Chapter 162 – The last day of “Holiday”

Because of the injury of His Royal Highness Grindelwald, the human world has been almost flooded. The corners of Hill’s mouth involuntarily twitched when he saw this information, this word is a bit too unlucky for him (after my death, who cares about the flood).

All kinds of information are continuously sent to Hill’s desk. At present, the Magnolia Empire is like Hill’s back garden. Everyone who enters and exits, Hill basically knows… wait, this sentence is a little bit crooked…

Hill had collected a group of merchants from the Magnolia Empire. Most of them were on the verge of losing their jobs because of the Demon Mall. Hill paid them wages and asked them to do things for him. These merchants took the magical gadgets to other countries, the Dijon tribe, the Fussen Empire, and the Oitin Empire, and they became Hill’s eyes.

These merchants also went against Hill’s intentions, did not complete the work of intelligence collection, and also arbitrarily raised the prices of those demon realm goods to profit from them.

Hill’s attitude towards the people below is nothing but two things.

On Earth, he habitually selects his circle of friends based on the principle of no more than three things: the first offense may be unintentional, I will forgive you; the second offense is considered stupid, and I will forgive you again; third offense, I’m sorry, goodbye.

In another world, Hill would leave it for the second time when he treated the people below. He doesn’t need a fool, he is a superior, he doesn’t need to accommodate a subordinate.

But of course, he also has a principle that everyone has their own suitable position.

——Don’t rule out the fact that some people’s suitable place is to sit in the dungeon and warn others.

For those unruly merchants, Hill had no choice but to tell them what happens when they offend the demons. Of course, not to kill people. In fact, Hill only needs to tell the merchants that someone has offended him. Naturally, there will be a large number of people who want to hug his thighs and take care of it for him.

The production of “Red Moon” has now come to an end, and the scenery and game CG in it are still very beautiful. Hill approached Death Knight Goldnia, Dark Elf Albrecht, and Ariel to be endorsers. He shot a very beautiful commercial, and of course, he also recorded the “Hello everyone, I’m Goldnia, come and play “Red Moon”.

In the last few days, Hill focused on systematically dealing with the problems in the game, and then he sent the game itself to the demons under his hands, letting them be guinea pigs first.

As a result, the guinea pigs were so happy that they almost couldn’t stop (…).

Wow, you can hunt down the elders of the demon race in the game! That’s so cool~! Many demons think so.

Games like this are very profitable on Earth, and they target some consumer groups very precisely. Those people are of a certain age and want to play games, but their reaction speed and tactics can’t keep up with the requirements. This kind of idiot one-click combat fits their situation. Moreover, as long as you recharge the game, there will be a bunch of people calling you big brother (although most of them are support). Besides, compared with drinking and dancing outside, playing games is much cheaper, and it will not harm your health. It’s safe, and the wife doesn’t worry about them cheating outside… Of course, that’s not necessarily the case in the game, but in general, the cheating objects in the game are all supports.

This is actually the same as the gift of hundreds of thousands in the live broadcast.

In essence, these people are not here to enjoy the game, but to enjoy pretending to be X, stepping on people and killing the strong – to satisfy this desire. The game is just an implementation tool. Whether it’s fun or not is not important at all. The lower the combat skills, the better. These people are not trying to sincerely sharpen their skills, experience the feeling of newbies being abused, they are thinking of spending money and then jumping ahead. After all, they have too much trouble in reality, they just want to have a good time.

Of course, there is no relative superiority. Some people play games to enjoy the fun of the game itself, and some people play games to vent their emotions. As a game producer, the artist side may feel sad in the latter, but the businessman side, just think of making money.

Hill will definitely launch classic games in the future, allowing players to make their own choices.

At present, he does this because on the one hand it is simple and the money comes quickly; on the other hand, it is easy to go from simple to extravagant, but it’s not easy to go from extravagant to simple. Later on, you can gradually move up and give yourself a way back.

The department of “World of Warcraft” has now been established, and the preliminary preparations have begun. Specifically, the stories and legends of various races are coordinated, and then they are connected in series and compiled into a big background. Hill intends to find a few more bards in the human world to do this, um… just give it to Grant and Eric.

Eric has become one of the most well-known bards after he wrote “Mage’s Book of Songs” and participated in the script creation of “The Fairy Tale Hotel”.

Grant, on the other hand, came into the public eye by hosting the Josh Kenny Beer Festival program. Since the Beer Festival, he has stayed in the Demon Realm and wandered around. The demons knew that he was a guest of Hill, so they treated him with courtesy. He is also very comfortable enjoying this kind of life. He is a funny and humorous person, and Hill sometimes talks to him, he is naturally on call, saying witty things to make Hill happy. ——In fact, this is also one of the main jobs of the bard among humans.

Eric is currently writing a novel about humans and demons uniting against aliens, but Hill assigned him a task, and he immediately put down his pen to do it. The two quickly assembled an eight-person team, and after hearing that it was intended for the Demon King, the bards were very excited.

The bards themselves are full of adventurous spirits, some of them even come from noble births, but the unruly wind living in their blood urges them to take this path. Oh, by the way, “Pirates of the Caribbean” is very popular among bards, who wrote a lot of ballads for it.

