Chapter 168 – It’s my business if I want to protect her

During these five days in the immersive theater of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Hill has done a lot.

But he doesn’t do serious things all the time. When he is busy, he does business, and when he is not busy, he does things with Monroe (…), in short, there is very little time for him to really relax there.

He used to be able to wander around the Demon Realm with his subordinates every once in a while, but now, he doesn’t even have that time anymore. Correspondingly, he obtained a lot, which is like a fish drinking water, knowing its warmth and coolness.

Now that he has an Alice, he even devotes the rest of his time on her.

Alice has been in the Demon Realm for a while, and children of this age are always very quick to integrate into unfamiliar environments, and their adaptability far exceeds that of adults.

Hill made a succubus and a dragon become Alice’s guards, and Alice needs someone to help her push her wheelchair when she goes out on most days. This is actually a very distressing little girl, in every way.

He had a little time that night, so Hill took Alice to the hot spring resort that he had been working on for a long time.

Hill’s hot spring resort is already half built, the main structure is already done, but many details are still not in place. As for why it took so long to build half of it, that’s because Hill was busy doing other things… This afternoon, he found a hot spring resort in a small corner of the task wall, and it was only then that he remembered that it had been a while since he last visited there. So, he immediately planned to visit today and take little Alice over to relax.

Except for the central market, most of the houses in the resort are single-family thatched huts that Hill worked hard to come up with various features. Of course, there are other hot spring villas of different sizes to meet the needs of different people.

In addition to the most common sulfur hot springs, Hill also plans to develop milk hot springs, red wine hot springs, rose hot springs, medicinal hot springs, etc. …there are still a lot of things to do ah.

The moon has risen by now, but the sun has not completely gone down yet. As the sun sets, the dusk is as rich as a good cappuccino, blending everything into an incredibly soft color. The trees are thick, and the little cottages in the woods are fit for a literary film. Hill feels very satisfied with this kind of scenery.

Hill asked the succubus to take Alice to the hot spring, and he soaked himself for a while. After that, he lay down comfortably on the chaise lounge chair under the eaves and began to write the details of the hot spring resort.

The chair was covered with a thick black patterned cushion, and there were two chubby quadrilateral pillows, one with a checkered box design and the other with some black letters on a white background, looking very fashionable. On the arm of the chair sits a brown coffee mug, next to a vermillion-covered book with a pair of monocles.

Next to it hung black iron lanterns with large candles that had been lit, slowly scorching the dusk.

Everything seemed calm, gentle, and romantic.

This is what Alice saw when she came out.

Even though she already knew that the Demon Realm was beautiful, Alice would still be stunned by new sceneries like this from time to time.

The succubus over there bowed: “Lord Demon King.”

Hill put down the book in his hand, “Well, it’s time for dinner.”

The succubus pushed Alice’s wheelchair and walked to the courtyard with Hill. Dinner came quickly, not very rich, that is, for three people. Unless there are special circumstances, Hill usually asks Irvine to cook the right amount of food, he is not interested in extravagance.

The first is the seared mussels.

Now that the siren clan’s mussel breeding base has been properly established, Hill plans to expand the mussel breeding base and make this nutritious food completely popular, mussels are a popular seafood product on Earth. Under Hill’s handling materials, the breeding technology of the siren clan are naturally rising.

The original taste of mussels is very delicious, eating more will not make you tired. They had just soaked in the hot springs, and now their appetites are open. Boiling the mussels is the original way of cooking it. The mussels’ own aroma floats along with the steaming heat, which is quite fascinating.

The next is the aroma of grilled meat, this grilled meat has been marinated with herbs for several hours beforehand, and then grilled out with the fragrant fruit wood, which is quite tender and juicy. Hill asked Irvine to string together meat skewers and vegetables, and each skewer was very large. If it was a girl with a smaller appetite, a big skewer might be enough. The barbecue is sprinkled with seasonings, chopped green onion, and oil is used to lock the moisture during roasting, so the outside is charred and the inside is tender, which is excellent in terms of texture and taste. One bite, the fragrant juices gushed out, flowing between the teeth…

There is also a dessert called fried milk, which is mixed with milk, sugar, and starch, heated and stirred until thick, then put in a box and refrigerated for a few hours, taken out and cut into pieces, then coated with a layer of eggs, and then coated with another layer of starch, fry it in a frying pan with low heat until both sides are golden brown before taking it out. This requires relatively high heat control, and other processes are simple, so Irvine is naturally handy.

