Chapter 165 – Immersive Theater, Start!

Old Jackson discovered that all the topics that the people of Magnolia City talked about in daily life were closely related to the Demon Realm and the Demon Race.

What an omen is this. Old Jackson thought.

What did he gain from it? What did he lose from it?

He has gained too much, let’s not say anything else, just say that the Magnolia Empire that he has been thinking about is now prosperous under the control of the Demon Race, what is this… Her Royal Highness in the palace, under the prompt of the Demon King, has reorganized the agriculture and commerce of the Magnolia Empire. The incident of Prince Tuttle Borel scared the courage of some nobles, so some reforms proceeded smoothly.

Nowadays, the “Bird of Dawn” charity organization is changing the Magnolia Empire from the bottom to top, and Princess Delia is doing it from the top to bottom, and all classes are cooperating like never before, so the changes in the Magnolia Empire are visible to the naked eye.

What he has “lost”, now, Olivia has gone to the north. Although he will miss his daughter, but Old Jackson also knows this is a rare opportunity. Hmm… he still doesn’t know about Ice Emperor’s proposal to his daughter. Olivia wrote a letter. It takes a week to get from Winter City to Magnolia City. Olivia could have told Hill to tell him, but she was a little embarrassed to say this, so she wrote a letter.

Let’s return to the topic of Magnolia City…

In the first half of the month, everyone was talking about the assassination of His Royal Highness Grindelwald. They were worried about the demons and they hated Prince Borel.

Later, after His Royal Highness Grindelwald gave a speech, in the following days, everyone was passionately discussing war and peace, discussing their great mission… Have to say, Grindelwald’s speech was really passionate, Old Jackson think.

And now, after an advertisement, everyone is discussing immersive theater again.

While drinking tea, Old Jackson thought, if he knew that the demons would be like this in the future, would he choose to cooperate? The answer seems to be certain: no cooperation. But he changed his mind, if he doesn’t cooperate, there will be other nobles to cooperate with the demons. Anyway, the end result is the same. He thinks Prince Tuttle will definitely take the initiative to find Grindelwald… It’s better for him to do it himself.

This step by step. Some time ago, Old Jackson said to Hill in the Demon Realm: “I am on your thief ship completely.” This sentence actually contained a lot of emotion. Old Jackson was like a frog boiled in warm water to Hill, which is a very apt description. Hill told him the story of boiling frogs in warm water. Old Jackson felt creeped out, and Alice next to him was also creeped out, but they were obviously creeped out by different things. ——The former knows that this method is terrible because of too much experience, while the latter is simply because of cruelty.

“You have to remember two sentences. Sometimes, even if you are not cruel to others, others will be cruel to you.” Hill said. “The second sentence, what this world teaches you with cuts and bruises is not only despair and cruelty, cruelty is just one type of means, just that. A madman may become a momentary hero, but he will not live long.”

Alice nodded earnestly, “I’ll remember, sir.”

Old Jackson next to him couldn’t help but speak: “I really want to push my son over to be educated by you…”

“If you have no objection, then I have no objection.” Hill shrugged. “Just right for him to come and give me a hand, I’m always short of people.”

As a result, these few words confirmed the future fate of Jefferson Jackson.

Of course, this is something for later.


Because Hill announced in the magazine that a lucky audience would be randomly selected from readers’ letters, the magazine was really overwhelmed by letters these days. Theodore almost died. He told Hill, and Hill said, “Isn’t it just some letters? There is not a lot of people these days, how many people can there be… Uh, it’s a lot, I’ll think of a way.”

Hill finally noticed in the pop-up window on the magic phone that everyone can only write one letter, and if they write more, they will be excluded from the lottery list.

This greatly reduces the burden on Theodore and the magazine.

Time flies quickly. With everyone’s eagerness waiting, Hill conducted a lottery draw in the live broadcast of the magic phone. He used magic to knock away the small mountain of piled-up letters, making all the letters float up in the room, then he reached out and grabbed one of the letters at random, and opened it. The final result of the lottery was Annie from Josh Kenny. The exact identity… a servant?

Hill knew what would happen next after seeing the identity of the other party.

Sure enough, the maid named Annie voluntarily gave up the opportunity to her master.

Oh, this is to let everyone under your hand to write letters, so that you can increase your winning rate.

Forget it, let’s leave it at that this time, the next time they set up a lottery, winners can’t transfer it. This time, it was indeed his loophole, if he patches it now, it would be a bit bad.

