Chapter 160 – “…I advise you that it is best to do so.”


This curse is very powerful for Prince Tuttle.

One of the reasons is that the Borel family was not a nobleman appointed by the first generation of King of Magnolia, but gradually climbed up by means such as marriage, giving money, and so on. There is a saying that the more a person lacks something, the more he flaunts it, just like Hill is always saying that he is actually very innocent (no). For Prince Tuttle, he has been dedicated to showing off his prince status. Now that he heard this, his face immediately turned pale.

He was very smart, very intelligent, but the pride that comes from being in a position of power for so long and the humiliation of his family could easily put his own brain aside.

Then the servants outside heard Prince Tuttle’s roar and insults.

These people have become excellent witnesses…

Then they saw His Royal Highness Grindelwald fall directly into the corridor with a dagger stuck in his chest.

It seemed that Prince Tuttle suddenly attacked His Royal Highness Grindelwald after being insulted, although it was actually Hill who stabbed himself suddenly.

The scene was suddenly chaotic.

Death Knight Goldnia, who was guarding outside, rushed in “in time” and “saved” Grindelwald. Many people saw him rushing outside holding Grindelwald, who was covered in blood, in a panic. After all, it’s still an actor, so the acting is superb.

Half an hour later, news of Prince Tuttle Borel’s attempt to kill His Royal Highness Grindelwald spread throughout Magnolia City.

Prince Tuttle tried to defend, but no one listened to him. He was locked up by the pale King Magnolia.

That night, Old Jackson announced the news on the live broadcast of the magic phone. He regretfully said that Prince Tuttle Borel was an extreme racist (Hill gradually instilled this word into everyone), and he deliberately attacked the “Bird of Dawn” charity organization, leading His Highness Grindelwald to meet with him alone to talk about things. He prepared a mithril dagger that could kill the demons, and suddenly launched an attack on His Royal Highness Grindelwald. At present, His Highness Grindelwald’s life is in danger, the Demon Mall is temporarily closed, and daily anime is temporarily suspended.

As Hill said, this is really a “good enough gift.”

Oh, by the way, Bishop Teresa Shelley, who has “full hatred against the demons” and “loyal to the God of Light”, immediately reported to the above the fact that “mithril has a miraculous effect on the demons”. A very precious metal, collecting it is another costly task, um… well this is another way to screw the Church.

In fact, mithril is nonsense, and mithril has no special effect on the demons. This draft is from Monroe’s proposal: “It is necessary to create a weakness for the demons.”

Teresa didn’t understand at the time: “What?”

“Let everyone know that the demons have weaknesses, humans will feel relieved.” Monroe explained two more words to his front subordinates, “And it better be something valuable, you can report it to the Church.”

Teresa shot the case: “Too insidious, captain, you deserve to be captain!”

After the report went up, the church really started collecting mithril, so there were complaints again.

Little by little, the Church’s popularity among the people was being shaken.

The floating island of the church has been basically set up, but it encountered a big problem. The church could not recruit many magicians to make it float, and those magicians were very dissatisfied with it.

In fact, the pope regrets a bit now. The money and energy that the floating island needs to spend is beyond his expectation, but fortunately, a lot of wealth has been plundered from the demons, so it can still support… Or just don’t float it on ordinary days and just float it on certain festivals. The pope thought helplessly. At the same time, he thought, how can the Demon King maintain a floating island? It is the Demon King who can command the entire demon realm, but the pope cannot, because humans have other empires and emperors. If the pope can order all human beings, then a small floating island… a terrible seed has been planted.

Speaking of it, the demon race is richer than he thought. The Pope continued to think that he should start asking the demon race for something. But right now, a prince of the Magnolia Empire actually stabbed the demon prince, and the church seems to have to step in to calm things down… alas, what a nuisance.


“His Royal Highness was assassinated!”

“Which Highness?”

“Of course, it is His Royal Highness Grindelwald!”

“How is this possible? Which bastard did it? Is it the church?”

“It’s a prince of the Magnolia Empire.”

“Bastard, is he crazy? Why would he do such a thing?”

“I heard that he also tried to take away the money from the ‘Bird of Dawn’ charity organization.”

“Damn, I really don’t know who is a human and who is a demon!”

The people have exploded, and the response from the nobles has been particularly strong.

Almost everyone in the Magnolia Empire, Ice Empire Mulheim, and the Plague Islands knew about the assassination of the prince of the demon realm, either through magic phones or by word of mouth because the Demon Mall was closed.

Some of them are worried about Hill’s life safety, while others are concerned about this matter because they can’t eat good food, and can’t watch movies and animations. Others are worried about whether the demons will retaliate because of this? This peace is finally ushered in. Is it going to be broken by a racially discriminatory prince?

All kinds of protests and public riots made Emperor Magnolia even more scared, and made Ice Emperor Claude cluck his tongue. Now, the demons’ influence is so great.

The church in Winter City was in a panic, but Bishop Teresa Shelley calmly calmed down his men, saying that he had reported to the Pope, and the matter would be resolved soon. The priests thought to themselves that the Bishop was worthy of being the Bishop, Bishop Shelley was so calm. What they did not know was that their great Bishop Shelley was in fact secretly happy.

In such a situation, His Royal Highness Grindelwald’s friend, Duke Jackson, risked the wrath of Lord Demon King and resolutely chose to enter the demon realm.

After the news spread, many people regarded Old Jackson as a hero.

Then Old Jackson saw Hill walking around with a very cute little girl (…).

“…I heard that your life is in danger,” Old Jackson squinted at Hill.