Hill clipped a piece of fried milk, the food cooked by this method was naturally crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. On the slightly charred surface, the inside is a delicate and sweet milk with a silky texture. When you take a bite, the rich milk flavor invades the taste buds, which is delicious.

“Do you like to eat this?” Hill asked, in his impression that little girls prefer desserts.

“I like it,” Alice replied, “I like every dish here.”

“And what about the favorite?” Hill asked.

“Meat,” Alice said. “Grilled meat.”

“Hahaha good, very good.” Hill said, “Have some more if you like it.”

Alice, however, put down her chopsticks with some hesitation – she had learned how to use them some time ago, “Why are you being so nice to me? I feel like I can’t return the favor.” This doubt had been hidden in the back of her mind for a long time.

“I’m stronger than you.” Hill didn’t answer Alice’s question directly. He hoped to let the child know how to think for herself – in fact, this is how he treats his subordinates, “I’m much stronger than you, so when I casually do something random for you, in your opinion, it is completely beyond your ability to repay. Do you see what I mean?”

“You mean I should also become very strong, and everything will work out,” Alice said.

“Yes,” Hill said. Alice’s thinking is still good.

“I see, I’ll work hard,” Alice said.

“Well, that’s best,” Hill replied.

The sky was completely dark by now.

Despite the fact that it was night, the courtyard was still quite bright because of the strong moonlight.

This brightness is enveloped in a charming light blue dreamy feeling, as if every grass and tree is glowing with light.

The light and shadows were interspersed, and the starlight was enchanting.

“Actually, Hill, I’ve always had a question…”

“About whether your mother is alive?” Hill asked.

“You said that I am not allowed to ask about it, so I won’t ask,” Alice said.

“Then, do you know why I don’t allow you to ask?” Hill asked.

Alice shook her head. “I don’t know, sir.”

“Because bonds make people weak,” Hill said.

“Bonds… what is it?” this word was a bit profound to the current Alice.

“Your mother,” Hill said simply.

Alice thought for a while and then said her own opinion: “But in general, ‘because there are people I want to protect, I will be stronger’, that’s what my mother told me.” Oh, it’s not your own opinion, you just don’t know how to think yet, so you just take other people’s words as your own thoughts. Many people are like that.

“Your statement is too idealistic, I should show you “Magical Girl Madoka”.” Hill shook his head, “Just like you now, your mother is by your side, you are willing to be strong for her, but what about her? What does she think? She probably doesn’t hate the Pope. She thinks it’s enough if you are well clothed and fed, and she will even oppose you for going against the church. The person you want to protect has such ideas, dare you say you won’t be shaken by it?”

This question may seem a bit deep, but a child’s thinking is different from that of ordinary people, and after serious thinking, she can give her own answer: “It’s my business if I want to protect her, it’s not her business. I protected her and she has to ask so much of me, so isn’t she going too far?”

Hill spread his hands: “As a person who has been there, I want to tell you that many parents are like that with their own children.”

“But what they want me to do is different from what I want to do,” Alice retorted. “Since she loves me, she should do what I want.”

“She would say, it’s for your own good,” Hill continued to spread his hands.

Alice was silent. ‘Mom is doing this for your own good.’ Her mother did say this many times, and she was persuaded every time.

“Moreover, your mother can also be your weakness. The simplest example is when you’re fighting someone on the front lines and then your mother is taken as a hostage to interfere with you,” Hill said.

Alice thought for a while, and finally showed the expression of a little girl, she said angrily: “It’s really annoying!”

Hill listened to Alice, a young child full of complaining tone, and smiled, and then he added another sentence: “This is a very complicated world, so you have to learn well. Don’t let down my expectations for you.”

The moon was very big today, the moonlight was like a dream, and the stars on the night sky looked like sparkling dust scattered randomly.

“Are you doing it for my own good too?” Alice tilted her face up and asked with an innocent expression.

