Chapter 167 – The Last Day of Immersive Theater

Unlike the players in the ‘pirate group’, the players in the ‘captive group’ were initially picked up on a merchant ship. This merchant ship is a ship under Jacob’s name, and the layout inside is not bad.

Mary Jo Warren, who has obtained the status of ‘Captain’s Lover’, is the eldest lady of the Mulheim Snow Fort in the Ice Empire. She originally thought that she could meet the handsome pirate captain directly, but she did not expect to start off with the ‘captive group’, all on an ordinary merchant ship.

Then, a sea merchant NPC said to her: “Miss Mary Jo, when I saved you, you promised to give us 1000 gold coins, when we get to Winterport, you must keep your promise ah! I saved you at the risk of offending the Jackdaw.”

“Saved me?” Mary Jo repeated it subconsciously, confused, but it was enough, at least to establish this dialogue.

“Yes, everyone in the Caribbean knows that you are the lover of the captain of the Jackdaw! So, you have to hide your identity at the banquet. No one wants to offend the Jackdaw! That’s the most terrible pirate ship! But you can escape from the pirate ship, you are really amazing,” the NPC said, he was clearly explaining the background.

Mary Jo Warren understood this, she was not stupid.

Oh, my identity is like this… She is the lover of the pirate captain, but she ran away from the pirate ship, and was trying to go home… Wow, this is really exciting!

Will the pirate captain come to find herself?

Will he come to grab herself?

It should be.

The members of the ‘captive group’ are still on the merchant ship… So, does that mean, will the pirate ship captain fight this merchant ship in order to catch herself?!

This old-fashioned Mary Sue plot is really intoxicating.

This thousand gold coin ticket is really worth it~!

Mary Jo couldn’t help but think.

The banquet started at dusk. There were dancers, bards, and even a Siren singer. The program was well arranged and the food was well chosen, giving the players a feeling that it was not a bad way to spend five days.

Mary Jo Warren chatted with the noble lady she knew for a while, and then a tall and handsome young man walked up to her and asked, “Miss, can I have some of your time?”

The temperament of that youth reminded Mary Jo of a paladin… In fact, this NPC was really a paladin, at least a former paladin. Later, he was led by Hill to go astray, hehehe.

“Of course,” Mary Jo said. She knew this should also be an NPC, she wondered in her heart what interesting plot could be triggered.

The young man who resembled a paladin came with her into the corridor, where the lights were very dim, and Mary Jo was a little nervous unconsciously.

The young man said in a deep voice, “My name is Edward. First of all, I have no ill will towards you, Miss. Four months ago, I was a soldier on the Seagull.”

“The Seagull.” Mary Joe repeated, always repeating what she heard every time she couldn’t understand other people. In an immersive theater, this is a good habit.

“Yes, do you have an impression?” Edward said. “The Seagull was sunk directly after encountering the Jackdaw. Almost all the soldiers were killed. I saw the captain of the Jackdaw standing on the deck, gazing at us indifferently in the fire of the magic crystal cannon, like a devil… He had a woman in his arms, they all said she was his lover. “

As a non-related person, watching the drama through the plot, you will think that the captain is really handsome and powerful. Mary Jo undoubtedly had this feeling at this time.

After saying that, Edward looked straight at Mary Jo, “So Miss, where were you four months ago?”

Mary Jo immediately tensed up, but she still remembered what the NPC said to her at the beginning, don’t reveal her identity… So, she said: “I was in Snow Fort four months ago.”

In fact, she really came here in Snow Fort four months ago, but now she feels lying when she says this… Oh yes, she has already been in the play.

“I don’t know if I’m being paranoid,” Edward said, “but you and the lady really are very much alike. …I hate the captain of the Jackdaw, not the young lady. It should be an unfortunate thing to be a pirate’s woman, and I would offer her my help if I could.”

“Um, well, you are such a kind person.” Mary Jo had no choice but to say so. In fact, this status is quite good, she specially spent money to get it… Of course, she wouldn’t say it.

“Maybe.” Edward continued to look at her. “So, your answer is still the same as before?”

Mary Jo’s voice stiffened. “I don’t think I have much to say.”

“I’m kind, but I’m not stupid, Miss.” Edward glanced at her, turned, and left.

Mary Jo felt a little complicated, but she still looked forward to the captain more.

