Chapter 151 – End of Premiere

Tony Stark relied on his makeshift armor to escape and return to Magnolia Empire.

When he returned to Magnolia City, many people came to meet him, including the Prime Minister. This time, the audience can see that Tony and the Prime Minister’s personal relationship is quite good, otherwise, the other party would not come over to meet him.

But the succubus Sam did not come, Tony scanned the crowd and did not find her figure.

After carrying out some necessary matters, Tony returned home, found Sam sitting on her usual favorite sofa, looking at him with inscrutable eyes. Her aura is ethereal and charming, her succubus aura is fully open, making the audience can’t help but feel mesmerized.

“I thought you were going to pick me up,” Tony said.

“There are enough people to pick you up, so I don’t have to go,” Sam said.

“That’s true,” Tony said.

Sam continued, “In your absence, I replaced many of your servants, transferred most of your property away, and then had the weapons production plants all stopped, and I replaced most of your real estate with liquid gold and magic crystals.”

Tony nodded, “You do have that authority.”

“You’re not angry?” Sam asked, “For what I’ve done?”

“And you’re not mad at me for what I’ve done these past ten years, Sam.” Tony Stark said unconcerned, “Isn’t it just taking money? Money is the least valuable thing.”

Sam smiled, she suppressed her succubus aura, and returned to usual, let him take a seat, pour him tea, report work. Her transformation was extremely natural, which made people feel stunned while feeling a little disappointed: “After you disappeared, a number of merchants joined forces to attack. The timing of the coincidence makes me suspect the reason for your disappearance. In addition, the head of the Tuttle family proposed to His Majesty that the number of troops be increased to deal with friction with the Dijon tribe, and there are also rumors that the demons have recently been on the move… I’m sorry, I didn’t pick you up because the attitude towards the demons in Magnolia City is not good right now, and it’s not convenient for me to appear directly on the street.”

They thought everything would be fine after returning to Magnolia City. Tony Stark can gradually use his influence to make peace between the demons and humans, although in theory this is difficult, but this is a movie, isn’t it? The movie is used to live the dream. Moreover, Tony Stark said in the cave there is still the succubus Sam waiting for him, he should return to the prodigal son look, and then lead a group of people to kill that so called Ten Commandments gang… perfect!

The result, they thought wrong.

After Tony Stark returned to Magnolia City, he faced a more complicated situation.

Those who want to make money out of him, those who have evil intentions towards him… and so on and so forth. Tony Stark said to the Imperial Prime Minister that humans and demons can coexist peacefully, the Imperial Prime Minister shook his head: “If you said this when you were fifteen years old, I’d say you have a wonderful dream, but you are now thirty-five, I can only say that your ideas are too naive.”

“It’s your idea that’s so cowardly,” Tony said nonchalantly.

“I admit it.” The Imperial Prime Minister said calmly, “But do you know what the nobility, the empire, and the church have to lose if the humans and the demons coexist peacefully?”

“What do you mean?” The smile was gone from Tony’s face, and his gaze sharpened up.

The Prime Minister didn’t smile anymore, “You are very talented in business, you are already good at leading your men, but your political sense is not good. Who do you think has been your protector all these years, Baron Stark?”

Tony looked at him deeply.

The Imperial Prime Minister pointed a finger at the sky, “The demons are evil, so He is righteous, this most basic concept should exist. Without the demons, without the common enemy of mankind, many things will change, many interests will be lost.”

“This… is not right,” Tony said, his voice tinged with a bit of weakness.

“There was an outbreak of plague over in Mulheim some time ago,” the Imperial Prime Minister replied.

Tony furrowed his brow, wondering what he was going to say.

The Imperial Prime Minister continued, “We agreed with the Church that it was the work of the demons. It must be. Do you understand?”

Tony Stark’s pupils quivered, and he understood what the other party meant, but he didn’t lose his temper in the end.

If it wasn’t the demons who were up to no good, could it be the punishment of the God of Light? Could it be that the human emperor was not governing well? Could it be that the nobles had made a mistake?

No, so, it can only be the demons.

Hill originally wrote this line, and then thought about it and deleted it, if this line is included, then the movie will be banned again.

However, although it was deleted, with this plot, someone will surely hear and understand it, if they don’t, they will also understand it sooner or later, because Hill will gradually instill similar ideas into it silently.

So far, the whole plot of “Iron Man” can be said to be messed up.

Finally, the Imperial Prime Minister said meaningfully: “You Stark family have always been loyal believers of the church. Even you will donate a lot of gold coins to the church every year. You should continue, my friend.”

This scene was creepy to watch for everyone.

Tony is very tired after coming back, and the next scene is his time alone with Sam, which is more relaxed and gives the audience a buffer time. Hill has paced this movie very well.

“I wish there was no more war,” Tony said as he slumped in his chair.

“Then you’d lose a lot of money,” Sam said.

