Chapter 169 – It is not pure enough. But it is also love.

For the natives of the Plague Islands, this is a Sea God Festival to remember for a lifetime.

This year’s Sea God Festival originally took place under a rather special background – one, the main body beliefs of the Plague Islands have changed, and most of the indigenous people have converted to the Dark Church. Second, one of their spiritual leaders, His Royal Highness Grindelwald, was just assassinated by a Magnolia prince, and the Dark Church used this to promote it.

Therefore, the natives of the Plague Islands themselves were in an emotional state when the Sea God Festival began.

This year, the most important festival in the Plague Islands has been entrusted by the natives with more things than in previous years.

In addition, it was held very grandly this year. Apart from the material grandeur, the Fallen Angels Light Music Orchestra actually came to perform! These are angels! Fallen angels! For believers who have just started to believe in the Dark God, this is a very special thing.

“The Last of the Mohicans” and “The Condor Passes”, these two songs have been heard many times by the indigenous people of the Plague Islands, and now they have a different feeling when listening to the live version. Almost everyone knelt down and raised their hands in the air, with tears in their eyes.

On the other hand, the fallen angels of the Fallen Angels Light Music Orchestra were also very shocked in their hearts.

They remembered the promise that the Lord Demon King had made to them in the past.

At that time, they said that humans would not like fallen angels, that they were a betrayal of both humans and gods, and that their race was contrary to the faith. But the Lord Demon King smiled and said that he would make them the faith itself. At the time, they only thought that this was going too far. Now, how could these audiences, who had fallen to their knees with tears in their eyes, not shocked them?

Fallen angels can feel the power of faith emanating from these people, and these powers can make them stronger.

It also has both material and spiritual significance for the fallen angels.

In the past, the fallen angels only knew that they were constantly getting weaker, they could only hold on, and there was no way to become stronger. This is actually one of the objective reasons for their pessimism.

But now, this objective reason seems to be changing.

Lord Demon King brought them new hope for their clan.

In this way, Hill has brought hope to many people, and also brought despair to many people.

But no matter what, people can survive, either arrogant or stubborn. Everyone has their own world, and it was Hill who barged in and pulled them out of it.

“In the end, I’m just doing what I want to do, and saving and destroying are both objective.” Later, Hill said to Monroe, ” What does it matter to you if I destroy you? What does it matter to you if I save you?”

“Is this the demon king’s perspective?” Monroe said. “God-like condescension.”

“Who knows, my personality has developed into this conceited look without knowing it. So, Monroe, you have to do something to remind me, tie me to the ground, and don’t let me really float into the sky,” Hill said jokingly.

Monroe thought for a moment, and then gave the answer: “Well… Okay, then let’s bondage play today.”

Hill was shocked by Monroe, “…You have a great understanding ability.”

“But it’s very smooth, and that’s how I thought about it.” Monroe said, “So, that tied to the ground or something…”

…Cough. I won’t go into details in the following.

Of course, this happened later, let’s go back to the Sea God Festival in the Plague Islands.

Hill appeared after the two music performances of “The Last of the Mohicans” and “The Condor Passes”. At this time, the believers were at their emotional peak. Hill’s appearance pushed their feelings to the next level. At a new height, several natives fainted with excitement. So, they missed Hill’s next speech, and when they woke up and heard that they had missed His Highness Grindelwald’s speech, some of them fainted with grief.

Hmm… fainted twice in a row.

In fact, Hill’s speech was not particularly inciting. During this time, the hearts of the natives of the Plague Islands have undergone drastic changes. To incite now is not to strike while the iron is hot, but to go too far. Although another wave of incitement at this time will achieve good results for some people, it will also cause some people to be vigilant. This is not good.

So, Hill’s speech is mainly to stabilize people’s hearts. I am with you, and our future will be better.

Hill intends to wait for the Dark Church to further solidify its power in the Plague Islands and then give the natives the Mortonians, telling them the truth about the Church’s pursuit of the Mortonians. In fact, there are many Mortonians living in the Plague Islands.

Hill only recently learned that the more distant Storm Island is the main gathering place of the Morton people, their material conditions are worse than the natives of the Plague Islands.

When the Church of Light began to move against the Mortonians unannounced, a large group of Mortonians escaped from the Magnolia continent in their ships, but the paladins chased them across the sea, and in order to survive, the Mortonians had to choose to venture across the Sea of Storms to the Storm Island, which is shrouded in mists all year round.

Nine deaths. Many ships got lost in the storm, and a very few actually made it there and survived.

The Plague Islands certainly have more information about overseas than the Magnolia continent.

Hill also handed over this matter to Monroe.

After Hill finished speaking, the Fallen Angels began to play the third song, “Sequoia”, which Hill directly announced that the song was for the Plague Islands. Everyone was immersed in the moving music. This time, because the emotions were almost exhausted, everyone’s expressions were very peaceful.