At this moment, the ship shook violently, she couldn’t stand firm, and Edward stepped forward to support her, “It’s alright, Miss.”

Regardless of what just happened, Mary Jo’s heart can’t help but swell a little….

If Mary Jo is a movie-watcher, she would be tempted to see the heroine in such a small plot in the movie, she would find it too boring, too natural. But this is different in reality.

In fact, Edward, the NPC, is positioned as the ‘cheating target’ of the ‘Captain’s Lover’.

The role of Mary Jo, the “Captain’s Lover”, can develop a lot of routes. Edward will be caught in the pirate ship dungeon. Mary Jo can rescue him, let him go, and elope with him; she can also unite with him, plus other pirates to seize the Jackdaw (of course, at this time, the captain of the pirate ship’s IQ will suddenly decrease! Hahaha…); Of course, Mary Jo can also be ungrateful to him, he was infatuated, and of course, it will trigger the blackened ending of Edward, he will tell the captain of the pirate ship that he and Mary Jo had an affair, and then let the captain of the pirate ship also blacken, hehehe…

At this moment, Mary Jo has already started fighting between heaven and man. Edward is handsome, and looks righteous and kind. The pirate captain was only seen in the promo. Wow, it’s so hard to choose… Or, tell Edward her identity first? Anyway, this is a game, he can’t do anything to herself after admitting it.

“Mr. Edward, I have something to tell you…” Mary Jo said.

Edward was about to speak when an exclamation came from outside: “It’s a pirate ship!”


“The Jackdaw is here!”

Edward’s face changed. “Stay here and hide.” He ordered.

Then he ran outside.


On the other side, the pirate group.

The pirate captain personally gave the order, saying that Carl Richard, who had just been promoted to deputy captain, would direct the battle.

Regarding how to command the battle, Master Carl was actually confused, but the feeling of holding great power was very good, so he was very much into the act and said, “Let’s approach the merchant ship first, and activate the magic crystal cannon when we get into range.”

Actors NPCs: Emmmm…

This, the magic crystal cannon on the ship is real, because they are worried about encountering pirates.

But that merchant ship is their own, this is just fake robbery play! Can you still play after the magic crystal bombards you? The script given to them by His Royal Highness Grindelwald didn’t explain what to do in this situation! Ah?!

Fortunately, the chief mate was more witty, so he immediately said: “Sir Deputy Captain, maybe we don’t have to go to such trouble, the other side’s combat power is very weak, we can just directly engage in a group battle.”

“Oh, what you said makes sense,” Carl said. He knows that the group battle is to jump up and slash each other.

“Then, Sir Deputy Captain, do you want to command or lead an assault?” the chief mate asked.

Carl is itchy: “Lead the assault.” He wants to try this feeling.

“Okay.” The chief mate felt relieved in his heart. He was worried that the player would continue to blindly command the first battle play and make the first battle play difficult. If he chooses to lead the assault, everyone can follow the script.

Then, all the pirate players were given the ‘magic crystal gun’. In fact, the effect was just a “bang” after pulling the trigger, and then the actor NPCs fell to the ground automatically.

Soon, the merchant ship appeared in sight.

Muriel became excited while stroking the “magic crystal gun” in his arms.

Wow, they are going to rob! So excited!


In the captain’s room.

Outside was the “battlefield” with loud shouts, in contrast, the captain’s room was quiet.

The captain, who was so powerful outside, now looked respectful, because it was Hill himself who was sitting in the captain’s chair at the moment.

“The expressions of the players are pretty good,” Hill said, “how do you feel?”

“Those noble ladies and men seem to be very happy,” Spike said.

“I think so too… It was pretty loud out there.” Hill said, “I will ask the black dwarf to make the gun model’s sound a little bit quieter. It’s too noisy.”

Spike said, “I think a louder one will be more exciting, of course, I just proposed, My King.”

“And rightly so.” Hill nodded, “Then I’ll leave the rest to you, I have a few things to do.”

“Yes, My King,” Spike said.

Hill disappeared and walked to the deck. The pirates over there, under the “leadership” of Deputy Captain Carl, had successfully “beaten” the guards of the merchant ship. All the players in the ‘captive group’ were captured, of course. Including the ‘Captain’s Lover’. The faces of the players in the ‘captive group’ have expressions of fear and excitement. This experience of being caught by pirates is quite exciting when it is not dangerous.

