Chapter 163 – “Disputes are permanent, and peace is relative.”

All men must die at some point, and some have mastered the art of death.

To Prince Tuttle Borel.


Hill once again appeared in front of the public with a weak, sickly beauty (…). He made himself pale and sick according to the style of the blood clan. He was actually a little more feminine and beautiful, causing the public to feel distressed for him, and at the same time, they hated Prince Borel even more.

But what makes Hill dumbfounded is that because of this, Hill somehow has a bunch of mother fans. Some demons think this is an insult to Lord Demon King! Theodore explained to the demons at the time that there are still girlfriend fans and others who are obsessed with the demon king’s body. Wouldn’t it be a greater insult? The demons responded to this: Isn’t this what it should be? That shows that they have a good vision. Theodore almost died laughing.

On the day when the “holiday” ended, he notified the public with a pop-up window first, and then in the evening, Hill conducted a live broadcast on the magic phone.

“No one knows how many years humans and demons have existed. Since a long, long time ago, humans have established their own kingdoms on the mainland, thrived, and freely pursued their own ideals and beliefs. It is the same for demons in the demon realm. There are villains among both demons and humans, but in terms of the nature of the race, we are all the same, we want to survive. We have generally lived together in peace, and the benefits of common development far outweigh the benefits of war.

But now, we are involved in a war.

Yes, war.

The superficial war seemed to have ended a year ago, but the inner war has continued now. This war is testing our two races—no, it is testing all the intelligent beings in this world. It is asking whether we can continue to survive together for a long time.

I think we all have a great mission now, the great mission of bringing the war to a complete end. We’ve had enough victims, we’re tired and don’t want to continue. It is not each other that kills us, but the evil in our hearts. We should draw more wisdom from the dead, we should put an end to the creation of more victims, and we should devote ourselves to the cause of peace. I hereby solemnly declare that I am willing to do whatever it takes to maintain the present hard-won situation, I am willing to tolerate all the evil thoughts put on me, and I am willing to give everything I can.

All people suffer in a war, and if it comes down to race then no one is left alone. I hope everyone will stand with me, make the greatest determination not to let the dead die in vain, and work together to make our race last forever.”

Hill’s speech was basically a reference to the famous speeches on Earth, plus he showed a lot of tension, so the effect was naturally great.

After all the padding, most people could also understand the meaning of this speech.

Next is “Violet Evergarden”, and after that, Hill intends to pick up “Girls’ Last Tour” to let them have a deeper experience. These two animations are progressive. The former stays at the sharp trauma of the war, and every story in it is closely related to the war. Although the latter seems to be two girls selling cuteness at first glance, after carefully watching it, it is actually chilling. It directly shows the public an extremely cold, desperate, and sad world.

Hmm… After the two films are finished, the Avengers is also on the agenda.

After these three processes have passed, a concept of “earth community” must have formed in the hearts of the public.

After the speech, Hill selectively answered several questions on Weibo.

“My body… Well, thank you for your concern, so far, it is out of danger, but that’s all. After all, the other party was too prepared at the time, so I was lucky enough to survive. As for whether there are sequelae, it is not yet known.”

This is to further expand the benefits of this matter.

“About the Demon Mall, ah, I’m so injured but you don’t care about me and only care about the mall, this is a bit too much, ah… Just kidding, don’t take it to heart.” Hill gave a hearty smile, but this smile looked so distressing (…), “I will try to make the opening time as early as possible. Because many materials in the Demon Mall are from the Demon Realm, it can continue to operate only after my father approves it. Father is still angry right now, so I’ll try to persuade him to resume supplies.”

These are words full of hints.

–I’m trying very hard to restore the Demon Mall.

–Restoring the Demon Mall is not an easy task, so you should cherish it.

–For this reason, shouldn’t you also try to do something?

As for what to do? One, invest more in the Demon Mall; two, Prince Tuttle; three, go against the Church of Light.

After saying such meaningful words casually, Hill went on to say: “The good thing is that the anime serialization will continue. Next week, an anime called “Violet Evergarden” will be played. This anime takes place in modern times. It’s a very classic anime, like a glass of old wine, it’s worth savoring slowly.”

The production cycle of this anime is really too long. After all, the picture is too detailed, and part of the adaptation has also been carried out, which consumed some extra experience of Hill.

“Next, please wait for the notice. I dare not make any guarantees. I can only say that I will do my best.”

The last phrase ‘I’ll do my best’ is also very clever.

After the live broadcast ended, the people of the two empires were relieved. The long wait before made them really anxious.

Ice Emperor Claude wore ordinary attire for a “personal tour” together with Olivia. He watched the crowds in the streets and alleys of Winter City – they were obviously different from before the live broadcast, not only the expression, the whole aura of people are also different.

“Terrifying influence…” Ice Emperor Claude whispered.

Olivia froze as she listened, her quick thinking made her speak immediately, “It’s probably because people are worried about war breaking out because of it.”

Ice Emperor Claude’s brows relaxed a little, “That’s true.”

If it is said that they are worried that Grindelwald will die and the demons will attack the human world, it is normal for the public to react so greatly.

But Ice Emperor Claude certainly knew it was more than that.

The current influence of the demons is really astonishing. Claude thought, he couldn’t help feeling a little heavy.

Of course, Hill had an estimate of the people and the superiors’ thoughts, but everything was in his grasp. After turning off the live broadcast, he lazily untied the flower collar tied to his neck and threw it on the ground, complaining: “This thing is making me breathless.”

