Sacrifice to the Devil 45

Chapter 45 – Angry

Wen Yu pulled the blanket with both hands, covering himself from foot to head. He wants to curl up, but his legs are pressed. And then endured being bitten to fight hard: [I will be seen by my roommates.]

Ying Chen’s voice reached his brain: “They will fall asleep soon.”

Wen Yu didn’t understand too much. He turned his head and looked at the lower bunk. The two roommates who were playing games against each other yawned again and again, turned off the computer, and said, “No more, too sleepy. Quit first and play again tomorrow.”

The other two classmates who were sitting on the bedside reading a book closed their books, turned off the night light, and got into the bed. There was another classmate who had just washed up and fell directly onto the pillow after coming out of the bathroom.

In a blink of an eye, there were snoring sounds in the dormitory one after another.

And Wen Yu was very awake at the moment. He can’t see, so he can’t predict what the next action will be. The snoring of roommates all around him makes him afraid to hum from beginning to end.

Ying Chen said he would pester him all night and he really pestered him all night. Wen Yu could only catch the air when he tried to push him away. The feeling of real and unreal seems to be a shameful dream.

The next day, the roommates who had been sleeping all night jumped out of the bed vigorously and talked about:

“Is it the effect of military training? I feel very energetic today, as if my body has inexhaustible energy.”

“Me too, I just want to go to the playground and do some crazy laps.”

“It seems that my muscle mass has increased, exercise really makes people happy.”

He also called out to Wen Yu, who was lying in bed, “Get up, let’s run to breakfast together.”

Wen Yu: …

He got down from the bed exhausted, and almost fell when his feet were on the floor with a soft leg. Following five energetic roommates vainly, thinking of today’s training, he secretly cried out: Sure enough, he should not have let Ying Chen come!

After the two weeks of military training ended, Wen Yu packed his belongings and went home. Uncle Zhao was waiting to pick him up at the gate of the campus. In the car, Lin An was also there, and he ran over when he saw Wen Yu from afar: “Brother! Big Brother, I am here!”

After he hurriedly ran over and took Wen Yu’s hand, he happily said a heartfelt word: “Brother, why are you so tanned, your forehead is like a white turban hahaha.”

Wen Yu frowned and asked: “Is it particularly ugly?”

He knew that the black and white tan on his face during this period was ugly. Don’t know what Ying Chen would think when he saw it, maybe he would be called ugly again.

Lin An shook his head frantically, “Good looking, brother is handsome even when he is tanned!”

A pair of big shiny eyes sincerely complimented him. Just don’t know if Ying Chen’s filter on him is also that thick.

Uncle Zhao took Wen Yu’s suitcase and opened the door for him: “Young Master Wen has been working hard during this period. Take a good rest at home this weekend.”

Wen Yu looked in the car subconsciously: “Where is Ying Chen?”

Why didn’t he come?

Uncle Zhao: “Mater said that he has to deal with some things with Mr. Rong, and it may take a few days to come back.”

What is it, more important than taking him home.

Wen Yu’s heart was empty as he got into the car.

Liu Yiming was also waiting for the end of his military training, so he called when he was out of school: “Xiaoyu, will you invite uncle for dinner this weekend?”

Originally, Liu Yiming wanted to give Wen Yu a college entrance banquet, but Wen Yu refused. Instead, he wanted to invite him to dinner, saying that he wanted to thank Uncle Liu for taking care of him over the years.

In fact, Wen Yu wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Ying Chen to Uncle Liu and his friends. Now Ying Chen suddenly has something to do and he doesn’t know when he will be back. Naturally, the banquet can’t be held.

Wen Yu had to apologize: “I’m sorry, Uncle Liu, there is still something going on in school this weekend, can you wait a few more days?”

“Of course, your school matters the most.”

Liu Yiming smiled heartily: “How is the military training? Are you tired? You get along well with your new classmates, right?”

Wen Yu: “All are good. Don’t worry.”

Uncle Liu, “You, it’s so reassuring. You won’t let me send you to school. You won’t let me pick you up today. Really, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Uncle is worried about whether you are fat or thin.”