This week’s holiday passed quickly.

For Hill, it was a holiday—because all demon-related facilities in the human world were closed, except for the ‘Bird of Dawn’ charity organization.

But for the human beings in the human world, it is, of course, torture.

Today is the last day of the holiday, and Hill said to Dark Elf Albrecht early in the morning: “Today, I plan to arrange some miscellaneous things.”

Albrecht asked: “My King, can you schedule me for today as well?”

Hill: “…” He was choked. This man didn’t avoid any taboos… Okay. He had to ask: “Is there something wrong?”

Hill is used to arranging an important person of a clan to eat together at breakfast and deal with work at the same time. Today’s breakfast is accompanied by Albrecht. Hill suspected that the patriarch of the dark elves planned to send other elders over, but Albrecht used the power of the five elders to replace them with himself.

However, Albrecht still did his job, he first reported some recent events of the dark elves. In fact, now that everything is on track, there is nothing serious about it. Al mentioned that the skeleton construction team discovered new plants that they hadn’t seen while transforming the territory of the dark elves. “

“Did the Encyclopedia Department go to see it?” Hill asked.

“They went to see it, there is no conclusion yet,” Albrecht replied, “So I have come to ask My King.”

Those lush plants grow on the shore of the lake. The skeleton construction team intends to use the lake, so originally, they planned to dispose of those plants, but the Encyclopedia Department reminded them that it is best to report to Lord Demon King, “Lord Demon King likes grass…”

What do you mean by “Lord Demon King likes grass”… The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched, it was really grass (a kind of plant).

So, there is the above.

“All right, I’ll go over and take a look after breakfast,” Hill said.

Alice over there asked: “Sir, can I go?”

Alice would call Hill by his name when he was alone, but Alice would call him “sir” when there were other people around.

“You have been out for too long these days, starting today you have to make up classes,” Hill said.

“Okay, sir,” Alice replied.

Alice’s leg was severely injured before, and the other leg itself was deformed. That injured leg was not easy to deal with because she was too young, and the doctors in the demon realm didn’t know how to treat humans. Alice would be able to withstand magic healing if she was a little older, but she couldn’t do it now. Hill made her a pair of crutches to make it easier for her, and asked the black dwarf to design her a wheelchair.

In the future, she may need to spend a few years in a wheelchair.

Later, when Alice was twelve years old, Hill began to give her some power to exercise, so this beautiful and delicate little girl like a doll, who was sitting in a wheelchair pushed by a dragon guard, became the nightmare of many people.

Of course, this is in the future.

Hill asked, “What else?”

“The other thing is that the skeletons want to build a new palace. At the moment, they are indecisive where to position the gate,” Albrecht said.

“Tell me carefully.” Hill said. This should be exquisite.

Albrecht said: “A thousand years ago…”

Hill immediately interrupted his words: “Forget it, just talk about it briefly.” You are so real.

However, Hill knew how Dark Elf Albrecht really was… and had been frightened many times…

“Whether it should face the position of the moon rising or face the position of the Blackrock Tower, everyone is indecisive,” Albrecht said this time succinctly enough.

“Oh, it’s a bit like the choice between theocracy and kingship,” Hill said.

The gods of the dark elves believe that they should face the gate to the position where the moon rises, and facing the Blackrock Tower is naturally a tribute to the demon king. So, Hill said it was a choice between ‘theocracy’ and ‘kingship’.

If it were of other races, Hill would directly face the Blackrock Tower, but the dark elves were originally a special race, so Hill thought about it, “Sit north facing south.”

Albrecht nodded cautiously, “Do you mean that the dark elves do not need to believe in the gods too much or rely on you too much, and that we should rely on ourselves?”

Hill was choked…

Alice next to him handed Hill a glass, and Hill drank the clear spring water with juice in the cup, and said helplessly: “You are really doing reading comprehension.”

Hill feels that by putting these demons in the college entrance examination Chinese reading comprehension, let them answer “what kind of thoughts and feelings are expressed in the underlined sentence”, and they can think out a piece of composition.

Oh, that said, he seems to be able to implement a new type of examination system at the Magnolia School of Magic. Hey, “what kind of thoughts and feelings are expressed in the underlined sentence”, let people in other worlds also experience it hahaha.

No need to write it down on the task wall. Hill directly called Ghost Binns to assign him this task. Now that the school has begun to promote textbook education on a large scale, should the examination system also be reformed?

The major magic schools are all connected. With the academic exchange, this will be implemented in other countries’ magic schools. It is best to cultivate the masters of other countries to have strong theoretical knowledge but not very good at releasing magic. Looking back, he changed the system of the Magnolia School of Magic to make the theory and actual combat parallel. After all, the Magnolia Empire is now almost controlled by Hill, and it is in his interest that the Magnolia Empire becomes strong.

This is a slow process, but it is necessary.

Evenly matched wars, passionate fighting, loyalty to the empire, for the glory of the race… Hill liked these when he read novels, but when it is his turn, just forget it. Evenly matched wars represent a large number of losses, behind passionate fighting are lost lives. What Hill wants is to surpass the opponent in all aspects, constantly strengthen himself and weaken the enemy, and finally form an absolute crush.