“…I heard that you have become a human hero,” Hill also squinted at Old Jackson.

“Okay,” Old Jackson felt a little bit wronged, “but your behavior is a bit too much, it feels like you are playing the whole world in the palm of your hand.”

“First, victory is the process and the result. A cartoonist named Qian Haiyan said that human civilization does not prohibit cannibalism, but it requires you to wear a napkin,” Hill said.

This sentence is really…

So Old Jackson began to wait for Hill’s next words.

“Oh, in fact, Qian Haiyan also said that ‘fast is the enemy of romance’, I think so too, but I definitely don’t mean the same ‘fast’ with her…” Hill said.

Old Jackson was a little confused: “…What’s next?”

“Second, my thighs are not that big that I can play with the whole world,” Hill said.

Palm of your hand, between, thighs.


Old Jackson was completely stupefied. He had difficulty accepting Hill’s handsome setting of only three seconds: “Although I think it’s a bit unethical, your action is really very neat and very impressive.”

“This is already a more ethical result.” Hill shook his head, “If it is unethical, I will announce to the public that His Royal Highness Grindelwald is dead.”

“You…” Old Jackson was taken aback. He knew how many people were fans of the identity of Grindelwald. If it were announced that Grindelwald died, what would happen to those people…

Hill spread his hands: “Then I will change into another identity and continue to mix in the human world.”

“You are really terrible,” Old Jackson said sincerely.

Hill gave a gentleman’s bow: “Thanks for the praise.”

In the eyes of Old Jackson, this is really a genius and terrifying idea.

However, in Hill’s eyes, it is no different from switching to a different account to guide the flow in the forum or whatever.

“What are you going to do next?” Old Jackson continued to ask.

“The Demon King will be furious and demand that Prince Tuttle be killed, or else the demon realm will attack the humans, and the Demon Mall or whatever will be even less of a consideration. If you support that murder should be paid with life, Prince Tuttle should indeed die. King Magnolia will hesitate as usual, and the public will react fiercely,” Hill said, he had arranged everything.

“Then the hawks led by Bishop Teresa Shelley will insist on going to war regardless of the people’s wishes?” Old Jackson asked. He knew Teresa was from Hill.

“No, Teresa will handle some things well in this dispute, which will improve his status and reputation within the church,” Hill said.

“You…” Old Jackson really took a breath of cold air at the implied meaning in Hill’s words this time, “Do you want to…”

“Although I do have the desire to make Teresa higher, it’s not atmospheric for you to be so surprised.” Hill said with a joking attitude: “The day I have to speed up global warming, I’ll announce this on the magic phone and let all of humanity take a breath of cold air, so that temperatures everywhere will collectively rise.”

Oh, and isn’t there an argument that a major cause of global warming is cow farts? There is news that a farm in Germany caused a large amount of methane to accumulate in the cow pen because of the farts emitted by 90 cows. After encountering static electricity, it caused an explosion, causing the roof of the farmhouse to be blown up. According to research, a cow emits about 400 liters of methane per day. It’s a bit scary.

Of course, Old Jackson couldn’t understand the first half of the sentence, but the latter words were too much of a spoof, so he forced himself to calm down: “…you’re blaspheming.”

“I actually like to be blasphemed,” Hill said. Hey. Monroe. Hey. My Lord.

Old Jackson really didn’t understand; “What?”

“It’s nothing.” Hill waved his hand and nearly threw out the air of a social flower, and then he put on a serious expression and began to talk about serious things: “Next, the people will react fiercely, and a war will start, then I will drag my injured body to dissuade myself… Cough, my father, explain the idea of peace to him; then I will tell the people that I hate racists and I understand that Prince Tuttle acted on his own, and not all humans think like him, I will forgive them, I will endure this injustice for the peace of the demons and humans. In the end, they will speak and shed tears for the kind-hearted His Royal Highness Grindelwald.”

“Well, it looks like you’ve got it all planned out,” Old Jackson said slowly.

“Do you have to be so surprised every time?” Hill smiled.

At this time, it was getting dark, the surrounding twilight was faint, and the woods gradually dimmed. The fallen leaves are frosted.

The cold wind whispered in the woods.

Old Jackson was silent for a moment and asked, “What should I do?”

“You should be relieved that your collaborator is such a powerful person.” Hill’s expression was the same as usual, with a casual smile. But this is the most terrifying.

“Is that all I can do?” Old Jackson asked.

“No, but I advise you that it is best to do so,” Hill said, and then he smiled freely, “You rarely come to the demon realm. Come, I will take you to the Floating Island of fallen angels and have a feast by the way. Let’s go, Alice.”

Only then did Old Jackson gradually recover.

They got on the snow-white bird and headed to the territory of fallen angels. Old Jackson asked casually on the way: “Is this a human girl?”

“Yes,” Hill said.

“Well… I remember you said that you like men,” Old Jackson said.

“Don’t get me wrong…” Hill smiled, “Come, Alice, say hello to Grandpa Jackson… Bah no, this will make me a younger generation, say hello to Uncle Jackson.”

“Good evening, Duke Jackson.” Alice nodded, “My name is Alice, you misunderstood, Duke Jackson, Lord Demon King doesn’t have that kind of hobby. It’s because I am useful, so I can stay here.”

“Useful… so what bad idea are you playing again? Grindelwald,” Old Jackson asked.

Hill thought about it for a while, and a nasty taste suddenly emerged: “She is the Pope’s biological daughter.”

Old Jackson: “…”

Old Jackson almost fell from the bird.

What terrifying words! Sooner or later, he will be scared to death by the Demon King!

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