Chapter 159 – “People like me are not stingy when expressing gratitude.”

Dinner time.

The decoration of the Jackson residence dining room is ornate and orthodox. The wall is carved with the white logo of the Magnolia Empire, and the other is hung with the emblem of the Jackson family. On the front is a portrait of King Magnolia, and on the other is the face of the current Pope. The whole floor is covered with a dark red carpet with large golden patterns on it, spreading out in front of you like a flame.

“In the past, I rarely put so much time on enjoyment. I think those enjoyments will make people weak and not firm, and they are unnecessary. People only need to move toward their goals,” Old Jackson said.

“But now?” Hill asked.

“Is it because the food is not good or the movie is not good, why should I stick my head out to pursue my goal?” Old Jackson said.

“And because of that, we can continue to eat delicious food and see good movies.” Hill smiled and took his seat. The oak table in front of him was very smooth and waxed. The candlestick exudes a warm light, the goblet is filled with purple wine, and the silver tableware is shining. Old Jackson sat at the other end. After the two tied the napkins, the servants brought the dinner one by one.

“What you said is very reasonable, you can always say very insightful things in all aspects,” Old Jackson said.

“I just have a better ability to connect the dots.” Hill said, “But I always get sidetracked sometimes.”

“I have a deep understanding of this,” Old Jackson glanced at Hill and said.

“No, you misunderstood, I’m not talking about the dirty jokes—although I’m very good at this—this time, I’m referring to other aspects,” Hill said.

Old Jackson made an inviting gesture: “I would like to hear more.”

“For example, when humans eat animals, most of them will dismember them, so that you can’t see the original appearance of the animals, as if what you eat is not life,” Hill said.

“It does feel that way,” Old Jackson agreed.

“But from a literary point of view, the paradox is that you heat up these mutilated animals as if they were alive,” Hill said.

Old Jackson looked at the barbecue in front of him: “That’s a pretty creepy angle you’ve got there…”

“Doesn’t make much practical sense, though.” Hill laughed, “Well, that’s enough chat time.”

The original meat recipes in the Middle Ages were weird. Cuckoos, larks, peacocks, thrushes, and starlings all appeared. And there are also some dishes that sound scary, such as the black pudding that Henry VIII likes to eat. The main raw material of that thing is pig blood, chopped heart, liver, lungs, stomach, and other internal organs are mixed together with oats, put on the seasoning, and then cooked in water.

Hill, who doesn’t eat animal organs and blood, could not help making the “emmm” sound when he learned this for the first time.

You know, the last time he made this sound, he was with Monroe, “Emm ah ah”.

…A dirty thought flew past.

The dinner is rich, with cheese bread made of tapioca flour, smoked pork sausage, baked lobster with cream cheese, grilled squid… There is a broth next to it. The soup is thick and attractive, and the meat inside is soft but chewy.

The grilled meat looks very distinctive. The grilled meat is cut into many small pieces, and some fruits and vegetables are dotted in the middle. They are all skewered on wooden skewers. The very large skewers are coated with sauce on the surface, the color is attractive, and the meat is fragrant.

In addition, there is a garlic sauce oyster. The oyster meat produced by the demon realm is delicious and nutritious, and it has health functions and medicinal value. Some people who have been eating in the Demon Mall Restaurant for a long time find that their physical fitness is really much better than before. This is not an illusion, nor is it accidental. Many foods in the Middle Ages are harmful to health. The Demon Mall Restaurant does not have this hidden danger. Apart from anything else, it is at least non-toxic and harmless.

Then let’s move on to something else.

Plants in the human world will mutate to a certain extent in the demon realm, as do animals, but plants are more tenacious than animals in their vitality. Most of the first batch of animals died during the mutation, and a small part of them survived. Their offspring are better than them, stronger, also, cough, more delicious.

The same goes for Hill’s oyster farm.

The raw materials for this roasted oyster with garlic sauce come from the demon realm. The fragrant and delicious garlic sauce is drizzled on the tender and juicy oyster meat. The delicacy of the dishes evaporates, and it tastes tender and refreshing, fragrant and delicious.

After the meal, Hill went for a walk on Magnolia City Street. Old Jackson still had business and did not accompany him. It was Theodore who accompanied him—Joan Baker was not in Magnolia City recently.

Since last year, the economic situation of the Magnolia Empire has not been very good, the main reason being the war with the demon realm. Many shops closed down. Some merchants were forced to raise some military expenses, and some merchants went to other places. Many rulers have always disliked merchants. Merchants pursue profit. If you are not good to him, he will slip away. Moreover, the merchants are knowledgeable and not as foolish as the peasants tied to the land, all these factors contribute to the status quo. This is true both in China and abroad.

When Hill was walking down the street today, he realized that many shops were closed.

“Is this closed?” Hill asked.

“Yes.” Theodore replied, “Magnolia City has lost some merchants, and some have changed to other businesses.”

“Oh,” Hill knew what was going on as soon as he thought about it. “It was a collision with the business of the Demon Mall.”

“Yeah.” Theodore said, “but with the increasing variety of goods in the Demon Mall, it is estimated that the situation of the merchants will be more difficult.”

“I seem to be responsible for them.” Hill said, “These people probably hate the Demon Mall.”

“I don’t know… but there should be hatred,” Theodore said.

“No one told me this kind of thing, but it was caused by my inexperience.” Hill shook his head, “Let’s discuss it when Joan Baker comes back. We also need to expand recently. Priority is given to hiring some merchants. Make the best use of everything… Speaking of which, what do you think about me starting a commoner school?”

“Um, I am not Duke Jackson, I don’t know, but I think it’s good…” Theodore said.

