Sacrifice to the Devil 44

Chapter 44 – “I’m going to pester you all night.”

Wen Yu was stunned by Ying Chen’s words, a bad premonition faintly rose in his heart, and hurriedly asked: “What do you mean?”

Ying Chen held his face and kissed him gently: “If we live to be 80 years old, then we still have 62 years to be together, don’t we? I’m used to the long, boring years, but the thought of spending the last 62 years together growing old with you makes me so happy that I could die right now.”

Wen Yu looked at him in disbelief: “You mean, you will grow old too?”

“From now on, I will be the same as you.” Ying Chen nodded, with unspeakable tenderness in his eyes: “I am older than you, and I will definitely be older than you. Will you despise me then?”

Wen Yu’s throat was blocked and his nose was sore. It turned out that Ying Chen had thought about such a thing a long time ago, and he was ready to grow old with him.

62 years, it sounds very long.

But every day that follows must be cherished. Wen Yu stood on tiptoes and wrapped his arms around Ying Chen’s neck: “No matter what method you use, don’t hurt yourself, okay?”

The night was getting dark, and the heat in the room that lasted until dawn gradually dissipated. Ying Chen held the boy in his arms and gently wiped the sweat from his forehead. After the teenager was asleep, he tiptoed out of the bed and left the room.

He went to the other bedroom and opened the palm of his hand, and a black square the size of a button appeared in his hand.

It was a bug, he used this kind of thing for the first time. Because the opponent was Rong Di, he couldn’t use his spiritual power to eavesdrop on what he said to Wen Yu.

Therefore, he quietly put it in the back pocket of Wen Yu’s trousers during the day, and then found an excuse to disappear without a trace, so that Rong Di could use this to put his guard down.

After putting it in the computer, the conversation between Wen Yu and Rong Di came out clearly.

Wen Yu: [In the past, did Mr. Rong tell me about the Snow Spirit Grass on purpose?]

Rong Di: [You wanted to save that dragon, I just showed you the way. You ask this question, do you remember something?]

Wen Yu: [So did I end up saving him?]

Rong Di: [You died. Should be from a fall from that cliff, because I and Ying Chen couldn’t reach that place, so Ying Chen couldn’t find your body, I also did not tell him where you went. You are the one who made Ying Chen carry the sin, so when you died, the backlash he suffered also disappeared.]

Ying Chen’s face was illuminated by the blue light of the computer screen, and an extremely dangerous light glowed in his narrowed eyes.


The university has started.

Wen Yu had to live in school for more than half a month because of military training.

There were five freshmen in the same dormitory with him, and boys of the same age from various places soon became acquainted with each other. The beds next to each other also make it easy to see what the roommates are doing in bed.

Wen Yu thought, if Ying Chen came to pester him invisibly in the middle of the night, his slight movement could be seen clearly. He was very worried that Ying Chen would come.

On the first night, after a day of exhaustion from military training, he lay on the bed and thought: If Ying Chen really comes, he will scold him and resist him strongly. As a result, he fell asleep quickly and nothing happened all night.

On the second night, he was fortunate that Ying Chen could bear not to disturb him. After two days of military training, he was really exhausted, his muscles ached all over, and he fell asleep on the bed quickly.

On the third day, the sun was extremely harsh. Like his classmates in military training, the part of his face that was not covered by the hat was obviously tanned, only his forehead was white, which looked extremely funny. When he lay on the bed after taking a shower at night, his sunburned skin felt a little painful. A roommate got an after-sun repair cream from a girl and shared it with the six buddies in the dormitory.

Wen Yu didn’t refuse, only that it felt cool and comfortable to apply this thing on his face.

At this moment, he suddenly missed Ying Chen who brought him a cool feeling throughout the summer. If Ying Chen was invisible by his side during military training and saw him standing in a military posture under the scorching sun during the day, he would definitely send him some cool air. He also certainly won’t get sunburned.

Being with Ying Chen these months has made him forget that the summer in S City is so hot.

Why didn’t he come to see himself? By the way, he just said that Ying Chen would not be allowed to come at night, and he could come to school anytime during the day to find him.

The teenager thought, his exhausted body for a day made him fall asleep quickly again.

On the fourth, fifth, and sixth day, the young man tossed in bed and couldn’t fall asleep.

Something is wrong with Ying Chen.

The person who loves to stick to himself can’t just suddenly stop contacting him or visiting him for several days.

Did something happen?

Wen Yu thought of what Ying Chen said, that he would grow old with him, and anxiety began to rise in his heart.

He held the phone and immediately sent a message to Ying Chen: [Ying Chen, are you asleep?]

Ying Chen: [Lying on the pillow you slept in to rest. There’s still your smell on it.]

Wen Yu: Well, Ying Chen is still a bit perverted.

But he still couldn’t help but worry: [Call?]

After sending it, Ying Chen’s call came over instantly: “What are you doing? Are you tired?”

The familiar voice came into his ears through the phone, like soft cotton wool soothing his heart, and the teenager’s taut body loosened up. He found a comfortable position on the bed and lay down: “Just getting ready to sleep.”

“Why are you so obedient this time? You don’t come when you’re told not to.”

Ying Chen: “Want me to go over to you now?” There was a low smile in the loose voice.

Wen Yu: “No, no need! You wait for me for a few more days, and when I go back, I’ll reward you.”

Ying Chen: “What kind of reward?”

Wen Yu: “I’ll buy you a gift, okay?”

No matter how low his voice is, he can still be heard by the boys in the same dormitory. As a result, the boys crowded below the bunk to play games, moved their eyebrows, and asked about the upper bunk: “Wen Yu’s tone doesn’t sound right, is it his girlfriend?”