The last lottery winner is Josh Kenny’s merchant, Gibbon Joyce.

Joan Baker curled his lips when he knew it.

“Know?” Hill asked.

“Yes,” Joan Baker said.

Jacob over there said, “He is a big man in Josh Kenny.”

“Oh, that means he is a villain,” Hill said.

“Of course, the big people of Josh Kenny are all villains. Seeing that you, sir, have become quite adept at the laws here.” Joan Baker said, “Oh, actually, I’ve always thought you were pretty great, too, Sir Jacob.”

“You too,” Jacob said with a grim smile, so grim that it could draw a person out of rheumatism—this kind.

Hill wanted to laugh a little. In fact, Joan Baker and Jacob were both calm people, but they would quarrel as they do now when they met together. They added countless materials to “Demon Realm Magazine”, and they actually also have CP fans. Joan Baker almost tripped when he heard the news and Jacob hit the wall on the spot.

Of course, this scene was also drawn into the magazine’s chibi version of the comics, and was named “When the Merchant Group knew that they were paired as CP”.

Everyone talked about it.

At this time, they have entered a habitual bickering mode.

The curtains in the room are of hollow embroidered style. When the sun shines in, beautiful flower patterns will be projected on the carpet, which shows the exquisite design of the curtains.

Hill looked at the sunny flowers scattered on the ground, and his heart was full of comfort.

Ah, life is still very good.


Recently, Winter City has also started a take-out service. It is the disciple of Leona Bell of the Five Emissaries who is responsible for the delivery. The other party has just graduated from the Necromancer Training Institution of the Dark Church. He thought he could show his big skills. The result, his first job is to use the undead to deliver food (…).

At the beginning of this year, Hill and Monroe jointly established a training system in the Dark Church. Now, this training system is basically going to be developed into an education system, and it is being perfected step by step according to the actual situation.

If it was on Earth, the Dark Church’s institutions are in charge of the distribution of employment packages.

However, their first job was not to kill or set fire, but to work in the Demon Mall.

Hill has his own theory: If you want to be a bad person, you must first know how to be a good person, and if you want to retaliate against the society, you must first learn how to be a fish in the water. Know your enemy and confidant, and you will be able to get a staff meal when you come to work in the Demon Mall.

…The last point convinced all the Dark Church priests. Let them get rid of all their dissatisfaction. Cough.


Quite a lot of attention, the first batch of “Pirates of the Caribbean” immersive theater is about to kick off.

The first batch of players are all new faces to Hill, but they are actually quite famous in the upper class.

After all, the people that Hill knew were busy and didn’t have time to do this. Hill originally planned to arrange a person of his own in the “captive group”, in case the players of the “captive group” cowered and the plot could not proceed. Then let that “person of his own” take the initiative to step forward to push the plot. As a result, for a while, he really couldn’t find a suitable target among humans. Old Jackson’s son Jefferson was busy with the Bird of Dawn. Olivia and the others couldn’t leave. And they couldn’t let Princess Delia go. Cough.

But listening to the tone of Joan Baker and Jacob, the “lucky reader”, Merchant Gibbon Joyce, should also be a great figure, so just put him in the “captive group”. Hill made this decision.

Preliminary preparations were completed, and players from all over the continent had been uniformly received in advance to stay at a hotel under Jacob’s hand in Josh Kenny. Costumes tailored to the player’s body shape were soon delivered to the door in a gift box with an invitation.

The invitation letter of the “captive group” is a typical noble banquet invitation letter. The invitation words written on it are those they usually see. The time is tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock in the morning, on a merchant ship at the Josh Kenny docks.

The players in the captive group thought that they would be locked up directly by the pirates. It doesn’t seem that simple… So, this is, are they going to be robbed by the pirates on the ship? This, this is really a little nerve wracking, but they look forward to it more.

The invitation letter of the pirate group is richer: a map and a compass. The map is Josh Kenny, with a huge red X painted somewhere along the coastline. It means they need to go there at ten in the morning.

Just looking at the way the game started has made many people feel very excited.

Natasha comes from the Ice Empire and is the second daughter of Justin family in Lake Fort. She used five hundred gold coins to obtain the status of “captured viscount lady”, while her friend, Muriel from Star Fort, used the same gold coins to choose to become a pirate. They both agreed to help each other in the game. They both do not have too much money in hand, after all, they are only young women.

