Chapter 161 – Return the flower to me

Fallen Angels Territory, Floating Island

The island moving in the sky looks like a miracle, and the waterfalls pouring down from the sides of the island are even more fascinating.

This was the first time that Old Jackson had witnessed the floating island with his own eyes. He had only heard Hill mention it once in the past. What he thought at the time was that Hill could really play, but he didn’t expect Hill to play so well… At this moment, he and Alice looked up at the magnificent island floating in the sky, one old and one young with their mouths hanging open.

This picture is a little bit funny.

Alice finally couldn’t help it, she asked, “Is this really the demon realm?”

This question has remained in her heart for a while.

How come this place looks just like heaven? She is usually taciturn, but she also has her own ideas. Everything she experienced after arriving in the Demon Realm, everything she needed to live in and out of her life, always surprised her. She couldn’t help asking, is this really the demon realm? Is this really hell? This is not the same as what her mother said, and it is not at all the same as what is in the Church’s scripture. …Oh, but of course, the Church’s scripture describes the Church in a completely different way.

“Of course, the real demon realm is not composed of only these beautiful sceneries, there are also many ruins.” Hill said, “I will take you to see if you have time.”

“Okay.” Alice nodded obediently.

Old Jackson glanced at Hill unexpectedly.

Hill caught the question in his gaze, and then explained: “Those ruins will not last long. I have the courage to admit this because I will change everything sooner or later.” In fact, the sentence is also full of confidence.

Old Jackson was taken aback, then he thought of some possibility and blurted out: “The floating island of the church…”

“Oh, it was Teresa who gave them the idea.” Hill said honestly, “but the church’s cost is many, many, many times more than ours.”

The corners of Old Jackson’s mouth twitched, he naturally wanted to understand the joints, and then he thought of a question: “That mithril too?”

“This is Monroe’s.” Hill said, “Isn’t it amazing?” he said with an ostentatious tone.

Old Jackson was a little speechless: “…you guys are really a bunch of raccoons.”

“Just say that Monroe and I are one and the same, plus Teresa becomes threes*me, which is not good,” Hill said.

Old Jackson: “…”

Old Jackson coughed: “There is a child here…”

“The appropriate context for your comment is me swooping in for a forced kiss, and then you shyly saying ‘There are children here…’” Hill said.

Old Jackson: “…”

Old Jackson: “Sometimes, I really don’t know what expression I should use to talk to you.”

“Ahahaha…” Hill laughed for a while and then said, “It’s okay, my Alice is the one who is going to do great things in the future.” He smiled and added, “So it’s okay to listen to anything.”

“No, you… let her listen to everything?” Old Jackson raised his eyebrows in surprise. Old Jackson also caught the meaning of Hill’s words. That ‘anything’ includes some sensitive political issues.

“I will provide her with everything I can provide, and then it’s up to her next.” Hill patted Alice on the head. “Well, here it is, time to go down. That’s the end of this topic for now.”

Old Jackson suppressed the question “Aren’t you worried about her betraying you?” in his heart, and got off the bird with Hill… This sounds a bit weird.

The Floating Island is full of strange flowers and weeds, and the air above it contains magical aura. If there are human mages here, they would be pleasantly surprised, because this is their holy place for cultivation.

As for why this is the case, the main reason is the Fallen Angel clan.

In the past, the Fallen Angels didn’t eat and allowed themselves to gradually disappear into the world. Now, they start to eat and the magical elements are being replenished, so there are more elements rushing around, which directly causes the Floating Island where they live to have more magic elements.

On the one hand, they began to eat because this race had a goal alive, not the natural life and death that they used to take for granted. On the other hand, the food is so delicious.

Later, a human tourist group came to the Demon Realm, and a human mage asked: “Why are the magic elements so rich here? Of course, if there are some secrets involved, then you don’t need to answer…”

The succubus tour guide replied: “Because the fallen angels eat too much.”

Human mage: ???

Are you teasing me?

I have no grievances with you, why do you treat me like a simpleton?

In fact, in theory, this answer is completely reasonable.

However, people are impetuous now~


The fallen angels entertained Hill and his party, and the fire elemental spirit, Irvine, had prepared food in advance.

Eating delicious food and drinking delicious wine, the Fallen Angel Orchestra was also playing moving light music next to them. Old Jackson is okay, but Alice next to him is almost intoxicated. No nobles have ever experienced such treatment, let alone little Alice.

Old Jackson glanced at Alice and said to Hill next to her: “She started too high.”

“Is this bad?” Hill asked.

Old Jackson shook his head, “I don’t think it’s good.”

“If you have a high starting point, you have to pursue something higher, which is good. I think.” Hill said, “I don’t want you to think, I want me to think.”

Old Jackson subconsciously felt that the last sentence was a bit greasy. He thought for a while and understood the metaphor, then shook his head, “I really got on your thief ship.”

“Yeah, as the saying goes, it takes a hundred years of cultivation for two people to ride on the same boat, which shows that we have a destiny in our previous life,” Hill didn’t want to respond to his remark, so he blurted it out.

Okay. Old Jackson thought to himself, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk business with me, but why bother attacking me mentally. “…Do demons have past lives?” he asked.

