Chapter 158 – Alice and the Bird of Dawn

When Hill brought Alice back to the demon realm, he frightened a gang of demons. The five elders took turns to see the child in groups, and a great wave of siege was conducted.

Dark Elf Albrecht was flying with jealousy: “My King, you intend to use her as a ration, right? You definitely intend to use her as a ration…”

“Why are you even jealous of a child?” Hill cried and laughed.

“Because she is too close to you!” Albrecht said righteously.

Hill said, “I haven’t seen you much jealous of Monroe, either.”

Albrecht replied, “Because I can’t beat Lord Monroe… Wait, why should I be jealous of Lord Monroe?” He showed a bewildered expression, “Lord Monroe doesn’t come to the demon realm from time to time, huh?”

The other four of the five elders all looked at the dark elf with pity.

The Dark Elf was still confused: “What happened? What happened to His Excellency Monroe? My King?”

Hill coughed, noticing that Albrecht was not generally clueless. “Nothing.” Hill hypocritically came after this sentence, quickly lead the topic to the right track: “About Alice, without my permission, no demons can hurt her.”

Ghost Binns hit the nail on the head: “You mean, you plan to raise her as a daughter?”

“Well… sort of, raise her well first,” Hill said.

Little Alice is a very cute little girl. When Hill handed the dagger to her yesterday, there was a tentative mind. If she couldn’t make it, Hill would not force her, but treat her only as the pope’s illegitimate daughter, and treat as a pawn—of course, it must be able to keep up with material conditions.

In the end, Alice passed his test.

Here, Hill actually made a very thoughtful layout… let’s call it thoughtful: he gave her a dagger coated with poison, he thought she had not been educated so she didn’t know where a person could be killed by a single blow. She gathered up the courage to stab and didn’t stab the person to death, and then the other side continued to scream, which is too difficult.

Now that she has passed, let’s raise her well.

——Hill told her that she could call him by name. Hill.

Seeing Ghost Binns hit the nail on the head, Dark Elf Albrecht also tried to hit the nail for a while: “You mean, we can hurt her with your permission?”

“Don’t pick words with me, go pick other things…” Hill rolled his eyes helplessly.

Albrecht thought for a moment.

Then he blushed in full view of everyone.

Hill and the other elders all showed convulsions and ‘what the hell’ expressions. Except for Death Knight Goldnia hidden under the mask, his expression was invisible.

Hill started blasting people: “Go away, I’m going to see little Alice now.”

Albrecht was very dissatisfied: “My lord, do you like children? The dark elves have many cute children you can play with…”

“It’s not like you have to say children, specifically,” Hill explained.

“If it doesn’t work, I’ll give you one! This is also specific!” Albrecht said.

Hill: “…”

This is such a loyal and terrifying subordinate.

Hill found that it was really difficult for him to be angry with Albrecht, because in a sense, the opponent was really too strong, too extreme…

After driving away the moths headed by Albrecht—even though the other four elders were just implicated—Hill walked to the next room.

He asked Irvine to clean up a bedroom for Alice in the Blackrock Tower, but he hadn’t made any additional decorations and furniture yet. Hill wondered how to make Alice’s room into a princess room. Oh, he can also let the dark elves do it. There are some clothes for little girls. Alice is already cute. Wearing cute Lolita clothes will surely empty the people’s blood tank.

Hill couldn’t help but remember that he had seen something like: “My son is about to be born, buy Lego for my son! Buy a PSP for my son! Buy a weapon model for my son… and myself, I will play it first. Cough.”

Thinking of these messy things in his mind, Hill knocked on the door of the room, sorted out his expression, and walked in after getting “Please come in”.

Although Alice is still young, Hill thinks some things can be cultivated already.

Alice was sitting on the stone bed. After she came to the demon realm, she took a hot bath, ate some bread, and fell asleep. She was awakened by Hill’s knock on the door. In fact, she was not awake yet, but she still got up immediately. She is a clever child.

“Get up and clean up now, today, the skeleton elders will come over to eat together, you will need to get up at this point every day in the future,” Hill said.

“Okay,” Alice said.