Wen Yu: …

He hadn’t seen Ying Chen for a long time. When he heard his voice, his body and mind were all over him, completely forgetting that what he had just said had been heard by others.

The teenager blushed and said flatly: “Don’t make trouble, be quiet.”

As a result, the boys teased him more: “It seems that it is really his girlfriend. I thought our dorm had all single dogs, the result, one betrayed us to escape from the rank of singles. Come on, tell me from which school the girl is.”

Ying Chen could also hear the conversation over there, and said in a good mood: “You tell them that I am your boyfriend.”

Wen Yu: …

Ying Chen: “If you don’t tell them, I will look for you tonight.”

Wen Yu: …

Ying Chen threatened quietly: “I will pester you all night.”

Wen Yu: !!!

He did not get annoyed with Ying Chen’s words. Instead, his relaxed body suddenly became hot.

Wen Yu curled up his toes hidden under the blanket, looked at the classmates in the lower bunk uncomfortably, and said, “Yes, it’s my partner on the phone.”

“Hoh, did you hear it? It’s really his girlfriend!”

The boys yelled half-jokingly: “Sister, you have to watch your boyfriend ah. It’s only been three days since school starts, all the freshmen in our school know that there is a handsome freshman named Wen Yu in the Academy of Fine Arts. The senior sisters are choosing him as the new school heartthrob.”

“Sister, you have to come to our school often to show your face so that our school girls know that the new school heartthrob has a partner. Otherwise, you will be robbed.”

Wen Yu: Sister.

He was worried that Ying Chen, the ancient god and demon, would be angry when he heard being called so.

In the end, Ying Chen was in a better mood: “They were right. I have to show my face in your school and let them know that you have a partner.”

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yu curled up into the thin blanket again. A hint of a smile is picked between the closed eyes: He kind of misses Ying Chen.

In fact, if he really came to the dormitory to look for him, as long as he didn’t do too much, he was also fine with it.

After the call that day, Wen Yu felt that he hadn’t severely asked Ying Chen not to come to school on the phone. Therefore, Ying Chen would probably visit him during training, when he went to the cafeteria to eat, or even when going to the toilet, as long as there was a gap, he would wonder if Ying Chen would suddenly appear at this moment.

As a result, in the past two days, Ying Chen still did not come.

Wen Yu looked at the time of the last message exchanged by the two in his phone, and the corners of his lips pressed down. In order not to let himself think about it, he chose to call Lin An this time.

“Big brother!”

As soon as the phone was connected, Lin An’s surprise voice rang in his ears: “Brother, you finally have time to call me? I miss you so much, when will you go home?”

“It’s still three days.”

Wen Yu couldn’t help his voice from turning soft.

Lin An listened to him very well, after telling him that he would be busy at school, he really held back from bothering himself by calling him. Wen Yu asked him, “How are you doing at school? Is it still adapting?”

Lin An was ashamed: “Physics and chemistry are a bit difficult, but I’ll try my best!”

Wen Yu originally didn’t ask Lin An to get his grades up. He just wanted Lin An to adapt to modern society. He smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t learn well, as long as you can handle your relationship with your classmates and teachers. Have you made any friends yet?”

“I made friends, but I still want to be with my big brother. Big brother, when can I go to school with you?”

Wen Yu: “If you can get in, I’ll be a senior when you’re a freshman, and your school senior.”

Lin An: “Then I must get in!”

Wen Yu smiled and didn’t think so, his school is not something you can get into just by taking the test. After chatting for a while, he asked, “Where’s Ying Chen?”

Lin An: “He, I haven’t seen him in the past few days.”

Wen Yu was stunned: “He’s not at home?”

Lin An: “I don’t know. I’m at school during the day, so maybe he’s home during the day.”

Ying Chen actually prefers nighttime activities and often sits on a deck chair watching the stars when he is bored. There was no way Lin An couldn’t see him.

If he wasn’t home, where would he go?

Wen Yu’s heart felt like it was hanging in the air, uneasy. After hanging up the phone, he sent a message to Ying Chen: [Where are you?]

After a while, Ying Chen replied: [Resting.]

If he hadn’t just called Lin An, Wen Yu would have thought that Ying Chen was resting at home. He didn’t lie to him, but the answer was ambiguous.

He deleted the words, ‘where are you resting?’, he was about to send one by one. After thinking for a while, he typed: [I miss you.]

After sending it out, Wen Yu gripped his phone tightly, his eyes fixed on the dialog box of the two.

He had not spoken to Ying Chen in such a straightforward manner, and although it was only to check on Ying Chen’s status, he would still be vaguely nervous in his heart.

How will Ying Chen react to his words?

The dialogue box is unmoving, and the other party is not even typing. After a minute, two minutes, five minutes of silence, Wen Yu began to panic. His first time to be so active, but Ying Chen did not reply to him.

What the hell is he doing?

Wen Yu exited from the chat. He was just thinking of giving him a call when he suddenly felt heavy, and there was the familiar to the soul kind of cold breath. The cool air surrounded his body and pushed the dry heat away.

Ying Chen!

He shouted in his heart, the miss of not seeing each other for ten days collapsed in this moment. Regardless of how many people were in the dormitory, he just needed to breathe in this coolness greedily now.

[What are you doing here?]

He scrambled to type this string of words on his phone.

“Didn’t you say you missed me?”

Only he could hear the voice in his ears, mellow and slow.

He could not see Ying Chen, but he could also know from the weight pressing on his body that Ying Chen was lying on his shoulder, breathing in his scent at the nape of his neck: “I’m going to pester you all night.”

This sentence just fell and Wen Yu’s breathing became heavy. Extremely quick sense made him cover his mouth immediately before making a strange sound.

He can’t see Ying Chen, he doesn’t know where he will suddenly touch him.

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