Chapter 152 – Dream Maker

The premiere of “Iron Man” is over!

The cinema was filled with enthusiasm, and after the applause was over, the audience discussed while walking outside the theater.

Tony Stark’s player Jacob sat in the box, and he could hear the audience’s voice.

“Tony really is too handsome!”

“Ugh, if only the Starks in A Song of Ice and Fire were as resourceful as Tony.”

“Sam is so beautiful! Really is too beautiful!”

“When the dwarf died there, I actually cried… But these days, it seems to be normal to shed tears over the death of the demons.”

“His Highness Grindelwald always likes to write demons’ death, or their tragedy…”

“Tony in serious look is really handsome! That said, he and Sam are finally together, right? The way he looked when he rejected other beautiful women is also very handsome ah~”

“I wonder if there will be a follow-up, who is that actor ah? Will it be like Captain Rod, who is already a great identity?”

Captain Jack Sparrow made Captain Rod himself very popular, and the last time the Deathbird was at sea, a merchant ship came up to him and asked to be robbed. Captain Rod was full of question marks, but later learned that a noble lady on board was a fan of Captain Jack, and recognized the Deathbird from afar and forced the captain of the merchant ship to close in.

After filming the movie, the Deathbird actually stopped doing robberies and spent most of their time transporting cargo to and from the Plague Islands and Josh Kenny, fighting other pirates. Hill did not ask for this, but Captain Rod volunteered to do so, he knew that some image had to be maintained.

But this initiative to deliver themselves to him… Captain Rod symbolically took some money, and then the noble lady said shyly: “Lord pirate, want to rob me?”

Captain Rod: “……”

The chief mate went up and smiled, patted his round belly, “Rob ah, why not  rob?”

The noble lady immediately took her leave.

Captain Rod breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, “Thanks.”

The chief mate looked him up and down, “Sins.” He shook his head, “Beware of late blooming.”

Captain Rod broke through feeling embarrassed: “…thanks for the reminder.”

Similar things have happened more than once.

Merchant ships take the initiative to come over to let be robbed, this good thing made the other pirates simply jealous to death. Captain Rod fought for half a lifetime to climb up to the position of the four pirates, the result, after playing in a movie, he became the top pirate king. The other three pirate kings are about to die of anger, you’re not playing by the rules ah!

This also shows the current popularity of Captain Rod.

At this moment, Jacob listened to the voices below, he felt his brain go blank.

So many people say they like him.

So many people are interested in him.

Can a person like himself actually reap this kind of joy?

After the movie ended, the lights of the cinema turned on. The somewhat harsh light made Jacob squint his eyes.

Jacob suddenly remembered a quote he had read in the Demon Realm Magazine before.

“It’s an unfair world, in fact, the world is not fair at all times.

One of the purposes I have in making the “Demon Realm Magazine” and even all the surrounding cultural products, is to be able to give a resting place to souls who have nowhere to live, so that people can be immersed in that fictitious world for a short time and forget about the troubles of reality.

But I want to do more than that.

I want to really change something. I want to show everyone what love is, what equality and freedom are, and I want to show everyone the benefits of peace.

I want to…

make dreams shine into reality.”

The lights of the cinema shone on Jacob, who opened his mouth and read out the last words for himself.

In fact, it is just ordinary light, but at this moment, Jacob felt himself bathed in holy light, the whole person was sublimated.


After the premiere, the cinema was full for a week. Two weeks later, the cinema only had empty seats. This is unthinkable on Earth.

Various movie reviews were soon published in the magazine, and Hill used various means to encourage viewers to write reviews this time, and he also set up special awards. The first prize is 100 gold coins, the second prize is 50 gold coins, and the third prize is 10 gold coins. This reward is also a great temptation for the noble ladies, so the movie reviews came from all over the place.

There are various kinds of movie reviews, there is an analysis of Stark’s character, there is an analysis of the political situation of the Magnolia Empire, there is a discussion of the Church, there is an imagination of the next sequel plot, there is also an analysis of the relationship between humans and demons… The last kind of analysis made Hill especially satisfied.

As for the relationship between humans and demons, Hill has a modern mind so he can come up with some offbeat but appealing theories, such as that the demons can reflect the light of the Church, so in the Church’s view, the demons must exist, and the demons must play a negative image. But let him say more and he might run out of steam a bit. Ugh, that’s an awful word, so let’s use writer’s block.

So, Hill had fun reading the reviews and summarizing some new brainwashing theories for next time, he felt like an author copying book reviews, but it was so cool.

The “Me and Iron Man” photo contest on Weibo ended, and Hill originally positioned it as a small game to promote audience motivation, but found that some of the photos submitted by the participants looked like blockbuster posters. He must admit, there are experts in these people ah.

So, this inspiration of a small game has become a photography contest.

Hill plans to hold several more such photo competitions in the future, and then let his men lead the establishment of a Photographers Association.