Hill pondered for a moment, “Do you have any questions to ask? I have no experience with raising children. You can just say what you want, ask if you have questions, don’t be embarrassed. I won’t give it to you if it is inconvenient, don’t worry.”

His overly straightforward attitude may be unbearable for children, but Alice is not an ordinary child, so she nodded meekly, “Okay, Hill.” She lowered her head and thought for a while, the first question is : “What do I need to do here?”

“What did you do before?” Hill asked.

“Pick wild fruits, find food, and play,” Alice said.

“This look… I thought it would be the kind of poor children doing housework, washing clothes, and so on,” Hill said.

“There are only two sets of clothes at home, so there is usually no need to wash them,” Alice said.

Hmm… he thinks too much. He heard that in ancient times, the whole family take turns in wearing clothes because they were too poor, and in modern times, there was also this kind of real thing. Because there were no clothes, they went to work in the fields before dawn, and waited for it to get dark before going home sneakily. Anyone in the family who has something to do outside will put their clothes on, and the rest are left naked.

“In this way, there are a lot of things you need to do here, if you want…” Hill paused after talking here, and continued: “You can also choose to do nothing, play as carefree as before, forget about your hatred. In the end, I need to use your identity to do something, and then you need to obediently agree.”

“Play carefree…” Alice repeated, her sapphire-like eyes with some confusion, very cute.

For playing, children like this. If Alice chooses this, Hill will be a little disappointed, and she must not be allowed to call him “Hill” in the future.

Alice continued: “…I used to think I was carefree, but now I realize that my worries are blocked by my mother.”

Hill had already got her answer, and he put his hand on her head with satisfaction, “Good child.”

Breakfast time.

Because he doesn’t worry about getting fat, Hill eats very rich three meals a day.

People in the Middle Ages and another world basically ate two meals a day. There was no breakfast. The main meal was eaten close to noon. The second meal was probably what we call tea time. Generally speaking, only patients and children eat breakfast. The demons don’t pay attention to this, if you want to, it doesn’t matter if you eat from morning to night—there was a demon king who did this. With such a demon king, Hill’s three meals a day could not be more normal.

Alice was actually a little nervous when she followed Hill into the dining area. Her mother was a devout believer, so she had also heard many terrible rumors about the demons. What will the demons eat? Is it bloody raw meat? Spiders and cockroaches? Is it worms? If she had to eat it, she would have to muster up the courage to do so… Then, Alice was taken aback by the skeletons waiting in the dining room.

The skeleton spoke ka-ka: “Good day, My King.”

“Good day, Elder,” Hill said, in fact, he forgot the other’s name.

Alice remembered that Hill had previously said that breakfast would be eaten with the elders of the Skeleton clan.

So, it was really… Then she opened her eyes wide and saw the fire elemental spirit put up a dazzling array of food.

The first is the omelette sprinkled with condiments on the plate. The mutated chickens are much better than ordinary chickens. The meat is more tender and the taste is more delicious. The eggs they lay are larger than ordinary eggs, the yolks are more round and nutritious, and the egg whites are brighter and thicker.

At this time, the omelette has a tantalizing golden color, and the edges are slightly scorched. She put some sauce and took a bite, the rich scent made her want to sigh with satisfaction. She opened her eyes wide, wondering, why is it so delicious?

Next is the seaweed chicken roll. The chicken is first put in various seasonings to make minced meat, then the minced chicken is rolled up with nori, and then fried until the surface changes color. The chicken is slightly browned and ready to eat. The seaweed is crispy and delicious, and the chicken breast is tender and delicious. It has a rich taste and unique taste. The refreshing taste of seaweed, the rich aroma of the sauce, the taste of the chicken itself… These tastes mix together and burst out in her mouth, she swallows the food, and that aftertaste still lingers between her lips and tongue.

It’s so delicious!

Hunger started to growl in her belly, and Alice resisted the urge to gobble up, eating as gracefully as possible—this was what her mother taught her.

The things Hill and Skeleton Elder talked about at the beginning, Alice was tortured by hunger, and did not hear, but later she started to listen, and then found that they were probably talking about building a house.

“Hmm… Make a cemetery for the dark elves, a firefly cemetery. I want a lot of fireflies in that valley. You guys look at how to operate specifically to form a complete food chain, and let the Encyclopedia Department follow you.