Hill recorded the live version with projection stones.

The Fallen Angels Light Music Orchestra played music on the beach, and the indigenous people of the Plague Islands listened to the music with their eyes closed.

This scene can make people feel peaceful.

– This is also the title song of the next album.

The next album’s booklet is a careful account of the story of the natives of the Plague Islands.


At present, the mainlanders of Magnolia are immersed in the aftertaste of the immersive theater of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and the indigenous people of the Plague Islands are immersed in the aftertaste of the Sea God Festival. There was nothing of particular importance left on all fronts, so Hill was able to get some time off.

He and Monroe returned to the Magnolia Continent by boat. Monroe planned to return to Famagusta, and Hill planned to go to Winter City.

It was morning when they got back to Josh Kenny, the golden autumn sun surging from the horizon and illuminating Josh Kenney from the edge of the sea over the sand and over the river in the middle of Josh Kenny The low and chaotic buildings illuminate the high-rise buildings of the Demon Realm Shopping Mall that have become the scenery here.

“It’s a beautiful morning,” said Monroe, standing on the bow.

“Yes, but the thought of being separated from you again makes me feel bad,” Hill said.

“Your eyes are in the distance,” Monroe reminded.

“I have big eyes, so I can see far away as well as near,” Hill said.

Monroe: …

Hill: “If you don’t believe me, I’ll dig it out and show it to you.”

Monroe: “…Although I know you can do this kind of thing, I was still sickened by my human mind at that moment.”

“Cough, okay, am I being too unpleasant?” Hill stuck out his tongue, “Quite a few people did say that I was a vibe killer.”

“Quite a few people,” Monroe repeated.

Hill touched his chin, “After all, I have thousands of enthusiastic fans.”

“I don’t deny that.” Monroe said, “You do have a lot of charm.”

“Not worried?” Hill leaned over and asked, “Not worried about me cheating or something?”

Monroe thought for a moment and said, “I think you’re looking for a fight right now.”

Hill was entertained by Monroe’s remarks.

The sailors on the ship shouted and talked to the workers on the harbour, and the ship shook slightly and officially moored. The captain stepped forward first, “Two distinguished lord, we are here.”

“Okay,” Hill said, “don’t think that if you call us ‘distinguished lords’ I won’t be able to hear your meaning of driving us off the ship.”

Captain: “Er…I’m sorry, my lord, I’m not…”

“Please don’t listen to this guy’s nonsense.” Monroe gave the captain a paladin smile. “He’s a little deficient today.”

“Uh, that, then I’ll go first, please take care of yourselves my lords.” The captain instinctively felt he got involved in a strange incident, so he slipped away decisively.

After the captain left, Hill approached Monroe with a smile: “Ah, what do I lack today? You should make it clear.”

Monroe didn’t look sideways: “Get off the ship and talk.”

“Since you have the ability to say dirty jokes, but you dare not say it clearly,” Hill pushed Monroe. This is a dangerous move, please do not follow. Monroe easily fell to the ground, and then Hill said while on the boat: “I think you’re the one who is deficient.”

“I didn’t say that,” Monroe said.

Hill raised the corner of his lips. He stepped on the edge of the boat with one foot. The wind at the seaside was quite strong, blowing his hair and clothes. He was full of spirit, glowing, and valiant. Hill then said a movie line: “You jump, I don’t jump.”

Monroe stretched out his hand, and the next second, the black mist condensed into a giant hand and grabbed Hill’s waist, “I’ll pull you down if you don’t jump.”

Hill didn’t resist, and was pulled directly from the boat, “Rough, not romantic at all. It almost made me disheveled.”

Monroe got down on one knee and held out his hand, Hill handed his hand to him, he kissed the back of his hand, and said, “Then, put it another way, fall into the abyss with me, my Lord.—So, is it romantic enough?”

Hill instead took Monroe’s hand and pulled him directly in front of him, “I thought it was me who pushed you into the abyss.”

Hill naturally refers to how he once used a scheme to turn Monroe’s back completely from the Church of Light step by step.

“No, I have always been in the abyss, I just didn’t know it yet. You just dispelled the fog in front of me and let me see the fact that I was in the abyss,” Monroe said.

“Do you think so? But I used your blood to dispel the fog in front of you,” Hill said.

“I am willing to shed blood for my faith,” Monroe said.

“And?” Hill asked.

The two pressed their foreheads, and Monroe said in a deep voice, “I am willing to shed tears for my love.”

Behind them was the vast ocean, the sun had risen in the haze.

“I have always harbored multiple emotions for you, including love. It is not pure enough. But it is also love.”

Hill laughed suddenly, “It seems that after I turned you into a demon, I made you regain your humanity.”

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