Chapter 166 – Immersive Theater 2

The route of the “pirate group” set by Hill is not to put them directly on the pirate ship, but to set up a pre-plot of finding treasures and digging, so that they can gradually integrate into it. After that, the group took the treasure chest and found the pirate ship under the guidance of the NPC pirates, and they were greeted directly by a joyous banquet held on the deck.

Everyone sang pirate ballads, drinking alcohol, and eating meat, all the delicacies provided by the demon realm, and the treatment was quite good.

During the banquet, the pirate NPCs took the initiative to approach the players, and the players can also talk to any NPC at will. Don’t know how other people feel, but Muriel herself is very happy anyway.

In the second half of the banquet, the pirate ship’s chief mate NPC talked to each player individually. He asked Muriel: “The captain wants to promote you to a higher position, brave Muriel, can you afford the responsibilities placed upon you? You will be in charge of a combat squad, but of course, you can refuse.”

Muriel was excited and nervous, “I hope I can, but I think I’m… er… I may be lacking in swordsmanship, can I do it well?”

“You’re an honest kid, but don’t worry, Maltz will instruct you in the art of swordsmanship, you can go directly to him later. In fact, your sword skills are already great, you just need to be brave, pull out your sword and stab the enemy,” the chief mate NPC said.

“Okay.” Muriel nodded, she remembered the name Maltz.

This line was set up by Hill deliberately. He was to tell these players that you can bravely pull out your swords and stab them (these swords don’t have the tip, so don’t worry about stabbing NPCs), as long as you perform this action, NPCs will automatically determine who wins and who loses.

After all, you can’t really let these players practice sword… Of course, there will be practical guidance, if you want to learn, you can really learn it seriously, if you don’t want to, just play with it.

Hill also set up an “achievement system”. The more serious and hardworking the players are, the more likely they are to unlock achievements.

For example, if the player really works hard to learn the Five Heavens Sword, they can get the achievement of [Sword Master], which will be published in the magazine, and there are many rewards to get. The former is fame, the latter is profit, there is always something that can move people.

At the moment, Muriel didn’t understand the meaning behind the first officer NPC, but if she had the courage to explore, she would soon discover the setting of this game.

Then the chief mate NPC patted her on the shoulder and said, “Then enjoy the banquet, this is your day!”

If Muriel was still a noble lady, she would be subconsciously dissatisfied if someone slapped her on the shoulder, but now that she was immersed in the game, she felt a kind of inner release.

Toast with the pirates, Muriel can no longer tell who is the player and who is the NPC, the shining sun, the sea, the seagulls, the sound of the waves… She drank some wine, she felt drunk, but not just because of the wine. . . Her only little regret, the handsome captain in the promotional video never appeared.

After the banquet, the NPC distributed the keys to them. At this time, Muriel realized that several of the people she thought were NPCs turned out to be players. She wanted to laugh, ah, it seemed that everyone was very involved.

According to the room number on the key, Muriel searched for a long time to find her room, and then fell on the bed.

Looking for treasure, digging for treasure, going to the pirate ship, and having a banquet… This series of things lasted from ten o’clock in the morning to three o’clock in the afternoon, when she climbed into bed, she realized how tired she was.

This nap lasted a long time, and by the time she woke up it was already dark. She sat up and saw the moonlight and the sea outside the window, the pirate ship drifting quietly on the sea, and her mind was also peaceful.

What’s next?

She thought about it, and decided to go to the deck first. She opened the door of the room, and a small note fell on the ground. She picked up the note and found that they need to assemble on the deck at seven, signed by the chief mate.

It means that you can move around freely before seven o’clock.

Muriel immediately decided to find Maltz, who the chief mate said could teach swordsmanship. She first went to the deck to greet the pirates, strike up a conversation, and ask for directions. With the help of the NPC, she quickly found Maltz.

Maltz is a pirate who looks very unfriendly, with a sullen look on his face, but he is also very handsome. Muriel was a little bit baffled at the moment, but still hesitated to say her request, “Excuse me, can you teach me swordsmanship?”

“No need to ask. Not interested,” Maltz said coldly.

Muriel didn’t know what to say at once, so she had to leave disappointed. Next, she strolled around on the ship, chatted with some NPCs, and one NPC revealed that there was a big action in the evening, and the captain would show up for a meeting with everyone.

At about seven o’clock, Muriel arrived on the deck. She saw the player who was also a pirate lady during the day, so she went to talk to each other. The two exchanged names. She learned that the other party was from Magnolia City and her name was Melissa.

“The chief mate told me that I should find a pirate named Maltz, but he refused to teach me swordsmanship,” Muriel said.

Melissa laughed, “The pirate that the chief mate asked me to find also disagreed at first, saying that he wanted me to give him some benefits, but I said, ‘The chief mate asked me to come over,’ and then he started teaching me. Although he’s slick, he’s quite cute.”

Muriel immediately became annoyed, it turned out to be like this!

It seems that she has to think more and speak more bravely, not to be shy, she is now a pirate!

At this moment, she saw Maltz walking towards her across the deck. Muriel was a little nervous at the moment, and began to think about how to talk to him later.

Maltz stood still, glanced at Melissa lightly, and then said to Muriel: “The chief mate has just found me… Let me say this first, I am very strict, I hope you don’t dawdle as much as you talk when you swing your sword.” After speaking, Maltz went to the other side and started chatting with the other pirate.

Muriel’s heart thumped.