The establishment of a commoner school can be established under the current circumstances, but it is not very useful—because the political system is there, not everyone can be like Joan Baker who managed to climb from being a commoner to a noble. A commoner, no matter how insightful you are, no matter how smart, you can only become the most beautiful cub in the village, and then it is difficult to do more.

For a superior like Hill, a visible benefit is that the trained people can do things for himself, but this is a long-term investment and the harvest cycle is relatively long, but it is also something very necessary, so it should be put on the agenda.

Let’s set up a school in the mainland, specifically for the clever children among the common people. That school is for human children and demon children, they will become classmates, and have classes together.

There are more and more things in the task wall in the study.

Before starting the school, however, Hill had an idea and thought of something very interesting.

A month later, a set of books was available at a low price in the Demon Mall.

“Five Years of High Mage, Three Years of Simulation”.

Two days after it was put on the shelves, this set of books captured the hearts of the professors of Magnolia School of Magic with comprehensive written knowledge and various classic exercises. The professors were shocked when they saw this set of problems. This magic book, and now this set of exercises actually covers all the problems encountered in magic learning very well!

This book also has a theory that professors agree with: what we need as students is written knowledge, try to avoid practical classes, and no need for creativity, because magic is a complex field, and can accidentally hurt students… Who will be responsible for the students getting hurt? Who will be responsible?

In the voice of the professors, “Five Years of High Mage, Three Years of Simulation” was also launched soon.

Next is the day of students’ suffering deeply…

Let the children of the other world feel the horror of the five-three and problem-solving!

Hill was secretly happy.


In autumn, the sun sets, and the horizon is full of red.

Hill stood outside Magnolia City and said, “The time has come. I think it’s time for something big to happen.”

“My King, I don’t quite understand what the timing is? Is there anything that is in our favor?” Death Knight Goldnia asked.

“I want to do something now, and that’s the main point,” Hill replied.

Goldnia said sincerely: “My King, you are so domineering.”

“I thought I was acting recklessly,” Hill smiled.

“But every time you act recklessly, it becomes the most important thing in the end, so in the final analysis, it is still domineering,” Goldnia said.

“Back, root, to, bottom. Yah, roots to the bottom yah.”

“Although your dirty joke is the same as before.”

Hill smiled, but didn’t respond.

He is still very logical and clear even when he talks about the nasty jokes, and sometimes, he even uses the nasty jokes to test, even this thing is so superb… Let’s just say that Hill is a pretty uncomplicated guy.

But right now, there is too much praise about him.

It was late autumn, and most of the leaves had fallen off from the branches. Only a few pieces were still draped on the branches, but they had been torn apart by the bleak wind and lost their former appearance.

Hill walked towards Magnolia City, “Let’s go, it’s time to do something big… The Sea God Festival in the Plague Islands celebrates the harvest. Let’s do something before that, and then get some extra things.”

“Yes, My King.” Goldnia said in a deep voice, “Should I go to Borel’s house?”

“Go to Borel’s house.”


Magnolia City, Borel Residence.

The position of Tuttle Borel in the Magnolia Empire is very important. In the case of King Magnolia’s disregard of political affairs, many actual decisions were made by Tuttle Borel. After all, Magnolia is his brother-in-law.

By the way, in ancient times the female branch of the courtyard people called the female ticket guest is also brother-in-law. Oh, and by the way, the common name of the eunuch in ancient times is ‘lao gong (husband)’. Once, there was a professor of history at Tsinghua University who also corrected this, the wife should not call her spouse ‘lao gong (husband)’, she should call him ‘zhang fu (husband)’, she can also call him ‘sun zi (grandson)’.

Regarding Hill’s visit, Prince Tuttle knew the reason, and Prince Tuttle had a good plan in mind. He had been corrupting the law, making money, and killing all these years. On the one hand, he relied on the majesty of King Magnolia. On the other hand, he is indeed smart. He knew that with the current situation of the demons and humans, the other party could not touch a person as big as him, and even Prince Tuttle had already figured out how to persuade Hill and let him cooperate with him.

After Hill entered the door, Prince Tuttle was very enthusiastic, with a lot of compliments, saying that the current Magnolia City has become a lot more interesting because of Your Royal Highness Grindelwald. Everyone likes the delicacy blah blah in the Demon Mall. Hill just smiled and nodded, responding from time to time.

The atmosphere looked very good, and Prince Tuttle started talking about business: “About your Bird of Dawn…” He first said something about the charity of Bird of Dawn, and then said: “The commoners are also human lives, they are very important, but they are just commoners after all. You should take a long-term view. I am the king’s brother-in-law, I can help you a lot in this regard.”

Then he spoke a lot of words, which sounded quite polite.

Hill interrupted him with a smile, “Then Your Excellency, it looks like you are really a great man.”

“I am also willing to do some good deeds. Of course, it would be great if I can get some small rewards.” Prince Tuttle winked playfully, “Don’t you think so? My friend.”

His playfulness is disgusting.

“Friend,” Hill repeated the word, with an unpredictable smile on the corner of his lips.

“Yes.” Prince Tuttle stepped forward and patted Hill on the shoulder, very affectionate. “We can do something big.”

His intimacy seemed more disgusting.

Hill was still smiling, “I don’t like humans touching me, after all, I’m a demon.”

Prince Tuttle felt a slight chill run through his body, then he pulled his hand back, “Sorry, Your Highness Grindelwald.”

“You know,” Hill smiled happily. “People like me are not stingy when expressing gratitude.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Prince Tuttle said.

“So, I prepared a good enough gift to repay your words today. After all, your words opened my eyes. You…” Hill approached him, but the smile on his face disappeared, “bastard,” he said in a rather cold and disdainful tone.

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