“Yes.” Hill said, “I was a sand sculpture in my previous life.”

Old Jackson: ???

“Actually, it’s true hahahaha…” Hill said with a smile.

Old Jackson shook his head firmly.

The Demon King of this generation was originally made of sand.

Alas, no one believes the truth these days.


After dinner, the sky darkened, and they went to the lake on the ground in the middle of the Floating Island.

The waves of the lake rippled, and the shadows of the stars disappeared in the ripples, which was so beautiful. There are many exotic flowers and grasses planted by the lake, golden, lavender, light blue… dreamlike scattered on the grass.

There are also some fireflies.

Alice was pleasantly surprised after seeing the fireflies. She was jumping around the lake like a cute little angel.

Hill looked at her bouncing and jumping, and had a thought of cosplaying as Ougai Mori, then he immediately dismissed the thought, and instead said maliciously: “How much do you know about fireflies?”

“They are pretty, My Lord,” Alice said happily.

Old Jackson looked at Hill: “I feel like you are about to tell some terrible knowledge.”

“Yes. They are really pretty, too.” Hill stretched out his hand and grabbed, the airflow engulfed the fireflies and flew to his side. He lifted his hand and forced the fireflies to fall on his fingers, and then… My god, these worms are a bit disgusting. Forget it, you may fly away… After completing this set of funny action calmly, Hill cleared his throat and began to talk about the ‘terrible knowledge’ in the mouth of Old Jackson: “In fact, fireflies are very cruel. They are carnivores and can anesthetize many animals, such as snails and slugs. Then they inject secretions into the anesthetized prey, digest them outside of the body, and finally inhale them into the body.”

The smile gradually freezes.gif

After Alice’s smile faded for a few seconds, she asked, “What does the back mean, My Lord?”

“Are you talking about the way of eating?” Hill asked.

“Yes.” Alice nodded, she didn’t understand.

“To use an analogy, the way they do it, it’s like first anesthetizing a person, then injecting him with the toxin, making him turn into water, and finally drinking the water.”

So, Alice’s smile gradually solidified to a rather miserable expression.

Old Jackson looked at the child’s suddenly pale face, and he couldn’t help feeling a little bit painful.

But Alice bowed instead, “Thank you for your guidance, I understand.”

“Yeah… there are also female fireflies who use light to attract the opposite sex to transmit information. There are times when female fireflies use courtship signals to lure certain male fireflies to come and then eat them,” Hill continued.

Old Jackson shuddered when he looked at the shining beautiful creature again.

Alice is okay, children’s minds are pure, they have pure goodness and pure malice.

“So many beautiful things are harmful, such as me,” Hill continued.

Old Jackson, who had been listening to him educating the child, couldn’t help but interrupt: “…the last sentence is unnecessary, Grindelwald.”

“I thought the last sentence was the main point. Let me tell you, I have said so much just to pave the way for me to say the last sentence,” Hill said.

“You think I will believe it,” Old Jackson curled his lips.

“Yeah, looks like I’ve still got a few knots in your mind… Okay, Alice, you go and play around,” Hill laughed. “Your Uncle Jackson has been winking at me just now. Implying that you should leave first, he has something to say to me alone.”

“…Well, I admit that I hinted with my eyes, but not as exaggerated as you said,” Old Jackson said.

“Yes, My Lord.” Alice picked up her skirt and made a lady’s curtsy, then went to the other side.

At this moment, the night was completely dark, and Alice’s pink skirt quickly disappeared in the night.

Old Jackson looked at Alice’s back: “Not afraid of the dark…”

“It’s safe here,” Hill said. “And since I raised her, she shouldn’t be afraid of the dark.”

“Demons have no concept of being afraid of the dark, right… but you’re right, you were the same when you were a child?” Old Jackson asked.

Hill answered honestly: “No, I was afraid of the dark even when I reached eighteen.”

Old Jackson: “…”

Hill continued: “I am still afraid of the dark after watching ghost stories.”

Old Jackson: “…You are more powerful than ghosts.”

Hill nodded, “Theoretically so, but still afraid. That thing, that indescribable thing…”

Old Jackson: “…Well, the way you educate her is very interesting.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t mention my frustrating side…”

“…I feel like you chased and told me.” Old Jackson squinted.

“Cough, cough, cough, let’s talk about my way of educating Alice,” Hill said. “I’ve read in the book before. There is a country called Russia, and a father said to his daughter: ‘If someone bullies you, you can hit them with a shovel.’ His daughter said, ‘But I’m a girl.’ Then his father said, ‘Then you can hit them with a pink shovel.’ Do you understand that?”

Old Jackson thought, “I see.”

This example is a bit funny. But it is Hill’s educational policy for Alice.

First, you have to beat the person who hurt you.

Then, you have to remember that you are a girl.

The former is the first principle.

And of course, there is the idea that he will provide her with everything she needs, and then it is up to her to develop herself.


Old Jackson stayed in the demon realm for two days. In the past two days, Hill took him to various places, and Alice accompanied him. Old Jackson was full of praise for the various newly built facilities of the demon realm. When Hill said that the Demon Realm Tour Group would be opened in the future, Old Jackson said: “Then I must be allowed to be the first guest.”