Wen Yu: “I’m tanned, I don’t have the face to see you anymore.”

Uncle Liu: “Even if you are sun-tanned into a black loach, you are still more handsome than other loach.”

Wen Yu leaned on the seat of the car and said with a smile: “Don’t laugh at me. When I’m done with these things, I must invite you to dinner, and I will cook for you myself.”

After hanging up the phone, he received messages from friends one after another on his cell phone, all asking him when he would invite them to dinner based on the time when his military training was over.

After Wen Yu responded one by one, he sent a message to Ying Chen: [When will you go home? I want to introduce you to my friends.]

He waited until the evening and Ying Chen still did not reply to him.

During the military training, he could not wear anything on his body, so he had to lock the bracelet that Ying Chen gave him into the cabinet. After taking a shower in the evening, he went to the cabinet and searched for the bracelet to put it on.

But after he got it in his hand, he was surprised to find that the color of the bracelet was wrong.

It was originally a dark purple bracelet, and you can see a halo on the bracelet no matter what the environment is. But now, the color has become lighter, gray and dark. It looks lifeless.

The bracelet is Ying Chen’s spiritual power carrier, if it loses the spiritual power…

Wen Yu’s heart sank heavily with a ‘thud’.

All the doubts about Ying Chen during this time, he suddenly became sober at this moment: something happened to Ying Chen!

“Uncle Zhao! Uncle Zhao!”

He shouted in the empty room, calling his name because he was too anxious: “Zhao Boyan! Come out!”

“Young Master Wen, you call me?”

Zhao Boyan was so scared by Wen Yu’s urgent call that he didn’t put on his clothes and appeared directly: “What’s your order?”

“Tell me, where did Ying Chen go?” Wen Yu asked sharply.

Zhao Boyan didn’t know why, so he quickly explained: “I really don’t know where Master went. He just said he would find Mr. Rong, but he didn’t order anything else.”

Wen Yu: “Where does Rong Di live?”

Zhao Boyan tried to think back: “I only remember his address in another city, which is more than 500 kilometers away.”

Wen Yu seemed to see a glimmer of life, and grabbed his hand and asked urgently: “Do you have a way to let me move directly to look for him now?”

Uncle Zhao originally wanted to refuse, because ordinary human bodies simply cannot withstand the transfer beyond time and space. But when he saw Wen Yu’s stern words, who had always been calm, he instinctively sensed that the situation was urgent.

He hesitated and said: “I can take you with me, but the rapid transfer will damage your body.”

“It’s okay, go now!” Wen Yu ordered very firmly. He just wants to see Ying Chen right now, wanting to see what’s wrong with him?

Uncle Zhao had to make some preparations, and set off after protecting Wen Yu with his greatest ability. But when he was really moving, Wen Yu still couldn’t help the blackness in front of him, immediately afterward, the inside and outside of his body hurt so much that it was about to explode. His muscles seemed to be peeling off his bones, and the shaking of his internal organs made him suffocate and want to vomit.

Uncle Zhao could see that he was uncomfortable. He guarded him tightly, and asked him several times if he wanted to stop.

Wen Yu kept shaking his head, and his movement suddenly stopped ten minutes later. Wen Yu’s body was severely thrown out due to inertia, and was hugged tightly by Uncle Zhao so that he didn’t fly out directly.

His brain was blank, his vision was blurred, his ears were buzzing, and his whole body was so painful that his flesh and bones hurt to the extreme. He put his body on Uncle Zhao and asked, “Here, is it here?”

Uncle Zhao hoped that he could feel better, patted his back lightly, and persuaded: “It’s here, how are you now? It’s too late, Mr. Rong should also rest, or let’s rest and visit again in the morning? “

“I’m fine.”

It took a long time for Wen Yu to see clearly that he was standing outside the wall of a house, like a villa built in a certain natural scenic area, with night lights in the dark and dense trees illuminating the towering walls and dark gates.

He walked over without hesitation and rang the doorbell.