Victory without a fight is the highest state of warfare.

Here Albrecht was still at a loss after hearing what Hill said, “Then, why sit north and face south?”

This is the habit of the ancestors of China, and Hill just blurted it out. Now Albrecht asks, Hill can’t talk about the sun in the northern hemisphere… So, Hill said nonsense: “Because if you sit in the north facing south, the water flows downward, it will not flow into the room.”

Albrecht “poofed”: “Dare you say that this is based on going up north and down south?! My King?!”

This sentence was too funny and caused Albrecht to spew out food.

It’s really rare to see him spew out.

Hill was happy, “So, don’t always be so serious, smile more, like now.” He drew a big arc on both sides of his lips with his fingers to simulate a smiling face: “Of course, just laugh, don’t ‘poof’, Especially when you are eating, don’t “poof”.”

“Yes, sorry, My King.” Albrecht bowed his head and apologized.


According to the plan, after breakfast, Hill and Albrecht took a train to the territory of the dark elf, and quickly found their destination.

The lush vegetation around the lake looked unfamiliar, Hill pondered for a while and found himself unable to figure it out at all.

He always wondered why the protagonists in the infrastructure novels he had read before seemed familiar with all kinds of vegetables and food, and they could recognize them at a glance. These protagonists were too powerful. If Hill is asked to recognize it himself, he won’t recognize spinach and lettuce… Well, he doesn’t cook, he’s really useless in this area. But he can eat it when it’s cooked, cough. It’s enough to eat.

Hill used the network of his mobile phone to search for pictures online for a long time, and finally judged the species of this plant – wild rice.

Wild rice is a valuable aquatic vegetable. Its grass is an excellent fodder and a place for fish to live through the winter. Its stalk base and tender stems will grow thick and strong after being parasitized by fungi… This makes Hill a bit imaginative in an instant. If this is also effective on people, wouldn’t it make thousands of men crazy?

Speaking of which, in some parts of medieval Europe, everything about humans, including their bodies, belonged to the church, so if a man “cannot do it”, it would be a crime. At that time, women could divorce them because of this, and husbands had to prove that they were “okay” if they didn’t want to get divorced. “Okay” means to prove it in the presence of a “verification officer”, well, to prove it personally… what’s all this?

What is even more frightening is that in the 20th century, there was a popular operation for transplanting goat test*cles. It is said that this kind of operation can rejuvenate men. Oh, this kind of surgery is also available in the other world. Cough.

Let’s go back to the wild rice. The thick and tender stem is a very delicious vegetable when infected with the smut, also known as wild rice. The taste of wild rice is light and a little sweet, it is the unique flavor of aquatic plants, and it is a good match for both meat and vegetables when stir-fried.

Hill flipped through the menu and decided to prepare lunch.

He immediately tried to cook with shredded wild rice and wild boar. The slightly greasy meat is relieved by the sweetness of wild rice, and then sprinkled with chili oil, and then stir-fried, the finished product is oily and shiny, giving off a tempting fragrance that makes the mouth water a lot. Of course, the wild boar meat is also very good, slightly charred, the taste is twice as good, and the spicy flavor of the small pepper enhanced the taste, which is simply perfect.

After getting a new ingredient in this trip, Hill’s mood improved a lot.

After all, the grain depot is never too full.

The wild rice is ready to be planted.

Hill plans to plan this area for wild rice land, let the skeleton construction team to go elsewhere, this is where agriculture will be developed.

Rotate wild rice, and rice, and then co-exist with crabs and rice field eels. Crabs, ah, that is also extremely delicious, eh heh.

The lunch was held by the lake, besides the wild rice, there was also a hard dish called fathead fish in a hanging pot.

At this time, it is approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is still a bit cold in the wild, especially by the lake. As soon as the steaming spicy flavor came out, the whole body was energetic. The fish is fragrant and tasty. In addition to the fish meat, the pot is also cooked with wild rice, mushrooms, and other ingredients. The broth is boiled out of fish bones. The fish is deep-fried and then boiled, plus the best condiments in the demon realm. The outside is charred and the inside is tender, delicious and spicy… The person who eats feels hot all over, burping with the feeling of happiness and contentment. Hill really likes the spicy flavor.

The lunch break took place in the dark elf territory, and they had built a separate house for him in accordance with Hill’s request.

The clear glass is layered on top, and the sun shines in the house like molten silver. Hill lay on the soft round bed and looked at the light purple sky – the sky in the dark elf territory was light purple because of the fog. The sleepiness gradually hit, and he closed his eyes.

Tomorrow, it’s time to return to the human world to deal with various things, ah. After this time, the Plague Islands have a lot more Dark Church die-hard faction, and the people of the Magnolia Empire and Mulheim have also taken a step forward. Next is the Sea God Festival in the Plague Islands, take this opportunity to launch the “Pirates of the Caribbean” immersive theater. Wow, the well-filmed “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest” can also be released. And “Red Moon”.

The business is really getting bigger and bigger ah.

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Ah… Finding wild rice to imp*tence to goat tts…? I can’t. LOL

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