, it feels as if Captain Jack Sparrow has his own soul, like stepping out of a movie. Before this, the audience has not had this feeling, whether it is the evil monarch, Theodore, or the overbearing demon king, many people feel ‘wow they are so handsome’, but will not have this unique feeling after.

Could it be that Tony Stark will be the next character to jump out of the movie frame with his own soul?

The audience can’t answer that now, but they look forward to what happens next.

In the movie, the Imperial Minister looks around the hall and says, “Baron Stark? Are you here?”

The party fell silent, and no one spoke.

Then a hand went up and a beautiful woman appeared on camera for the audience to see.

It was none other than Super Girl’s Sam!

Now, Super Girl already has a certain popularity in the other world, the hot sale of the album, combined with that public performance at the Josh Kenny Beer Festival gave them the honor of being the Queen of Beauty – the latter being originally an influential title in the southern part of the Magnolia Empire. Because the performance was broadcasted on a magic phone, the impact of this Beer Festival spread to two entire empires.

They disappeared for a while after that, although they made occasional appearances in Demon Realm Magazine – Hill, in an attempt to be lazy, had them serve as the cover of four issues, oh yes, each of the three had separate covers, and then a group photo as the cover. If Theodore hadn’t stopped it, Hill would have wanted to separate them two by two again, so they could top three more covers… In fact, Theodore almost sprayed water when Hill suggested this intention to Theodore.

Your Majesty the Demon King, can you not do this… Theodore wants to cry.

All this makes their fans even more impatient to see their next album.

Now the album isn’t out, but it’s just as exciting that the sexiest of them all, Sam, is in the movie!

Hill himself was at Josh Kenny’s and he noticed the excited expressions of the people around him and couldn’t help but rub his chin and think, yikes, that’s what popular stars are for, we can do more of this kind of thing in the future.

At this point in the movie Sam said he was Baron Stark’s assistant, and because Baron Stark had no wife or children, she could only first express her gratitude to the Imperial Prime Minister on behalf of Baron Stark.

Someone in the party whispered, “What a beautiful woman!”

“That’s for sure, she’s a succubus.” The person next to him said, “Baron Stark is so lucky to have such a beautiful woman with him.”

“Don’t you underestimate her.” A man there looked at them and said, “She is Baron Stark’s assistant and bodyguard, when someone tried to assassinate Baron Stark in the past, that woman killed all the intruders by herself… she is a demon after all.”


Then the camera panned to Sam, who was at the center of attention, and she said that Baron Stark was currently staying up late to complete the research task of the new magic weapon set by His Majesty the King, so he did not come to this dinner.

Everyone also expressed their understanding. Although it seemed out of order, His Majesty the King himself did not come, only the Royal Prime Minister to award the badge, plus Baron Stark was also on His Majesty’s task, then it was acceptable for someone else to receive it on his behalf.

As a result, the next second, the camera turned to Tony Stark embracing a succubus in the casino, gambling.

Many viewers pfft out laughing, this, this, this Tony Stark.

At the same time, they couldn’t help but think, what a good excuse by Sam.

Soon, the Prime Minister also appeared in the casino, the crowd’s heart was shocked for a moment, he wants to find Baron Stark’s trouble?

The people in the casino receded after the appearance of the Imperial Prime Minister, and Stark looked at the leaving succubus and moved his fingers regretfully.

“You are too incredible.” The Imperial Prime Minister said to Stark, but he was not angry, just deliberately stern: “Your succubus assistant also deceived me that you were working seriously.”

Stark rolled the dice onto the table and said, “It’s kind of part of her job in a sense… Oh, if you insist it’s deceiving then that’s my fault, I made her say that.”

“You sure are the same old thing.” The Imperial Prime Minister shook his head, “I thought it would be an honor for you if the Imperial Prime Minister gives you a medal.”

“Of course, I’m honored, but that’s no reason for you to scare my partner away tonight,” Stark said.

There was another burst of laughter from the audience.

The movie is fast-paced and compact, the two people in the dialogue are one cold and one hot, both the dialogue, expressions, and their personalities are handled just right, the laughs are tight, the image of Tony Stark is getting more and more vivid and entering the hearts of the audience.

At this time, a beautiful female reporter caught up with Tony Stark, “I’m Cici, a reporter for Demon Realm Magazine, can I ask you a few questions?”