After a while, the door intercom turned on, and then a surprised voice came from inside: “Wen Yu? Why are you here in the middle of the night?”

It was Xia Mu’s voice.

Wen Yu was taken aback and explained: “Teacher Xia, I’m sorry to disturb you at this time. I want to ask if Rong Di is here?”

“Are you looking for Rong Di? Wait for me.”

Xia Mu quickly walked out of the villa and opened the door to invite Wen Yu and Uncle Zhao into the house.

He smiled and asked the two to sit down: “How did you find me when you were looking for Rong Di? This house was a breakup gift he gave me a few years ago. After the breakup, he has never been here again.”

When Wen Yu heard this, his heart became even more anxious: “Then do you know where he lives now?”

Xia Mu shook his head and told him the truth: “Actually, I haven’t contacted him for several years. He came to me a few days ago so that I can teach you how to draw. You are looking for him in such a hurry. What’s the matter?”

Wen Yu raised his hand to show him the dim bracelet, and said: “This is given to me by Ying Chen, and it is his spiritual power carrier. It is now dead and I suspect that something should have happened. But I can’t find him.”

Uncle Zhao only saw the change in the bracelet now, and he was immediately shocked: “How could this be?! The state of the bracelet is the state of the Master. Now Master is either seriously injured or his spiritual power has suffered a great trauma. But who is it? Who can hurt Master?”

It is as expected.

Wen Yu’s heart instantly sank to the bottom.

Xia Mu looked at the bracelet and meditated: “Rong Di once gave me a crystal ball, saying that if the rose inside it dies, it means he is dead. It should be the same as the bracelet you wear.”

Wen Yu: “Can you show me that crystal ball?”


Xia Mu took Wen Yu to the bedroom upstairs.

The glass ball was placed in the safe in his bedroom, and in the middle of the opening of the heavy metal door was a brown wooden box. Xia Mu took out the wooden box, and after opening it, a layer of red flannel-wrapped ball appeared.

“This is it.”

Xia Mu said, uncovering the red cloth little by little, but after the transparent glass ball appeared little by little, Xia Mu froze, and his hands holding the box began to tremble: “How could it be? Impossible, impossible…”

The rose in the glass ball withered, and the original bright red rose now had its dark yellow petals hanging lingeringly, dead.

‘Thud!’ With a sound, the wooden box containing the crystal ball fell to the floor with a loud noise.

Xia Mu staggered back two steps, staring at the crystal ball rolling on the ground in a daze, and his trembling voice kept muttering to himself: “How could this happen, how could this happen, it was all fine last week, why?”

What happened to Rong Di?

Wen Yu suddenly understood one thing: Sure enough! Ying Chen has done something to Rong Di!

After he saw the bracelet change color at home, he had various conjectures in his heart.

It’s either Ying Chen hurt himself to become a human being like him, or there is some danger. But who can hurt Ying Chen?

Or Ying Chen found out about the existence of Snow Spirit Grass that Rong Di revealed to him in his previous life.

This is what Wen Yu is most worried about.

Because with Ying Chen’s character, he will definitely never let Rong Di go. If two ancient gods and demons fight together, they will lose each other’s lives.

The discolored bracelet in front of him and the withered rose in Xia Mu’s crystal ball confirmed his worst guess.

But he didn’t know where Ying Chen went, and with a glimmer of hope, he asked Uncle Zhao: “If Ying Chen fights with Rong Di, where will they go?”


Uncle Zhao asked in astonishment: “They are friends, why would they fight?”

Wen Yu: “If we wait like this, both of them will be in danger. We have to find them as soon as possible.”

Uncle Zhao had been anxious long ago, and had to believe that Ying Chen’s spiritual power suddenly declined because of a fight. He thought hard: “If it is a fight, there is a place, but unless the master takes us personally, no one can get in.”

It is a different space built by Ying Chen for himself, a place that no one can reach. During the long years when Ying Chen couldn’t find Wen Yu, he often feigned his death in that space, and spent years of loneliness year after year.