And the players of the pirate group were all so excited that they were overjoyed, each with a smile on their face, obviously gaining great satisfaction from that fight just now.

Edward looked at “Captain’s Lover” Mary Jo with a pale face: “So, Miss, is this what you wanted to talk to me about before the battle?”

Mary Jo said: “I’m sorry, I lied to you, Edward, I am the Mary Jo.” She was feeling a little complicated, but it gave her a strange sense of coolness, similar to… emmm… satisfying the self-needed drama? Everyone actually wants to perform. All of them accompany themselves to act together, and it feels great.

This looks pretty good. Hill passed by them, and then went straight to the merchant ship, because he used magic, so no one found him. Next, he will take this merchant ship to the Plague Islands to participate in the Sea God Festival two days later.

This merchant ship was originally headed to the Plague Islands, and being “robbed” by the Jackdaw along the way was just one of the tasks.

Oh, by the way, the Jackdaw will also go to the Plague Islands. Players will participate in the Sea God Festival and appreciate the charm of the Sea God Festival.

In addition, the Fallen Angel Orchestra will go to the Sea God Festival to publicly perform “The Last of the Mohicans”, “The Condor Passes”, and “Sequoia”. “Sequoia” was created by the famous Italian musician Alessandro, and it is also the first sad and desolate, majestic light music. Hill is going to make a live recording, and he himself plans to appear in front of the public at Sea God Festival and give a speech.

The Plague Islands, where the Dark Church spreads faith, is different after all, and need to be taken so seriously by him.


On the first day of the immersive theater, both the “pirate group” and the “captive group” were very excited. The players of the “pirate group” dug treasures, held banquets, and participated in battles, while the players of the “captive group” tasted some good food, and experience the feeling of being captured by pirates.

Of course, Hill didn’t really put the players in the ‘captive group’ into the dungeon, but took them into the cabin. Because according to the setting, they are all “fat sheep” that can be exchanged for money. On most days, they would not be too limited in their range of action, otherwise the ‘captive group’ would be too bored to be held for a few days.

The pirate Miss Muriel and the hostage Miss Natasha also found each other smoothly after the battle, but because there were other pirates staring at each other, Muriel had not yet talk to Natasha.

This day was so exciting, because the experience was too rich, and there was a lot of exercise, so everyone slept very deeply.

Early the next morning, Muriel went to find Natasha, but the captive area was controlled by an NPC, and the NPC said that he would let her in only if she had the password. Muriel didn’t know and was not let in, so she had no choice but to make another plan.

She thought about it and went to Maltz, who was practicing swords on the deck. She asked to learn swordsmanship again, but this time, Maltz did not refuse, but agreed with a cold face.

Soon, the breakfast time came, and the immersive theater provided food from the demon realm for the entire five days.

The pirates had breakfast together, and then the chief mate assigned tasks to each player, specifically asking them to contact the captives, to threaten and warn them not to think about escaping.

Doing such ‘bad things’ naturally excited many players again.

Then the first officer said sternly: “I hope you don’t have any private agreements with the captives. The Jackdaw will not condone this behavior. I swear to the Sea God and the Dark God that you will be severely punished by the captain. You would never want to recall the experience of punishment… provided,” he said with a sneer, “that you survive.”

Muriel’s heart froze.

This, this… Should she still take the risk to meet Natasha?

Muriel has betrayed her good girl friend deep in her heart (×).

And later, she really did.

At the same time, before the pirate group players threaten the captive group players, the pirate NPC had already contacted the captive group players.

These first pirate NPCs who contacted the captive group players posed as pushers and told them that there were many forces on this ship, one group advocates killing you, another group advocates trading you for money, and another group wants to use you to seek more benefits. If you want, you can cooperate with me blah blah blah.

Then, the NPC will say that there will be pirates sent by the captain to threaten you, but they are not firm in their hearts. You have to use words to induce them to stand on your side…

On the other hand, there are not many ‘pirate group’ players who want to collude with the ‘captive group’ players, but the chief mate said beforehand that they are not allowed to have too much contact with the captives… this is fun.

In this immersive theater, everyone is their own protagonist, and everyone is the NPC of others.


Then the whole plot began to be quite intricate, and the players have developed their own subplots.