And the manor we just talked about, the Blood clan’s Rose Manor, the same place we set last time. There are thorns and roses outside, only the logo of their clan is exposed; the Dark Elf clan’s vineyards, go ahead and do the framework, I’ll plan the details; the Succubus clan’s Moonlight Manor…” Alice, who was listening to them curiously, said, “Also, build a manor for Alice. “

“Okay, My King, where is the location of Lady Alice’s Manor?” the Elder Skeleton asked.

“This afternoon…tomorrow… the next morning, I will take her around and then determine the location,” Hill said, and then he looked at Alice, “It just happens that you can think about what kind of manor you want for the next two days. “

Alice replied subconsciously: “Okay…”

What happened before her seemed like a dream to her.

She once also imagined that her noble father would come to pick her up, that she could enjoy the food that only nobles could eat, that she would have a beautiful room like a princess, and that a special maid would comb her hair. Her mother always taught her how to grow into a lady.

All of this seemed to be coming true and more.

But it was not her father who gave her this, but the Demon King.

After breakfast, the Demon King also gave her a snack, telling her that she could have a little snack every day if she was good. She looked curiously at the thing called fruit pulp jelly. The crystal clear jelly was wrapped in fruit pulp and looked very beautiful with its plump size.

Is such a delicate thing for eating… She dug a spoonful into her mouth and took a bite, her taste exploded, the juice splashed out from inside, sweet and sour, smooth and delicious. The charming fruitiness and creaminess that burst from the tip of her tongue mixed together and left her teeth and cheeks tingling, causing her eyes to widen again.

It really is too delicious…!


Hill originally planned to find a paladin to teach Alice, but Alice had a deeper shadow of the paladin, so Hill chose a ghost instead. Every morning, Alice needs to have breakfast with Hill. Hill is used to dealing with some affairs at breakfast, Alice can ask questions, this is also a learning process. Then it was time to learn written knowledge. In the evening, Hill wrote or made games, and Alice sat aside carefully reviewing her homework. Always feel that life seems to have become a lot warmer.

Under the vigorous rectification of the Old Jackson, the Bird of Dawn Charity Organization took on a new look.

After reviewing the promotional video taken by Old Jackson’s son, Jefferson Jackson, Hill reorganized it, and then made an outline in his head and went to Magnolia City.

The Magnolia Continent has entered the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Plague Islands’ Sea God Festival is about to arrive. Recently, Jacob has been very busy, and Monroe himself is also there to preside over the overall situation.

Although Hill has made too many arrangements for the Plague Islands, he attaches great importance to them – as evidenced by Monroe’s frequent presence there.

It was dusk when Hill entered the Duke’s residence, with a solid black cloak with a dark gold pattern, shiny chain mail, magical beast belt, black lizard skin boots, and a glorious sunset on his body, making him look like a hero returning from a crusade.

Old Jackson was waiting for him at the door, “Welcome, my friend.”

“Thank you for the welcome, Old Jackson.” Hill said, “I’m flattered that you’re waiting for me at the door, after all, it’s so rare.”

“I’m meeting you at the door, can’t you just keep your mouth shut?” Old Jackson said.

Hill took off his gloves and handed them to the servant next to him. The servant had become accustomed to the master’s quarrel with the lord, and God knew he was almost frightened to death when he heard it for the first time.

“Virtue cannot always be retained by the mouth,” Hill said, “I won’t accumulate virtue.”

“Here it comes, here it comes, you come here with your fallacies,” Old Jackson said.

“And I didn’t have any virtue in the first place,” Hill continued.

“You’ve recently descended from being full of sophistry to being a bullshitter,” Old Jackson commented.

The two of them walked into the mansion while talking, the setting sun faded from them, and the shadows covered their luxurious clothes.

The corner of the cloak passed the setting sun, and finally followed its owner into the darkness.

“Is there any difference between the two?” Hill asked.

“There is at least a ‘reason’ for speaking sophistry, at least whitewashing, but speaking nonsense does not even have a ‘reason’,” Old Jackson said.

