Chapter 164 – The immersive theater of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is coming soon

Hill’s speech caused a huge wave among human beings.

The speech itself was written with reference to many manuscripts on Earth, coupled with Hill’s own personal charm and the gradually cultivated MLM aura (?), so this speech has entered the hearts of many people. Some tutors also transcribe the speech, so that their students can learn the art of rhetoric and so on. This was something Hill did not expect. But on second thought it’s normal, this is normal, after all, it has collected a lot of the essence of the Earth.

After suffocating the appetite of human beings, the Demon Mall finally reopened, and then it was full for a month. Whether it’s the cinema or restaurant, it’s crowded.

“Your Majesty, I thought you would make an appointment for meals in the Demon Mall Restaurant,” Olivia said.

“My subjects are definitely making appointments. I will not exercise this privilege, and I don’t want to cause friction with the demons,” Ice Emperor Claude said, although he really wanted to eat there, really a bit thinking, thinking…

“In fact, His Royal Highness Grindelwald asked me to tell you that if you want, he can let the fire elemental spirit directly provide you with three meals a day.” Olivia nodded, “But it looks like your perseverance is amazing, then…”

“His Royal Highness has this kind of thought, then I will respectfully submit.” Ice Emperor Claude said, he said this sentence a bit fast, “Yes, that’s it.” Oh, and with that added, it seemed even more desperate.

Olivia couldn’t help smiling, “Yes, I understand.”

Ice Emperor Claude was a little embarrassed, but he quickly admitted with grace, “I made you laugh, ma’am.”

“No, I feel that you are real like this. Although the entire empire requires you to become an unreal person, people always have a real side.” Olivia said this with sincerity. In the past, she and Ice Emperor Claude used to interact more for profit, but she had developed a lot of affection for him in the process of spending time with him. That good feeling is not between a man and a woman, but between friends. The Ice Emperor also has similar feelings for her.

Ice Emperor Claude put down the teacup in his hand and looked at Olivia.

This young girl… he thought for a moment, then Ice Emperor Claude said: “There are more and more rumors about me and you.”

“Yes.” Olivia said, “but they like to spread all kinds of rumors. Your Majesty, don’t take it to heart.”

Northerners and Southerners have always been different, Southerners like to be euphemistic and pedantic, but Northerners are more direct, and this is reflected in Ice Emperor Claude – “Then, Miss Jackson, do you mind making the rumors true?”

Olivia’s first reaction: “Gah?”

Ice Emperor Claude: “…You could have refused or agreed, this ‘gah’ makes me a little bit at a loss.”

“No, I’m sorry, Your Majesty, I was a little surprised, because, Uh, I respect you, and I don’t feel like… Uh…” Olivia was obviously a little flustered at this time.

“Yes, there is indeed no such feeling between men and women.” Ice Emperor Claude nodded, “So you don’t have to worry.”

……This is more worrying, okay!

“If it is for profit, you should marry the princess, or the daughter of a nobleman, not me.” Olivia explained her thoughts truthfully, “I feel that the gain is not worth the loss.”

“You can take this as a part of the real me.” Ice Emperor Claude said, “I was thinking about this issue when the Demon Mall was closed. Neither you nor I had any idea what kind of person I would marry in the future. Do you agree with that?”

“I understand.” Olivia said, “But I have the sense to dedicate myself to it, even if it’s a big, fat, old man, it doesn’t matter.”

“I am in line with your interest to choose,” Claude said.

“Of course, you are a king,” Olivia said.

Claude continued to express his thoughts directly: “Yes, you are a very good girl. I always think so, so I directly offered the invitation. I think a friendship marriage is also good, at least I get along with you. It’s a great way to work together, and you can help me manage the country.”

“You, this…” Olivia felt a little uncomfortable.

“You can think about it.” Claude made a “please” gesture, “but I don’t think it’s sudden, and I don’t think you need to panic, the Olivia Jackson I know is a pretty good, calm woman.”

Olivia quickly calmed down after receiving such praise. She thought about it for a while, and felt that Ice Emperor Claude’s proposal was really feasible, but… “Then allow me to report to my father first, I personally do not have too much resistance to this.”

“That couldn’t be better,” Ice Emperor Claude said cheerfully.

Olivia continued: “But I can’t guarantee that I won’t cheat in the future, you have to think about it.”

Ice Emperor Claude: “…” No, as expected, she is the woman who played Elizabeth.

He said after a few seconds of awkwardness, “Then be stealthy and don’t let others know, or I’ll be a little embarrassed.”

“Okay,” Olivia said. “That’s natural.”

…What a weird proposal is this.

…This proposal response is even weirder, isn’t it?!

Well, but in a sense, their feelings are also quite harmonious.

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Since the day before, the magic phone has been popping up notices every six hours, saying that there will be a mysterious thing playing on the magic phone at 7 o’clock this evening. So, at seven o’clock the next day, almost all of the magic phone users were staring at the phone.

“What exactly is it?”

“Is it a speech? Or a live broadcast?”

“But it looks like it’s entertainment…”

“Ah, it’s starting it’s starting! Quiet!”

Needless to say, everyone fell silent in the tavern.

The first thing that appeared in the lens was a close-up of a frigate bird, with purple luster, white belly, and black pointed beak. It looked majestic. It spread its wings and flew over the sea. This lens flew along with it. At this time, there was a strong wind on the sea, and the waves were rolling, looking very magnificent.

“This is a beautiful and cruel sea.” The narration sounded, and the voice sounded passionate.

The audience in the tavern immediately became excited.

“What a magnificent view!”

“Wow, it’s so beautiful, my heart is surging!”