This scene makes everyone feel quite familiar, because back then, Theodore and the later reporters of “Demon Realm Magazine” would use this set of words. This invariably added a lot of vicariousness to everyone again, as if this story really happened in Magnolia City.

Stark originally turned his back on the female reporter, and the servant next to him whispered, “She’s lovely.”

Stark immediately put on a bright smile and turned around, “Of course.”

“Some people call you the contemporary Francis, what do you think?” the female reporter asked.

Francis was a famous magician in the history of the Magnolia continent.

“I can’t do magic, I can only do theories,” Stark said.

“Others call you the Baron of Death because your weapons have brought too many deaths,” the female reporter said.

“It’s not my fault, death happens all the time, the weapons I sell just make it a little higher,” Stark replied.

“Hmm… how do you see the relationship between humans and demons?” the female reporter asked.

“That’s a good question,” Stark said, “it’s as complicated as the relationship between men and women, we can be as close as we can be, or we can love each other, or we can spend one night together and pretend we don’t know each other tomorrow. Oh, that makes the relationship between men and women much more complicated than humans and demons.”

The conversation continues, and the plot here is very important, directly showing a lot of Tony Stark’s inner thoughts, and that line about the relationship between demons and humans was said by him subtly and interestingly. Hill did not intend to whitewash too much in the movie, in this movie, the relationship between the demons and humans is closer to reality.

“So, do you have trouble sleeping at night?” the female reporter asked.

“For you, I can sleep less,” Tony Stark said with the same tone of voice, the tone Hill described as a serious bullshitting tone. The female reporter’s professional smile gradually disappeared, she was so charmed by Tony Stark.

The scene was cut, and light and pleasant rock music sounded.

Well… a bed scene began.

He obviously attracted not only the female reporter, some noble ladies watching the intense bed scene on the big screen cannot help but feel a little bashful. They thought, what’s going on, obviously this Tony Stark seems to be an overly flirtatious and condescending bastard who doesn’t even have much respect for the higher nobles, but why… they themselves feel he is so handsome?

In the opinion of Mrs. Helen’s film critic group, the film from a professional point of view to analyze simply haunting, divine rhythm, divine dialogue, every second is a classic, countless interesting small details, totally worth two brushes three brushes! And probably every time you watch it, you can find something new.

In the opinion of Mrs. Helen’s critic group, this movie is simply haunting from a professional point of view, wonderful rhythm, wonderful dialogue, every second is a classic, with countless interesting small details, totally worth watching twice or thrice! And probably every time you watch it, you can find something new.


The next day, the female reporter woke up, and from her perspective, the audience was able to enjoy Tony Stark’s mansion and those rooms that Hill had carefully decorated gave the audience a novel experience. The female reporter showed the audience two rooms, she entered the third room, that is, the light-polluted cyberpunk room, that with a psychedelic sheen of depraved beauty made some viewers let out a WOW.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” a female voice suddenly sounded behind her, “Of course, you are also beautiful, no wonder Mr. Stark will take you home.”

The female reporter smiled a little smugly, she turned to look at the visitor, and then the smile disappeared from her.

Sam came out in a long, close-fitting dress in a sultry, beautiful light, her blue eyes are deep and cold, as if glowing, showing her non-human identity, her lips wore a smile, with a million kinds of charm. It is impossible to describe how beautiful she is, the kind of feeling between demonic and angelic. The psychedelic glow flowed over her body, adding a bit of femininity and demonism to her.

The female reporter understood that the other party’s words were not flattering, but sarcastic.

And the cinema audience also held their breath, at this moment Sam’s succubus charm spell is fully open.

Hill wants this kind of mesmerizing effect.

Next, Sam and the female reporter came to a segment of palace fights atmosphere, half rude and half polite, but in the end, the female reporter woefully left.

By the way, Theodore felt quite depressed for this reporter called Cici… Her role is to bring some ridicule, not to mention, the other party is also called Cici… but everyone is happy, it is also a small bonus.

And then the camera panned, Tony Stark is carefully working in a bunch of magic electronics, completely forgetting the female reporter. When Sam reappeared, she was already dressed in a crisp, almost unisex style of clothes. She gave Tony a report about work, the two’s conversations both show the full tacit understanding of each other.

It must be said that Sam’s acting is really quite good, the elegance and decency of the first appearance, the aura of the rival scene with the female reporter, to now this serious work without a trace of extra emotion look… all these are too attractive.

After the work exchange is private time.