“This is very good.” Hill nodded, and then said: “But in most cases, what you say is of no use. If you are strong, others will only see your strength. No matter what you say, others will be able to make up for it. If you are weak, others won’t care what you say.”

“So, it’s great to be able to communicate on an equal footing at this time.” Old Jackson smiled, “Am I right? My friend.”

“Quite right…” Hill also smiled, and the two of them cherished each other for a while. After a few seconds, Hill continued to say: “But you sometimes despise me, don’t think I don’t know.”

“Sorry, but I thought it was human nature, because you sometimes… well… indeed, you know,” Old Jackson said.

Both of them laughed at the same time, the atmosphere was just right.

It’s still nice to have a friend you can talk to like that. Hill thought.

There was a time when it was basically all about crossed interests with Old Jackson too, but unknowingly, it became that way. Don’t know if I’ll be doing this with more people in the future. Hill came here to discuss the ‘Bird of Dawn’ charity with Old Jackson, and after the two had finished talking and taken their seats, Hill immediately got down to business.

“The image ambassador, Demon Dragon Arman (Gormund), and the succubus Winona from Super Girl.”

“Actually, personally, I don’t really like having these beautiful people be ambassadors as you call them. It’s not serious enough,” Old Jackson said.

It was dusk outside.

The sun was already gradually sinking in the west, dusk enveloped the city of Magnolia, the sunset gradually faded into the distant cascading mountains, everything was shrouded in an almond-colored light. There is a soft glow at sunset.

“You and I both know that there are some things we can do recklessly, but some things are better to follow some basic laws.”

Hill’s gaze drifted towards the dusk, which swayed in the evening breeze, and his gaze was more than a little scattered and reckless.

“We go to charity to let the public donate, but many people are indifferent to the poor, and some are thinking about it for fame and political purposes… But donations are donations, which is a good thing. We cannot guarantee everyone to have positive motives, but what we – those of us in positions of power – need to do is to steer the outcome toward the positive side.”

“Actually, I have thought so more than once, sometimes your thoughts about the superiors seem to be… how to say…” Old Jackson frowned slightly, concentrating on his thoughts.

“A public servant of the people,” Hill returned with a playful remark.

Old Jackson froze for a moment, “Uh, I really feel that way.”

Hill started laughing abruptly.

Old Jackson looked at him seriously and waited for the following.

Hill continued to laugh.

Old Jackson went from looking at him seriously to squinting at him.

It took a while for Hill to stop under the gaze of Old Jackson’s growing contempt, “Maybe it’s because I’m red and specialized pfft… but never mind what it means, there’s nothing wrong with my way of doing things, is there?”

“In a very good way, if everyone can be like you, the world will be clearer,” Old Jackson said.

“Oh, that’s awesome, then the Magnolia continent is about to be drowned by the dirty jokes… Oh, and the decline in fertility rates will lead to natural extinction,” Hill said.

“Well, I have a deep understanding of the former, but the latter… do you expose your own shortcomings?” Old Jackson asked.

“I don’t think mine is short,” Hill continued.

This is a real demonstration to Old Jackson that the “Magnolia continent is about to be drowned by the dirty jokes”.

After a few seconds of silence, Hill reacted: “Oh, oh, it’s not that I have a problem with fertility, it’s a problem with sexuality.”

“Well… I don’t know if I should be surprised…” Old Jackson said.

“It’s nothing surprising, is it?” Hill said.

“That’s true,” Old Jackson agreed.

Hill smiled. This chat is comfortable and smooth.

The sun set with a final flash of light, and the sky grew dark. The servants came in and lit the oil lamps, it was almost time for supper.

“In addition,” Old Jackson said casually as if he was thinking of something, “The Borel family is still restless, for the Bird of Dawn.”


“I asked His Majesty, His Majesty let me see what you have in mind,” Old Jackson said.

“That so.”

Hill stood up, with the candle light shining on his face, his expression at this time was a kind of careless indifference.

“It looks like the Borels are making a joke they can’t afford to make.”

He continued to say faintly:

“I like to make jokes about people, but I don’t like to be joked about.

Well… it’s almost dinner time, let’s go. I can’t wait to enjoy a feast.”

The night bugs flew into the lights and were burned out with a puff.

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