“I told you money is the least valuable thing,” Tony said.

“Most of your privileges come from that,” Sam said.

Tony closed his eyes, “How come even you are here to say this to me?”

“I’m just saying. But I’ll be there for you to do all the things you want to do.” Sam said, “It’s been like that since before.”

“You have to give me your word.” Tony said, “Pinky promise.”

“Why are you acting like a little child?” Sam asked.

“You’re not the first person to say that about me today,” Tony replied.

“Poor Tony, then I won’t hurt you a second time with that kind of comment,” Sam said.

The two hooked their pinkies while closing their eyes and getting close, followed by a kiss, a pure, clean kiss.

The next scene began to lighten up again, Stark began to study the steel battle armor, before, because of worrying about other things, the audience did not pay much attention to that battle armor, but now, everyone’s attention is focused on it.

Hell’s Frontline rock music sounded again.

The sophisticated magic circle gleams with a faint blue light in the dark, sparks splashing on the steel, leaving small black marks on it, and the drafts full of technology drawn on the demon realm paper… coupled with the dynamic music, all these made the people watching feel excited.

Interspersed with test after test is the footage of Sam. She is secretly investigating where the magic weapons made by Stark flowed under Tony’s request. There are also quick cuts. Sam looks like a female agent, sometimes charming, sometimes fierce, and there are a few fighting scenes, making the audience exclaim in delight.

In the middle, there are also beautiful women teasing Tony, but Tony reached out and made a “stop” gesture, “Sorry, I provoked the wrong person, so now I have to keep a normal distance from women.”

After this sentence, the camera showed Sam, Sam kicked an enemy away, and with her red lips slightly hooked, she said, “Really weak.”

This connecting shot made the audience laugh out loud. Wow, this is really not to be messed with.

Tony Stark used his armor to fly into the sky for the first time. He muttered to himself: “I’m flying, I’m flying—” Then his voice increased, with a cheerful smile, “I, a human who can’t use magic, have mastered the sky!”

The audience watched in fascination, they were almost as excited as the man himself.

Wow – it’s really wonderful!

The scenes are very exciting, telling the audience what these characters are doing through concise lines and visuals. The rhythm and the beauty of the camera shots made the audience fascinated.

Hill used to watch movies with this kind of narrative on Earth, there was a commotion in the movie theater at that time, many people had fascinating smiles on their faces. Those who didn’t know thought something crooked happened… Cough cough.

The rock music stopped, announcing the end of that part – along with the sound of explosions, the movie screen showed that a town’s tallest building was bombed, then the screen zoomed out, showing Tony looking at the magic phone.

This camera shot is very clever, the music, the rhythm, and the sound of explosions made the audience’s eyes bright.

The latest battle armor has been designed, Tony, while looking at the magic phone, was putting on the battle armor for himself.

“The area around Famagusta is as terrible as hell because of years of famine,” a human on the magic phone said to the camera: “There are some demons and civilians living here, they are forced to leave their land, but they will not be accepted by other city-states. They are heretics, but they are also humans and living beings.”

The rich metallic beauty of the steel battle armor being attached to the body and the kind of coolness shown by the special effects made the people’s hearts pound.

But the show on the magic phone makes people feel complicated.

It looks like the joyous moment is coming to an end.

“Some fanatics of the Church of Light may attack them. Someone has reported this to the church, but the church said it was not instructed by them, so they do not need to bear this responsibility. However, the church also said that they apologize and they hope that the believers will follow the stars rationally. …Cough, no, follow the church rationally, and while protecting themselves, work together in a more positive way with the church to let the light shine on the continent.

Don’t do this kind of “if your and my beliefs are different, I will kill you” things. But the fanatics haven’t changed much at the moment. The church believes that this may be a deliberate attempt to mess up the situation in the name of faith, but they are also not responsible for this.”

Tony Stark fitted the armor on his legs.

“But at present, the organization called the ‘Ten Commandments’ is the most harmful to the surrounding areas.

I have a woman with me, she is crazy. She once ate her child because of hunger, my heart was full of shock when I first heard about this. There is also the matter of cutting the flesh from your own body and feeding it to your own child. The other day I saw a child who asked everyone who passed by if they had seen his mother…”

When the armor was installed on his arm, the magic lamp shone on his figure, and there was no smile on his face.

“There are many such things on the continent. The Bird of Dawn charity organization existed some time ago for these things, but they are not saviors, and there are many things they cannot do. So, is there anyone to save these people?”

Tony Stark raised his arm and the powerful magical energy emitted from his palm destroyed the wall and with it the projection.

He stood with a stony face and condensed gaze amidst the smoke.

The next second, the helmet came down, the eyes lit up, and the red steel battlesuit appeared in full form for the first time in front of the audience.

This scene is really cool. The audience could not help but think so.