“Today is my birthday,” Sam said.

“Ah, it’s so soon?”

“Yes, it’s the same day this year as last year, coincidence, right?” Sam said this with no intention of being faintly sarcastic.

“Well… you can buy yourself a present with my money.”

“Already bought it.”

“How is it?”

“A very tasteful gift, thank you, Mr. Stark.”

“Er, you’re welcome.”

The conversation had the audience laughing, with a bit of dark humor, but it actually seemed kind of sweet.

Sam stepped forward and kissed him on the cheek, “I think this better shows my appreciation.”

Stark touched his face, “Is this a succubus ritual?”

“If you think so.” A smile appeared on Sam’s face, and at this moment, she changed back to that charming look, but only for a second or two, then she returned to that serious competent assistant look.

This is seemingly titillating, just looking at it makes the crowd’s heart tingle.

The elements of a commercial movie, handsome men, beautiful women, big scenes, are all there now.

Next was the time to advance the plot, Tony Stark rode the airship to the border of the Magnolia Empire and the Dijon tribe, then disguised their new magic crystal weapons for the local nobility and army. Then it was the scene at the beginning, the soldiers riding their horses while he was lying on the cargo, ready to return to the city, and then they were attacked and he was kidnapped by bandits. The bandits’ purpose was to let him build a magic weapon.

On the way, Stark saw that many of the weapons he had made were in the hands of the bandits, and at the same time, he was able to observe that the bandits were not ordinary bandits. And by definition, ordinary bandits would not say they wanted such large weapons.

Stark and the other prisoner here, the black dwarf Copperbeard, gradually became friends, they began to tussle and taunt each other, looking down on each other’s talents, to later pretending to help the bandits make weapons together, they discovered that the other side was actually so deep in magic theory research. The two soon determined the next route: pretend to help the bandits make weapons, and actually make a set of battle armor and then escape.

“I live in a Dwarf Village in the Dark Forest, and it’s a very beautiful place,” Copperbeard said as he pounded his hammer.

“Do you have relatives?”

“Of course, the demons have wives and have children just like humans, and they are waiting for me to return,” Copperbeard said yearningly, “She must be waiting for me, so I must go back. What about you, human?”

“I don’t even have one.” Stark said, “But there is probably someone waiting for me to go back.”

“Lover?” Copperbeard asked.

“My… well… very important person, not really a person, a succubus,” Stark said.

“Oh, succubus, you’re lucky,” Copperbeard said.

“I feel the same way.” Stark smiled, “I must go back, I saw a lot of things here and I’m going to do a lot of things when I go back.”

The torches light up the cave, a very dangerous place, but it still makes people feel warm.

This is the friendship between a demon and a human ah…

Then the change happened, the gang of bandits noticed that something was wrong and then directly shortened their time, the plot abruptly tensed up.

And Stark learned from the dispute that the gang of bandits intended to use large weapons to provoke conflict between the Dijon tribe and the demons.

On the last day, it took time to load the battle armor, but the bandits already knew they were up to no good, and Stark was in the armor, waiting for it to start. Copperbeard looked at him and picked up one of the iron bars over there, “I’ll buy time.”

“Copperbeard!” Stark shouted.

“Old partner,” Copperbeard said, “well, I have to admit, I’ve had enough of being partnered with you weak human. I’ll show you what we black dwarves can do, I’m a powerful demon.” After saying that he walked straight outside.

Outside came the sound of battle, the roar of magic crystal weapons, Stark’s eyes had unshed tears. He understood what it meant.

This farewell is simple, with no added effects, but still makes people want to cry.

After the battle armor was finally loaded, Stark began killing directly, where a series of dazzling special effects appeared, but everyone was worried about the black dwarf… Then Stark found the dying Copperbeard, “Come on, let’s go out together, you still have a family waiting for you.”

“I lied to you, human. My family is dead, all killed by humans.” Copperbeard said weakly, “No one is waiting for me, I got killed by humans too, so I’m going to see my family. It’s okay, I’ve been waiting for this, I’m so tired. I’ve been fighting, killing humans, watched my friends be killed by humans, and now it’s my friend’s turn to watch me die. Promise me you won’t let the demons and humans fight. You’re Tony Stark, they say you’re all-powerful, you can do it.”

Tony Stark’s pupils shook violently, and then he said, “I promise.”

The cinema was silent, completely devoid of the joy and laughter at the beginning.

But everyone looked more serious.

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