“No, I’m doing it for myself. And you chose this path, didn’t you?” Hill said.

Alice thought for a moment, “Yes, that’s very kind of you, Hill. I see what you mean.”

She could perceive that Hill and her mother had completely different attitudes toward her. Her mother loved her, really loved her, but that kind of love was not equal, could not be said she was regarded as a subordinate, but in a word, have that meaning. Hill is different, Hill treats her equally.

“Okay,” Hill said, “your mother did survive. I will tell you about this later. I hope you can improve yourself as much as possible now, understand?”

Hill was planning to tell Alice the truth about that year when she was a year or two older – something that Hill had no intention of hiding about why they were discovered by the Pope.

“Understood,” Alice said.

“So, what question were you going to ask just now?” Hill asked.

Alice said, “I wanted to ask about the bishop…”

“The bishop, you mean the one who brought people into your house?” Hill said, “You want to get revenge after knowing that?”

Alice was a little dazed, “I don’t know, I hated him at the time, but I thought about it during this time in the demon realm. He let me go on purpose. Why did he let me go? And why did he sl!t his own wrist?”

“Why do you think he c*t his own wrist?” Hill asked back.

Alice thought for a while and guessed: “He pretended to kill me?”

“Yes.” Hill nodded, “Even if he is a bishop, he is still under the control of a higher person. If he wants to let you go, he must pretend that you were killed by him, so he c*t his own wrist, put his own blood on his clothes, and pretended it’s your blood.”

“He…” Alice was silent for a while, and she asked softly, “Is it because he couldn’t bear to kill an innocent child?”

Hill suddenly realized that this was a heavy question.

If he answered yes, then Alice would still have a trace of hope left in this world.

If he answered it was because Bishop Theresa Shelley was his, he didn’t do it out of kindness, then Alice would be completely disappointed in this world.

Hill suddenly didn’t know what to say. He had always been at ease with anything, but now he was hesitating. After a while, he said, “You need to think about this issue for yourself.”

“…Okay.” Alice lowered her head and said softly.


During the five days of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” immersive theater, many people in the Magnolia Empire and the Ice Empire have been paying attention to this matter. They couldn’t wait for the five days to pass, waiting for the relevant things to be published in the “Demon Realm Magazine”.

The wealthy nobles thought that they could go to the next game, so they wanted to obtain some information in advance.

Those who have no money want to watch the participants of the immersive theater. Although they can’t go there themselves, it is very enjoyable to see other people’s experiences.

On the third day of the Immersive Theater, the Sea God Festival of the Plague Islands arrives.

Hill repeated his old tricks and had the black dwarf, Copper Tooth, and the bard, Grant, host the Sea God Festival special, which was shown on the magic phone. This show relieved everyone’s anxiety and diverted everyone’s attention to a certain extent.

The Sea God Festival is the most important festival for the indigenous people of the Plague Islands. On this day, they hold the Sea God Festival to worship the sea, pray for peace, and ask the Sea God to give them more fish and fruits. On this day, all the natives change into their traditional costumes. This year’s sacrifice was presided over by the Dark Church, with Monroe himself at the helm, so it was done in a grand and solemn way, leaving many of the old natives with tears in their eyes.

——This is a new Sea God Festival, and this is also a new beginning for the Plague Islands.

On this day, the indigenous people prepared gifts and offerings, and sang and danced on the beach. They played the bamboo flutes, beat the small drums, and sang traditional songs.

Copper Tooth and Grant walked around the Plague Islands, filming these scenes, and at the same time, conducting some popular science on the history of the Plague Islands, of course, there are also some humorous dialogues.

The history of the Plague Islands can be known if you look it up, but there are still many people who know nothing about it. That miserable past aroused the sympathy of many people who were surprised that their forefathers had actually committed such evil things against the Plague Islands.

“But now, with the stationing of the Demon Mall and the assistance of the Dark Church, it’s getting better by the day,” Copper Tooth said to the camera.

This was the first time Hill took the initiative to mention the Dark Church in front of the public.

But that’s all, this has to be done slowly, and many people are still somewhat resistant to the Dark Church.