Next is the “cool plot”. Wearing the battle armor, Tony Stark flew directly to the border to beat up those fanatics, save people, and fight the bad guys. The cool battlesuit and cool battle scenes made the audience want to scream in delight, but unfortunately, the cinema requires silence.

And synchronized with the side of the succubus Sam, she followed the trail and found the mastermind behind the Ten Commandments… it turned out to be a paladin named Baker! Sure enough, Sam was seriously injured, she dragged her injured body back to Magnolia City, but Tony Stark was not there. She was almost unconscious when she saw the Imperial Prime Minister, she handed over the projection stone containing the evidence. Then the Imperial Prime Minister asked her why she was so desperate.

She smiled slightly and replied, “I asked him that question and he said he promised a black dwarf that he would make peace. Now you ask me this question, then my answer is: I also promised a human that I would help him achieve peace.”

After saying that she closed her eyes and fell into a coma.

The Imperial Prime Minister looked over the contents of the projection stone, he had a complicated expression, and finally hesitated for a long time, and chose to side with Tony in the hope of the audience.

“I remember when I took over this position ten years ago, I thought about guarding my king and my people, not just keeping the position,” the Imperial Prime Minister said this monologue.

On the other hand, because of the disruption of the Ten Commandments and the fanatics, the demons seemed to be ready to break out into war.

The promise to a friend, the hatred of war, and the serious injury of Sam… these are piled up in Tony Stark’s body, but also let the audience wait with bated breath for the next final battle.

After the necessary drama, Stark and the paladin named Baker began to fight, the special effects of this battle is naturally a great pleasure. Stark also induced him to tell his plot when he was fighting with him, he pretended at first that he could not beat the paladin, and also put up a childish posture of justice: “You are a paladin! How can you do this?! You should surrender! Think of all the people who died because of this!”

The villain naturally proudly began to abuse the protagonist while opening the ‘habitual talkative villain’ mode, and finally, Stark punched him away and said, “It looks like this is the first movie I’ve done independently, I wonder how much they’ll pay me if I get it released at the Demon Mall Cinema.” After saying that, Stark took out the projection stone set in one corner of the armor and stuffed it into the inside of the armor.

Tony is always Tony, always so flexible and knows how to adapt.

However, there is a very funny paragraph in the middle. The Imperial Prime Minister thought Tony was defeated, he sighed deeply at the rubble and said: “I promised a succubus and a baron to help them achieve world peace and… Oh f*ck! You’re still alive!”

Then Tony climbed out of the rubble, “This line does not suit you, my lord.”

Everyone smiled tacitly when they saw it.

The plot is about to end here, Tony came to the Dark Church and said to the priest: “I am Tony Stark, I have an appointment with Mr. Grindelwald.”

Yes, here, Hill himself came out to make a cameo.

This got the audience instantly excited again.

Then Hill himself appeared. Tony hoped that the content of the projection stone could be broadcasted on the magic phone, and thus started the negotiation with Grindelwald. There were not many slip-ups, and the negotiations went smoothly. In the end, Grindelwald said, “I hope there will be more humans like you, you are the hero of both humans and demons.”

Tony Stark raised an eyebrow, “I don’t deny it.” He changed back to that arrogant and cocky look, but this time, this arrogance and cockiness looks very cute at the moment.

The contents of the projection stone successfully defused this war crisis between the demons and humans. The church announced that the paladin would be kicked out, and the bishop gave a sorrowful speech to soothe the hearts of the public.

Tony Stark became a hero.

He got a warm welcome back to Magnolia City, with King Magnolia among them – oh yes, King Magnolia himself made a cameo appearance.

After a bit of bragging, Tony saw Sam in the crowd, her injuries had healed. He approached her and asked, “Can you walk on the street with integrity now?”

Sam replied, “The divide between the two races cannot disappear all at once, we still have a long way to go. As for why I’m here, I couldn’t wait to see you, so I didn’t want to mind their stares.”

“Me too,” Tony Stark said.


“Didn’t want to care about their stares,” he said then hugged Sam and gave her a deep kiss in front of the crowd.

Everyone present applauded and cheered.

The camera went up and the blue sky with clean white clouds formed the word Iron Man.

The movie was officially over!

The audience outside the movie was also boisterous, standing up and applauding!

This movie is really too wonderful! It was really a great movie to watch.

Cool, exciting, and yet insightful, with lots of food for thought.

Mrs. Helen – now a professional film critic – quickly wrote on a piece of paper.

“‘It’s an imperfect world, but it’s the only one we got.’ Tony Stark said so at the beginning of the interview in the face of reporters.

This is a meaningful sentence, we only have this world, so we should be good to this world…”

What to write next? Mrs. Helen thought.

F*ck it, think about what? Mrs. Helen cursed. This movie looks really cool, don’t write a review first, think for another day, with her current state of mind, she just wants to write the one sentence on the paper: “This movie is really f*cking good-looking, you guys hurry up and see!”

Mrs. Helen, a professional film critic, thought so, not to mention others.

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