Muriel was very happy when she received the gift box, and she started trying on clothes without eating dinner. After putting it on, she looked in the mirror and admired it: an off-white jacquard striped shirt with a collar, and the cuffs of the puff sleeves are fastened with leather, which looks a little more handsome and sassy. The khaki leather waistcoat has a corset and a hollow back, which is not too heavy and has a neutral beauty in its toughness. The lower body is an irregular short fishtail skirt, which adds a bit of charm – the two legs are basically exposed more than half. Muriel couldn’t help but burst into a smile. It was very good-looking, and at the same time, it was convenient to move.

She looked at herself in the mirror for a while, then drew her sword out, pointed at herself in the mirror and said, “Hey you, speak clearly, aren’t you satisfied? Be careful I kill you, I am the famous pirate Muriel!”

After speaking, she was a little shy, but she also felt a kind of joy from the heart.

This dress is so cool! She will be a female pirate from tomorrow! Long live the pirates!

Natasha was so timid, she chose the role of Miss Noble in the end. Miss Noble’s costume is probably nothing special, it’s really boring.

In fact, the costumes of the aristocratic ladies are also very beautiful. Hill designed it in many ways, but compared to the pirate costumes, it definitely lacks characteristics.

In addition, the pirate costumes designed by Hill are naturally different from the actual pirate costumes. In reality, those pirates wear more tattered ones. Even for famous female pirates like Sarah, in order to facilitate the action, most of them wore men’s clothing. Most of the pirates may wear whatever they get.

Muriel was so excited that she couldn’t sleep that night, she got up early the next morning and put on her clothes again. She went to find Natasha Justin first, and Natasha’s dress was pretty good, but Muriel always felt that it was not as good as hers. After the two parties agreed to help each other again, they went to different places according to the invitation letter.

The gathering time is ten o’clock in the morning.

The map was very clear. Muriel met several people in similar costumes on the road, and she recognized one of them as Master Carl Richard from the Hill Fort. The other party is so handsome in pirate costume. Muriel thought in her heart.

They were chatting while walking along the map. At this time, the autumn was high and the temperature was just right. There were waves and seagulls beside them. Everyone was wearing handsome costumes. Muriel thought it felt good to keep walking like this. Unfortunately, magic cameras are not allowed…

Immersive theaters are not allowed to carry such things as magic cameras and magic phones. After the official start, there will be someone to take pictures secretly without affecting the sense of substitution. After the end, each player can choose five of the photos to take away, and the extra will cost money. This is an additional consumption stipulated by Hill. In addition, everyone except the five personal photos will get two group photos for free, and the opportunity to take pictures with two NPCs for free. So, a total of nine photos can be obtained for free.

When the group reached their destination, they found that there was no pirate ship, only a coconut tree. A man in pirate costume stood under the coconut tree. He walked up directly after seeing them coming and greeted enthusiastically: “You are finally here, come hurry up, here is where the treasure is hidden. Let’s dig out the treasure together and then offer it to the captain!”

This made everyone almost stunned, and everyone didn’t react.

The pirate turned a blind eye to everyone’s reaction and continued: “We’ll all be promoted for sure! Especially you, Carl! This time you have made a great achievement, when you become the deputy captain, you must remember me ah.”

Muriel was stunned for a moment, and then she realized that the game had already begun!

Master Carl Richard… No, the pirate Carl also understood: “Okay, I will remember you. Then let’s start digging.”

There are a total of two shovels over there. Everyone digs in turn. When it’s Muriel’s turn, Carl said in a gentle manner: “It’s enough for us men to do this kind of thing…”

Muriel shook her head, “There are no gentlemen and ladies here, there are only male pirates and female pirates!”

An unrecognizable noble lady over there – now a female pirate – said, “Yes, that’s right.”

Carl smiled, “Then, please.”

As the shovel fell, inside Muriel’s chest rose a wonderful feeling.

I am a pirate, I am now digging for treasure!

This feels so good!

She had never been in contact with this kind of “heavy work” before, and she didn’t feel any discomfort at the moment, she was more excited.

Then the shovel hit something hard, a dull voice sounded, and the treasure chest was dug!

Everyone cheered, and Muriel hugged the unknown pirate lady. They will definitely get along happily. Muriel thought.

Wow, this joy, this feeling, is really amazing!

Even if she hadn’t officially boarded the pirate ship, Muriel felt that she was completely immersed in this world.

It’s so wonderful…

Muriel felt like she almost forgot about Natasha as a captive.

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