Then Copper Tooth and Grant also met people who participated in the immersive theater at the Sea God Festival, so the “Sea God Festival Special” gave them a few shots. Melissa Cecil also waved her sword at the camera, “I am the famous pirate, Melissa!” She deliberately showed a fierce expression, and then she saw the pirate Kubas over there, “Kubas, come here, come and say hello to everyone.”

“Hey, what are you doing, I’m a pirate, it’s not convenient for me to show my face in public.” Kubas was pulled over by Melissa like a little wife, which drew a light laugh from the audience in front of the magic phone. “Oh well, hello everyone, I’m Kubas. I like wine, treasures, and beautiful women. Okay Melissa, don’t stare at me, you should be glad I said beautiful women instead of beautiful men.”

Melissa also laughed: “I’ve got to hand it to you.”

Then Grant said to the camera: “Wow, it seems that Miss Cecil has completely integrated into her identity. The immersive theater is really interesting. Even I am eager to try it.”

“You’re too poor to afford to go.” The black dwarf Copper Tooth gave him a hard blow.

“Can I offer my body to His Royal Highness in exchange for some money?” Grant said.

“Then you will be hunted down by some people,” said the black dwarf Copper Tooth.

“Oh well, that’s such a shame… Cough, I mean, I’m joking, hahaha, haha…”

The two of them still have such a funny style of hosting.

Later, they also put the offerings on the flower baskets with the natives and let the waves take them away.

The audience in front of the magic phone watched it with great interest, and it was a rare experience for them to get in touch with the cultures of other regions.

Of course, what follows is…

I really want to participate in the immersive theater! I really want to!

In the middle of encountering players in the immersive theater, many noble ladies and gentlemen in Magnolia City have recognized Melissa.

Melissa Cecil is the daughter of General McPherson Cecil, who holds the military power of the empire. In theory, Melissa’s political status is higher than Olivia’s, but Olivia has already dumped all the noble ladies of Magnolia City a few blocks away, so there is no need to mention this.

This chance encounter made everyone even more anxious.

When will the magazine publish some of its content?

They would love to hear them tell it in person!

At the end of five days, after a few days, the players of the Immersive Theater returned to their homes, and they became the most popular people at the banquet.

Almost everyone surrounded them, listening to them describe what was in the immersive theater.

“Really, the captain is so handsome. I really envy Miss Mary Jo Warren of the Ice Empire. If you can, you must be the heroine.”

“Deciphering is fun, the feeling of escaping from a pirate ship feels great! Of course, it’s good to stay on a pirate ship too… I want to play it a second time.”

“Look, this is a group photo of me and my swordsmanship teacher!”

The “Demon Realm Magazine” also published the “passage impressions” of these players.

“Unparalleled enjoyment, very exciting, highly recommended.”

“Everyone had a good time. At first, I still knew who were the NPCs and who were the players, but then we all entered that world, and I felt like we were all NPCs.”

“I didn’t do much because I was scared, but it was fun to follow in everyone’s footsteps. The sea was beautiful, there were a lot of good-looking gentlemen and ladies around, the campfire, sea fishing, treasure hunting… The life of a pirate is unforgettable, and the food for the past five days is very, very delicious! I think just eating the food is already worth it!”

“I bought a lot of souvenirs and also bought a lot of photos. The souvenirs are a little more expensive than in the Demon Mall, but that’s nothing compared to the quality. Among the souvenirs is a wine gift set, which I think is well worth buying. The price is 100 gold coins.”

That set of wine is not bad, the cost is actually not high, but because of the troublesome production, it was not supplied to the Demon Mall. The cold extract tea wine, Hill prefers a black tea flavor, the aroma of juniper berry mixed with the taste of black tea, as well as a bright citrus aroma, it has an infinite style and is refreshing to drink.

Hill set an unbelievable price at the time. He thought that few people would buy it, but it would be a waste to put it aside, so let’s just sell it.

In the end, he didn’t expect that many people would buy it… How could these nobles be so rich? Hill felt a little jealous.

At this moment, people from all over the world are eagerly reading the text about immersive theater in “Demon Realm Magazine”, with infinite yearning.

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like a fish drinking water, knowing its warmth and coolness – a person who has already experienced a lot, knowing the ups and downs, joy and sorrows

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