“Of course.” Hill said, “I want you to help promote it.”

Before leaving the Demon Realm, Old Jackson asked: “Although you may have hinted to me how you will deal with the current situation, since I came to the Demon Realm with the expectations of many people on my back, I have to have a final answer before I can go back.”

“Okay.” Hill said. “Let the bullets fly a little longer. I’ll make a statement in five days. It will be hard for you in these five days.”

“As it should be.” Old Jackson said, “Thank you.”

“Just a matter of lifting a hand,” Hill said.

Old Jackson: “…”

Hill: “Hehe.”

In the next five days, the Magnolia Empire and the Ice Empire continued to fry, especially the Ice Empire. Although the diet of the Magnolia Empire is very inferior to that of the Demon Realm, it can still be eaten. But the Ice Empire Mulheim is different. Their food is originally dark cuisine. Now, many nobles are going crazy after they can’t eat the food in the Demon Mall Restaurant…

The Black family and the White family contributed some of their canned food to the Ice Emperor, solving the immediate needs of Ice Emperor Claude.

This move made other nobles in awe: These two families are really loyal…

Hill wanted to laugh a little when he heard the information.

It is worth mentioning the Plague Islands.

In the past, the indigenous people and pirates of the Plague Islands had no fixed beliefs. Some indigenous people believed in ancient gods, but their gods who were as miserable as the Plague Islands had nothing much to say, so most of the indigenous people did not have any beliefs. The sky is high and the church is far away, so from the very beginning, Hill planned to develop the Plague Islands into a second Famagusta, as the base of the Dark Church.

In the future, overseas islands can do this, forming islands surrounding the mainland, gradually infiltrating inward, and eventually, hehe.

Currently, the spread of the belief in the Dark God is very stable -because there is Monroe sitting in the town.

In addition, the money and materials are in place, so most of the local indigenous people have begun to verbally praise the Dark God. As for how pious they are… this is not important at the moment, now is the time to rush quantity not quality, Hill made it clear to Monroe.

Some of the indigenous people were bought by money and materials, and some were infected by “The Last of the Mohicans” and “The Condor Passes”.

They knew about the demon prince being stabbed by a human prince, and unlike their insincere beliefs, all the natives were very angry – because of their historical background.

Hill distributed the flyers in the Plague Islands for a few days. The flyers are in a very vulgar gold and red color scheme. They are quite eye-catching. The title are three-dimensional characters + outlines with white borders, and there are explosive borders… Oh yes, just like those “extraordinary discounts” and “off-the-off prices” flyers posted on the streets, with all kinds of deceptive keywords written in them.

“Protest against racism!”

“The Demon Race and the people of the Plague Islands stand together!”

“The Mortonians (black) have something to say!”

On the back is Hill’s adaptation of Martin Niemöller’s short poem:

“First, they went after the Mortonians, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Mortonian.

Then they hunted the Plague Islanders, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not from the Plague Islands.

Then they killed the Demons, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Demon.

Then they fished the Commoners, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Commoner.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

When a bird’s nest is overturned, no egg can remain intact.”

Many indigenous people were emotional after receiving this flyer, and many even shed tears.

Some people think that the color scheme of this flyer is so attractive. It’s really eye-catching. They can’t help but want to look at it twice… Hill naturally laughed at this, this is a classic color scheme that the majority of people have tried repeatedly! Looking back, he made a colorful black to scare these otherworlders, haha.

Taking this opportunity, many followers of the Dark God in the Plague Islands, their hearts formally stood with the Dark Church.

In this regard, Monroe wrote to Hill: “I did so much in the Plague Islands before, and it was not as effective as your random actions.”

There is also a porcelain rose on the letter paper. This is a kind of flower that grows in the Plague Islands. The flower is unique and bright, and it is quite beautiful. It has the beauty of roses and the elegance of peony. There are also on Earth.

Hill picked up the porcelain rose in the teleportation array and kissed lightly on the petals—in fact, Monroe kissed the porcelain rose before placing the porcelain rose in the teleportation array, which was a coincidence for them. This coincidence carries a kind of romance and warmth that one cannot help but soften up.

Then Hill wrote back:

“You are too self-depracating, it was you who did enough padding before that I was able to take the opportunity to make an explosive push. In short, it’s like being in bed and arriving at Elysium in a matter of seconds, but it wouldn’t have gotten to this point without all the previous padding.”

Well, this analogy, Hill thinks it is great, very spiritual, and very vivid.

He is really amazing, and too talented.

Then Hill wrote: “By the way, the meaning of porcelain rose is love without destiny.”

After a few seconds, Monroe wrote back: “Return the flower to me.”


Monroe is kind of cute haha.

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It takes a hundred years of cultivation for two people to ride on the same boat, it takes a thousand years of cultivation for two people to sleep on the same bed – It means we meet, we get to know each other, we date, we get married, all these things are because of fate and destiny. Maybe that’s why Old Jackson felt mentally attacked? lol

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ✶ฺ..*☆。

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