His relaxed and reckless performance formed a sharp contrast with the Ice Emperor.

Grant, the bard over there, stepped forward to pick up the flower collar, blew the dust on it, and respectfully handed it to Irvine next to him. He used to basically serve the nobles, and he was familiar with these things.

Death Knight Goldnia on the other side looked at Hill questioningly, but Hill had already looked at the rain outside. After a few seconds, Goldnia realized that Hill would not respond to his eyes, so he had to speak, “My King… are you serious about saying these things?”

“You mean to let me breathe?” Hill asked, “Do you think I’m that weak? Is it that if I am really this weak you can take my place? Or is that what a great man should be?” He asked a series of questions, and he asked them quite aggressively.

Goldnia was not good at speaking at all. He was asked aggressively by Hill and his brain crashed for a few seconds, and then he weakly said, “No, My King…”

“This time, you feel what I feel, right? Usually, when you can’t stop thinking based on my words, that’ s how I feel right now,” Hill said.

Goldnia suddenly realized: “As expected of My King, there is such a deep meaning behind a casual sentence. My King, you are really amazing, but you should not only this idea, but also… “

“Stop. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that.” Forget it, it’s better to resign to fate and not try to struggle…

Goldnia was blank for a few seconds, “Sorry, I’m so stupid.”

“You’re smart enough. Forget it. Go on, are you going to ask if what I said in my speech is from the heart?” Hill said.

“Yes, My King,” Goldnia said.

“Yes,” Hill replied.

Goldnia felt his tongue was a bit too dumb, he didn’t know how to ask, so he simply took off his helmet, showing a puzzled expression, and let Hill look at it by himself (…).

Yes, kind of cute.

All this fell in Hill’s eyes, he couldn’t help smiling, and explained: “But people don’t have to do things from the heart, Gol.”

Goldnia understood this time, “I see.”

“Are you worried that your army won’t be useful if I really make peace?” Hill asked.

Goldnia nodded, “Yes there is an aspect of such concern, I do not have a problem with it, but I think Gormund will feel that he has lost value, and he will probably lose it.”

The main responsibility of Demon Dragon Gormund in the past was to lead the army.

“Didn’t Gormund find that selling meat also produces great value? You do the same in this regard, Gol. So many people are fond of you, fond of you guys,” Hill said.

Goldnia suddenly coughed.

No matter how many times he heard this kind of thing, it would be a little embarrassing… Wasn’t he regarded as a villain at the beginning? How did he become like this… He felt that being a villain is a little better.

Hill glanced at the bard, Grant, who immediately said cleverly: “Then I will go out first, Lord Demon King.”

“Wait at the door, there will be business later,” Hill said.

“Okay, Lord Demon King.” Grant saluted and slipped away holding the lute.

Alice was drawing with a pencil over there, and Hill would usually let her listen to these kinds of things, although she didn’t understand most of them.

The scientific research department has just researched the pencil, but it has not yet entered the mass production stage – they still need to further reduce the cost. Hill took some for Alice to play with.

“Strength is the basis for ensuring peace.” Hill opened his mouth and said something that can be regarded as a famous aphorism in the other world, “Disputes are permanent, and peace is relative.”

Goldnia looked solemnly, “I see, My King.”

Hill nodded, “After dealing with the recent things, we have to start expanding the military academy.”

Hill had only instilled military laws in some generals before, and now he plans to start training the army seriously.

After talking with Goldnia, Bard Grant came in. Hill planned to let him write an article on how to write a novel. He dictated some of his ideas to Grant and asked Grant to combine them with his own to write. Then Hill carried some other aspects of writing knowledge from the Internet, put it together, and let Grant integrate it into a Writer’s Guide. There is a need for this type of tool.

“Generally speaking, there are two types of novels, one with brains and the other without brains. Those with brains are called literature, and those without brains… can actually be positioned as a service industry,” Hill said, “Can you understand this?”

Grant nodded frequently, “I understand, Lord Demon King, just like us bards. Some of the poems are for expressing our own emotions, digging into feelings, or pursuing a more beautiful state, and some of the poems are for flattering high-ranking officials and patting them in the back, for example, I have created a lot of poems of that kind for you, and you quite like it…”

“…What you said too bluntly makes me feel embarrassed.” Hill said in a serious manner, “I am this kind of person, when embarrassed, I will do something out of control.”

Grant quickly closed his mouth, “Um, sorry, please continue.” This threat is too scary, isn’t it, Lord Demon King?!

It seems to be very useful to pressure troublemakers with power. Hill nodded with satisfaction and said: “I will not force the former of these two realms, my own level can be put there. I can make some comments on the latter. The most important thing is the sense of substitution.”

“Sense of substitution!” Grant repeated, feeling what he had caught.

“Yes, if I were a reader, and I saw a protagonist with a plain appearance, I would have no sense of substitution or identification.”

Grant: “Pfft…cough cough cough… Yes, you are indeed very handsome, Lord Demon King.”

Hill: “Your ‘pfft’ contains contempt for me.”

Grant said immediately, “No, I swear to God, I didn’t.”

After speaking, he wiped his sweat. Today’s Lord Demon King is extraordinarily lively…

Grant spent a week organizing the book, and then publishing it as a collection, priced at three gold coins.

The price is actually quite expensive, but soon, all the bards will have one. Bards don’t lack money – in theory, but most of them are big spenders, so they are always very tight, but in total, their spending is actually able to meet the upper class.

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