Wen Yu fell into unprecedented helplessness after hearing Uncle Zhao’s explanation. Could it be that he could just wait for news of the death of either of them?

Xia Mu looked at the withered petals in the crystal ball and suddenly laughed, “Is Rong Di going to die? Would such a person die before me? Hahahaha…”

After laughing, his voice became pale and feeble: “No wonder he said that the one left behind is the one that suffers the most. If he can live this time, I will walk with him for a few more years. Just looking at it like this, he should be dead. Hahaha…”

The one left behind is the one that suffers the most.

Wen Yu clenched his hands tightly: “No, it’s not too late. I have a way to get Ying Chen back.”

Uncle Zhao asked hurriedly: “What is the solution?”

Wen Yu calmly looked out the window: “Teacher Xia, your home is on the top of the mountain, are there any cliffs nearby?”

Neither of them knew what Wen Yu was going to do, but under the leadership of Xia Mu, the three of them walked to a viewing platform, and suddenly panicked when they saw the young man crossing the protective fence and looking down on the endless dark cliff below.

Xia Mu: “Wen Yu, what are you going to do?”

Uncle Zhao: “Young Master Wen, come down quickly. If something happens to you, Master will definitely become crazy!”

Wen Yu turned his head back to the two people who were shocked: “Don’t worry, as long as Ying Chen is alive, I will be fine even if I jump down.”

He was said to be an immortal child since he was little, not because of great luck. But because if there is any encounter to danger, Ying Chen’s spiritual power will protect him from the netherworld. Not to mention that the two can sense each other now.

He believed that if he had anything that threatened his life, Ying Chen would be the first to sense it no matter where he was and rush over to save him.

Uncle Zhao wanted to make a last-ditch attempt to dissuade him: “Young Master Wen, you forgot that I am now your great spirit. If something happens to you, I will also dissipate my soul.”

Wen Yu tilted his head and smiled at him, “You can come and save me the moment I die, but you can’t come earlier than Ying Chen. Do you understand?”

His toes were already hanging on the edge of the cliff, his thin body was cast in a slender shadow by the light, and his eyes looked back at Uncle Zhao and Xia Mu with a clear smile.

It looked like he was not using suicide to lure Ying Chen out, but more relaxed and happy like going to an appointment.

Uncle Zhao understood what he meant. He nodded tightly all over, “Okay. Even if Master doesn’t come, I will save you at the last minute.”

As soon as his words fell, he saw the teenager turn back and open his arms, his body tilted towards the endless darkness of the cliff, like a human doll falling against the wind, swallowed by the darkness in the blink of an eye.

Xia Mu screamed, chasing after lying on the railing, shaking her voice and shouting: “Wen Yu!”

At the same time, Uncle Zhao disappeared.

In the next second, a strong, dazzling light suddenly exploded under the bottomless cliff, which instantly illuminated the entire valley. A strong invisible force pushed Xia Mu, who was leaning on the fence, to the ground.

The surrounding rocks and trees also rolled rapidly with this force, and the lush branches and leaves of the pine forest under the cliffs were blown rustling.

But soon it calmed down, the light disappeared, the rolling stones stopped, and the leaves stood still. The deep forest regained the silence it should have


Under the cliff.

Wen Yu tightly closed his eyes from the moment he jumped down. The high-speed free fall left him with no room to think. But at that moment, he personally experienced the fear of death.

He was afraid that if he really died, what would happen to Ying Chen who was left behind?

Until after that blinding bright light flashed, he was stopped from falling by a heavy resistance, then his body fell into that familiar embrace.

It was Ying Chen who came and hugged him tightly.

All of Wen Yu’s anxiety and fear disappeared at this moment. He opened his eyes in surprise, clutching his sleeves tightly with both hands: “Ying Chen! I knew you’d come back!”

Ying Chen landed steadily, breathing quickly, and trembling slightly as he held the young man’s hand tightly. But the look was very cold and hostile.


Wen Yu’s first reaction after seeing Ying Chen’s expression is to sober up.

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