The captain’s lover Mary Jo wandered between the captured Edward and the pirate captain, and then another pirate NPC approached her and said, “Do you like them? Then you can overthrow the captain’s rule and become the captain of the Jackdaw yourself. So, you can have both!”

Mary Jo was struck by lightning.

How can this be?

…The result, Mary Jo was scared.

She hesitated and dawdled for five days, during which she enjoyed various treatments, such as appearing with the pirate captain to be bowed down by the crowd, such as Edward’s gradual ‘love to the core’, such as other pirate NPC’s compliments, and so on and so forth… In fact, her main plot was not triggered, every time before she could trigger them, she wimps out.

But she personally had a good time, which is also quite good.

After returning, she excitedly told her cousin about “having both of them”, and encouraged her cousin to also become the heroine.

Her cousin is a passionate widow who is quite bold and unrestrained. After being persuaded, she decisively paid and achieved the ideal “I want it all” in Mary Jo’s heart.

The branch line on Deputy Captain Carl was triggered quite a lot. He also did the “betraying the Captain” plot, but he did it too crudely that there was no way he could succeed. In the end, the chief mate had to take the initiative to go over and say “I see the captain not pleasing to the eye for a long time, let me support you, too.” Deputy Captain Carl was very grateful, but on the eve of the betrayal, he wimped out, and he made a godly operation——

Carl told the captain that XX and XX were traitors, and he himself was an undercover agent, and found these people for the captain!

The chief mate NPC almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

Okay, okay, you just need to be happy…

Spike, who plays the captain of the pirate ship, is also a little choked. Okay, yes, very good…

Master Carl himself had a good time anyway. This also works.

Players operate like this… in endless layers.

This invariably brought a lot of fun to the players and NPCs.

Different NPCs show different appearance to different players. Just like Edward, he is very affectionate in the eyes of the captain’s lover. If the captain’s lover chooses him, it will open a bunch of plots. But what he appeared in the ‘captive group’ players’ eyes was that he approached the captain’s lover by acting out to get the other party to let them go.

This time, the male protagonist of the “captive group” began to engage with a female pirate after halfway through his escape from prison. On the day of Sea God Festival, they were walking on the beach. He confessed to the female pirate NPC and said that he planned to escape from prison. The pirate NPC said ‘the captain appreciates you very much. You can stay on the ship and be with me’.

So, the male protagonist of the “captive group” readily betrayed the players of the “captive group”, and went to be a pirate and drink spicy food.

In the end, Gibbon Joyce, the lucky winner of the lottery, turned the tide and led the captive group players to escape. In the end, only one-fifth of them ran away with him, and the other players were “compelled” by the pirates. They voluntarily stayed on the pirate ship and also betrayed the ‘captive group’ one by one. If not for the pirate NPCs who turned a blind eye, Joyce and the others would have been thrown to the sea several times.

All of it is wonderfully diverse.

At first glance, it seems that the pirate group is more fun, but the “captive group” is actually quite fun too. The captain ordered that the captives were not allowed to go except for certain places, and most of the ship was open to them. The ‘captive group’ can talk to the pirate NPCs and obtain some props. In fact, the “captive group” is more of a strategy and exploration nature. Of course, like the “captive group” male protagonist who does not play a strategy game, it is also fine to engage with NPCs instead.

During the period, Captain Rod also came over to make a cameo. The Jackdaw and Deathbird met at sea, and they had a banquet together. In addition, there are sea fishing, treasure hunting on the isolated island, bonfire dinner, and participation in the Sea God Festival… This is an extremely fulfilling five days, every minute and every second is worth cherishing, and exciting one after another.

The last day is here, the last dinner, the last carnival.

Muriel was filled with a beautiful sense of sorrow.

Tomorrow, they will be back to Josh Kenny, and then take the airship back to Winter City… Tomorrow she will change back to that noble lady again, and live the same old life.

So reluctant…

She can’t bear to leave Maltz (now she has a very good relationship with Maltz), she can’t bear to leave the Caribbean Sea, she can’t bear to leave these pirate companions… No, they are not NPC actors, these are her companions, she can’t bear to leave such a pirate life.

She kind of wants to cry.

She looked at Melissa and saw that Melissa was already crying.

These were five days of a lifetime.

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