The photo contest was so full that Hill had to start modifying the magic array for transmitting information from the magic phone after the premiere of the movie to expand the information storage capacity. Fortunately, Hill let the Ghost Binns prepare in advance, so it only took a total of a week to complete the task in a clean manner.

First place in the first photo contest won 500 gold coins, second place was 200 gold coins, and third place was 50 gold coins. The top three all had the opportunity to have dinner with Tony Stark. This made the two noble ladies plus a school of magic student very happy.

Jacob was surprised that a noble lady would be excited to have dinner with an evil merchant like him.

In fact, those people were happy, and Jacob himself was happy, but he understood what he should do. At dinner, he used Tony Stark’s costume, and also continued to imitate his tone of voice and manner of speaking. The dinner went very well, and a noble lady shyly asked to take a photo together.

Oh, you’re so sudden with this invitation, mind you, I was almost blown up by a magic weapon last time after being asked by a soldier,” Jacob said.

“That, if it’s presumptuous…”

“But it’s an honor to be able to take a picture with a beautiful lady like you,” Jacob said with a slight smile.

That noble lady looked like she was about to faint.

After sending the three away, Jacob turned around and walked towards the Demon Realm Mall, and as soon as he turned around, he was pointed at by a magic crystal gun.

Jacob’s heart jumped violently before he realized that the person with the gun was Joan Baker.

“What are you doing?” Jacob asked.

Joan Baker retrieved his gun and said as if nothing had happened, “Just kidding, didn’t you say you almost got blown up by a magic weapon after being asked like that last time? I’ll give you a start and a finish.”

Jacob twitched the corner of his mouth.

Next to them, fire elemental spirit Irvine thought, wow, the next issue of the mini-comic is back, but it seems to look gaygay, I wonder if they will both notice.

After that, the three lucky people posted a photo with “Tony Stark” on Weibo and said a lot of exciting words. Hill intended to publish their feelings in the “Demon Realm Magazine”, so that more people would also have this kind of aspiration.

The magazine immediately received a lot of letters, and there were many messages on Weibo, envious, jealous, and so on and so forth.

Captain Jack’s fans also said that if they had the opportunity to have dinner with Iron Man, why didn’t they have such an event during “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

Hill mulled over a bit, thinking that it’s also quite good to transform Captain Rod’s Deathbird into a cruise ship. You can carry tourists and run around or something, tourists can experience the life of pirates, but also get a close up with the pirates, like a large live-action immersive simulation game. Tourists can also play a different role at the beginning. This can definitely bring more money than being a pirate many times over.

That said, this also counts as one of the ways to successfully whitewash… The so-called pirates sea travel team or something.

Hill felt that this idea is very good, so he immediately went to meet with Captain Rod, and directly elaborated this idea to him. If it was in the past, Captain Rod certainly wouldn’t understand what desirable pirate life was, but ever since “Pirates of the Caribbean” came out, he can also experience some of the feelings of the aristocrats.

“It’s not impossible… but in this way, the fighting strength of Deathbird will become weak, and my influence will also disappear.”

Hill had thought about this: “You don’t need to go with those people, you should do what you usually do. I’ll let the dwarves build you another new ship, leave one pirate ship empty for that big live-action immersive simulation tour, and just continue what you’re currently doing.”

Naturally, Captain Rod agreed.

In Mulheim, Empire of Ice. After watching the film, Ice Emperor Claude gave birth to a thought: “How can Magnolia appear in the film but I can’t?”

In fact, King Magnolia has something to say… He is now like a helpless little girl controlled by others. When Hill requested it, he numbly agreed… You still envy me, Claude? Come on, let’s swap roles!

Claude wants say this to Olivia, he also wants to do a cameo in the movie…

In addition to these superficial hilarity, the impact of “Iron Man” on the public is quite far-reaching.

This is a story that takes place on the continent of Magnolia, and for the first time in the movie, Hill directly raised the concept of peace between the demons and humans, and the audience argued much, much more about it. Some felt that the Imperial Prime Minister was right, that it was too difficult and naive to seek peace between the two races. Some held the opposing view that there are heroes like Iron Man in the movie, and in reality, we can have the same heroes, such as His Highness Grindelwald, who has made a great contribution to the peace between the two races.

Hill read those arguments and decided that the next anime should have an anti-war theme as well.


Jacob opened the Demon Realm Magazine and saw that his submission to the magazine had been successfully published.

“My name is Jacob and I played the role of Iron Man. I have no past to speak of, I was just alive at first, driven by everything around me.

It may seem to others that I am successful too, but I know what kind of person I really am. As Tony said to the black dwarf in the cave, he seemed to be welcomed by everyone, but the only one who really waited for him to go home was Sam. He also knew what kind of person he was, and his mind was lost, but he found his purpose, and I found mine.


I am grateful to His Highness Grindelwald for giving me this opportunity; he made my dreams come true.”

His pitch ends here, but is followed by a message from Hill.

“At best, I am just a dream maker, but it is you who brought your dreams into reality, and it is you who reached this point through your own efforts.

Keep up the good work in the future.

Yours, Grindelwald.”

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