“Recently, I watched some so-called movies made by other people using projection stones. It was so boring. The camera was shaking. Diss even told me that it was shot by an archmage… The archmage is at this level? Can’t you make the projection stone less shaky?”

In fact, they really can’t. These people underestimate the difficulty of fixing the projection stone with floatation spell, which is a hall of fame level of difficulty for the manipulation aspect.

Then the frigate bird snatched a fish from the mouth of a water bird, and the picture was taken very cool.

A pirate ship appeared on the sea. The pirate ship looked huge and gorgeous, and the magic crystal cannon mounted on it was majestic.

“What’s this?”

“Is it a new movie? Is it the second part of Pirates of the Caribbean? Or is it a new pirate movie?”

“Wow! This pirate ship looks cooler than the Black Pearl~!”

This is as it should be, because this “pirate ship” does not pursue practicality, it just pursues beauty and coolness.

The frigate bird swooped down and landed on the arm of the pirate captain who was standing on the bow, and then offered the fish to him as if to please.

“This captain looks so handsome!”

“Wow, this temperament… it’s too handsome from the outside!”

The pirate captain is played by Spike Elektra, one of the five emissaries of the Dark Church. He had a bleak and cold feeling at first, with his cold gray eyes and black hair. Right now, his meticulous makeup and dressing, coupled with post-filters, are naturally too handsome, just perfect to seduce the noble ladies to buy tickets.

The next shot switched to a scene of pirates fighting, swords intersecting, magic crystal pistols, handsome shots, and beautiful editing.

The narration sounded again: “Have you ever heard more than just blood clamoring after a battle?”

In the next shot, the battle is over. The captain stands alone on the deck and closes his eyes. The sea breeze blows. This scene is sad and peaceful. Only the sound of the ocean tide wave after wave.

“Ah… it’s so beautiful, suddenly I feel a little bit distressed for the captain.”

“There should be a companion who died.”

Distressed, distressed, then spend money to come and find him……~

Narrator: “Have you ever seen more than just cold light reflected by the blade?”

This time, the scenes have become the noisy entertainment of the pirates, games, craps, contests, and toasts.

Bouncing around the deck together, singing to the sea.

“A little envious, I really want to experience this kind of pirate life.”

“The feeling of drinking together looks so good!”

Narrator: “Have you ever touched the endless sky that blooms at your fingertips and disappears inch by inch?”

In the next shot, the noble lady in the cabin looked at the sun outside, tears dropped, and then a pirate appeared and said: “The captain wants to see you.”

Everything in the camera becomes the captain’s room. The camera is aimed at the burning blue flame. The off-screen voice is the noble lady’s lines: “Don’t dream, I am the daughter of the earl, I will not fall in love with a pirate!”

This time, many women began to scream in their hearts: You don’t want to fall in love, I want to fall in love! Let me come!

At this time, they really want to replace her.

Then there is a set of quick shots, and the narration is full of passionate voice.

“Hot blood.”

The two pirates bumped their fists with smiles on their faces.


The pirate kissed the back of a lady’s hand.


A magnificent view of a pirate ship sailing toward the sunset.

“What a cruel and beautiful sea.” The narrator said in a bewitching tone: “So, do you want to participate in it yourself? You are only one ticket away from them. Come on, they are waiting for you here.”

At this point, everyone in front of the magic phone was stunned.

What does it mean? Participate? Tickets?

They had faint thoughts in their hearts, but they couldn’t believe them.

“The “Pirates of the Caribbean” immersive theater will officially open on September 9. For details, please see the latest “Demon Realm Magazine”.”

It seems to be true? Can they experience it themselves? How exactly do you go about experiencing it? Ahhhhh! Why is the “Demon Realm Magazine” released tomorrow? Why can’t this ad be released tomorrow? How can they sleep?

After the advertisement was over, the tavern exploded.

Everyone was happily discussing the content just now, and they couldn’t wait to see tomorrow’s magazine right away.

Many people didn’t sleep well that night, and when the Demon Realm Shopping Mall opened the next day, “Demon Realm Magazine” was sold out.

This time, the cover of “Demon Realm Magazine” is directly the pirate ship.

“We have everything ready, just waiting for you to come over and experience the feeling of being a pirate/related person. Choose your identity, put on the costumes we prepared, and you will become a character in the movie. In these five days, you can choose to become a famous pirate yourself. You can choose to be a beautiful noble lady who is tempted by pirates. You can become a captive, collect clues to bribe pirates, escape from prison and even seize the entire pirate ship. You can also have a little love song with a handsome pirate on the side. You can even snatch the merchant ship with other pirates, then sing and toast among the treasures.

You only need to book a ticket, and your exclusive “Pirate Life” will start!

You will not be a legal citizen, but a rebellious pirate who is all-powerful at sea!

Here, you will temporarily abandon your identity.

Here, you will experience the feeling in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.

Unlike a movie, in an immersive theater, you will personally participate in it, change the plot with your own actions, and determine the direction of everything.

Are you ready?

PS: Of course, everything is legal, at least the merchant ship looted was played by an actor, please don’t worry (* ̄︶ ̄)”

There is also a detailed price list below, which is clear at a glance.

Hero, deputy captain, ticket is 1,000 gold coins.

Heroine, the captain’s lover, ticket is 1,000 gold coins.

The opening two scared individuals to death.

But there are also a lot cheaper in the back, which makes the nobles feel relieved.

And there are lucky draw tickets! Select a lucky reader of “Demon Realm Magazine”!

Josh Kenny. The female pirate Sarah looked at “Demon Realm Magazine” and murmured: “I also want to go ah…”

The pirate next to him almost collapsed: “Captain! You are a pirate! You go to experience what, ah?”

But I really want to!

Such a tempting advertisement, who doesn’t want to go…

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