Melissa over there widened her eyes: “Your swordsmanship teacher is so handsome, much more handsome than mine. Lucky for you.”

“Eh, in fact, I am a little worried that he is too harsh,” Muriel confessed truthfully.

“You worry too much. You have to enjoy all this. Even harshness is a kind of enjoyment, isn’t it?” Melissa blinked, “I saw my swordsmanship teacher,” she said, “Hey Kubas, I am here.”

“I’ve been looking for you for a long time, Melissa.” The NPC pirate named Kubas walked towards them. He was dressed in the popular attire of aristocratic men, but his clothes were tattered, with a combination of pomp and shabbiness. “There will be a task tonight, you can hide behind me, sweetheart.” Kubas walked to Melissa and smiled at her. Muriel noticed that although the other party was talking ambiguously, his body movements were very disciplined. “Oh, you are here too, if you don’t mind you can follow me?” He blinked at Muriel.

Before Muriel spoke, Maltz over there said nonchalantly: “Curb your unrestrained charm, you are like a courting male peacock.”

“Oh, it’s rare to see our famous Maltz guarding other people…” Kubas said.

“Not guarding.” Maltz said concisely: “It’s just a task.”

“Whatever you say.” Kubas waved his hand pretentiously, “Okay, Melissa, let’s go to the front row and ignore them.”

Melissa smiled and said goodbye to Muriel, “Then I’ll go ahead first. See you later.”

“See you later.” Muriel said. Her heart was pounding. Maltz was guarding her… She almost forgot that it was just a game now.

Hill distributed each important NPC’s own “personality traits” pamphlet. Maltz’s traits are cold outside and hot inside. On the surface, they must be cold and unapproachable, even if they are concerned, they must talk in that tone. This kind of optimism and self-control is always tried and tested. So far, Maltz has done it quite successfully.

Oh, by the way, the “personality traits” of the male characters in it are basically based on Hill following the male characters in romance novels, and the personality traits of the female NPCs are based on the female characters in the male upgrade-stream novels.

Generally speaking, players may be tempted by NPCs, after all, this is human nature. The heartbeat is sometimes very mysterious. It may be that the moonlight tonight is too beautiful, it may be that the breeze is too gentle, it may be the light in his/her eyes that makes your heart move, or a sentence from the other party hits your point… All these may cause a heartbeat, but what happens next is up to you. In theory, it is impossible for players to really like/fall in love with NPCs within five days, but it does not exclude the case of players directly confessing their love.

Hill’s order to the NPCs is to refuse, and the method of refusal is in line with their personal settings. If it’s the unruly and unrestrained type, the NPC will smile and say, “I don’t intend to bind myself with love. I am a pirate and you are also a pirate, so let’s not get into this kind of thing, okay?”

With the type of Malz, he would say: “My sword is my lover.” Players will probably not be able to stop the corners of their mouth from twitching.

By the way, Melissa’s swordsmanship teacher, Kubas, if someone confessed to him, he would say, “I’m sorry, the gender is wrong. I like men. I always treat you as a sister.”

Player: ???

But then, when a male player confessed to Kubas, Kubas had to say: “I’m sorry, I like women.”

The male player felt angry: “Then why did you tell Petunia that you like men?”

Kubas froze for a while and said: “No, I don’t like humans, I don’t like all humanoid creatures, I like half human half beast. In order to conceal my hobby, I told others that the gender is wrong, please don’t tell others. Thank you.”

The male player was struck by lightning. This, this……

His freedom to play is absolutely incredible. Hill also raised his salary for this.


The meeting time is coming soon, and the pirate captain that players have all been waiting for is finally here!

At this time, the sun was setting, he came out of the captain’s room draped in captain’s clothes, the aura is amazing. —After all, the captain’s actor is Spike, one of the five emissaries of the Dark Church.

He first looked around everyone, and then turned his gaze to Carl Richard – who paid a lot of money to buy a ticket for the role, so he was naturally privileged: “Carl, you did a great job of finding the treasure, according to the ship’s law, you will be promoted to deputy captain.”

The pirate NPCs immediately cheered, “Long live the captain, and long live the deputy captain!” Their voices were infectious, and Muriel shouted a few times along with them. She saw that Carl Richard’s eyes were bright and shining, and they were full of excitement.

Wow, it must feel good…

“As for the rest of you, of course, I will not treat you badly. You can choose one thing to take away in the treasury, but remember, you can only choose one.” The captain said, “Greed for the enemy is the right choice, but greed for your companions… Then forgive me for being ruthless.”

This is actually distributing props.

“I have just received information that my lovely Mary Jo has escaped to a merchant ship, and the informant has told me the route of the merchant ship, so we are going to have a great harvest tonight.” The captain announced, “I’m going to get my misbehaving little lover back, and you can plunder everything on that ship completely – I’ll show them that there’s a price to pay for touching my people.”

Mary Joe… Isn’t that the name of the eldest daughter of the Warren family in Snow Fort? It’s not a coincidence, right? The heroine in the magazine seems to be the identity of the “captain’s lover”. Muriel thought. Wow… the treatment of the heroine is really good… This plot is too exciting!

“Then tonight’s battle, you will be in command, Deputy Captain Carl.” The captain instructed, and without waiting for Carl to answer, he turned and returned to the captain’s room.

Command the battle! Muriel’s eyes widened.

The protagonist’s treatment is too good! If she becomes rich in the future, she must experience the feeling of being the protagonist!

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